Aqua Theory Shower Filter Reviews And Discounts 2021

If you’ve ever gotten out of the shower feeling worse than you did before you got in, the problem may be with your water. People living in hard water areas have reported having dry hair, itchy skin, and weak nails due to the heavy metals in their water supply. To help with that, we’re going to show you Aqua Theory, a brand that will change your life (or alter it slightly to make your showers better).

Aqua Theory Shower Filter

When we reviewed the best shower head filters and softeners, we placed Aqua Theory on top ranks. By utilizing a filtration system in the compact-sized showerheads, the brand has shown us that those dreamy Hollywood showers can come close to being a reality. Today’s guide will focus on the Aqua Theory’s universal shower head, its uses, features, price*, and application.

* The Aqua Theory shower head price was correct at the time of writing.

What Type Of Products Does Aqua Theory Make?

If you’ve heard of Aqua Theory before, chances are you’re already familiar with its premium-grade universal shower filter. Unlike Berkey or Brita that manufacture various water filtration system alternatives, Aqua Theory puts all its focus on building a shower water filter that’s easy to install, effective to use, and incredibly cheap to run. But what exactly makes it worth its while?

Aqua Theory Shower Filter ($39.95)

Aqua Theory Shower Filter

* For an unspecified period, the Aqua Theory showerhead comes with a 50% discount.

The Aqua Theory shower head is a ten-stage filtration system that ensures your shower water is nothing short of perfection. Because its replacement filters have different types of media, the universal shower system acts as a water softener and filter simultaneously. The superior shower head is both high-quality and eco-friendly, so you won’t have to worry about harming your surroundings while you’re having a shower, bathing your toddlers, or giving your pets a chance to roll on the dirt with their freshly-washed furs.

Its oil-rubbed bronze coating ideally complements the ABS plastic interior that helps the shower filter eradicate the heavy metals in your water supply without the risk of flaking. The vitamin C shower head is one of the most reliable systems that doesn’t fail short in rejuvenating your skin and hair, strengthening your nails, and giving you an authentic Hollywood shower experience.

To know precisely how the Aqua Theory shower filter does its magic, we will walk you through the ten-stage filtration system it employs. First, your shower water goes through its PP cotton water filter that tackles the heavy metals and other granular substances that contaminate the water. On stage two, the shower head utilizes a high-density stainless-steel mesh that removes the hard water minerals from your source. This further helps the shower filter’s water softener abilities as it prepares the water for further extraction. Then, the shower water undergoes an alkaline ceramic ball fixture that removes common bacteria from your shower. Stage four is one of the most crucial parts of these water filters. It incorporates a KDF 55 media that removes chlorine, stubborn bacteria, and other heavy metals that affect the water quality and interfere with your showers’ water pressure. The chlorine-removal is ideal for homes that deal with bad-smelling water that ruins the whole experience.

Yes, the Aqua Theory water filter removes chlorine, but it also does much more than that. The fifth stage combines the ceramic balls with high-performing ions that neatly turn this shower head into a full-on water softener. The hard water scaling that has become overbearing on your plumbing will be no more, as the Aqua Theory water filters will reduce the hard water minerals to a maximum. Stage six is at the mercy of the activated carbon granule shells that remove chlorine and other minerals that make up the “rotten egg” smell on your shower water. The activated carbon water filters are a proven alternative to removing organic compounds from water supplies. That’s why they make up one of the biggest production pools on shower filters to date. The Aqua Theory shower head kicks this filtration up a notch by fitting a calcium sulfide filter on the seventh stage and magnetic-energy ceramic balls on the eighth. The combined workforce of these two shower filters ensures that the shower water has the correct ph-value, mineral count, and overall quality ideal for your skin and hair.

Stage nine brings back the PP cotton replacement filters that remove any excess minerals that the shower head couldn’t catch the first time around. On the tenth and final stage, the easy to install system hosts another high-density stainless steel mesh that corrects any hard water metals, chlorine remains, or other components that the previous activated-carbon filters missed. This way, the Aqua Theory shower filter completes the water filtering saga, making the unit one of the best shower filter products currently on the market. On the brand’s official website, the manufacturers tell us that this shower filter can remove bacteriapesticides, chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals, ammonia odorsulfur, and all types of sediment that affect the water quality of the shower. The vitamin C shower head also prevents the growth of algae, scaling, and mold that lowers the water pressure harms the water plumbing, and ruins our showers, bathtubs, and other fixtures.

Besides improving the shower’s overall state, this water filter shower head will enhance the condition of your skin and hair to a noticeable difference. Customers who purchased this shower head reported that they had less dandruff and softer scalps, a feature that can only be attributed to the water filter’s vitamin C components. Besides the innovative vitamin C incorporation, this easy to install water filter is also among the few products that can reach a chlorine-reduction rate of up to 90%. Thanks to its universal water filter build, you can install this shower head on all shower types, including fixed, mounted, or handheld ones. With that in mind, you can rest assured of the unit’s water filters won’t interfere with your water pressure or cause any eventual leakage. The water filter cartridges will last you for up to 6 months, so you can mindlessly use the shower head for half a year before you need to worry about a replacement. The 6 months are also backed with a 90-day guarantee, so if the shower filter interferes with your water pressure or overall quality, you can simply return it.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Aqua Theory Shower Filters?

On Aqua Theory’s official website, there is a special section concerned with the customer reviews for the renowned ten-stage shower filter. Here, the buyers seem to be pleased with the vitamin C shower head as most of them praised the unit’s abilities to deliver a fresh shower. For example, Sarah reviews that the filtered water “felt great on her skin,” and her shower fixture didn’t suffer in terms of water pressure. Mindy & Don also reported that their shower filter unit did not only improve the quality of the water but prompted an effortless installation too. Almost all customer reviews noted that the filter also reduced the chlorine taste and smell, but we couldn’t confirm whether the reviews came from confirmed purchases. That’s why we headed to our second-best trusted source – Amazon.

This vitamin C shower head is sold under the Beymill tag on Amazon (UK), but the product description fully matches the Aqua Theory one. Here, the chlorine-reduction shower filter has a 4.2 rating, which is quite good. While researching the reviews, we saw that many customers reported improved skin conditions, with some even labeling the showerhead ideal for those with sensitive skin. Other reviews noted that the vitamin C shower head is very easy to install, which in the words of Jahzeel, “even kids could do it.” We are delighted with the affirmative reviews that endorse this water filter’s chlorine reduction since the Aqua Theory shower head seems to be one of the very few shower systems that can ideally remove chlorine from the water. When coupled with the 6 months on the replacement filter cartridges, the shower head reviews mark the unit as easy, quick, and very useful.

When we went over the negative reviews, we saw that this shower filter had experienced clogging issues that we can’t ignore. In areas with extremely hard water or high chlorine components, water is incredibly hard to treat. Full-sized filter systems or water softeners have a hard enough time maintaining their efficiency when dealing with said water, which is only multiplied when compared to a shower filter. Clogging is one of the most aggravating issues that accompany the regular shower filter, as you will need to replace the filters more often and lose more money while at it. If the buyer’s reviews are to be trusted and you live in a region with extremely hard water, then you should be prepared to spend a couple more bucks with keeping this shower filter in its best shape.

What Guarantee Period Does Aqua Theory Offer?

The thing about shower filter systems is that no matter how well they’re manufactured, they will break down over time. Your skin won’t be dandruff-free forever, as chlorine, hard water minerals, and other sediment causes the shower filter to activate more granules in one session, prompting you to replace the shower filter cartridges more often. On average, these chlorine-reduction filter units will last you for 6 months, a duration that can get enhanced or decreased varying on the quality of your water.

Even though Aqua Theory doesn’t detail its water filter specs, online reviews have noted that the shower filter accompanied them for years on end. Unlike those shady deals that make your skin crawl, Aqua Theory also offers a 90-day free returns guarantee that gives you the freedom to test out your water filter for 3 months before you can consider returning it. You can send the shower filter back for a full refund or ask for a replacement – something with which the brand will be very helpful.

Where Can I Buy Aqua Theory Shower Filters?

The primary source of purchase for this Aqua Theory shower filter is through the brand’s official website, where they have special discounts from which you can take advantage of. For an unspecified time, this shower filter is sold with a 50% discount, which, if you’re lucky, can be topped off with an extra 10%. If you buy in bulk, you can also get a 56% discount on two shower filters, a 58% discount on three shower filters, and up to 60% discount on four shower filters or more.

You can also find the chlorine-reduction shower filter on other online vendors, such as Amazon or eBay. However, they usually make up resells that aren’t new & issued by the Aqua Theory’s official seller. That’s why your safest choice is buying from the manufacturers themselves.

Aqua Theory Shower Filter Buying Guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Aqua Theory Shower Filters?

* If you purchase your Aqua Theory shower filter through the website, you will get discounts of up to 60% on combined units or standalone filter systems.

How To Dispose Of Your Old Aqua Theory Shower Filter

Even though smaller in size, a shower filter isn’t any different from regular water filters. The mixed media and chlorine-reduction components make the Aqua Theory shower filter somewhat of a head-scratcher when recycling. On our Alexa Pure review, we explained that going full-mechanic on your water filter can bring more harm than good, as the internal heavy metal, chlorine, and sediment filter components can harm the environment or aggravate your skin. Instead of taking your shower filter apart, you should simply pack it and dispose of it in your trash.

If the environment means more to you than that, you can search the web for filter recycling programs. Manufacturers usually advise their buyers to contact them in case of disposal because they can take advantage of the shower filter parts. However, Aqua Theory doesn’t provide that service, so you can search the web for third-party companies that may do that for you. For starters, you can check out Recycle Water FiltersECO Green, or Tree Hugger, which deal with smaller units like shower filter systems that may not be warranted by more prominent companies like Brita or Terra Cycle.

What Are The Alternatives To The Aqua Theory Shower Filters?

If there’s anything we’ve learned from researching water filter systems is that a one-size solution doesn’t fit all. The Aqua Theory filter may not combat all the minerals in your water supply, not be extra-helpful on your skin, or you may simply dislike its design. That is entirely alright, as there are many other shower filter alternatives you can take advantage of. If you head over to Water Whizz’s Best Showerhead article, you can find ten different filter & softener combos to suit your needs.

If, instead, you want to branch out and check out budget-friendly filtration systems, we suggest you read one of our top-rated articles on each water filter unit. The following brands all manufacture filter systems that are easy on your wallet, provide satisfactory results, and ensure that your skin, hair, nails, sleep, and environment are protected with each drop of filtered water.

The Verdict On Aqua Theory Shower Filters

Finding the best shower filter that your skin and hair approve of is often more challenging than it looks, seeing how there are many things you should consider. The Aqua Theory ten-stage water filter is a great alternative to solve most of them since it has over eight components, each of which has a particular task at hand. The Aqua Theory shower filter is ideal for those who want to eliminate as many contaminants as possible since the system has a recognized ability to combat several minerals. That means that whether you’re supplied by well or city water, this filter will produce the optimal water quality for you.

What we loved most about this water filter is the fact that it does everything it claims to do. Many of our readers are concerned about whether shower water filters actually work, and we’re here to tell you that the AquaTheory model is fully capable of enhancing your shower by a mile. One of the main advantages of this water filter is its very straightforward installation prompted by the filter cartridges. With a 6-month lifespan and 90-day return policy, the premium showerhead will surely bring you great comfort. Another hallmark that we appreciate is that this filter incorporates organic granules that are great on all skin types, no matter how sensitive. The shower head also deals with common hard water problems that include scaling, mold, and algae formation, so you will get a full-package deal that benefits you in more ways than one.

When it comes to the disadvantages, we can’t help but mentioned the issues with clogging. Even though this water filter does reasonably well on most hard water supplies, it has experienced hardships in some homes. Clogging in itself isn’t dangerous, but it can be frustrating when you have to tear the filter apart and clean it every other day. These customers have also reported that they had to replace the filters more often than the advised 6-month period, translating to an added cost. With that in mind, we can only advise you to evaluate your alternatives well enough before you decide to go ahead with the AquaTheory water filter. And if you do, we’re fully confident that the shower head will get you to enjoy the smooth feeling of your skin right after the first shower.

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