Alexapure Water Filter Review And Discounts 2021

With the growing number of contaminants in our water supplies, a water filtration system is slowly turning from a luxury to a necessity. It’s safe to say that grand companies are taking advantage of that, making it hard for us to find a reasonably-priced product that’s reliable in the long term. Through extensive research and countless brands later, we found that Alexapure is a name worth considering.

Alexapure Water Filter

Alexapure builds water filters with the ‘pioneered for perfection’ slogan, and we couldn’t agree more. With intelligent designs and sleek layouts, Alexapure water filters will make you forget that you ever had contaminants in your water supply. If you searched the web for the brand, you’ve probably come across many Alexapure vs. Berkey articles, indicating that the former is truly worth the while. But before we praise them too much, let’s first see what’s in store for us.

What Will This Alexapure Review Focus On?

Alexapure makes gravity-based filtration systems, meaning that they require no plumbing, chemicals, or electricity to function. Besides the Alexapure gravity water filtering units, the brand also makes air filters that purify your rooms to a crisp. That’s a topic for another day since we’re going to direct this article on reviewing Alexapure water filters, their specs, certifications, prices*, discounts, and more. 

* The prices of Alexapure gravity filters and other products were correct at the time of writing.

Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System ($269.95)

Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System

The first and most renowned product manufactured by the brand is the Alexapure Pro filter that is everything you would want in a water filtration system. The Alexapure Pro filter system will come with a hybrid ceramic shell that will do wonders on your drinking water. The Alexapure Pro water filter is designed with an upper & lower chamber, so it employs an eco-friendly gravity-led layout. The system prompts the 2. 25 gallons water filtration to occur in the upper chamber, where the hybrid ceramic shell elements treat the water. Afterward, the Alexapure Pro filter utilizes an excellent flow rate that sends the filtered water to the lower chamber for you to drink.

As you can imagine, the Alexapure Pro water filtration system is much more complicated, but we don’t want to bore you with the details. However, Aquarain filters use the same carbon block filter & ceramic shell, so you can learn more about them from Water Whizz’s review. The most crucial thing you need to take away from this Alexapure Pro review is that its water filtration system can remove more than 200 water contaminants at one go. The brand’s official lab results show that The Alexapure Pro water filter has a 99.99% reduction rate of lead, chlorine, viruses, bacteria, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and other heavy metals. What makes the Alexapure Pro water filter system stand out from the competition is the high removal of fluoride, which isn’t commonly found in regular water filters. Nonetheless, the carbon block filter isn’t the only thing that makes the Alexapure Pro water filters worth it. 

The Alexapure Pro system also holds a premium-grade stainless steel coating that prevents damage by a mile. Due to its easy assembly and instructions, the Alexapure Pro water filter will let you enjoy the filtered water as soon as you unpack it. The Alexapure Pro water filter has a tank capacity of 5 000 gallons, which gives endless water use for your family. The 5 000 gallons Alexapure Pro water filter will produce an average of 2. 25 gallons of fresh water, which will be waiting for you in the lower chamber. The 2. 25 Alexapure Pro filter system is certified by the NSF and compliant with the FDA, so you can be certain that the water filtration will be of the utmost quality.

Even though the stainless steel Alexapure Pro is quite robust, it will need some love from you to be kept in its best condition. Since the water filtration system is located in the upper chamber, you will have to carefully scrub the filters every few months. If the upper chamber filters produce 2. 25 gallons of water every hour or so, then there’s nothing for you to worry about. However, if you notice that your Alexapure Pro’s flow rate has started to be reduced, you may want to visit the upper chamber. If 2. 25 gallons aren’t enough to satisfy your needs, you can combine your Alexapure Pro system with additional filters. And if you’re unhappy with the 5 000 gallons of filtered water from the system, you can return it within the first month of purchase or use its one-year warranty.

Alexapure Under-Counter Filtration System ($299.95)

While the Alexapure Pro is the best choice for a counter filter, this premier model will take care of the water straight from the tap. The under-counter Alexapure filter is destined to be installed at cold water lines, which will make it the ideal solution for your kitchen and bathroom faucets. Contrary to the Alexapure Pro, this drinking water filter will utilize something known as on-demand regeneration. Thanks to this feature, your water filtration system will supply an endless stream of clean water that you can use when cooking, washing fruits and vegetables, or even simply enjoying a nice glass of water. What makes sets this water filtration system apart from the rest is the P231 certification it has, which ensures that it can filter contaminants down to 0.5 microns.

Alexapure Home Under Counter Water Filtration System

To remove the contaminants from your drinking water, the Alexapure filter utilizes the same hybrid ceramic shell elements that we talked about in the Alexapure Pro review. That means that the water filtration system will remove lead, pesticides, mercury, heavy metals, or VOCs from your drinking water. This stainless-steel water filter system has an excellent flow rate that can produce clean water at one gallon per minute. As for its overall capacity, the hybrid ceramic block filter can sustain up to 1000 gallons, which will have to be replaced every three months or so. The Alexapure filter demands an effortless installation, as you will only require a screwdriver and a couple of screws – everything else (including the instructions) is provided. The under-sink filter also comes with a one-year warranty.

Alexapure Pitcher Water Filter ($79.95)

Alexapure Pitcher Water Filter

Water Whizz has reviewed some of the best water filter pitchers on the market, and the Alexapure is surely one of them. By purchasing the compact-sized water pitcher filter, you will be signing yourself up for a premium-grade filtration for your drinking water.

While other pitchers only tackle common contaminants like chlorine, mercury, and lead, the Alexapure pitcher model does much more than that. On the brand’s official website, you will find over 200 drinking water impurities that the Alexapure pitcher system will combat with the utmost ease.

The secret behind the premium-grade filter lies in the ceramic block filter utilized on the pitcher. These filters come in a double pack, which will prompt this filter pitcher to produce up to 80 gallons of clean water at a time. This capacity equals about two months, which is considerably higher than traditional filter pitchers. The drinking water filter also has a more powerful flow rate, as it only takes seven and a half minutes to filter half a gallon of water. The US-based filter pitcher will remove contaminants, eliminate impurities, raise the water’s pH levels, and do everything in between.

Other Water Filters To Consider

Alexa Pure makes fantastic stainless-steel filtration systems, but the brand also constructs other products that may interest you. First in line is the Alexapure Go Bottle ($34.95) that utilizes an ionic micron filter into its system. What’s amazing about this range of water filters is that they employ a 300-gallon capacity, meaning that you can go about 150 days of daily water use. The water bottle holds about 28 ounces of water, which means you can take it with you on camping or hiking and fill it directly from the local ponds. The water bottle has the same premium-grade filters that all Alexapure stainless-steel systems do, so you will get 99.99% water filtration with each refill.

Another Alexapure water filter that took our attention was the Survival Spring ($24.95) personal water filter. This pocket-sized device utilizes a three-stage filter system that reduces sediment and microorganisms from your water. You use this water filter by drawing directly from the water source or using its threaded bottom to attach it to any bottle. The BPA-free water filter will give you 300 gallons of water filtration, which you can take with you on your adventures. These water filters will remove silt, pathogens, chlorine, and VOCs while removing the water’s unpleasant taste and odor.

How Reliable is Alexa Pure?

If you search for water filters online, you will find an overabundance that will most likely make you confused about your purchase. Here at Water Whizz, we believe that the main indicator of a water filter’s reliability is the certification list. Any stainless steel system can claim to reduce water contaminants, but not many brands have the actual evidence to back their claims. Luckily, Alexapure is very transparent in this direction, as they have published all their certifications on their website.

  • The Alexapure Pro stainless steel system is fully compliant with all the NSF requirements that indicate structural integrity and filtering efficiency. This means that the products you buy from Aquapure will pose no risk to the environment or your personal health. The NSF officials conduct regular on-site inspections, so you can rest assured that the NSF mark is more than reliable. 
  • All Alexapure filters (that aren’t made of stainless steel) are FDA-compliant and BPA-free. Both certifications ensure the customer that the water produced by these filters is entirely safe to drink, cook with, or use for other human consumption purposes. That means that the Alexapure filtered water won’t cause you any reactions or allergies, no matter how sensitive you may be. 
  • Alexapure is among the very few water treatment companies that showcase their entire contaminant-reduction list along with the explanatory info on how each value came to be. These results are carried through several independent labs, so what Aquapure promises – they deliver.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Alexapure Filters?

Alexapure Filters Customers Reviews

Since most online purchases are made on Amazon, we thought it would be best fitting to start our customer review search there. The Alexapure Pro seems to be a best-seller on all platforms, especially on Amazon, where over 500 people have bought it. Out of these reviews, the water filtration system has a 4.5 score and many enthusiastic reviews. Many customers stated that this water filter had changed their lives for the better, and they were exalted by the lack of maintenance the system came with. However, many of the negative reviews reported that they needed additional filters to gain optimal water treatment. This may indicate that bigger households will struggle with flow rates.

Water Tech Advice has also awarded the Alexapure Pro with a nice 4.5 score and quite some praise for its filtering abilities. According to them, this water filter has it all: the capacity, the efficiency, and most of all – the unparalleled filtering components. The only cons they could provide were the slow flow rate (Amazon users agree), the counter height spigot, and the stainless steel coating that blocks the water level. Yes, all the specified issues take out from the overall experience, but if you’re really committed to Alexapure, you can make it work. All you have to do is purchase an extra filter, invest in a filtration stand, and wait for the system to efficiently stop filtering water.

What Guarantee Period Does Alexapure Offer?

If we’re talking about the entire stainless-steel system, then you should expect to have it at your service for many years on end. The state of the art components of its coating, integral parts, and BPA-free components will prevent you from harming the system or causing any damage to its functions. The system is supported with a one-year part and labor warranty, which is issued by Alexapure.

When it comes to the hybrid ceramic filters, you will have to accommodate yourself with annual replacements. The Alexapure Pro filters will complete their life cycle after 5 000 gallons of water, which can be months or years, depending on your household and water consumption. The under-sink filters have a joint capacity of 1 000 gallons that have to be replaced every three months. Lastly, each pitcher filter has an 80-gallon capacity, which lets you enjoy clean water for two full months.

Where Can I Buy Alexapure Filters?

On all of our water filter reviews, we advise our readers to buy their desired products directly from the brand’s official website, as that is the safest way to prevent systems that aren’t genuine. If you buy directly from the manufacturer, you will also get certain privileges like valid warranties, helpful customer care, coupons & offers, and more. That’s why we suggest you buy Alexapure filters on the brand’s shopping section. We walked through the process ourselves and found that the purchase takes seconds, followed by a very reasonable shipping time (esp. in the United States).

However, we were also able to find the Alexapure Pro model on a bunch of famous online vendors like Amazon ($299.99), Walmart ($176.66), and eBay ($399.99), as well as a few lesser-known ones like My Patriot Supply($269.95). In the end, you should go with whichever seller that suits you best.

Alexapure Filters Buying Guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Alexapure Filters?

  • If you go on Amazon through this Knoji coupon, you will get up to 30% discounts (Only valid for Amazon Prime buyers).
  • If you subscribe to Alexapure’s newsletter, the company will send you the latest offers and promo codes. 
  • If you buy Alexapure systems through this Social Labs code, you will get discounts up to 20%.

How To Dispose Of Your Old Water Filter

If you’re ready to let go of your old filtration system, there are a few ways in which you can go about to dispose of it. The first thing you need to do is check to see if your old filter manufacturer has a recycling program you can take advantage of. When we researched Brita, we saw that the brand currently holds the throne for water filter recycling. If you bought from them, all you have to do is sign up (or in) for a Brita account and fill in a request form to dispose of your old filter.

Another handy company that deals with recycling old systems is Terra Cycle, which requires a little more effort from you as a customer. However, you only need to fill in the information about your current location and the type of product you want to recycle. Terra Cycle will let you know of the nearest drop-off locations where you can dispose of your old water filter. We advise against going “handyman” into the recycling process since opening up the system yourself may do more damage than good. If you’re unable to find a recycling spot, throw the entire system in the trash.

What Are The Alternatives To The Alexapure Filters?

In terms of contaminant reduction, Alexapure is as good as filters go. However, not everyone can take advantage of its filtration systems since they’re not intended for heavy use. Many professional plumbers recommend Berkey as the closest alternative to Alexapure, so you can read more about the brand on Water Whizz’s review. If you’re not convinced yet – that’s okay; we have dozens of other manufacturers that you can choose from. Here are the top-rated ones that our readers loved the most.

The Verdict On Alexapure Filters

Alexapure filters may be one of the most dependable alternatives currently on the market. These systems are built to last, have sturdy components, and can actually deliver the advertising statements they make online. With a proven track record of removing more than 200 contaminants from water, Alexapure grants superior filtration with a budget-conscious price. Even though it isn’t the cheapest system available, it has many advantages over other filters of the same price range. Alexapure products have larger capacities than the competitors’, but they lack a bit on flow rates. 

The hybrid ceramic shells they utilize for water filtration are superior, as they have more efficient treatment rates and slower deterioration times. This means that Alexapure will save you a couple of bucks in the process, as you won’t have to replace the filter elements as often. Alexapure also has many survival kits aimed at those who want filtered water wherever they go – so that’s another innovation plus. Finally, we found that the brand’s advantages significantly outweigh the cons, which is why we recommend the Alexapure products to all our readers.

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