Best Faucet Water Filter – Reviews, Awards, And Discounts 2021

For some people, clean water is a luxury that’s directly tied to a better lifestyle. Contaminated water isn’t only an emergency when it causes health concerns, as it also affects the food we eat, the dishes we wash, and the water we drink. Even though US water is generally safe to drink, thousands of people suffer from the consequences of water deemed safe by the EPA. Because we hesitate to drink water straight from the tap, we also cause many environmental issues by hoarding plastic bottles and worsening our planet’s carbon footprint. If you want to get on top of things now and aim for a healthier, tastier, and cleaner life – you should really consider buying a faucet water filter. After all, what’s the worst that could happen?

Best Faucet Water Filter

Contrary to popular belief, faucet filters are some of the most effective means of water filtration. Of course, they’re not as powerful as a full-sized water filter system or a reverse osmosis unit, but they do quite well in their field of action. Granted, you won’t have an endless stream of fresh water in every fixture of your home, but you won’t have to run out to the market each time you feel thirsty either. Compared to high-end devices like whole-house filters, faucet systems pose a quick and efficient method of acquiring clean water right from the tap. In recent years, faucet filters have proven to be just as effective (if not more) than those pre-mentioned systems, so you can fully trust their ability to treat your polluted water.

To help you make the most informed decision, we have put together a list comparing the nine most worthy filters that will upgrade your faucets in no time. The “worthiness” of a faucet filter was measured with a set of standards that assess performance, efficacy, budget-friendliness, and customer reviews. We know what it means to invest in a pricey item that doesn’t do half of what it claims to do. With that in mind, we prioritized those filters that are affordable by the masses, which is why you may see “cheaper” products higher on the list. The following products are all endorsed by first-class water treatment agencies, so you can wholly trust their performance, capacities, and other specs. And to guarantee that you all stay within your budget, we’ve made sure that no product* is above the $50 price tag.

*The prices of all faucet filters were correct at the time of writing.

1. Waterdrop WDFC01 Filter – 320 Gallons ($20.99)

* If you buy directly from Waterdrop, you can have this filter with a 10% discount *

The best faucet filter of 2021 is the Waterdrop WDFC01 model. The high-quality pollutant extractor doesn’t have all the fancy features that newer models do, but it is the most reliable product you can find on the web. First, the faucet filter is NSF-certified, which means that various laboratories independently tested it and proved that the filter can get rid of the contaminants listed on its specs page.

When we reviewed Waterdrop, we saw that the brand is one of the most credited industries in the market, and its products are always renowned for successful and efficient water treatment. Waterdrop filters are also among the cheapest alternatives to bulky-priced products, following the same line as Everydrop or Tier1

Specifically, this Waterdrop faucet filter is mainly concerned with removing the chlorine taste and smell from your plumbing fixtures. The convenient faucet filter is entirely made out of lead-free materials, so you won’t have to worry about getting poisoned in the process of enhancing the quality of your water. Even though these filters tackle many minerals in your water supply, they also retain beneficial ones like calcium and magnesium. Each filter in this faucet system can provide up to 320 gallons of fresh water, equal to about three months of use. When you consider the competition, this duration is more than prolific, which is another advantage that Waterdrop provides. If you want solace for an entire year, you can purchase the brand’s three-pack filter replacement and have a worry-free drinking experience.

What the customers loved the most about this faucet filter was that it offers a fantastic filter speed. According to the manufacturers, this filtration unit can fill up four 19 oz. water bottles for less than a minute, which is significantly faster than the products shoved down our throats by advertisement agencies. Another great hallmark is the filter’s smart design that features a handy switch. This magic switch can turn the filter on and off as you wish, so you can go back and forth by using your inline water supply or the filtered water stream. This is incredibly practical as it can extend your filter life by a mile and let you notice the real differences between filtered & unfiltered water. The device’s mounting bracket and adapters are all included so that you can attach it to your existing faucet with much ease. The faucet filter is bought by over 5000 people on Amazon, where it holds a 4.5 review score

2. PUR PFM100B Black Filter – 100 Gallons ($24.99)

* If you buy two or more Pur filters, you’ll get a $4 discount with the code “PUR4MP*

Our second-best contender comes from Pur, and you’ve most likely heard of it before. The Pur PFM100B faucet filter has been around for as long as we remember, and its Amazon score is there to show for it. The black Pur filter is currently rated by about 10,000 people, has a 4.4 review score, and is Amazon’s Choice for faucet-mounted water filters.

Pur’s legacy doesn’t start and end with its faucet filter, as the brand has been around for long enough to make itself known. Our Pur filter review discussed how the brand had been around for most US water emergencies, including the Flint crisis and the Milwaukee cyst outbreak. Pur has manufactured some of the most sophisticated devices to combat these issues, so when we say that it can filter some chlorine, you must take our word for it.

Even though the Pur faucet filter is mainly concerned with removing chlorine from home water supplies, it can do much more than that. The NSF-certified brand can also remove lead, mercury, pesticides, herbicides, and several microbial cysts, measuring up to more than 70 contaminants. Pur claims to have the most extensive contaminant-removal rate, but we can’t be so sure about that. Many companies like Seychelle, Alexapure, and Aquarain don’t bother posting their full NSF-certified lists, so we can never know for sure. Still, what we can wholeheartedly claim is that this Pur filter will revolutionize the way you think about tap water, and you will most likely never touch a water bottle again. The faucet filter is also effortless to install and compatible with most faucets, so that should be another piece of cake.

Even though Pur’s intelligent design is quite masterful, the real superstar here is the filter it uses. The product’s main cartridge features an activated carbon block that reduces heavy metals like no other. On our water filters review, we explained how the filter’s life, performance, and efficiency are greatly influenced by the components used – which is proven by Pur. To enhance the filter’s capacities, Pur has also incorporated an ion-exchange mechanism that takes water filtration to another level. After the unit’s filters have exhausted their efforts, the faucet’s indicator will let you know that it is time to replace them. The Pur faucet filter also has a convenient on/off switch, so you can decide in real-time whether you want treated water to go with your quick breakfast, delicious lunch, or romantic dinner.

3. PUR PFM400H Chrome Filter – 100 Gallons ($32.49)

* Singing up for Pur’s website offers will make you eligible for custom-made coupons *

While Pur’s flagship product has shown a fantastic success rate, we can’t help but mention its predecessor as well. The premium-grade faucet filter is coated with a neat and sturdy chrome coating, which will beautify your kitchen and ensure that you have excellent scratch-free use for as long as life may be. The PFM400H is incredibly easy to attach, so you won’t require any fancy tools or prior plumbing experience.

The chrome faucet filter can be installed on any faucet model, size, type, or brand, so you won’t have to worry about sending the wrong product home. However, some buyers reported that the unit doesn’t do well with pull-out or handheld faucets, so you should check the user guide to see if it is compatible with yours.

The reason why this faucet filter is pricier than its homolog lies behind its filter cartridge that’s updated for specific water conditions. Like the black Pur, this water filtration add-on features an activated carbon and ion-exchange combination. While the first attacks minerals like lead, mercury, calcium, and cadmium, the second deals with chlorine and chloramines‘ effects. However, the Mineral Clear core it features makes the faucet filter equipped with excellent resistance to harmful organisms. The innovative filter extension will retain the water’s helpful minerals and ensure that the treated water has a fresh & crispy taste. So, if you’ve spent most of your life thinking that water has no taste, Pur will most definitely prove you wrong. These Pur filters are designed with up to 100 gallons, equal to replacing more than 750 plastic water bottles annually.

While doing the math, Pur discovered that using this faucet filter would save the average family up to $1000 on costs that would otherwise go to non-reusable water bottles. I reckon you can all imagine the environmental advantages to these numbers, so it goes without saying that it is a very reasonable investment. Like the black Pur, this faucet filter hosts the same filter indicator that will notify you as soon as your filters start to lose their efficiency rates. This is ideal since it doesn’t put you in the spot with having to buy a replacement right away, but rather – soon. You can also manage the filter’s performance separately from the inline water, as the faucet filter has a convenient switch for this purpose. On Amazon, this filter maintains about 9,500 customer reviews and a 4.4 review score

4. Brita Basic Faucet Filter – 100 Gallons ($20.55)

* If you buy from Walmart, you can get these Brita filters with discounts of up to 10% *

Whether you’re new or old to the water treatment industry, you have probably come across a Brita filter sometime in your life. The renowned manufacturing brand has earned its legacy from producing high-sustaining filters that will not only improve your water’s quality but ensure that the environment gets a fair share of the success too. On our filter pitchers review, we talked about how Brita has topped the chart due to combining practicality and efficiency in all their products. Along that same line, the Brita Basic faucet filter has gotten the hearts and minds of all its buyers.

The faucet filter system is currently sought by thousands of people, rated by over 9,500, and gathered a splendid 4.3 review score on Amazon. But what exactly makes the Brita filter worth the while, and is it deserving of all its hype?

For starters, the answer to that question is yes; the Basic faucet filter is everything you’d want in such a product. Thanks to its virtually maintenance-free build, you can install the filter with much ease and without tools. The Brita filter attaches to most faucet types, except for pull-out and handheld models. Thanks to its sleek white coating, the filter pitcher will seamlessly dwell on your faucet, giving your beautiful kitchen a revitalizing look. Contrary to standard filters, Brita features a sediment pre-filter that traps in the larger contaminants in your water supply before they get to your tap. The faucet system then utilizes its carbon-based filters that are NSF-certified to remove chlorine and lead up to 99%. The reliable faucet filter can also significantly reduce pesticides, herbicides, asbestos, and water cysts

Brita surpasses its competitors in its filter life department too. One Brita faucet filter will last the average user about four months, which equals a three-times a year replacement. To make the system’s use even more practical, Brita has accommodated a flip switch that will control your house’s water source. Brita’s intelligent designs have won the brand several prestigious awards, including the Japanese Good Design Award (2008), the Red Dot Award (2009), the IF Design Award (2012), and the earned it a spot on the 2017th Good Design Awards. The brand has also been congratulated for its sustainability efforts, which have granted it the distinguished Green Apple Award and the monumental Denise Kolar Prize.

5. Culligan FM15A Advanced Faucet Filter – 200 Gallons ($26.99)

* For an unspecified period, this product comes with a 20% discount on Amazon *

Because we believe that everyone deserves a clear-cut chance at clean water, we’re ending this top-five list with the dependable Culligan. When we reviewed the brand’s water softeners, we saw that Culligan had honed an 80-year legacy of providing premium-grade water treatment products for their loyal buyers. If you want to test the company out, we don’t think that there’s a better way to go about it than with its fantastic FM15A faucet filter. This elegant water filtration unit has one of the best aesthetic designs from all the products we’ve reviewed, and luckily – it is quite practical. The faucet-mount filter kit is very space-saving and comes with all the brackets required for a carefree installation.

To ensure you have pure water for the entire family, the Culligan filter uses a carbon-based cocktail that will remove your water’s bad taste and odor in an instant. To perform as well as it does, Culligan was independently tested by the world’s leading labs, giving it the NSF certification for its premium devices. As such, the Culligan faucet filter will effortlessly reduce (or altogether remove) chlorine, lead, turbidity, lindane, atrazine, and other nominal particulates. The sleek faucet filter also includes a sediment extractor that will break down dirt particles one by one, so neither your plumbing nor your body will have to process them. Thanks to its advanced filtration procedure, you can rest assured that Culligan will be a name that you will mention to your friends, neighbors, and family for quite some time.

According to Culligan’s cooperation with the Water Quality Association and Battelle Institute, this water filter’s advantages are extensive. First, you will have a 50% reduction in detergent costs, as the clean water will provide cleaner dishes at faster times. You will also get 30% more out of all the home appliances that use water to function, directly translated to reduced energy costs. Culligan’s diverter valve stem further helps this procedure, as you get to wear down the system’s filters for a prolonged time. This faucet filter has a life expectancy rate of 200 gallons, so you can safely embark on a months-long journey of clean water. In recent years, the brand has won the International Award of Merit, the Good Housekeeping Gold Seal, and the Best Buy Ribbon from Consumers Digest. Currently, this product is rated at 4.2 in Amazon, where 4,159 people have given a review.  

6. Brita Tap Water Filter System – 100 Gallons ($29.99)

* We will update this section as soon as we find a discount code for this Brita filter *

Another Brita product we can’t help but mention is the 100-gallon tap water filter system. Compared to its predecessor, this Brita filter is somewhat more sophisticated while keeping in touch with the brand’s simplicity. For a quick solution to most city and well water problems, this easy-to-use unit consolidates the wonders of carbon-activated filtration. At a very budget-conscious price, you can take this bad boy home and woo all your family members with its premium filtering abilities.

Amazon currently offers a fantastic bargain that will get you the high-quality faucet system and three replacement filters to go with it. This package will last you for an entire year so that you can have a carefree drink for 365 days.   

The Brita tap water system is also NSF-certified, which means that it has surpassed all the relevant institutions’ performance tests. This water filtration unit can remove up to 60 different contaminants, including 99% of lead and chlorine, on top of others like benzene, asbestos, pesticides, and herbicides. Since most of these minerals are caused due to water disinfection, the Brita filter is most suitable for city water sources. Besides keeping your mind out of wondering what’s in your drinking water, this Brita faucet filter will also keep you away from plastic bottles. According to the brand’s measures, one faucet filter replaces 750 standard 16 oz. bottles, which are translated to monetary gain and environmental protection. At $30 a year, that sounds more than reasonable. And when your filters come to an end, this system’s indicator will notify you so you can make the proper arrangements.

When we talked about Brita’s advancements in the environmental protection scheme, we didn’t talk about what makes the brand a true champion in the field. As we know, Brita is among the very few water treatment manufacturers that have designed, funded, and maintains a filter recycling program for all its loyal customers. That means that when you’re done with your filter cartridges, you can send them to Brita with a pre-paid mail. The brand will then repurpose the used components so everyone has a happy exchange. Indeed, happiness is one of Brita’s buyers’ most recurring themes, and this product makes no difference. In Amazon, this faucet filter holds a 4.3 review score and quite a lot of praise. Over the most common themes here are the system’s overall functionality, performance, and efficiency.

7. Engdenton Faucet Filter – 320 Gallons ($41.98)

* For an unspecified period, Amazon features a 5% discount on this faucet filter

As we go further down this list, we want to put some lesser-known brands in the spotlight, as there are many hidden treasures in the water treatment world. The first of these treasures come from Endgenton, who has manufactured a premier silver faucet filter that we can’t get over. Weighing at 1.55 pounds, this water filtration system capitalizes on everything that is quality. Even though the unit is slightly pricier than the alternatives, we can assure you that it is entirely worth it. The Engdentor faucet filter doesn’t leak, isn’t prone to cracks, and will put up quite a fight if you were to try giving it some scratches. The filter system is also very durable, as it features a 3 mm thick stainless-steel coating that’s virtually unbreakable.

The main culprit behind this device’s success rate is the activated carbon fiber it uses to treat water. This hybrid filter component is the latest innovation in the water treatment industry as it is credited with hosting one of the most advanced filtration methods. Besides an effective contaminant reduction, this filter type will inhibit bacterial growth inside the faucets of your home. This is incredibly helpful, as most faucet filters lose their performance levels due to bacteria blocking their scale-reduction capacities. Otherwise, the Engdenton faucet filter is NSF-certified to greatly reduce chlorine, heavy metals, organic & inorganic chemicals, and sediment. The high-performance water filter will also deal with rust and some sulfides, so you can say goodbye to odd-colored water and the “rotten egg” smell in your food.

What makes this faucet filter even more remarkable is that it utilizes an excellent water flow rate. With a 0.5 GPM speed, this mid-range faucet filter will fill up about eight cups of water in under a minute. The innovative filtration system also has a 360-degree rotation that will allow your faucet’s water fountain to be adjusted however you want it to. The practical design that this filter offers is just one of the few hallmarks that its buyers are fascinated with. Like our first product in this list (the Waterdrop filter), this faucet filter offers a 320-gallon capacity for you to take advantage of and drink from for a lifetime. That means that you will no longer have to save up and worry about frequent additional filters, the same way you’ll face an effortless replacement procedure when the time comes. This faucet filter currently has a 4.4 satisfaction rate in Amazon and over 2000 buys.

8. iSpring DF2CHR Faucet Filter – 500 Gallons ($24.87)

* For an unspecified period, this system is sold with a 20% discount on Amazon *

Our list’s eighth product is the renowned iSpring faucet filter specially designed to suit heavy-duty purposes. Thanks to its unparalleled filtration abilities, this faucet filter will penetrate the contaminant’s surface deeply, so you’ll only be left with wondrous, clean water in return. The DF2 series is NSF-certified to remove chlorine, chloramines, lead, mercury, water cysts, lindane, atrazine, and everything in between. What’s so special about this faucet filter is that it can be accommodated for almost all living purposes, including kitchen sinks, bathroom faucets, or RV sinks. This low-maintenance faucet filter is incredible for sustained living, as it has the most extended duration rate from all the systems we’ve come across.

With the iSpring faucet filter, you’ll get 500 gallons of safe, filtered water that will make everyone around you lighten up in an instant. The brand’s manufacturers list six to eight months as a measured filter lifespan, but we’re confident that average-sized families will utilize much more time than that. The iSpring replacement filters are relatively easy to find, but you can also replace them with substitutes like Everydrop. What’s also fantastic about this water filter is that it provides an incredible flow rate of up to 1.5 GPM. If, say, the Engdenton can give up to eight cups of water for under a minute – the iSpring water filter can do three times as many. That will certainly come in handy for big families and those who like to host.

To leave all its competitors in the mud, iSpring has also invested a lot of effort to make this faucet filter as durable as can be. Thanks to its BPA-free premier plastic, the iSpring system will accompany you for as long as there is water to treat, and you won’t have to replace its parts due to system malfunctions. The only downside to this faucet filter is that it is only compatible with standard faucets, so you won’t be able to attach it to any newer models. The iSpring filter comes in two finishes, so you can either get a clear coating or a chrome fixture, depending on your plumbing aesthetics. To help you preserve peace of mind, iSpring has also issued a 30-day money-back guarantee that you can use if the product isn’t as advertised. The brand also supports a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, meaning that your system will be repaired or replaced if an error should occur. All in all, the system seems to be quite dependable as it is currently rated at 4.1 stars (in Amazon). 

9. Instapure Essential Filter – 200 Gallons ($21.95)

* There are currently no discounts for this product, but we will update it when there are *

Last but not least, we’re going to show you a product that’s manufactured by Instapure – a brand claiming to be quick, effective, and resourceful. Along with those principles, the brand’s 200-gallon faucet filter is among the best options for those with a budget. Thanks to its sturdy construction and easy-to-use design, the Instapure Essential filter has occupied the homes of many Americans who seek cleaner water at a lower price. According to Instapure, this model was first designed back in 1975, so it had almost fifty years to perfect the craft of water filtration. Ever since, the high-performing water filter has been adjusted to match most faucet models, including Delta, Kohler, American Standard, Pfister, and more.

The most important thing making this faucet filter reliable is its WQA-granted Gold Seal that proves its success rate in removing specific contaminants from water supplies. On that note, the Instapure filter is NSF-certified to remove 99% of lead (and select heavy metals), VOCs, and microbial cysts, as well as 97% of chlorine and chloramines. While conducting independent research, Instapure discovered that its faucet filter could remove up to 60 well-known contaminants, but the former ones were the most extensive. The Instapure filter has a 200-gallon capacity, which means that it will live through three months of constant use from the average family. The manufacturers assure us that the filtration unit is suitable for middle to heavy-duty use, so you won’t have to worry about wasting the whole thing away.

Another precaution you can take for this matter is using the convenient switch handle located at the top of the filter. This way, you can control when you want to drink from your water supply and when you want to get the filter to work. This unit’s filters are entirely made out of high-quality coconut shells, which means that the filters absorb more pollutants while generating less waste. As for its aesthetic, this Instapure filter is lined with a beautiful chrome design and clear cap. You’ll also be pleased to know that the faucet filter requires no tools for installation, so you can set it up with the help of the product’s booklet or one of those handy Youtube videos. The Instapure filter currently maintains a 4.2 review score in Amazon, which – when coupled with this review, will most likely get improved.

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