Best Countertop Water Filter – Reviews, Awards, and Discounts 2021

Countertop water filters are often labeled as “point-of-use” systems since they offer an immediate solution to contaminated water. Typically, these water filtration machines are attached directly to the faucet, but they don’t substitute the fixture altogether (like faucet filters). Because they attach as add-ons, countertop filters only take minutes to install, and they immediately begin their water filtration procedures, depending on the model.

People also love countertop filters because they can move them around easily. Like pitchers, distillers, or some reverse osmosis systems – countertop filters can be positioned anywhere with access to an inline.

Best Countertop Water Filter

They also make for fantastic survival units or travel substitutes that will filter water on the move. Countertop filters are also ideal for saving some bucks, as you can easily alternate between the filter and your tap water, which results in a longer filter lifespan. When coupled with a suitable filtration mechanism, a countertop water filter will be there for you in the long run, providing clean, filtered water for all the family to enjoy.

There are some types of countertop filters, but we’ll begin with the best-selling systems and move our way towards more budget-friendly solutions. Some people prefer high-end devices that require no maintenance, while others are happy with a modest unit that simply does the job. Whatever you like, you can rest assured that all products listed below have passed the required certification standards for optimal performance. In the end, we are firm believers that there’s a solution for everyone, so continue reading and find your ideal match.

The Best Countertop Water Filters of 2021

*The prices of all countertop water filters were correct at the time of writing

1. Aquatru Countertop RO Filter ($449)

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The best countertop filter of 2021 is the Aquatru reverse osmosis system. Even though this water filtration unit has been around for quite some time, we feel that it hasn’t quite gotten the recognition it deserves. Besides using its premium-grade RO mechanisms, the Aquatru system features three distinct filters that completely eradicate polluted water. The first one involves a carbon-based mixture that’s primarily aimed to remove large particles from your water supply. This water filter has an average lifespan of about six months so that you can say goodbye to all the dirt, rust, and dust particles in your water. The carbon-based filter also deals with chlorine and only as an initiator before the next filter gets into it. 

After your water is clear of sediment, Aquatru’s VOC carbon filter deals with the pollutants more thoroughly. Even though this filter is NSF-certified to reduce volatile organic compounds, it effectively tackles chlorine, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, and more. This filter compound has a one-year lifespan, which is excellent for the environment, the system, and your pockets. While these filters’ combined effort is impressive, it isn’t until the unit’s reverse osmosis kicks in that we truly see how good Aquatru is. Thanks to its high-quality membrane, the Aquatru filter will reduce contaminants up to 1/10000 parts of a micron. This is where more severe pollutants like arsenic, copper, water cysts, and parasites are removed, so they can never appear on your home’s water supply ever again. 

While we can’t really vouch for lifetime protection, we can safely say that the reverse osmosis membrane will be suitable for up to two years of continuous use. The Aquatru filter system is worth noting in every aspect, and so it has. The WQA has categorized this unit as one of the very few water filtration devices that can successfully remove glyphosate from water supplies, contributing significantly to the United States’ public health. Aquatru has also been endorsed by many prestigious magazines, such as the Sunday Times, Business Insider, or the Strategist. Out of about 700 reviews, this filtration system currently holds a 4.6 score

2. Big Berkey Stainless Steel Filter ($278)

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Big Berkey Water Filter - 2.25 Gal

Right after the Aquatru system, we introduce the Big Berkey filter – a gravity-led system that will blow your mind. Well, not really – but it will undoubtedly make you wonder whether a high-performing model like this one can fit into its simplistic layout. Even since its release, the Big Berkey has been one of the brand’s best-selling products, mainly due to its high productivity rates. The secret behind this system’s success lies in its black Berkey filters that are NSF-certified to treat more than 200 water contaminants. You can also combine the unit with additional filters or PF2 fluoride mechanisms, which will take the water filtration procedure to the next level. Upgrading costs, though, so let’s stick to the standard model first. 

Amidst the large number of contaminants removed, Berkey takes pride in its 99% success rate in tackling chlorine, heavy metals, organic and inorganic minerals, bacteria, viruses, water cysts, micro-organisms, fluoride, and pharmaceuticals. The black Berkey filters are what the system is actually priced on, as they’re currently valued at $120. The high-grade filters have a life of 3000 gallons, which will satisfy an average customer for up to three years. These filters will also cost you an average of 2 cents for a gallon, which is incredibly cost-effective in the long run. The Big Berkey filter is designed for up to four people and has a 2.25-gallon capacity that most average-sized families can easily take advantage of.

The best part about these filter systems is that they’re compact enough to fit inside an RV, small kitchen, or community-based cooking area. The fantastic Berkey filter comes with a professional installation kit, a BPA-free plastic spigot, and, more importantly – a lifetime care warranty. This means that whenever your system behaves weirdly, malfunctions, or doesn’t do what it claims to, the brand’s customer service will be at your door, with a solution to your problem. What’s also excellent about the Big Berkey filter is that it can sustain a flow rate of up to 3.5 GPH, whereas its four-filter model goes up to 7 GPH. At the time being, the Big Berkey filter has 3059 online reviews, out of which it has gathered a 4.8 score. Most of these reviews focused on the system’s quick filtration, ease of use, and high practicality.   

3. Aquasana Claryum Water Filter ($129)

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Even though this product is placed in the third rank here, it’s worth noting that we’re pretty passionate about it. When we reviewed Aquasana, we saw that the Claryum technology used in its filtration systems was one of the most advanced filtration methods in the industry. We’re proud to say that this product is also manufactured along the same lines, so you should expect nothing short of perfection. According to the brand, this product is fifteen times more efficient than the leading filter pitcher in the market, which should amount to something. On the brand’s website, this countertop water filter is described to “instantly transform your tap water into great-tasting water with no installation or permanent fixtures.” This is especially favorable for all the lazy folk who don’t want to spoil the experience with tools laid out.    

We love the most about the Aquasana filter is its four-stage filtration composition that’s granted to leave your faucets contaminant-free. First, your water will go through an activated-carbon filter that reduces most of the chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, pharmaceuticalsPFOS/PFAS, and more. Thanks to its selective filtration, the Aquasana filter will retain all the beneficial minerals and only remove the ones that cause us harm. This way, you’ll have all the calcium, magnesium, and potassium in the world – without having to worry about losing out. In the second stage, the water enters a catalytic carbon filter that will go more in-depth with your contaminants, especially chloramines, sulfides, and detergents.

The water then goes through an ion-exchange mechanism that mainly deals with heavy metals like lead, mercury, chromium, and everything in between. This is a method used by many water filtration units, especially water softeners. Finally, the semi-purified water goes through a final sub-micron filter. This is where the countertop filter eliminates all remaining water contaminants, emphasizing sediments like rust and silt. For what it’s worth, Aquasana has many awards to show off for its water filter excellence, the most prominent of which include the Best New Home Product, Frost & Sullivan’s Company of the Year, and the Best to the Test prize. This countertop filter currently has a 4.7 score out of 1050 reviews

4. Aquarain 303 Premium Filter System ($329.99)

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Aquarain 303 Filtration System

If you want a countertop filter that needs no electricity, drain line, or complicated setups to run, the Aquarain 303 will fit you like a glove. This lesser-known water filter has the same capacities as Aquasana or Brita‘s high-end models while being more affordable. Many say that this system’s best component is its exterior, which is something we can all agree on. The 303 countertop filter is made of the purest-grade stainless steel coating, which is scratch-resistant and maintenance-free. The system itself is made of an upper and lower chamber, meaning that the water filters function via a gravity-led procedure. This upper section has a wide opening for easy refills and a specific compartment for the filters.

When it comes to its filters, it’s essential to know that the Aquarain only uses the “best of the best” components, which, in our case, involve ceramic filters. Lined with coconut shells, these carbon-based wonders go above and beyond to ensure that you enjoy nothing but pure water every day. These water filters are designed with incredibly narrow pores, creating a safe pass for water droplets but blocking out other impurities. The high-quality countertop filter is NSF-certified to remove chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, VOCs, bacteria, viruses, and more. The Aquarain filter also holds the same revitalizing features as our previous model, so you won’t have to worry about retaining beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, contributing to a dozen health benefits. 

The stainless-steel water filter has a 10,000-gallon capacity so that you can filter all the water in the world with it. According to Aquarain, this capacity will suffice most families in the US, as long as they maintain three gallons of water consumption per day. That means that the Aquarain countertop filter will accommodate you for up to ten years of continuous use. The countertop filters are all utilized with self-cleaning molecules, so you won’t have to worry about bacteria growth in your fixtures. The Aquarain filter system also has a stainless-steel fixture, so you can easily dispense the contaminated water after each cycle. On Amazon, this water filter system has a 4.7 review score and a lot of positive feedback. 

Aquarain 303 Filtration Systems

5. Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System ($269.95)

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Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System

Because we’re all suckers for eco-friendly solutions, we can’t help but include another gravity-led filter that will revolutionize your water use. While researching Alexapure, we saw that they’re among the very few brands that stay true to their “pioneered for perfection” motto. In the water treatment industry, the Alexapure filter is often compared to Berkey, mainly due to their similar designs and cost-effective approaches to water filtration. 

The Alexapure filter comes with a hybrid ceramic shell that takes a multi-faceted course in purifying water.

In it, Alexapure includes a carbon block filter that’s NSF-certified to transform water from any source, whether it’s municipally or well-supplied. 

The water filtration system also does surprisingly well with heavily contaminated water, as people have reported using it on springs, rivers, and other water sources. For as much as Alexapure can be trusted, you’ll be glad to know that this water filter is 99% effective in removing up to 206 contaminants at once. The unit’s certification involves heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, viruses, bacteria, herbicides, pesticides, and many more. The system’s internal filters sustain a capacity of up to 5,000 gallons of water that will be filtered to perfection. The premium-grade countertop filter has a fascinating filter life, especially considering that it won’t be affected by daily use. The low-maintenance product is excellent for those who seek practicality above all because that’s precisely what they’ll find.

For constant filtration, this full-sized system will grant you an overall capacity of 2.25 gallons, which is just enough for most average-sized families. The FDA-approved water device also includes a non-slip base ring, so you can place the machine anywhere without having to worry about its safety. The non-risk countertop filter comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can take it out on a test drive and see if it matches your expectations. Whether it’s what you wanted or just the opposite, the Alexapure filter is granted to give you a hard-to-compete-with water filtration that will last for at least a month. The water filter system is also warrantied for one year, and it currently holds a 4.5 rating on Amazon.

6. Waterdrop RO Filter + Portable Water Pitcher ($229.99)

* For first-time buyers, Waterdrop issues a “Welcome10” code that grants a 10% discount *

What if we told you there was a system that can filter both city and well water, which will grant you the freedom to carry the water around, wherever you please? Yes, that’s entirely possible, and all thanks to this simplistic design idea ideated by Waterdrop. If that name sounds familiar, you’ve probably heard it on the countless online review talking about high-quality yet budget-friendly fridge filters. Even though Waterdrop filters are easier on the pockets, they maintain the same quality (if not better) as the leading brands in the water treatment industry. That’s why the reverse osmosis filter adjusted for countertop purposes is ideal: it’s budget-friendly, extensive in contaminant removal, and efficient in the long run.

In water filtration circles, this system is commonly known as an all-in-one solution to many contamination problems. This countertop filter employs a multi-stage design that requires no electricity to run and no pumps to feed. The Waterdrop filter begins its purifying journey with a PP cotton filter that warms the system by removing large sediment particles before they get a chance to do much damage. The water then enters a premium carbon-block filter that efficiently removes chlorine, chloramines, fluorides, herbicides, pesticides, and some heavy metals. This filter will also remove all chemical residues from your fixtures, so it will significantly help scaling issues most often linked to hard water.  

In the fourth stage, the Waterdrop filter features another PP cotton filter that repeats the sediment filtration for better results. In the most critical filtration cycle, this unit will stream your water into a reverse osmosis membrane that will remove contaminants up to 0,00001 parts of a micron. When combined with the countertop filter’s post-block carbon filter, the system will ensure that the water you drink is free of PFOS/PFAS, VOCs, and all other pollutants that are hard to reach. When the filter system is done with its stages, you can simply detach the Waterdrop pitcher and place it inside the fridge or out for your guests. The incredible system has a 4.5 review score, a design and efficiency award, and many cooler specs. Make sure to read more into it and make a decision that will be worth its while.   

7. ProOne Big+ Gravity Water Filter ($219)

* Signing up for a ProOne account will put you in for (immediate) discounts of up to 30% *

Propur Big Gravity Water Filter

If ProOne sounds like a strange brand to you, perhaps Propur will clear your memory. Using Pur Water‘s immediate success and a company rebrand, ProOne has managed to make its mark in the water filtering industry. The Big+ filter is a gravity-led countertop system that’s entirely certified by the NSF for removing hundreds of contaminants from your drinking water. Like most non-electric devices, this unit hosts an upper chamber, a filter cartridge, and a lower chamber. Thanks to its classy design and sleek layout, each refill will make you feel like you’re using an incredibly posh machine and not a simple countertop filter. The premium-grade device utilizes a convenient handle at the top that imitates pot-cooking movement for more straightforward use and effortless maintenance.

The countertop water filter comprises 304 stainless-steel materials, so the system is as durable as possible. Thanks to its sturdy base and high-quality filters, you can use this unit for emergencies, too, as long as you have water nearby. The Big+ countertop filter uses a unique “smarter filter” mechanism that is independently tested and proven to remove more than 200 contaminants from most water supplies. Out of the brand’s most renowned particles, chlorine, microplastics, heavy metals, emerging contaminants, herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, and sulfides stand out the most. The gravity-led water system is also NSF-certified to remove PFOS/PFAS, parasites, bacteria, viruses, and cysts, so you’ll have a very extensive filtration taking place each cycle. That’s a pretty good bargain for this unit’s price tag, isn’t it?

Whatever you believe, there’s one thing for sure: this system is not for everyone. Because this system is designed for holding up to three gallons of water at once, some may find it too large for their likes. The Big+ filter will certainly take a little more counter space, but that can be favorable for more prominent families who go through several gallons of water a day. This countertop filter comes with one filter, but you can add up to three for a longer, harder, and more extensive filtration. This system comes with a 30-day risk-free guarantee, granting you to check the filters out for a month before you have to make a decision. At the time of writing, this countertop filter had a 4.7 review score on Amazon, which is quite solid. 

8. Brita Ultramax Filtered Dispenser ($32)

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Who said all water filters have got to be the same? This time, we’ve brought you Brita’s fantastic countertop filter that comes in the shape of a dispenser. The Ultramax system is one of the brand’s most renowned filtration units, as it has a tremendous capacity without sacrificing its filtration efficiency. When we talked about Brita, we emphasized that the brand has one of the most loyal fan-bases in the market. On Brita’s website, the Ultramax dispenser has over 2000 customer reviews and a fantastic 4.8 review score. The first noteworthy comment in this extensive section is that the Ultramax filter is “easy to maintain, easy to use, and the taste is great.”

What more can we say? Those are the hallmarks that almost everyone in the business is after, and Brita seems to have captured them quite nicely.

Before we get into everything this system is capable of, we must talk about its filter elements that make everything possible. The sturdy water dispenser is put to work through its Longlast Brita filters that eliminate up to 900 water bottles with their use. These filters are NSF-certified to remove the entire alphabet of water contaminants, the more relevant of which include chlorine, heavy metals (with an emphasis on lead), asbestos, benzene, herbicides, pesticides, fluoride, and VOCs. Not only do the Longlast filters maintain a 98% efficiency in removing the said contaminants, but they ensure that they do so on more extended periods too. According to Brita, a Longlast filter will serve its course for as much as six months at a time, which is three times longer than the industry’s standard for water dispensers.

If the system’s filters didn’t convince you, perhaps the unit’s practical design will. First, we must note that this dispenser maintains an 18-cup production rate, so you will never have to wait around for water to be filtered again. The Brita countertop filter is also ideal for large offices, as you can quench your thirst every time you feel like having a drink. The unit also has a filter indicator, meaning that you’ll always know when the dispenser needs its filters replaced. For what it’s worth, Brita has also been the recipient of many wonderful awards, including the Japanese Design, the Red Dot, the IF Design Prize, and the Good Design Award. Brita has also won the Denise Kolar recognition for its eco-friendly innovations.  

9. Pelican Countertop Filter System ($111)

* For an unspecified period, you can find this product at just $66 through Pelican’s website *

Elegance, practicality, and budget-friendliness. There’s no better way to include all three features within a system than by going for a Pelican system. This countertop filter employs an incredibly straightforward layout that’s very clean-looking in its entirety. Being among the most cost-effective ways of getting clean, filtered water, this system is everything you’d want for your water supply. The countertop filter is NSF-certified to remove lead, mercury, iron, chlorine, chloramines, cysts, VOCs, THMs, PFAS/PFOS, and everything in between. Considering that this is a very modest device, that’s really impressive, to say the least.

On all our Pelican reviews, whether they were for water filters or softeners, we were constantly impressed with the brand’s innovations. For example, Pelican’s Natursoft is the only salt-free water softener that’s certified to be 97% in treating hard water. Pelican has also earned its gold seals by many prestigious agencies, thus showcasing that it is a brand to be reckoned with. Even though the countertop filter system is relatively simpler than the brand’s more sophisticated models, it can still remove more than 60 contaminants from both city and well water supplies. Thanks to its state-of-the-art components, this countertop filter will steal hearts and minds that didn’t even think about aiming so low in the filter’s price range.

To guide the way through different means of filtration, this Pelican device utilizes a carbon-based mechanism that’s to die for. This filter comes with a 450-gallon capacity, giving you about six months of continuous water use. What’s also interesting about this system is that the water filter is combined with a smart indicator, which will notify you when you’re due for a replacement. The countertop water filter is very environmentally-friendly, which is a hallmark that most Pelican systems share. This unit, specifically, requires no electricity, water pump, or drainage line, chemicals, or anything else that would damage your surroundings. The countertop filter currently holds a 4.6 score, so take a leap of faith and see for yourself.

10. ProOne Promax Countertop Filter ($189)

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ProMax countertop filter ($189)

Remember ProOne? Not to be too pushy or anything, but we believe that the good old brand has a lot to offer, so we couldn’t possibly constrain it to one single product. The Promax countertop filter is slightly “weaker” than its predecessor, but it still functions along the same efficiency lines. First off, this filtration system employs a single-stage design, meaning that the filtering will be quick and cost-effective, albeit a little less powerful. Of course, you can always opt for a dual-stage system that’s more fruitful in removing specific contaminants, but that will cost you a few extra bucks. Both models are lined with premium-grade ABS-plastic materials that are long-lasting, incredibly low-maintenance, and food-grade compliant. 

Luckily for everyone involved, this ProOne filter features the same “all-in-one” elements that will tackle each and every contaminant in your water supply. The fantastic countertop filter is NSF-certified to reduce, remove, and ultimately eradicate up to 200 water pollutants with an efficiency rate of up to 96%. These pollutants include (but aren’t limited to) VOCs, THMs, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, disinfectants, pharmaceuticals, and others. The countertop filter system can also be attached to a faucet or plumbing fixture, in which case it will work similarly to a faucet filter. The ProOne system works will most models (except pull-up faucets), but you can purchase an additional adapter that is compatible with most alternatives out there. Getting supplied straight from the tap is quite handy, so give that a try.

What people loved most about this countertop filter was that it hosts a filter lifespan of as much as 900 gallons. According to ProOne, this expectancy spans for as much as an entire year, meaning that you’ll only have to think about replacements on an annual basis. If you opt for ProOne’s dual-stage filter, you’ll be investing in a 5-micron sediment filter that’s ideal for homes supplied by well water. That’s because these sources typically contain a large amount of dirt, silt, iron, dust, and rust, which can heavily damage your device and shorten its filter’s lifespan. Even though sediment filters should be a standard in the industry, ProOne hasn’t been very generous with including them in all of its designs. However, this countertop filter system still maintains an average 4.6 rating on Amazon, so it must be worth something.  

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