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Water Filter Whizz was created to help educate people about the different types of water we consume. At first, you might think there is just one type, but once you have tried several different bottles or lived in multiple areas you will notice that there is a slight taste difference.

This is all due to the impurities and dangerous contaminants such as chlorine, disinfection byproducts, and heavy metals (such as mercury and lead). All of this can be solved using water filters. They remove all the bad impurities/ contaminants but leave in all the beneficial minerals. These are great for skin hydration, nutrient absorption and are generally better-tasting water.

Let us help you on your water purification journey, by providing you with the most accurate information available about the various types/ methods of removing the contaminants from your water.

Filtered Water Bottle

Publishing Principles

There is a lot of information thrown together on the internet about water filters. If you have ever read any of this, you will notice that it’s not backed up by science. Here at Water Filter Whizz, we promise to always back up our information with scientific studies and white papers so you know everything we share with you is fact-checked. We have even put the links to these documents within our articles so you can double-check everything we say if you feel the need to.

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