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A reverse osmosis system is a water filtration device that removes contaminants from feed water. Like whole-house systems, a reverse osmosis unit is installed on your inline water supply, so the water pollutants are removed before they get a chance to get inside your plumbing. Reverse osmosis systems utilize a semi-permeable membrane with a dual-surface, all of which we’ll discuss below. Reverse osmosis machines have their pros and cons, but clean, filtered water is a clear-cut guarantee that comes with every single model. We’ll briefly go into the reverse osmosis’ essentials to know precisely what you’re signing up for. If you consider yourself a pro, you can skip the introductory and go straight to the best-of list.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

As we explained, a reverse osmosis system employs a double-sided membrane that filters contaminants out down to a micron. On one side, this membrane is very concentrated, precisely where common water pollutants are collected. The pores on this side are very tiny, so that they serve as a barrier between clean water and salts. On the other side, the surface is less concentrated, allowing larger particles (like water) to pull through. To initiate the reverse osmosis procedure, the system utilizes water pressure. As water is “pushed” into the membrane, you will be left with a considerable amount of untreated water or brine. Because most RO systems work by utilizing the water itself, you should know that they’re not entirely eco-friendly. Reverse osmosis systems generally waste more water than other water filters.

For efficient water filtration, reverse osmosis systems typically use multiple filtration mechanisms. At the start of each cycle, RO units employ sediment pre-filters that take out the larger particles like dirt, silt, and rust. In most reverse osmosis machines (but not all), the second stage consists of a carbon-based water filter that does most of the dirty work. Carbon is regarded as one of the most efficient water treatment mechanisms, so you should always keep an eye out for these systems. Lastly, the semi-treated water goes through the double-ended membrane that splashes the water around until it fits its ideal potential. Also, reverse osmosis systems are the only filters that employ a +95% effectivity rate in removing TDS.

* The prices of all reverse osmosis systems were correct at the time of writing.

1. Waterdrop WDG3W RO System ($549)

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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

The best reverse-osmosis filter of 2021 is Waterdrop’s WDG3W model. The premium-grade water filter has made several worthy contributions to a lot of Water Whizz’s lists. The reverse osmosis system was most recently at the top of our best under-sink water filters guide, mostly because of its efficiency and space-saving features. However, the Waterdrop wonder is much more than that, as it supplies one of the most extensive water filtration methods to date. Thanks to its double carbon-based filters, the reverse osmosis system can reduce lead, chlorine, mercury, herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, fluoride, arsenic, and everything in between.

The high-end device is also NSF-certified to minimize each of these contaminants, so you can expect the most optimal water treatment that a reverse osmosis system can provide.

Besides being extensive, Waterdrop’s reverse osmosis filter is efficient too. This brand’s independent lab tests showed that the high-quality filter has a success rate of up to 99% on select contaminants, mainly chlorine and heavy metals. Another hallmark that we must point out is the system’s layout, which is as practical as possible. The Waterdrop RO unit is manufactured with an integrated waterway design, so you won’t have to spend senseless hours trying to install the system. Like most reverse osmosis filters, this machine is attached to your cold water supply, meaning that you’ll have direct access to clean water straight from the tap. And, since the reverse osmosis system is designed with a compact-sized layout, you can neatly place it inside your cupboards where it won’t even make a sound. However, the system’s intelligent design does more for you than merely aesthetically please your eyes.

Waterdrop manufacturers ensure that your installation is as effortless as possible, even for the filter replacements. You will only take about three seconds to replace each filter cartridge, and even that won’t have to occur more than twice a year. The RO system is powered through pure kinetic power and fed via its three filter cartridges, the PP, CT, and CS. While one filter breaks apart particles, the second deals with filtering, and the third finishes off with aftercare. Waterdrop’s convenient designs are not only admired by people like us, as the brand has won several awards in the water treatment industry. The most distinguishable prizes that set the brand apart from the rest include the Dieline and Red Dot Awards granted to celebrate its unmatched creativity in design. As for the customer reviews, they currently hold this reverse osmosis filter at 4.7 stars on Amazon

2. Frizzlife PD600 Tankless RO System ($439.99)

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For lovers of innovation, technology, and worry-free spending, we present the incredible tankless RO system by Frizzlife. This reverse osmosis unit works seamlessly through several gallons of water, causing no noise, energy waste, or water leakage. There are many reasons why one might love this unit, but we’ll begin with its 0.01-micron filtration.

Remember how we told you that sophisticated filters usually employ multiple filters for microscopic filtering? Frizzlife does precisely that, and through a process that removes thousands of contaminants from your water supply.

Yes, the PD600 reverse osmosis system is NSF-certified to reduce chlorine, TDS, chloramines, heavy metals, carcinogens, water cysts, arsenic, fluoride, VOCs, and more. That’s pretty impressive for a reverse osmosis system, but it isn’t even half of it. 

One of the most crucial points why we’ve picked this product to be our second-best RO system is that it can deal with hard water issues. Our water softeners review talked about how water hardness affects plumbing, home appliances, and, most importantly – our health. Because you often need a full-sized softener to deal with these issues correctly, water filtering brands overlook issues like scaling simply because they require too much effort. Luckily, this Frizzlife reverse osmosis system offers the best of three worlds, offering you water filtration, de-scaling, and remineralization. While most reverse osmosis systems leave the water quite acidic, Frizzlife adds in the necessary minerals for raising the water’s pH level. Because alkaline water is incredibly healthy for human consumption, Frizzlife has taken on the example of many world-class brands like Santevia, Seychelle, and Brita.

If you’re not convinced yet, we would better tell you that this reverse osmosis system utilizes a seven-stage filtration that surpasses all the other models in this list. While going through each of them would be extensive, we can only say that your water will be clean, filtered, tasty, and ready to go after all is said and done. As you can imagine, the Frizzlife RO system is reasonably practical as well, seeing how you can fit it right under your plumbing fixtures and forget it’s even there. According to Frizzlife, this design helps the unit save up more than 450% of water compared to other brands, effectively removing the efficiency issues we stated above. The Frizzlife water filter holds a 4.8 review score and many satisfied buyers.

3. Home Master TMAFC Artesian RO Filter System ($329.95)

* For an unspecified time, you can get this reverse osmosis system at $287 in Amazon *

While DIY-friendly systems are ideal, we can’t help but praise this RO model that’s slightly harder to set up but incredibly budget-conscious too. The full-contact reverse osmosis system claims to address most issues with canister and tankless water systems, which comprised this list’s number one and number two choices. The TMAFC water filtration unit has a very well-thought-of design, so we’ll go through each of its components for the whole picture. To prevent leakage, short filter life, and eventual system malfunction, the brand has employed a simplistic yet practical solution. The reverse osmosis unit features a modular filter design that prevents bacteria growth and sediment build-up from forming inside the filter housings. This also allows for an effortless filter replacement, so it is also quite convenient in the long run.

Next, we have the filter’s “full contact” technology that reduces water waste by up to 80% and increases water production to 50%. Home Master also differs from the competition due to its approach to efficiency. While other manufacturers “sacrifice” an RO system’s contaminant reduction for faster flow rates, Home Master finds a way to utilize them both. Thanks to its larger fittings and bigger tubes, the Artisan reverse osmosis system will provide double the amount of standard flow rates, all the while maintaining a reasonable price tag. The reverse osmosis filter also features a remineralization cycle, which means that your water will always reach the recommended alkalinity for better health. The TMAFC water filter also requires no electricity to run, so you’ll maintain its cost-effectiveness for quite some time.

Like its predecessor, the Artisan water filter does its deed with a seven-stage filtration process. The premium-quality device also utilizes a sediment pre-filter and carbon-based mechanisms, so the contaminants in your water will have quite a few barriers to pass. The reverse osmosis system is NSF-certified to remove many pollutants, emphasizing chlorine and chloramines, heavy metals, inorganic chemicals, microplastics, fluoride, TDS, and much more. With this water filter, you can also connect directly to your refrigerator or ice maker, so you’ll always have the best quality water on demand. The Home Master reverse osmosis system comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and is warrantied for five full years after your initial purchase. The RO filter currently has a 4.9 score on Home Depot.  

4. Waterdrop Tankless RO System ($270)

* If you apply the “SPR15” code at checkout, you will get a 15% discount on this model *

As we saw earlier, tankless RO systems are nice, convenient, and space-saving. Those are the prime qualities that this Waterdrop filter embodies, but there’s more to the system than what we can see on the surface. This sleek and elegant reverse osmosis system offers an excellent water filtration that removes up to 90% of TDS in water. This water filter system is certified by the NSF to remove more contaminants than it can begin to count. With a 97% effectivity rate, the Waterdrop tankless RO system completely eradicates chlorine, chloramines, lead, mercury, herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, water cysts, and more. Thanks to its tankless design, the Waterdrop filter ensures that your drinking water is as safe as can be while hiding away seamlessly inside cupboards, counters, or other under-sink locations.

For optimal water treatment, this reverse osmosis filter hosts a five-level protection layout that will remove your water contaminants for good. The machine features a PP sediment pre-filter that will remove the larger impurities from your water supply. The pre-treated water will then enter a carbon block filter that will combat the contaminants mentioned above. In the third stage, Waterdrop issues a second sediment membrane that removes any excess dirt, silt, rust, or dust that managed to get through the initial filtration. This mixture is then pressurized into the unit’s reverse osmosis membrane, where only large water particles can go through. In the last stage, Waterdrop utilizes another carbon-block filter that puts a mighty end to the water filtration saga. The reverse osmosis filter also features a handy filter indicator, always keeping you up to date.

What most people see as an in-depth water treatment procedure, Waterdrop sees a chance to be better. While all the features mentioned here are pretty impressive on their own, we must let you know about this system’s filtration speed too.

As Waterdrop assesses, this reverse osmosis filter will fill a standard cup of clean water in less than 12 seconds. The 400 GPD device will also save up to 300% of water, which results in a fantastic outcome for the environment. Another commodity that this reverse osmosis filter comes with is its state-of-the-art faucet. The lead-free wonder is made of premium grade zinc alloy and a brushed nickel coating, so it will certainly be the center of attention in your home. The RO system does have a drainage line, but the manufacturers at Waterdrop assure us that this drainage is maintained with a 1:1 ratio. At the time being, this RO unit holds a 4.9 overall review score.

5. Aquasana OptimH2O RO + Claryum Under-Sink Filter ($219.99)

* For every online purchase on the brand’s website, you will get a 1% back to you *

Many reverse osmosis systems are utilized for under-sink purposes because that’s where most of our business with water is. Whether you’re about to cook a meal, clean the dishes, or simply enjoy a nice cup of water, sinks are where the magic happens. With that in mind, the OptimH2O aims to treat water directly from under your sink, so you can fully enjoy the look, taste, and texture of your filtered water. Aquasana’s reverse osmosis system features the brand’s innovative Claryum technology that treats water x15 more effectively than standard carbon-based filters. The brand’s reverse osmosis mechanism also treats water five times more successfully than the competition, so you’ll be signing up for a product that does it all. Besides, Aquasana is one of the most awarded companies in the water treatment industry.

To make a case for the OptimH2O, we can’t help but mention Aquasana’s endorsements that make it a brand worth considering. Aquasana was labeled the Best Company of the Year, while its products earned the Best New Home Product and Best at the Test ribbons. For its sustainability efforts, Aquasana has also won the Eco Excellence award many times, making it a very eco-friendly manufacturer. For whatever reason you decide to choose this filter, we’re convinced that it won’t be as good as its filtering abilities. To work its way out of water contaminants, the OptimH2O machine features four different filters. This way, the water first enters the activated-carbon surface, then goes on to a reverse osmosis membrane, continues to the Claryum filter, and ends its journey on the remineralizer. Due to this voyage, your water will retain a purity you haven’t even seen on filtered bottled water. 

When the reverse osmosis system is done with your water, Aquasana claims it would have removed up to 88 different contaminants at the average rate of 98%. Since each filter deals with a different pollutant, Aquasana’s RO system will ensure you’re entirely out of chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, fluoride, nitrates, arsenic, and more. Aquasana adds in components like calcium, potassium, and magnesium in the remineralization stage so that they will make you the healthiest version of yourself. The OptimH2O filter is entirely NSF-certified, so you won’t have to fuss about the science behind its claims. At the time of writing, this system had a 4.2 score out of over 400 reviews on Aquasana’s website

6. iSpring RCC7AK RO System ($199)

* If you’re a student, you can apply for a 20% discount on iSpring’s official website *

If you want Aquasana’s flagship products at a cheaper place, you can go for a lesser-known brand like iSpring. Even though the water treatment manufacturer doesn’t share the same prestige as our previously mentioned brands, it is still a name worth considering. The reverse osmosis system is certified by the NSF for removing up to 96% of harmful water pollutants. iSpring also takes special pride in also reducing chlorine, arsenic, mercury, lead, fluoride, asbestos, and sodium. The premier reverse osmosis system also features a sleek European-style faucet that’ll go perfectly with your kitchen. Like the best units, iSpring’s RO system is very convenient, as you can place it under most standard-sized sinks.

The RCC7AK filter is also effortless to install, only taking about fifteen minutes or so. A DIY layout supports the RO filter, and all the necessary parts are included within the package.

iSpring utilizes a multi-stage filtration procedure that ensures no contaminant category in your water is left untreated. The RO filter uses three 0.01-micron sediment pre-filters that remove all the large particle impurities in your water supply. This means that you can use the RO system both in city and well water supplies without worrying about clogging the device. After your water is free of sediment, iSpring initiates a fine granulated active carbon filter that tackles more minor minerals. In the fifth stage, this reverse osmosis filter utilizes an AK filter that gives the water the last polishing it needs for reaching maximum purity. Since this water is quite acidic, the iSpring filter restores its alkalinity by employing a remineralization sequence that adds beneficial minerals back to the water.

IIf we point out the system’s innate practicality, we can’t help but talk about its fantastic design. What we love most about the reverse osmosis filter is that it features a transparent first-stage housing, so you can see the sediment particles being filtered as they go. The rest of the water unit is also quite handy, as it prompts easy-to-use control blobs in its design. Within days of installing this system in your home, you will immediately notice the difference in your drinking water and even more in your health. iSpring promises that its reverse osmosis filter will make you feel lighter, get rid of your fatigue, help with your sleep, and boost your brain functions. The only downside that takes this system apart from the ones we talked about is the fact that it needs a drainage line to function, but then again, with its price, that’s acceptable. The RO unit currently holds a 4.7 score out of over 6000 reviews.

7. Aquatru RO Water Purifying System ($425)

* With the code “GoodLife,” you can get a discount of up to $100 on Aquatru’s website *

Here’s a reverse osmosis system you’ve probably never heard of before. And if you have, it was most likely on Water Whizz’s review on Aquatru. With about 40 years in the water filter industry, Aquatru makes some of the best cost-effective systems to date. Most of the brand’s product range includes this high-grade RO filter, but Aquatru also builds air filters and filter accessories. The brand’s reverse osmosis filter utilizes a four-stage filtration procedure that takes out more contaminants than you can count. The RO machine is NSF-certified to remove chlorine, chloramines, lead, copper, fluoride, radium, herbicides, pesticides, chromium, and more.

Aquatru’s reverse osmosis filter reduces glyphosate – which is one of the most notorious minerals for causing developmental issues and other problems with infant growth.    

The best part about this reverse osmosis system is that it capitalizes on eco-friendliness. Aquatru’s owner has stated that his vision (for the RO system) is to create a water filtration unit that would utilize bottled water’s cleanliness into a much larger device. Staying true to this image, the brand’s manufacturers have put together a system that’s guaranteed to clean large amounts of water in record times. The reverse osmosis system uses three filter cartridges that deal with select contaminants and include the carbon-based filter, the VOC filter, and the reverse osmosis membrane. What customers loved most about this unit is that you can decide which of the filters you need for your water supply, which helps you save on quite a few bucks that would have otherwise gone on to unnecessary filters.

All Aquatru filters are NSF certified to remove the select contaminants in their excerpt paper, so you won’t have to worry about purchasing an ingenuine product. The duration with which this filter will serve your water needs depends on each cartridge installed, as their lifespans differ between models. Specifically, the carbon-based filter will last you for six months, the VOC filter for one year, and the reverse osmosis membrane for more than two years. That means that, even after the carbon-based filters lose their touch, your filtration system will still remove contaminants down to a 0.001 micron.

The Aquatru reverse osmosis system has recently made the headlines, as it has been mentioned in the LA Times, Business Insider, and The Strategist. This water filter unit currently holds a 4.6 score out of more than 700 reviews.    

8. Pelican 6-Stage RO Filter System ($222)

* With the “Save15Pelican” code, you will get a 15% discount on Pelican *

Pro 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis Filter

As we roam around the eco-friendliness of reverse osmosis systems, we can’t go any further without mentioning Pelican. This time, the US-based brand has manufactured a system that aims to deliver pure water straight from the comfort of your kitchen. The Pro-RO is a six-stage filtration system that approaches water contamination from different sides so that you will have the best results possible. The reverse osmosis unit features a four-stage sediment filtration granted to remove all the dirt, silt, sand, rust, dust, and more. The water then goes into a reverse osmosis membrane that deals with contaminants smaller than a micron, and a post-filter that identifies and removes all the residue. The product’s installation is just as simple as its use since all you have to do is connect it straight to your water supply.   

What’s especially interesting about this six-stage filtration system is that everything happens inside a single filter cartridge. This means that you won’t have to spend much time, effort, or money on multiple filters. Nevertheless, Pelican’s premium-grade RO system is NSF-certified to reduce hundreds of contaminants from your water source. With an effectivity rate of up to 99%, Pelican will eradicate TDS, arsenic, chromium, barium, cadmium, radium, chlorine, cysts, fluoride, lead, and more. As you can see, the Pelican reverse osmosis filter is mainly directed at well water supplies, as it specializes in heavy metal removal. However, many buyers have noted that this unit works perfectly in their city water supplies, so we wouldn’t worry about that too much. The Pelican system also removes turbidity from water, meaning that it uses a multi-faceted approach in which leftover contaminants are incredibly rare. 

To ensure that the water is as tasty as it is healthy, Pelican also issues a remineralization cycle that raises your water’s level to an acceptable pH value. By adding in helpful minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and more, the RO system invests in the long-term effects of alkaline water in your body. Each Pelican six-stage filter can treat up to 50 gallons of water per day, 30% higher than the competition. The Pelican system also wastes 50% less water than traditional RO systems, which is excellent considering the water crisis we’re walking into right now. To keep the reverse osmosis system in its best condition, all you have to do is change its filters every once in six to eighteen months, depending on the filters you go for. As of now, this reverse osmosis water filter holds a 4.8 review score, found on the brand’s official website. And whether that’s sufficient or not, it’s entirely up to you to decide. 

9. Puredrop RTW5 Reverse Osmosis Filter ($141)

* There are currently no discount codes for the RTW5 RO filter *

Our final product of the day comes from a brand called Puredrop who makes high-quality filters at affordable prices. This reverse osmosis system is also the best-cheapest model you can (currently) find, so if that’s what you’re looking for – your wait is over. The brand’s under-sink filtration unit features a five-stage filtering process that’s guaranteed to rid you of all the pollutants in your city or well water supply. Thanks to its space-saving design, the Puredrop filter ensures that you can fit it just about anywhere, as long as your inline is located nearby. The reverse osmosis filter treats water without using electricity, which means that you will immediately notice your bills’ reduced costs. The RTW5 filter can produce up to fifty gallons of clean water every day with unmatched cost-effectiveness.

To ensure a superior performance, Puredrop has done some rigorous testing, resulting in the brand’s RO system earning an NSF-certification. Thanks to this endorsement, you can put your complete trust in the brand’s ability to remove pollutants like chlorine, lead, sediment, TDS, microorganisms, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, turbidity, and everything in between. If we had to define this water filter system with two words, we’d choose “great value.” By purchasing the RTW5 filter, you’ll be getting a complementary unit that includes a three-piece system, a pre-filter replacement kit, and a handy lead-free faucet. Puredrop also features everything required to install and operate the RO system, so all you’re going to need is a little bit of willpower and no prior plumbing knowledge.

To work its way around your contaminated water, Puredrop features a five-step filtration program that begins on the system’s sediment filter. After your water’s large bits and pieces are carefully extracted, the RO system will activate its GAC filter. Here, your water is treated for heavy metals, chlorine, and chloramines and is set out to move to another carbon filter. After a more extensive carbon filtration, the semi-treated water enters the reverse osmosis membrane, where contaminants are reduced down to 0.0001 microns. In the last stage, the water goes through a sediment post-filter that eliminates all the remaining pollutants that managed to pull through all the previous cycles. To help you make a decision, the Puredrop RO system issues a one-year labor warranty and comes with a 4.6 review score on Lowe’s.

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