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Filtered water is not only extremely beneficial for your health, but also for the appliances in your home. Water that is pumped into your home can come with some impurities and dangerous contaminants such as chlorine, disinfectant byproducts, and heavy trace metal such as mercury and lead.

Water Filter Whizz was created with the intention of helping everyone to understand the potential risks and solutions available to them. Let us help you on your water purification journey, by providing you with the most accurate information available about the various types/ methods of removing the contaminants from your water. To find out more about Water Filter Whizz you can visit our about page.

I’m sure you will find all the information you need within the site, but if you don’t please feel free to reach out to dale@waterfilterwhizz.com and I will reply to your questions personally.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Water Filter Whizz and I wish you all the best on your water purification journey.

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