Aquatru Water Filter Review, Awards, And Discounts 2021

Aquatru water filters are built by Water and Wellness, a brand that aims to create a “simpleaffordable, and high-quality line of products that make no compromise.” With 37 years in the water science trade and a long-standing passion for sustainability, the brand has rightfully made a name for itself in the water treatment business. Aquatru is just one of its fantastic products, and we’ll show you why.

Aquatru Water Filter

Those who said that purchasing a reverse osmosis water filter will cost you a lot of money were ultimately wrong. The brand’s water filtration system is cost-effective, efficient, and easy to use – all while going easy on your pockets. In this Aquatru water filter review, we’re going to discuss how you can use the Aquatru, its performance rate, its system’s features, prices*, discounts, awards, and more.

* The prices of all water filter products were correct at the time of writing.

What Type Of Products Does Water Wellness Make?

Water Wellness is most renowned for its Aquatru countertop reverse osmosis water purifier, which we’ll thoroughly discuss in this review. In the Aquatru line, the brand also includes an air & water filter, a purifier carafe, and other Aquatru bundles. Water and Wellness also make water test kitsfilter accessoriesquintessential additives, and more water treatment products. Since we’re all here for Aquatru, we’ll start with the brand’s water filters and how they have shaped the way to clean water.

Why Aquatru Filters Are Worth Your Money

To purify the tap’s drinking water, Aquatru uses three specialized filters that tackle select contaminants in your supply. The first, which usually serves as a pre-filter, is the carbon-based filter ($19.95) and is mainly used to remove large particles and minerals from your water. The dual-function Aquatru filter will last you for about 6 months, which is on par with the industry’s standard. The pre-filter is certified to reduce sediment like silt, sand, and rust so that the filtration system can do its job efficiently afterward. In homes where water tastes and reeks of chlorine, this filter will reduce the mineral’s remains and condition the water before it enters the water purifier membrane. This filter can sustain temperatures from 39°F to 100°F, making it ideal for hot and cold water supplies.

Aquatru Filter benefits

After the pre-filer does its magic, the tap water goes through a second filter that’s specially designed for reverse osmosis ($49.95). This filter comprises a premium-grade membrane that reduces impurities from the water up to 1/10000 parts of a micron. During this process, the filtered tap water will quickly move through the membrane while the hard water contaminants are blocked on the surface. This water filter is NSF-certified to effectively reduce arsenic leadparasitescopper, water cysts, and more. Like the previous Aquatru filter, this model can operate at temperatures from 39°F to 100°F. Concerning the filters’ lifespan, you should expect them to last for up to 2 years, or after they’ve successfully filtered 1200 gallons of tap water – whichever comes first.

The last filter manufactured by Aquatru is the VOC carbon filter ($29.95), which takes a more precise approach to filter the contaminants out of your tap water. This Aquatru water filter is designed to tackle volatile organic compounds that are quite common (and harmful!) in our water supplies. Besides posing a significant health risk, VOCs are also incredibly toxic to the environment, so filtering them out is the best way to go. The carbon-based water filter has an expectancy rate of 1 year, equal to about 600 gallons of clean drinking water. To minimize the cost of buying each filter separately, you can purchase the Aquatru bundle ($59.95) that includes two pre-filter sets and one VOC carbon filter. Now that we got the filter components out of the way let’s dive right into the RO system’s tap water tank.

Aquatru Reverse Osmosis System ($426)

Aquatru Reverse Osmosis System

The Aquatru ultra Reverse Osmosis countertop water purifier is everything you can look for in a filter, and then some more. For those of you who are unsure of how a reverse osmosis system works, we’re here to tell you that the process is straightforward. The filter system utilizes a tank in which tap water flows through with its normal water pressure. In the middle of this tank, there’s a tightly-bound membrane and filter that stops water contaminants from flowing through the water tank. As a result, the reverse osmosis system streams the clean water towards its tap (for you to use), while the filtered contaminants leave the system through its drain line. Similarly, the Aquatru reverse osmosis water filter uses state of the art technology to ensure that you will eliminate the use of bottled water.

The Aquatru countertop water filter purification system is different from the competition because it uses a four-step cycle to purify the water. That’s probably why the filter system is certified to produce purer water than most filtered and bottled water products. The RO system is NSF-certified to remove leadcopperchromiumfluorideradium, chlorine, and many more pollutants found on tap water. What’s even more exciting is that the drinking water purifier can also remove glyphosate – a contaminant linked to developmental issues and skeleton problems in infants. Generally, reverse osmosis systems are not very useful, as they trap many water particles into their membrane, thus causing significant water waste. However, this is not the case with the Aquatru alternative since the system has a demonstrated record of eco-friendly water treatment.

When it comes to eco-friendliness, the Aquatru filter doesn’t stop there. The brand’s co-founder, Robert Slovak, reported that this unit’s design seeks to utilize the convenience of bottled water in a regular-sized filtration system. Staying true to its goal, the reverse osmosis filter features a double water tank that’s as practical as can be. The system itself is very easy to use, and its filters are effortless to change. With 2 years and 6 months shared between them, the Aquatru systems will revolutionize your tap water and make you forget what it was ever like to drink bottled water. The RO filters are controlled via their digital display, where you will find information about the state of your filtered water and get alerts for when the filters need change. Water Wellness has also attached a 30-day money-back guarantee to this product, so if it doesn’t ideally filter your water, you can return it.

Aquatru Purified Water Carafe ($50)

For those after a carry-on for their filtered water, we present the Aquatru water purifier carafe. This shatterproof container is entirely made out of BPA & BPS free plastic, which means that you don’t have to worry about more odd tastes in your water.

The break-resistant water carafe is very ergonomic, as it features an easy-grip handle and non-slip base. Thanks to its intelligent design, you can effortlessly pour clean water from the carafe, minimize the risk of leakage, and startle your post-Covid guests.

Aquatru Purified Water Carafe

Most of the Aquatru reviews reported that having this water carafe was very practical, as they could easily switch between the containers and put one of them in the fridge for later use. The crystal-clear carafe layout also makes these carafe tanks ideal, as you have more access to your clean water, and you can see its filtered texture in real-time. The water filtration carafe holds about 100 oz, so you’ll have enough servings of delicious-tasting water wherever and whenever you need it.

What Awards Has Aquatru Won?

Aqua Tru is among those few water treatment brands close to the public through their most loved mediums. It would be a shame to continue discussing all hallmarks that make Aqua Tru worth it without taking its prestigious mentions into account. That’s why we present to you the following media titans that have supported, praised, and endorsed the Aqua Tru filters to all their readers.

  • Los Angeles Times stated that Aquatru’s reverse osmosis filter is “the first countertop filter that creates bottled-quality water straight from your tap.” LA Times also praised the unit’s ease of use, talking about how it doesn’t have to be installed or maintained as other filters do.
  • In 2018, Aquatru announced its partnership with the world’s biggest clean water advocator – Erin Brockovich, as reported in the Business Insider. Aquatru is the only water treatment brand that was ever endorsed and recommended by Erin, which is another win for its eco-friendliness.
  • The brand’s involvement with the Erin Brockovich cause also made the headlines in New York Times’ The Strategist. Here, the Aquatru systems were among the nine things that the activist absolutely can’t live without, and we understand that completely.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Aquatru Filters?

Aquatru Filters Customers Reviews

The water treatment brand has its own shopping website, where we found more than 700 Aquatru water filter reviews from customers all around the US. In this review section, the Aquatru units gather a 4.6 review score, which is pretty good considering that almost everyone reviews the reverse osmosis system.

Out of this review score, 93% of them would recommend these systems to a friend, so that’s all good news. Among the most common reviews here were the system’s efficiency, the noticeable difference in water taste, and the ease of use with both the installation and service.

We also found the same Aquatru water filter review section on sites like Amazon and Home Depot, where the brand’s filter system is rated similarly. Out of 70 ratings in Amazon, this product holds a 4.4 review score, whereas the 42 ones in Home Depot give it a 4.7 score. On both platforms, Aquatru was considered a life-changing device, the effects of which are seen right after sipping the filtered water. Many people were also happy with the reverse osmosis price tag; since, due to its multi-purpose approach to filtering water, the system is definitely worth it.

In all review websites, customers weren’t very delighted with the filter’s capacity. One of the reviews in Home Depot reported that even though they love the system, it isn’t fit for large families as they had to refill it as much as three times a day. In Amazon, the same concern was raised by a buyer who said that the reverse osmosis system takes less than seven minutes to filter an entire tank of tap water, but that doesn’t last more than one serving. For people who want the same specs as Aquatru but more capacity, we advise reading our reverse osmosis guide where you will find the best match.

What Guarantee Period Does Aquatru Offer?

If online customer reviews are to be trusted, the Aquatru system will last you for years. Besides being made out of food-grade materials, the reverse osmosis system comprises the industry’s leading components, so you won’t have to worry about malfunctions or senseless errors. Otherwise, the system is warrantied for one year in parts and labor – a warranty which you can extend in individual states where the federal laws give its buyers certain privileges. The Aquatru system also includes a 30-day returns policy, valid through all vendors selling the unit. So, if you’re unsatisfied with the product, all you have to do is contact the brand’s customer service and let them take it from there.

Where Can I Buy Aquatru Filters?

Currently, two online websites sell the brand’s renowned reverse osmosis system. On Water and Wellness website, this system is sold at $426, while in Aquatru Water, it has a price tag of $449. Both sites are entirely valid, and purchasing from either of them would mean getting the genuine filter along with its warranty and aftercare guarantee. However, you can only find the system’s replacement accessories on the latter website, so it’s all a matter of preference.

You can also find Aquatru’s reverse osmosis system on several online vendor websites, two of which we mentioned in the product’s review section. In Amazon, this filter is sold at $435, whereas Home Depot holds it at $426. The premium-grade filter is also traded on the European Market, where you can find the brand’s complete system with a temporary €100 discount at just €350.

Aquatru Water Filter Buying Guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Aquatru Filters?

  • With the code “GOODLIFE,” you will get a $100 discount on sitewide products in Aquatru Water.
  • By purchasing a product through Knoji’s referral link, you will gain a discount of up to 20% on select Aquatru filters.

How To Dispose Of Your Old Reverse Osmosis Filters

Whether you’re convinced about buying Aquatru’s reverse osmosis filter or have set your eye on an entirely different product, you’ll probably have to dispose of your old filtration system first. This can be annoying when you’re unsure what to do with your used reverse osmosis system, but we’re here to walk you through it. The first thing you need to know is that an RO system is eligible for recycling with the rest of your trash, but the tricky part is its internal membrane part.

To properly dispose of the filtering membrane, you’re going to have to detach it from your system, the same manner in which you would change its filters. If your reverse osmosis system is carbon-based (which most of them are), you can safely take it to your nearest landfill – if your state’s federal laws approve of it. For residents of the US, WM has a convenient locator that will pinpoint your closest garbage drop-off. For people living in California, you can also take advantage of Specialty Solid Waste & Recycling, which has a collecting program that accepts used reverse osmosis systems for recycling.

What Are The Alternatives To The Aquatru Filter?

The Aquatru filters are very reliable, as they’re certified to remove more than 80 contaminants from your water supply and to provide delicious water while doing so. If you’re looking for those qualities in other reverse osmosis brands, we recommend you read our Water Drop, whose reverse osmosis system has been a top-seller for years now. However, most reverse osmosis systems aren’t very efficient, as they waste a lot of water in the filtration process. To get rid of your contaminated water problem AND protect the environment while doing so, we advise you to consider one of the products below.

The Verdict On Aquatru Filters

The first reason you should purchase an Aquatru system is that it removes many contaminants, something with which regular RO manufacturers can’t relate. Because reverse osmosis uses small membranes to block pollutants out, it is usually unsuccessful in doing so since many contaminants manage to pull through. The secret behind Aquatru’s filters is that they’re as small as 1/10000 part of a micron, so the entire process is more successful. The brand is also certified by NSF to remove more than 80 contaminants, including glyphosate. The reverse osmosis system is also endorsed by one of the world’s most distinguished water activists, which means that eco-friendliness is another nail they’ve hit in the head. Even though the system is somewhat pricier than the industry’s standard, we believe that the purchase is entirely justified, and the system is most definitely worth it.

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