Aquarain Water Filter Review And Discounts 2021

According to World Vision, more than 844 million people (globally) don’t have access to clean drinking water. The rest of those who do, are most likely prone to deal with water contaminants and heavy metals that ruin the quality of water, both in taste and odor. Even though many water filtration systems are available, finding a cost-effective one is somewhat of a pain.

Aquarain Water Filter

If you resonated with the facts above, we’re here to tell you that Aquarain is the solution for you. The brand offers high-quality water without the hassles that come with it by utilizing water filters with no electricity, plumbing, salt, or harsh chemicals. Spoiler alert: If you’re after something as good as Brita or Aquasana but with a better price range – Aquarain is the way to go. But first, let’s unravel the product range* that Aquarain manufactures.

* The price of all Aquarain products was correct at the time of writing.

What Type Of Products Does Aquarain Make?

Because Aquarain is a filter-based business, they have perfected the craft of water treatment. The brand’s primary specialty is the Aquarain gravity water filter, which comes in different components for more applicability. In the water filter category, you will find the premier systems and ceramic units, which will be further discussed in the Aquarain water filter review. Aquarain also sells many water accessories, either installed as stand-alone units or combined with Aquarain products. As of early 2021, old Aquarain water products were discontinued, and only the 303 filter system remained.

Aquarain Ceramic Filters ($44.99)

Aquarain Ceramic Filters

Before we discuss the Aquarain gravity water filter system, we will first walk through the filter elements in which the entire process takes place. The premium-grade ceramic filters go through a meticulous process that begins by extracting a substance called diatomaceous from the soil. Unlike other brands that combine different quality elements in their water filters, Aquarain has a certified legacy in using premier US-based components. The mixture is adjusted in ceramic shells, which are then combined with activated carbon granules. The cocktail is then finished with small silver bits that stop bacteria from forming inside the ceramic filters and reduce their overall performance.

The reason why we’ve unraveled the composition of the Aquarain ceramic filter is that you ought to know precisely why the water filtration works as well as it does. Regular water filters only utilize activated carbon shells, which filter elements out adequately but don’t remove them entirely. Aquarain ceramic filters are certified by the USEPA (the Oscars of the water treatment world) for not only eliminating common water impurities like lead and mercury but bacteria and cysts as well. Besides improving the quality of your tap water, these water filters will come in handy in outdoor situations too. The Aquarain ceramic filters are considered the best-performing filter elements available, which will produce nothing short of perfection when combined with the activated carbon shells.

One of the most crucial features of these ceramic filters is that they will maintain a consistent productivity rate throughout their lifespan. Common filter elements claim to have a ten-year lifespan, which may be accurate, but it doesn’t show the entire picture. The ceramic filter components and carbon-activated shells wear out throughout those years, especially in areas with extremely low-quality water. The Aquarain filter elements will last from six to ten years, where they will maintain an astounding 99% removal rate throughout their entire lifespan. The Aquarain natural water filter is certified to remove viruses, pathogenic bacteriacysts, parasites, VOCs, and other heavy metals.

Aquarain 303 Filtration System ($329.99)

It’s settled, the Aquarain water filters are excellent, but how well do the manufacturers incorporate them into the stainless steel housing that makes up the 303 system? Like most high-quality water filters, the Aquarain 303 model contains an upper and a lower chamber, which interact with one another via gravity. The stainless steel housing can take up to 10,000 gallons of water before you have to replace the ceramic filters. The average four-member household will use the tap water around ten times a day, which equates to about 3 gallons of daily water consumption. When translated to the water filter lifespan, that gives you about 7-10 years of continuous clean and fresh drinking water.

Aquarain 303 Filtration System

Although clean water has turned into somewhat of a luxury, the Aquarain gravity water filter will make the whole process look effortless. The upper stainless steel chamber consists of a wide opening for easy water refills and a separate panel that contains the ceramic filters. These filters have narrow pores in which only the water can pass through while blocking out tap water impurities like minerals, viruses, and everything in between. The coarse carbon shells take this process to the next level by removing any organic water chemicals that reduce the drinking water quality and cause an unpleasant taste and odor. The coffin’s final nail is caused by the self-cleaning Aquarain silver molecules that destroy the remaining bacteria and cysts for a fresh batch of clean water.

Aquarain 303 Filtration Systems

The best part about the Aquarain water filter system is that it is pro-mineral. Traditional water filter systems take pride in removing as much as 99% of all water organisms without considering that many of those are beneficial to humans. Natural minerals in drinking water (calciummagnesiumsodium) help with our bone structure, blood flow, and sleep patterns. Luckily, the Aquarain gravity water filter system will only filter out the bad guys while leaving useful tap water minerals. After the clean water is produced, it is then flown down to the lower chamber to be extracted. At the bottom of the stainless steel housing, you will find a high-quality metal spigot that makes for easy dispensing. It is also worth noting that every professional Aquarain water filer review stated that the stainless steel parts of this system are state of the art, so you won’t have to worry about any damage.

One of the main advantages of the gravity water filter system is the cost-effectiveness of it all. Because the water flows down, you won’t have to worry about the amount of energy it uses or the water pressure attached to its system. That means that the Aquarain water filter is a one-time purchase that will give you an endless stream of clean water, on-demand. The stainless steel water filter is also incredibly efficient since it can filter any water type, whether it’s tap, river, or even rain water. The Aquarain water filter utilizes a stainless steel water gauge that lets you know exactly when its water filters have ended their lifespan, which will help you with the replacement. Like Pur Water, the maintenance-free qualities of the Aquarain water filter also make it ideal for protecting the environment. The lack of resinsalt, or other chemical elements ensures that there is no waste on the water supply, so you only get to enjoy the excellent taste that this water filter system provides.

What Reviews Do Customers Give The Aquarain Filter?

When we searched for Aqua rain water filters, we saw that many evaluating websites had all given a positive review to the brand. Water Tech Advice has given Aqua Rain a 4.5 score, emphasizing the excellent 303 water filter we reviewed here. According to the review, Aqua Rain has gathered one of the most satisfactory ratings on the water filter category, pinpointing the high-efficiency rates that this brand provides. One of the cons that this review mentions is that these water filters are considerably heavy (thanks to their stainless steel build), making it difficult to replace them.

Everything Kitchens has also contributed with a review on Aqua Rain, where it compared the water filter company with its biggest competitor – Berkey. One of the main features that make the Aqua Rain filters stand out from the competition is the ceramic water filter elements they utilize. What’s more interesting is that the Aqua Rain filters scored higher performance points than four different water brands, which is a fantastic review score, to say the least. Another review was also carried by Real Food Living, who chose the Aqua Rain filter instead of Pur, Sears, and Santevia.

As much as we value each professional review, we feel that the best indicator of a water filter’s quality is the customer itself. Unfortunately, there are not many online vendors that sell Aqua rain filters, but the ones who do have given us quite some faith over these systems. On Amazon, the 303 water filter has a 4.7 review score, where most of these reviews talk about a high-quality filter that not only “feels rich” but performs like it too. One customer review also stated that they had the 303 water filter for as long as 20 years, which surpasses most water filters currently on the market. At Pure Water Guys, this water filter has a 4.9 review score, with most of its users praising the system’s ease of use.

Overall, Aquarain seems to be doing quite well with online reviews. While there are little to no negative reviews in the public domain, a correct assessment can’t be made since there aren’t enough reviews to be based on. We can explain this because Aquarain makes most of its water filter retails on its official website, which, frankly – doesn’t have the most user-friendly interface. This could make the buyers reluctant to comment about their purchased water filter systems, and we understand.

What Guarantee Period Does Aquarain Offer?

When it comes to the guarantee period of Aquarain water filters, we must first decide which component we’re talking about. The external stainless steel housing of these water filters will last for years on end, as long as you maintain its spigot and internal filters as stated. To give you peace of mind, Aquarain has warrantied this water filter’s coating for three years. That means that the manufacturers will fix or replace any defective parts of your water filter without any hassles.

The internal ceramic filters will be around for any period between seven to twenty years. If we take Aquarain’s word for granted, each water filter will maintain its efficiency rate for a guaranteed ten years, which is pretty good compared with the competitors’. To keep the filter elements in their optimal quality, you have to clean them with a brush or an enclosed scrub pad now and then. You should know that the carbon-shell filter components are the first that will break down over time, but that doesn’t mean that the remaining ceramic filters aren’t effective. This means that while the water system won’t filter out common minerals anymore, it will still reduce bacteria and cysts.

Where Can I Buy An Aquarain Filter?

The safest platform for buying Aquarain water systems would be on its main website, where they have a handy account base for new buyers. Here, you can set up an account and get first-party offers on your favorite filter systems. Aquarain has put together a neat buying section where you will find filter systems, filter elements, and other filter accessories to go with your existing system.

We also scoured the web for other online platforms and found a few in which you can get your Aquarain filter at a bargain. Although, we aren’t sure if Aquarain is officially affiliated with the following vendors, so you should proceed with caution. The 303 Aquarain filter is available for purchase on Everything Kitchens($299.95)Amazon ($305)Green Building Supply($329), and Pure Water Guys($399.99). We suggest you purchase through Aquarain’s website, but hey, it’s your call.

Aquarain Filter Buying Guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Aquarain Filters?

  • If you use the code “HappyChef” to buy the 303 water filter on Everything Kitchens, you will have $10 off on all purchases above $199.
  • If you buy from Pure Water Guys, you can get the Aquarain 303 water filter with a $75 discount.

How To Dispose Of Your Old Filter?

It’s now been years since your first filter purchase, your old water system doesn’t filter out minerals as good as it used to, and you’ve decided to opt for an alternative. Even though that’s a great idea, you’re still left with your old filter. The good news is that there are many ways to go from here.

  • Contact your filter seller – Many water treatment manufacturers have a recycling program that you can take advantage of. The first thing you want to do is contact the sellers you bought your filter from and check to see if they can make a solution for you. Water treatment filters usually include this in the contract, but if that’s not your case, then you might have to pay a small fee.
  • Reach a third-party filter recycler – Before you decide to go all DIY on your filter, we suggest you contract a third-party company to do it for you. Since filter systems contain different filter elements, it’s unfair to dump the unit into the trash and hope for the best. Companies like Recycle Water Filters will recycle [almost] all components and make them suitable for consumer goods. This way, you will help the environment AND production.
  • DIY way or no way? – If you’re decided on disposing of the water system yourself, then we can’t stop you. However, we can tell you to completely ignore those instructional youtube videos that advise you to open up the filters and take out the worn-out ceramic elements. This will only open Pandora’s box since it will release all the impurities filtered out by the system into the environment. In this case, you should dump the entire filter system in the trash.

What Are The Alternatives To The Aquarain Filter?

Water treatment goes a long way, and it doesn’t just stop at filters like Aquarain or Brita. If the current brand hasn’t convinced you yet, we suggest you consider brands like Aqua TheorySoma, or Pelican. Each of these water brands has been thoroughly researched by Water Whizz and was made sure to pass all the conditions for premium-grade construction, performance, and reliability. You can also check-out these less-known-but-still-great brands, which include Kube WaterAquatru, and Every Drop.

For those who want to learn more about improving your water quality, we have unique guides that cover pretty much everything in the water treatment world. You can know more about the best water softeners (and how they work), water softeners for well watersalt-free water softeners, and whole-house water softeners. In the water filtration category, we’ve also given our two cents about the best water filters, water filter pitcherswhole-house units, and even reverse osmosis systems. Check them all out and see yourself transform into a water treatment expert in no time.

The Verdict On Aquarain Filters

At the end of the line, water filtration systems by Aquarain are certainly worth their time. We love it because it’s easy to install, effortless to use, and efficient to maintain. All you have to do is click the two chambers into place, let the water unit sit on your counter, and watch it do the rest. As long as you clean the filters now and then, you will enjoy the Aquarain water device for many years. These filters are made from ceramic, carbon, and silver, so they provide trifold protection that will increase the water quality, whether it’s tap, rain, pond, lake, or any other type of water. The water treatment device is certified by the NSF and accredited by EPA, so optimal results are guaranteed.

When we say that this water machine is efficient, we mean it. Thanks to its state of the art filters, this Aquarain unit will give you high-grade water at just 2 cents a gallon. The best thing about it is that you can use the ceramic filters for as much as ten years, making this water treatment device an excellent investment that will pay for itself for less than a year. The 303 Aquarain model will filter three gallons of water for an hour, which will come in handy when guests swarm your house (after quarantine!). If you’re after those things, then we’re sure that the Aquarain filter will most certainly keep you satisfied.

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