AO Smith Water Softener Reviews, Awards And Discounts 2021

Considering how 85% of the US population lives in hard water areas and 60% of the UK population relies on hard water to cook, clean, and bathe, it is essential to create living conditions in which these people can thrive. If you find that your home appliances are suffering from hard water and scale buildup, then we’ll take over from here. Lucky for you, AO Smith has manufactured some of the best water softening systems to help you live a salt-free life while also prolonging the efficiency of your whole house.

AO Smith Water Softener

Today, we will showcase the best water softening units by this brand, along with their price*, warranty, discounts, awards, and qualifications. And if you want to dive deeper into the water filtration systems available online, you can read our reviews on the best water softening unit for salt water, well water, and those for the whole house. If you’re not ready to invest in a high-end water softening unit yet, you can also head over to our consumables guides that utilize showerheads for producing soft water. As for now, let’s see if AO Smith is deserving of all the praise it gets.

* The prices of the water softeners were correct at the time of writing of this article.

What Type Of Products Does A.O. Smith Make?

AO Smith is a major industry that specializes in water treatment units for the whole house. They manufacture water heaters and water filtration systems, either for drinking water or the whole house. They also make water pressure tanks with water expansion designs or those that use well water and pump layouts. However, their most noted unit is within the water softener selection built to last and serve. One of the main reasons why people choose AO Smith for their home is that it is reliable and user-friendly, a combination that is quite hard to ignore. AO Smith currently manufactures five models of water softeners, all of which you can find below.

Water Softener 350 ($397)

A.O. Smith Water Softener 350

The 350 water softener by AO Smith is the smallest yet most functional unit that’s designed to combat hard water in your home. Being ideal for smaller households of 2-4 people, this water softener has an overall 35 000 grain capacity. As with all other AO smith products, this water softener features the fantastic salt-sensing technology that adapts the water usage to reduce salt, water, and electricity in the process. The water softener promotes a fast and seamless regeneration, so you will barely hear the unit working its magic. According to the 390 reviews in Lowe’s, the 350 water softener holds a 4.6 score, which we’re delighted with.

As noted in its user manual, this water softener utilizes a self-cleaning pre-filter that regulates the mineral levels on the unit. That means that you won’t ever have to clean the softener because the device is manufactured to enhance its longevity all by itself. The maximum water hardness that this softener can handle is 90 grains per gallon, with an iron reduction rate of 10 PPM (parts per million). The 350 water softening unit comes with a 3/10 year limited warranty, so you won’t have to worry about running into non-ensured mechanical issues. You can find the specifications of the warranty period for this softener unit on A.O Smith’s website.

Water Softener 400T ($497)

The next water softening wonder is comparatively larger than the 350 units while supporting a higher grain capacity. The meticulously manufactured water softener can accommodate a home of 3-4 people, in which the water consumption rate is light to medium. This water filtration system has a maximum grain capacity of 40 000 GPG in areas where the maximum hardness levels don’t surpass 100 grains per gallon. The unit also supports the AO Smith salt-sensing technology that will reduce the carbon footprint of your whole house to a minimum. At the time of writing, this water softener held a 4.6 score out of 219 reviews in Lowe’s.

AO Smith Water Softener 400T

One of the most significant advantages of the 400T water softener is that it features the salt alert function that holds its rights reserved by AO Smith. With the audible alarm, the unit will let you know when the salt tank needs to be refilled so that you won’t face any issues with the filtration system. Customers also loved the water softener’s power loss protection feature that uses the unit’s back-up battery to save your settings if you encounter power loss. As for its guarantee period, the 400T model supports a limited warranty that outlines three years for mechanical and electronic parts and ten years for other integral components.

Water Softener 450T ($597)

AO Smith Water Softener 450T

If your home has more than four people enamored with the tap, then the 450T water softening unit by AO Smith might be your best fit. The 45 000 grain water softener is slightly bigger than its predecessor, but its layout differences are minimal. The unit can sustain a maximum water hardness of 100 GPG while offering an iron reduction of 10 PPM. The buyers’ reviews on the AO Smith webpage have labeled this unit as one of the most effective and efficient water softeners for removing limescale from home appliances. These reviews have also given the 450T unit a score of 4.6, which was gathered from a total of 173 buyers at Lowe’s.

By supporting the rights reserved feature of audible alerts, this water softener also utilizes a Wi-Fi notification system that lets its user know when the salt needs a refill. The efficient water softener also employs a water monitor that tracks the water usage of your whole house, so you will always be up to date. To grant peace of mind, AO Smith has attached a limited 5/10 year warranty that you can find on its website. The unit has an incredibly fast regeneration period, which is also as quiet as can be. And thanks to its pre-filter parts, all you’re have to do is enjoy the soft water and not worry about replacements and heavy maintenance.

Premier Series Water Softener 300 ($797)

For those willing to spend a couple more bucks on an integrated filtration system, the AO Smith premier series is ideal. Specifically, the 300 unit of the premier model represents a 30 000-grain water softener that does it all. Thanks to its built-in central filtration system, the unit can eliminate the unpleasant chlorine taste and hard odor from the recently softened water. At the time of writing, this water softener only had 22 reviews on Lowe’s, which rendered it a fantastic 4.7 score.

The premier water softener is ideal for a home of 2-4 people in regions where the maximum hardness levels are below 90 GPG. As for its chlorine filtration levels, the unit can sustain about 3 parts per million (which sounds insufficient but is more than adequate).

AO Smith Premier Series Water Softener 300

The water softener unit operationalizes a patented single-unit design with a very durable bypass valve. Like the previous models, the premier 300 features an audible alarm and Wi-Fi notification system that lets you know when the water softening unit is salt-free. The warranty attached to this excellent unit covers five years in electrical and mechanic parts and ten years for the media tank, valve, and cabinet.

Premier Series Water Softener 500 ($797)

AO Smith Premier Series Water Softener 500

Finally, we have the 500 unit of the premier series that hosts a maximum grain capacity of 50 000 GPG. With the same price tag as the previous 300 models, this range of water softeners differs slightly in the integral mechanisms and respective functions. This unit is more massive, adapts to a home of more than five people, and provides an iron reduction rate of 10 parts per million. Contrary to the premier 300 unit, this water softening device doesn’t have a filtration mechanism that reduces chlorine taste and odor.

Seeing how this unit was launched later than the previous ones, it has only gained 14 reviews on the AO Smith main page.

With a score of 4.6, this salt-sensing water wonder is a fan favorite in terms of straight-forwardness with installation, use, and maintenance. The unit was built to last, but it also comes with a limited warranty of 5/10 years for mechanical and electronic components. The water softening unit senses salt, monitors the water usage, softens the water, and lets you know when it needs a salt refill. Its fast regeneration times and long-lasting filter parts make the 500 premier series a total must-have for your home. After all, a little chlorine never hurt anybody, right?

Which Awards Has A.O. Smith Won?

AO Smith has a legacy of more than 80 years in the water treating business, and as such, it has received some of the most prestigious awards in the industry. With products like water heaters, filtration systems, water pumps, and water softeners, there is hardly any category that AO Smith hasn’t succeeded in. Here are its most prestigious awards.

  • The Vertex water heater earned the North American Water Heaters Product Innovation of the Year Prize by Frost & Sullivan back in 2006. The same award was won in 2009, too, in the innovative heater range.
  • In 2007, the same Vertex water heater won the Green Building Product of the Year Innovation Award by AHR.
  • AO Smith was rewarded the Excellence in Manufacturing Award for Innovation both in 2007 & 2008.
  • The Consulting-Specifying Engineer Product of the Year was rewarded to AO Smith’s Cyclone Xi water heater, for which it was the Gold Winner in 2008.
  • In the same year (2008), the Cyclone Xi model has earned the Silver level Commercial Appliances Division in the Appliance DESIGN award. In 2011, AO Smith would win the same prize for which the silver level was granted to its Cirrex Solar Water Heating System and the bronze to the NEXT Hybrid Water Heater.
  • In 2010, AO Smith was labeled Brand Leader by Builder’s Magazine. By winning two awards, the fantastic manufacturer was among the top four brands in all categories. In 2011, AO Smith won the same award in the brand use study by Builder’s Magazine and was labeled the no. 1 brand in familiarity.
  • As for its eco-friendliness, AO Smith’s most notable hits include the Green Product Award in 2010 and The Green Builder’s Hot 50 products in 2011. The awards were given to the Voltex and NEXT models.
  • The NEXT Hybrid water heater won the Most Valuable Product award in 2011.
  • In 2011, Professional Builder Magazine recognized the NEXT Hybrid water heater as one of the best 101 new electrical and mechanical products.

What Reviews Do Customers Give A.O. Smith Water Softeners?

The primary source of customer reviews regarding a water softening unit by AO Smith can be found on the brand’s website. This domain is shared with its leading distributor – Lowe’s. With more than 800 reviews from certified buyers, AO Smith’s water treatment units secure an overall score of 4.6. Most customers seem to be pleased with the water softening ability and efficiency of each unit. Several buyers noted that its installation is effortless, and very few of them required a professional plumber. One recurring comment praised the water softener’s warranty, noting that the guaranteed parts were as durable as presented on the manufacturer’s website.

However, there were a few customers who had an issue with the water softener’s capacity. Several buyers reported that their unit didn’t meet the requirements of their whole house. Other negative reviews regarded that their unit wasn’t fit for purpose in outdoor areas, and they encountered issues with the coating. The water softeners by AO Smith aren’t affiliated with any review sites, but the brand’s water heaters have an average score of 3 stars on Consumer Affairs. The most problematic issue noted from the 724 reviewers that can be shared with the water softeners buyers’ was the customer service. The customers reported that A.O Smith wasn’t very responsive to the customer’s complaints, but this can also be attributed to the third-party affiliation of Lowe’s distribution.

What Guarantee Period Does A.O. Smith Offer?

As stated repeatedly in the article, AO Smith stands reasonably well on its warranty policies. All water softeners by this brand come with a limited warranty that covers different components of the unit. For the essential water softeners that include the 350400T, and 450T models, AO Smith offers three years for its electrical and mechanical parts. The warranty also covers ten years for the media, water tank, main control valve, and brine cabinet.

On the other hand, the premier series used to soften water on the whole house operate with different warranty coverage. The premier 300 and 500 models issue a limited warranty covering five years for the mechanical and electrical components; and ten years for the remaining parts of the filtration system. However, several customers emphasized that their water softening unit surpassed the life expectancy on the warranty, leading us to believe that durability is paramount while manufacturing the product.

Where Can I Buy a Water Softener By A.O Smith?

The official distributor of water softeners by AO Smith is Lowe’s Home Improvement. Lowe’s remains one of the most trusted sellers because it legally affiliated with the water manufacturing brand. The home improvement site also features exclusive offers that you will not find on other domains.

Other websites like Amazon com and E-comfort distribute the water softening unit from the factory to your house. However, these sellers take advertising fees into account, making the water softeners’ prices go up. That’s why Lowe’s seems to be the most reliable vendor when it comes to purchasing the unit.

AO Smith Water Softener Buying Guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For a Water Softener By A.O Smith?

There doesn’t seem to be an available discount code for water softeners in the public domain. We are trying to get in touch with the manufacturers and will update the codes as soon as we get an answer.

What Are The Alternatives To The Water Softeners By A.O Smith?

AO Smith manufactures some of the best whole house water systems distributed at very reasonable prices that are comparatively lower than its competitors’. The excellent quality and low maintenance make for a very compelling purchase. If you want those qualities on other budget-friendly options, you can check out the manufacturers below.

Fleck Water Systems

Fleck water systems are one of the most dependable home brands for the water softening unit. With more than 50 years of tradition, Fleck has continuously proven that it’s among the world’s bestsellers regarding control valve technologies. Whether you want a water system for the whole house or a specific area, Fleck will indeed have your back. When writing this article, Fleck showcased five different water softeners that highlighted reliance and fantastic prices. Another success story of this brand is its legendary customer service, that is granted before, during, and after the purchase. To learn more, make sure to read Water Whizz’s detailed review of Fleck water systems too.

GE Water Softeners

If you want a water softening unit that employs an innovative design, then GE water softeners may be your best fit. What makes these water softeners great is that they incorporate a handy blending valve that puts you in control of the water’s softness levels. The GE water softening units all function with the trademarked Smart Soft technology that detects each family member’s patterns, so the whole house gets to enjoy the soft water, however, and whenever they please. As we have noted in our thorough guide, GE currently makes five water softening units that amount to 45,000 GPG.

If you think that your home needs a water filter unit instead, we suggest you head over to our top five picks below. These brands were noted for their efficiency, price, and overall quality.

The Verdict On AO Smith Water Softeners

Water softening devices by AO Smith are growing to be some of the most efficient units on the market. Even though AO Smith has been producing water treatment systems for quite some time, its water softening products are just pulling through. Nevertheless, these water systems seem to be very promising regarding quality, efficiency, and, most of all, – cost-effectiveness. As a brand, AO Smith is already distinguishable thanks to its numerous awards on products like water heaters, pumps, or filtration systems. Still, many reviews were displeased with the manufacturer’s customer service, with several of them pointing out the delays in assistance. Ultimately, a water softening unit by A.O. Smith resembles a trustworthy option for smaller households and light to medium duty use and will most likely be insufficient for more extensive purposes.

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