Berkey Water Filter Review And Discounts 2021

Water filters are a god-given gift to us mortals who have to deal with water impurities in our homes, offices, pubs, and pretty much everywhere else we go. If you thought issues like foul taste and odor were the end of it, we ought to tell you that a water treatment system will filter elements that you never even knew you had in your water supply. This article will evaluate the reviews on Berkey water filters, which is one of the most successful manufacturers at the moment.

Berkey Water Filter

Berkey systems are sophisticated, effective, and reliable, which makes for a fantastic water filter system. Even most simplistically-designed Berkey units can remove up to 200 contaminants, which is quite impressive. These systems are also known as Berkey water purifiers since the brand usually combines several units that make up high-performing hybrid devices. To see what we’re talking about, we invite you to continue reading our Berkey water filter review, where you will find the most updated information on specs, prices*, models, and more.

* The prices of all Berkey water filter systems were correct at the time of writing.

What Type Of Products Does Berkey Make?

Did you know that over 21 million Americans drink water that’s unsafe to drink according to the US health standard? Berkey water systems do, and to help you assess whether you’re one of these Americans, they have launched a water quality search engine. If you find that is the case, you can opt for a Berkey filter system. As of now, Berkey manufactures water filtration systemsshower filtersreplacement filters, and parts & accessories. For this article, we’re going to focus on the six Berkey systems renowned for their excellent quality.

Berkey Light Water Filter – 2.75 Gal ($243)

Berkey Light Water Filter - 2.75 Gal

The first Berkey filter system employs a compact-sized design that holds the filtered water into a stainless-steel cartridge with about 2.75 gallons of water. The transparent coating is made of BPA-free materials that indicate the Berkey filter poses no health hazards. The Berkey system weighs less than seven pounds, which means you can use it just about anywhere. Thanks to its eco-friendly design, the Berkey filter will require no water pressure or electricity to run, which means that it operates on pure kinetic power. Its compact size shouldn’t confuse you, though, as the Berkey water purifier will effortlessly treat heavy metals and other contaminants at a 99% rate.

This conditioner’s see-through layout is ideal because you can properly assess how much water there is on the upper and lower chamber. The stainless-steel Berkey system can be combined with Black Berkey filters, which are bundle mechanisms that treat hard water and are certified by the US and EPA accredited laboratories for the NSF/ANSI Standard 53. If you combine your Berkey system with two Black Berkey filter elements, you will gain a flow rate of up to 3.75 GPH. For an extra 100 bucks, you can configure these Berkey systems with four Black Berkey filters, which will provide a purification speed of more than 7 GPH. As for the Black Berkey Filters, they can treat water of up to 3,000 gallons, after which they will need a replacement.

Travel Berkey Water Filter – 1.5 Gal ($269)

Contrary to the transparent model, the Travel Berkey filters employ a different stainless-steel layout. With a 1.5 gallon capacity, this Berkey filter system is perfect for families with up to six members who enjoy fresh, clean, and soft water everywhere they go.

The external coating of these Berkey systems consists of high-grade 304 stainless steel, which will protect your Berkey filter from rust, stains, harsh weather, and even angry toddlers. The Travel system comes with two Black Berkey purification elements installed on the upper chamber of the filter. The empty Berkey filter weighs just about 6 pounds, so you can easily carry it around your suitcase wherever you go.

Travel Berkey Water Filter - 1.5 Gal

Even though this is a travel-sized filter, it has a relatively high reduction rate on many heavy metals. These Berkey filters can successfully remove viruses, pathogenic bacteriachloramines, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and other minerals. You can also combine the Travel water filter with a PF 2 fluoride filter to take the water filtration system to the next level. The filtered water from this Berkey system is entirely safe to drink, use, and cook, as its interior is designed with BPA-free and FDA-approved materials. To do its magic, the stainless steel water filter utilizes a coconut shell carbon mixed with five other media for optimal filtration. Much like Goliath, this Berkey underdog can maintain a continuous flow rate of 2.75 GPH, so you will always have clean tap water on the go.

Big Berkey Water Filter – 2.25 Gal ($278)

Big Berkey Water Filter - 2.25 Gal

It’s time to get down to business, and there’s no better way of doing that than with the Big Berkey water filters. If you’re new to the water treatment world, we’re here to tell you that the Big Berkey water filter is among the brand’s best selling product. The Big Berkey water filter holds about 2.25 gallons of water, which is ideal for families with 1-4 people. The standard Big Berkey water filter system comes with two Black Berkey filter elements, which can be combined with an extra two water filters at the price of $388. The Big Berkey water filter system is also compatible with the PF 2 fluoride filters that we previously mentioned on the Travel water filter system.

However, the Big Berkey water filter system will most likely not need add-ons, as it is entirely capable of treating more than 200 water contaminants. Besides the two filter elements, the Big Berkey water filter systems also come with a system pro kit, a BPA-free plastic fixture, and a Big Berkey care lifetime warranty. These filters start the water treatment cycle on the upper chamber, where water is retracted from your home’s main supply and sent over the lower chamber through gravitation. This procedure makes the Big Berkey unit one of the most efficient systems, as it requires no electricity or high flow rate to run. With two Black Berkey filters, the Big Berkey device maintains a flow rate of 3.5 GPH, which is raised to 7 GPH for the four-filter model.

Royal Berkey Water Filter – 3.25 Gal ($305)

Lorde may never be royal, but these Berkey filters will undoubtedly make you feel like one. Aimed at families of up to six members, this water filtration system holds about 3.25 gallons of water, which is a little higher than the previous Big Berkey model. The Royal water filters also perform better in terms of flow rate since they filter water 14% faster than the Big Berkey.

With a premium-grade stainless steel coating, these water filters will provide a flow rate of up to 7 GPH, which comes incredibly handy when you’re dying of thirst after binging ten seasons of your favorite show. The Royal unit has an integrated Black Berkey filter duo, which can be upgraded to a four filters system at $415.

Royal Berkey Water Filter - 3.25 Gal

Like the previous Berkey filters, the Royal system can also be coupled-up with a PF 2 fluoride reduction mechanism that will go above and beyond to remove even the most stubborn minerals. The standard water filter is also highly-efficient itself, as it has a 99% reduction rate of over 203 contaminants that include viruses, pathogenic bacteriachloramines, and more. The Black Berkey filters utilized in this model are fully compliant with the United States health requirements, so you won’t have to worry about consuming harmful chemicals with your brand new, good-tasting water. As for its design, the Berkey Royal filters utilize an upper and lower chamber that cooperate to produce the highest-quality water we love. And like all other Berkey filters, these units also have a 3000-gallon lifespan.

Imperial Berkey Water Filter – 4.5 Gal ($335)

Imperial Berkey Water Filter - 4.5 Gal

If you have a larger family who likes to drink water like us crazy folk, then the Imperial Berkey unit is the best choice for you. Following its predecessors’ lines, this system uses the renowned Black Berkey filters that make the purification process look effortless. Another hallmark that makes the Imperial filters stand out from the rest of the Berkey systems is that the filter’s upper chamber promotes more powerful pressure levels.

Thanks to its intelligent design, the Imperial Berkey filter will ensure that about 0.5 pounds of water are produced on each foot of the system, so by the time that the filtered water reaches the lower chamber, you will have 4.5 gallons of water to enjoy.

A different issue that’s addressed on this water filter is the overall filter space utilized to fit up to six Black Berkey filters (for $445 to $555). This is most favorable in large areas like churches, schools, and restaurants looking to accommodate a lot of people at once. With two Black Berkey filters, your Imperial system will maintain a flow rate of up to 5.5 GPH, which can be upgraded to 11 GPH, and 16.5 GPH for each respective model. Whether you choose to add the PF 2 water filter or not, the Imperial filter will reduce about 99% of viruses, bacteriachloramines, and other pesticides.

Crown Berkey Water Filter – 6 Gal ($360)

The last Berkey unit is the 6-gallon high-performance unit that goes by the Crown trademark. This model is more prominent in every aspect, whether in terms of design, capacity, or purification speed. The Crown system is ideal for homes with more than ten people, but you can also customize it for commercial use.

Like the previous Berkey systems, this unit can also host several Black Berkey filtration elements – two to eight, to be precise. With two Black Berkey units, the Crown model can sustain a constant flow rate of 6.5 GPH, a value that can be increased to 13 GPH, 16.5 GPH, and 26 GPH, which is the highest purification speed you will find on the market.

Crown Berkey Water Filter - 6 Gal

Compared to the Imperial filter, the Crown filtration system maintains a 33% increase in overall filtering surface, which is directly translated to faster and more efficient water filtration. Besides heavy metals, the Crown water filter has a 99% efficacy rate in removing other contaminants like viruses, chloraminepesticidestrihalomethanes, pharmaceuticals, and more. If you want, you can upgrade your Crown filter by adding an extra PF 2 fluoride add-on that will tackle more specific minerals in your water supply. However, the Crown system will come packaged with a free system pro kit, which, according to the review section, is incredibly handy for easy maintenance.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Berkey Filters?

Berkey Water Filter Customer Review

You can find the first source of Berkey water filter reviews on the brand’s official website, where each product is purchased. Berkey gathers its customer reviews through a service called Yotpo, which verifies the products bought and puts the buyer’s comments in one place for easier accessibility. At the time of writing, the Berkey filtration systems had over 7000 reviews scattered on the different products, where it reached an average score of 4.8.

As we mentioned earlier, the Big Berkey unit has the most extensive review section, with a total of 3056 buyer opinions and a 4.9 score.

The second best-reviewed model was the Travel Berkey filter, which currently has 1967 purchases and a score of 4.8 stars. The lowest score is gathered by the Berkey Light filter, which has 367 buys and a 4.6 score. Generally, the Berkey customers report an ideal performance and budget-friendly prices, two features with which we wholeheartedly agree. Another recurring thought is that the Berkey units provide a quick purification procedure, which leaves more time to enjoy the clean water and less time to worry about its obtaining.

The Big Berkey unit also has a similar score on Amazon, where it’s praised as one of the most-bought water filters of the platform. The positive reviews here follow the same lines as in Berkey’s official website, whereas the negative ones speak of complicated installations and leaking issues. Many buyers who attempted to install the unit themselves have caused some malfunction in the device, which can be attributed to these filter’s ill-thought design. For the best results, you should be ready to spend a couple of bucks on a professional plumber or Berkey technician since the DIY installation of a Berkey filtration system seems to be somewhat of a hassle.

What Guarantee Period Does Berkey Offer?

As far as warranties go, Berkey makes for a very dependable brand. For starters, the brand offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which allows you to test the water filter for a month before you decide if it matches your expectations 100%. If you find that the Berkey unit isn’t as efficient as advertised, you can return it by calling customer service to obtain a “return merchandise authorization number.”

After the first month, Berkey will cover the PF-2 fluoride filters, system parts, and all accessories if your unit with a standard six-month manufacturer warranty. This means that Berkey will repair, exchange, or replace the damaged components utterly free of charge. As for the renowned Black Berkey filtering elements, the brand issues a two-year warranty that’s prorated at six-month intervals. This will ensure that you won’t face any issues with the documents while the filters are kept polished throughout. The complete systems* purchased through Berkey’s official website are supported with a lifetime warranty that needs no prior registration or needless bureaucracy.

* The Berkey Care lifetime warranty covers all the water filters mentioned in this article.

Where Can I Buy A Berkey Water Filter?

One of the biggest concerns that Berkey customers were continually faced with was purchasing non-genuine products from vendors that aren’t officially affiliated with the brand. Fraudsters usually sell their used products on sites like Amazon and Home Depot, selling them as brand new products at lower prices. If you buy from untrusted vendors, you won’t gain any of the advantages that come with Berkey units, including the accessories, add ons, customer service, and warranties.

For the best buying experience, we advise you to buy from Berkey’s official website, where you will find detailed descriptions of everything you’re signing up for with a product. You can also get Berkey units through the Get Berkey website and all other international vendors certified by the brand. All you have to do is keep an eye out for the “Authorized Berkey Dealer” banner, which will indicate that the vendor you’ve chosen has products that are valid, genuine, and made from Berkey.

Berkey Water Filter Buying Guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Berkey Water Filters?

  • If you buy directly from Berkey, you will get free shipping orders on all purchases above $49.
  • For an unspecified time, Berkey offers a storewide sale that will grant discounts of up to 15% on all bundled products on the website.
  • Using the code “DP-FB99CLSZ“, you will get a $55 discount on all Berkey Filters products.

How To Dispose Of Your Old Filter

If you want to replace your old water filter with an upgraded Berkey model, the best way to go is to contact the manufacturer first. Many brands have recycling programs that will come and collect your used water filter utterly free of charge. GE Appliances, whose water softeners we reviewed, maintains such a program that is great for the environment. Unfortunately, Berkey isn’t one of them, which means you will have to carry out the process with your previous manufacturer.

With the growing number of products and reduced resources, the burden of disposing of your old water filter may fall on you. In that case, you will first have to empty the unit throughout while ensuring that there’s no water, media, resin, or other components left on the cabinet. Afterward, you can either throw the water filter onto the garbage or contact your local maintenance companies, which will do that for you with a symbolic fee.

What Are The Alternatives To The Berkey Water Filters?

The Berkey products are currently one of the best-reviewed options in the water filtering world, but that doesn’t mean that they’re the ideal choice for you. Suppose you’re after brands that have a proven legacy in manufacturing excellent-quality, effective filters. In that case, we suggest you check out the Water Whizz reviews below, gathered into a top-1o list of the most trustful brands.

  1. AlexaPure Water Filters
  2. Water Drop Filters
  3. Aquarain Filters
  4. Aquasana
  5. Soma Waters
  6. Pelican Water Systems
  7. Pur Water Filters
  8. Alexa-Pure Waters
  9. Sprite Shower Filters
  10. Santevia Waters

The Verdict On The Berkey Water Filters

All in all, we can safely say that buying a Berkey unit will have you set out for a long time. Besides offering high-quality products, they have an extensive range of suitable options for all living situations – whether you live in a small flat or want to supply a whole church. The Berkey units are eco-friendly to an extent. They’re also very cost-effective in not using electricity or high water pressure to filter out the water contaminants from your main supply. Overall, the Berkey alternative is a budget-friendly solution from a brand that knows what they’re doing.

Berkey has been on the top-lists for decades now, and this can be further supported by its massive purchase count and positive reviews. However, no filtration system is perfect, which seems to be the case with Berkey too. If you buy from the latter, you will have to invest time and effort in maintenance, on top of the plumbing costs that will come with the installation. These units don’t seem to be very DIY-friendly, even though they provide a considerable amount of customization with different parts, accessories, and add ons. If you’re willing to spend a couple of extra bucks, then we’re very confident that the Berkey products will keep you satisfied.

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