Aquasana Water Filter Review, Awards, And Discounts 2021

If there were an Academy Award for water treatment products, Aquasana would be in the same rank as Meryl Streep. The award-winning water filtration brand has manufactured some of the best water filter systems to date, which are certified for reducing the maximum amount of minerals from both city and well water supplies. With over 15,000 purchases and industry-leading results, Aquasana water filtration systems are products you should consider if you want to improve your home.

Aquasana Water Filter

In today’s review, we’re going to present you the most relevant Aquasana reviews, its most prominent products, and the essential features of each water softener, filter, plumbing accessory, or whole-house filtration system. If you want to get acquainted with how each system works, we suggest you start with our guides on water softenerswater filters, or whole-house filtration systems.

What Type Of Products Does Aquasana Make?

The good news about Aquasana is that it manufactures almost everything that the water treatment industry offers. At the time of writing, Aquasana was the proud vendor of whole-house water filters, which come in different upgrades to match your needs. The brand also makes under-sink water filters, countertop filtersshowerhead filters, and replacement units. Since you’re most likely here for the filtration systems, we’re only going to cover the first two categories, their specs, prices* and more.

* The prices of all Aquasana products were correct at the time of writing.

Whole House Water Filters & Systems

Aquasana is the first manufacturing brand you need to consider when it comes to whole-house water filter systems. The Rhino Aquasana whole-house range is one of the most renowned products in the industry as it can effectively reduce hundreds of contaminants in medium to high-duty use. There are three models to choose from, the EQ-1000 and EQ-600 for city water, and the EQ-500 specially made for well water. Let’s have a look over each of them and see what makes them so great.

Rhino EQ-1000 Water Filtration System ($799)

Rhino EQ-1000 Water Filtration System

The most distinguished product in this category is the EQ-1000 Aquasana whole house water filter that takes water treatment to another level. With a 1 000 000 gallon grain capacity, this Aquasana system will pump good-tasting water throughout your entire house, at the cost of a regular water filter system. The EQ-1000 whole house water filter is certified to remove over 97% of chlorine in tap water, along with heavy metals, organic chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, industrial solvents, and other VOCs. The Aquasana whole-house water filter will also enhance your home’s air quality, as it will prevent the hard water minerals from evaporating on the shower steams. This way, you will have clean tap water, fresh air, and delicious drinking-water to suit all your family’s needs.

What’s most striking about the 1 000 000 gallons on the EQ-1000 system is that it is engineered to grant ideal filtration performance. This is done through the four-step filtration system design that includes a pre-filter, a salt-free water conditioner (optional), a double filter system, and a post-filter. This way, the 1 o00 000 gallon whole-house filter will catch rust and sediment, prevent hard water scaling, reduce water contaminants, and remove any remaining particles of your tap water. If you want to add an extra layer, you can also add a 1 000 000 gallon UV post-filter that will effectively tackle any viruses present in your water supply. The whole-house water filter system is warrantied for 10 years and can be returned within 90 days if you’re unhappy with its results. However, if Rhino‘s 4.6 customer score is any indication, you will most likely forget about the refund policy.

Rhino EQ-600 Water Filtration System ($649)

The second Aquasana water softener & filter combo that you must consider is the EQ-600 Rhino model. Even though this unit is destined for city water, we have noted that the system is also suitable for well water supplies. The salt-free water softener is optional, but if you suffer from many water contaminants, we suggest a full system. The Aquasana whole-house water filter system is fully certified by the NSF – one of the most crucial water treatment industry agencies. This certification gives this system a 97% chlorine-reduction effectivity, which has awarded it a 4.4 score from hundreds of online Aquasana reviews. As a result, you will notice an instant improvement in your water – something that can only be done through an Aquasana water filter.

Rhino EQ-600 Water Filtration System

Whole house water filter systems are considered fully-effective when they can guarantee a consistent water flow in every house’s plumbing fixture. With the force of 600 000 gallons, the Aquasana EQ-600 filter system not only does that but also ensures that there is little to no pressure drop while at it. Like the previous system, the Aquasana whole house filtration system includes a sediment pre-filter, a copper & zinc filter, an activated carbon filter, and an additional post-filter. If you also add an Aquasana water softener to the mix, you will also get a salt-free alternative that will have soft and clean water for you, on-demand. According to the manufacturers, the chlorine-reduction water filter will last for about six years (for which it is also warrantied), but you can again return it within 90-days.

Rhino EQ-Well Water Filtration System ($1149)

Rhino EQ-Well Water Filtration System

For those looking for a Rhino system specially designed for well water supplies, we present the EQ-Well unit that is everything you could ask for (and some more). This whole-house filter commonly goes with the salt-free water softener alternative since most well water supplies suffer from hard water issues like scalingstaining, and corrosion. If you decide to combine the 500 000 gallons on this filter with a salt-free water softener, you will gain ultra-delicious water that will enhance the state of your hair, skin, cooking, and even air quality. Thanks to its upflow design, the salt-free water conditioner & filter combo will prevent clogging and other issues that take from the overall filtration experience. As such, the chlorine-reduction system currently maintains a 4.2 score.

Continuing the legacy of its city water models, the EQ-Well system is manufactured with a multi-purpose layout that makes it as great as it is. First, the contaminated water will enter a pre-filter that removes sediment, silt, and other types of hard water minerals. If you opt for a salt-free water conditioner, the water then undergoes a softening procedure that prepares it for the next step. Afterward, the dual-purpose filtration system combats chlorine, leadmercury, pesticides, herbicides, bacteria, and VOCs. The pre-filter on all units lasts for up to six months, so you will have to do some replacements to keep the system in its best condition. The 500 000 gallons water filter is warrantied for five years, whereas the 90-day returns policy is available on this system.

Under Sink Claryum Technology Filters

Whole-house water filters are ideal for heavy-duty water consumption, but some prefer a more straightforward approach that will only take care of their tap water. Luckily, Aquasana has put together under-sink water filter systems, which remain a fan-favorite for those looking for an easy approach to water filtering (read our under-sink review for more). The high success rate of these under-sink water filters is due to the patented Claryum technology behind them. Specifically, Claryum utilizes a sub-micron filter, micron pre-filter, adsorption filter, and ion-exchange system – which offer one of the best water qualities you can find in the industry. This combo makes for a rare one-size-fits-all solution since it has a 99% effectiveness in removing up to 88 contaminants on city & well water sources.

Under Sink Claryum Technology Filters

One of the most important hallmarks of this water filter system is that it will conveniently retain healthy water minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. The Aquasana water filter has a 20% higher capacity compared to its competitors’, so you will bask under the wonders of a high-performing faucet at a budget-friendly price. Depending on the model you choose, Aquasana will provide several water filtration stages streamed through the unit’s faucet. This way, you can opt for a two-stage filter faucet ($99.99), a three-stage filter faucet ($199.99), a three-stage max-flow filter faucet ($174.99), or a combined reverse osmosis system & Claryum filter ($219.99). These Aquasana systems currently hold an average 4.3 review score, gathered on their official page.

Claryum Direct Connect Under-Sink Filter ($99.99)

Claryum Direct Connect Under-Sink Filter

If you would instead prefer an under-sink water filter to attach to your faucet, the Aquasana Direct Connect alternative is your best choice. The easy-to-install filter is equipped with a DIY-kit that installs the filter straight to your cold water supply. Certified by the NSF on the 42, 53, 401, and P473 NSF/ANSI standards, this Aquasana system will remove up to 77 contaminants with the utmost ease. One of the most distinctive features of the chlorine-reduction unit is that it maintains a consistent 1.5 GPM flow rate, so you won’t have to worry about pressure drops or clogging.

The Aquasana Claryum filter can sustain up to 800 gallons of water, which means that you will be set for six months before you will have to replace the cartridges.

Similar to the previous models, this water filtration system utilizes activated & catalytic filters, an ion-exchange mechanism, and an absolute sub-micron mechanical filter. This way, the under-sink Aquasana filter will target and remove minerals like chlorine, lead, mercury, pharmaceuticalsherbicides, and even stubborn contaminants like asbestos and chlorine cysts. The Aquasana product currently holds a 4.0 review score, whereas the filter itself is warrantied for one-year and backed with a 90-day guarantee.

Which Awards Has Aquasana Won?

When Aquasana says that it will enhance your water quality by a mile, it means it. What’s even more interesting is that it also has the world’s most significant water quality organizations to back its cause, so you can rest assured of the product you’re buying. Below, you will find the most prestigious awards and certifications with which Auqasana proves it’s one of the best water treatment manufacturers.

  • In 2019, the Natural Child World awarded Aquasana with two Eco-Excellence Awards – a prize that the brand has earned for four consecutive years since 2016. The award salutes Aquasana bottles & under-sink filters for high sustainability and eco-friendly designs.
  • Aquasana was named Frost & Sullivans 2019 American Company of The Year in terms of residential water treatment. This award came due to the brand’s innovative technologies that tackled the PFAS contaminants in water, way ahead of its competition.
  • This Old House named the Aquasana OptimH20 system as one of the Top-20 Picks in the Best New Home Products, focusing on the brand’s efforts in tackling harmful toxins from water.
  • The Good Housekeeping Institute awarded Aquasana the Best of The Test prize earned by the stainless-steel clean water machine‘s high purification agencies.
  • Aquasana products were also featured on many prestigious websites, from which Martha Stewart and Men’s Health are the most distinguishable ones.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Aquasana Water Filters?

Aquasana is one of the few brands that maintain a special review section for the water filtration units they sell on their website. As we mentioned at the opening, Aquasana has thousands of recorded purchases, which have given it an average score of 4.3. The brand seems to be very occupied with its customer reviews, especially in terms of feedback. After all, the Best Company of the Year award was given to them thanks to the brand’s quick addressing of the customers’ requests. So, it goes without question that the Aquasana manufacturers, technicians, and customer service are among the best.

Aquasana Water Filters Customer Review

As for its water filter’s efficacy, Aquasana has gathered quite a fan base as well. The brand’s reliable products are warrantied by the high review scores they gathered, considering that not one Aquasana unit has scored lower than 4.0. For whole-house water filters, the customers were most delighted with the chlorine-reduction range, high flow-rates, and the treated water quality. The ease of installation was another talked-about feature, especially with the under-sink water filters. On top of it, buyers reported that their Aquasana products were just as advertised, which is always good news.

When it comes to negative reviews, we could see that the customers weren’t happy with the pre-filter replacements, which, according to them – were too often for their own good. This con was found on whole-house systems and under-sink filters, as they utilize the same pre-filter cartridges. Another recurring negative theme concerned issues with leakage, which was mostly found on under-sink products. Customers reported that these units aren’t as easy to install as promoted, which caused them to incorrectly set them up and cause leakage. So, if you’re not experienced in plumbing matters, the best course of action would be to contact a professional technician to set the system up for you.

What Guarantee Period Does Aquasana Offer?

As with all purchases, the guarantee period of Aquasana products depends on the model. For example, the whole-house filter system is generally believed to maintain its efficacy for years, but each model is supported with a different warranty period. The EQ-1000 filter comes with a 10-year warranty, the EQ-600 system with a 6-year warranty, and the EQ-Well model with a 5-year warranty. After the initial period, you will have to re-adjust the filters and alter their components, as long as the system itself is in good condition. Alternatively, all Aquasana models come with a 90-day refund plan.

Where Can I Buy Aquasana Filters?

Here at Water Whizz, we believe that buying from the manufacturer’s official website is always the right course of action. This way, you will take full advantage of the brand’s warranties, customer service, refund policies, and more. The good news about Aquasana is that the brand holds a fantastic buying website, where you will find everything you need to know within a single click.

If you would like to stick to your preferred online vendors, we’re here to tell you that you can find Aquasana in a bunch of other places. At Home Depot, Aquasana products have a 4.3 rating and many positive reviews, mostly due to the website’s official affiliation with the brand. Aquasana filters can also be found on AmazonWalmart, and Best Buy, although you should be careful of ingenuine units.

Aquasana Filters Buying Guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Aquasana Water Filters?

  • If you use the code “HEALTHYHOME” on any of your purchases, you will get a 50% discount.
  • With the “LS” code, you can get a discount of up to 50% on the Aquasana Reverse Osmosis system & Claryum Filtration unit.
  • By adding the code “FREESHIPPING” on any purchase above $29, you will get free shipping.

How To Dispose Of Your Old Aquasana Filter

If you previously owned an Aquasana filter system, the good news is that Home Depot will recycle it for you. Thanks to its affiliation with the brand, Home Depot will dispose of your old unit, although you will have to cover the shipping fees or send the system over to their headquarters. If that’s not ideal for you, we suggest you head over to Recycle Now, where they have put up an engine that will locate your nearest recycling spot. This way, you can evaluate whether paying Home Depot’s fees is worth it.

As for the pre-filter replacements, you should be happy to know that their disposal is very straightforward. All you have to do is remove the ends of the filters and recycle the parts (mostly plastic) – which can be done on most bins. As for the carbon filters, you can dump them in your garden or compost bin as they are easily degradable onto the earth.

What Are The Alternatives To The Aquasana Water Filters?

Aquasana filters are among the best, but they may not be ideal for every living situation. If you want to browse the web before you make a decision, we applaud your efforts. Below, you will find the best-reviewed manufacturers that score top points on dependability, performance, and quality.

The Verdict On Aquasana Water Filters

We’ll keep this short: Aquasana filter systems are most definitely worth it. These filters are budget-conscious, equipped with quality certifications, reliable warranties, and, most importantly – are built to last. Tackling dozens of contaminants at a time, the Aquasana alternative will not let you down, whether you decide on a whole-house water system, a countertop filtration unit, or an under-desk filter. What struck us most about the brand was the happy customer base that, according to Aquasana, circles over 15,000 content purchases via its online base. All we’re saying is, how can thousands of people be wrong? Aquasana products aren’t without fault, as there are reported incidents with DIY’s, leakage, and head-scratching installations. However, if you want a system that does it all and then some more, there’s no better way to go about it than with Aquasana.

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