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If there’s one thing we truly take for granted, it’s no other than showers. For many people, starting the day right means having a long, steamy shower to the tunes of Aretha Franklin. Others prefer a jazzy late-night session where they can rewind and think about their tiresome day. Even if you’ve just come from the gym and are dripping sweat, showers are one thing that you need to prioritize on, as they can either make or break your day.

Best Shower Filter

In times where clean water is getting less accessible by the day, it’s vital to find plan B’s that can come in handy when you need them to. Whether you’re supplied by a municipal or well water source, chances are you probably have to deal with contaminated water. Pollutants like chlorine, fluorides, herbicides, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals are present in our daily water intake, primarily due to long-scale disinfection. Yes, we know that now is not the best time to invest in a whole-house water filter. However, many secondary devices will deal with and get rid of a specific water-related problem in your home, so you should give them a try.

In today’s innovation, you have filter pitchers for drinking water, faucet filters for cooking food, and under-sink water filters for multiple solutions at once. While those are all great alternatives, we’re going to focus this review on shower filters – not to be confused with shower softeners or water treatment showerheads. Shower filters are a fantastic solution to many skin-related issues, as contaminated water is known to wreak havoc on our bodies. Many shower filter brands claim that a good shower filter will also help with your mood, sleep, and overall health – so it’s a comprehensive solution at a budget-friendly price.

The shower filters we’ve handpicked for you today are some of the most renowned products in the (current) water treatment industry. To ensure that there’s an appropriate solution for everyone involved, we’ve chosen different models and various price tags. You should know that all of the following shower filters have been certified by the relevant quality institutions, which means that they’re the best of the best. We also tried to find solutions that last longer, so you don’t have to invest in back-to-back payments for replacement filters and the likes of them. Here are ten of the best shower filters and their prices*, features, awards, and more.

*The prices of all shower filters were correct at the time of writing.

1. Berkey Shower Filter – 20k Gallons ($65)

* With the code “DP-FB99CLSZ,” you will get 5% off of your purchase in Berkey filters *

The best shower filter of 2021 is the 20,000-gallon model from Berkey. Like most premier water filter manufacturers, this brand got its own product review by Water Whizz. When we researched Berkey, we discovered that the company has one of the industry’s best customer satisfaction rates. Along those same lines, Berkey’s shower filter maintains a 4.8 rating out of the 375 reviews on its official website. There are many reasons people ought to love this product, but we’re most fascinated by its filtration capacities.

The brand specializes in reducing chemical absorption, a phenomenon that happens when you inhale your shower’s steam that’s produced by your home’s contaminated water.  

We know that the apparent effects of contaminated steam are visible and present themselves on the likes of irritated skin, weak hair, or itchy scalps. However, many internal issues stem from this exchange, the most significant of which is tiredness and a feeling of being “unwell.” While heavy metal particles or hard water molecules enter our bloodstream, our body gets overwhelmed because it starts wasting a lot of energy trying to fight off the contaminants. Luckily, this shower filter system fixes both of those issues, on top of tackling chlorine, microorganisms, and iron. The Berkey filter also deals with sulfuric contaminants, so you can finally say goodbye to that “rotten egg” smell coming from your water.

To do all this, the Berkey shower filter utilizes a KDF 55 media specially made to deal with common water impurities. This media is proven to be 95% effective in removing the previously-mentioned contaminants (and more!), making the Berkey filter among the most reliable products in the market. This media can sustain up to 20,000 gallons of untreated water and is expected to last you for about one year. You can then buy a replacement filter, the installation of which is as effortless as can be. The filter system is also quite forward in its installation, thanks to its DIY setup. The water filtration device also has a backflush addon pre-installed, so you won’t have to worry about clogging or other system malfunctions. 

2. Aquasana AQ4100 – 10k Gallons ($59.49)

* By purchasing the filter with the “AQQMA” code, you will get a discount of up to 40% *

Another brand that rose to fame due to its dependable products is no other than Aquasana. By designing affordable filter systems equipped with everything necessary to do what they claim to – Aquasana has become the safe-choice for all of us who want a risk-free unit for our homes. When we reviewed the brand, we also saw that many world-class institutions had endorsed it with prestigious awards. Aquasana has recently won the Best New Home Product and Best of the Test awards, but its Eco-Excellence accolade is also a worthy mention. The brand’s success is also noted on this shower filter, which holds a 4.5 review score and more than 2500 positive comments about its efficiency and practicality.  

Seeing how the shower filter manages to treat contaminated water, those are the exact words we would use to describe it. First, the Aquasana filter is NSF-certified to reduce heavy metals and chlorine components in water, meaning that it has a gold-seal in contaminant-removal. For this procedure, the Aquasana filter utilizes two filtration media, one of which is activated carbon, while the other features a copper & zinc composition. What’s interesting about this dual-filter is that the first treats the water for pollutants, and the other ensures an ideal pH balance. As a result, you will have not only a clean water supply for better showers but also a healthier stream that will feed, nourish, and enhance your hair and skin. 

Unlike the previous model, this shower filter operates with a 10,000-gallon capacity, which will be good for about half a year. However, the Aquasana filter is significantly more cost-effective than most products in this list, as using it will only cost about 25 cents a day. The AQ4100 filter also features a convenient upflow design that increases your water’s contact with the media and results in less time, effort, and resources required for reaching optimal purity. If you enjoy dreamy showers and long scenarios in them, you can also take advantage of the system’s (optional) massaging showerhead. Be careful, though, as you may be too relaxed in your dreamland and waste the filter’s total capacities within a day! 

3. Sprite HO2 Filter – 20k Gallons ($35.95)

* As soon as we find a discount code for the Sprite shower filter, we will update it here *

The third most talked-about shower filter is a personal favorite of ours and is manufactured by Sprite Showers. The main reason we’re so impressed with the brand is that it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, and we’re firm believers that underdogs often provide the best solutions. The budget-conscious brand specializes in shower filters as they are its only line of production, so whichever model you decide on, you ought to know that it was designed with the utmost care. The HO2 filter (not to be confused with H2O) stands for high-output 2, which means that it is a perfected version of an earlier model. In short terms, this filter can reduce contaminants, offer a kickass pressure range and leave you feeling incredibly relaxed.      

In long terms, the high output shower filter is NSF-certified to remove chlorine, iron, lead, mercury, and common hard-water minerals. The shower filter is ingrained with ultra-strength housing, meaning that it will sustain all your shower performances and give you a stage of a lifetime. Like most high-capacity filters, this unit will make its way around 20,000 gallons of water, reducing every contaminant that comes along the way. According to the brand’s measures, the average family will enjoy these filters for up to one year, after which a replacement will, unfortunately, be due. Don’t worry, though, as the system utilizes a reversible filter cartridge of the HOC model, which is easy to install and economical to run.  

What’s most convenient about this shower filter is that you can fully optimize it to match your needs. As a baseline, the shower filter includes the central system, its KDF media filters, and the necessary tools to set up the device. You can then decide whether you want to attach a three-setting massage showerhead, which will give you unmatched relaxation. The water filter comes in five finishes, including brushed nickel, chrome, gold, bronze, and white. All HO2 filters have an incredible flow rate of up to 2.5 GPM, which is slightly above the standard for regular showerheads. The Sprite shower filter is the only product that’s warrantied for five years, although there are no customer reviews to assess its actual value. 

4. Aquabliss SF100 – 10k Gallons ($34.86)

* If you buy this shower filter, you will get a 25% discount on its TurboSpa Shower Head *

Even though we try to include products that aren’t within the mainstream review boards, we can’t help but tell you about the Aquabliss SF100 shower filter. This much-adored product is Amazon’s number one best-selling product in the showerhead filters category. Currently, this shower filter has over 21,000 reviews on Amazon, where it also maintains a 4.5 review score. Almost all people who have bought this system have something nice to say about it, which is always a good sign. People are so passionate about this product because it uses a 12-stage filtration cycle to get rid of contaminants. Even though many shower filters claim to do that, only a few of them have the required industry certifications to back their claims.

Another thing that could contribute to its large fan-base is the face that you can notice the filter’s results almost immediately. In this product’s description, Aquabliss notes that you can feel the difference in the water right after the first use. According to them, this is due to the system’s integration of multiple media types that make the filter work effortlessly. To achieve this, Aquabliss utilizes a PP cotton filter, redox media, calcium sulfate, and carbon-based filters. The water filtration unit also features a stainless-steel mesh that will serve as a barrier against large impurities and limescale buildup. A sand filter washer will then take care of your water’s high sediment count before it gets a chance to go into your plumbing.

To go over each contaminant treated by this shower filter would be tiring, but we can highlight the ones that most people usually have to deal with. The Aquabliss system is NSF-certified to significantly reduce sediment, chlorine, hard water minerals, and other impurities. In the last filtration stage, the Aquabliss showerhead uses zeolite ceramic, vitamin C, and red mineralized beads to boost our energy levels directly. Since the shower filter doesn’t affect your water’s positive mineral content, you will also be left with a fantastic alkaline mixture. As a result, your body will feel rejuvenated, your hair will enhance its strength, and your skin will shine as bright as ever. This experience will be granted to you for six months at a time.   

5. Culligan WSH140 – 10k Gallons ($32.65)

* For first time buyers, the “WELCOME15” code will grant a 15% discount on Culligan *

As we move further down this list, we go from high-tech devices to durable alternatives that are good for their money. While a sophisticated shower filter is ideal for some, many people just want a product that gets the job done. That’s precisely where Culligan comes in since it is one of those brands with a long-standing legacy of providing water treatment machines that are known, loved, and recommended by all. At least that’s what we could gather from it back when we reserved an entire article review for the brand. Culligan’s WSH140 is a fantastic filtered showerhead, and its main advantage to the other products we’ve reviewed so far is that it can be mounted to the wall. Just how practical is that?

For efficient water filtration, the Culligan system utilizes a premium-grade carbon filter primarily aimed at chlorine-reduction. With a 10,000-gallon capacity, this shower filter will reduce chlorine, get rid of the water’s “rotten egg” smell, and reduce the scale deposits in your plumbing. If its wall-mounted layout doesn’t suit your needs, you can also attach the filter to any standard threaded shower arm. The Culligan filter is very versatile, meaning that you can entirely adjust it to make yourself comfortable. Besides its NSF-certification for water treatment, this showerhead is also par with the industry’s standards on high-quality constructions. For that, Culligan boasts its IAPMO documentation which assures that the shower filter has the utmost structural integrity, and you won’t have to worry about its use.

Culligan also takes another step toward safety, as it utilizes two features for proper filter maintenance. First, you can take advantage of its bacteriostatic filter that will inhibit bacteria growth inside its socket. This way, you can expect the showerhead to last longer than the evaluated period since the product’s interior won’t wear down as easily. The Culligan filter is also protected with high-quality Teflon tape and utilized by a handy filter indicator. Thanks to this cool feature, you will be notified about your filter’s remaining lifespan and purchase the replacements accordingly. For the time being, this system is rated at 4.4 in Amazon

6. G-Promise Filter – 12k Gallons ($70)

* There are currently no G-Promise discounts online, but we’ll keep an eye out for them *

G-Promise may be a tacky name for a water filtering brand, but that hasn’t stopped people from being in love with this product. For starters, this shower system counts both as a filter and a softener since it can treat an overabundance of contaminants. Before we get into its water treatment abilities, we must note that the filter’s high price reflects its build. In this water system, G-Promise features a 100% solid brass construction, which is one of the most durable, easy-to-clean, and aesthetically-pleasing materials in the plumbing trade. The shower filter system is handheld, meaning that you have all the freedom in the world to embody Beyonce’s persona or give your rendition of Eric Carmen’s “All by Myself.”

If there’s one thing that this system can promise you is quiet, refreshing showers – as long as you’re careful with the filter replacements. Some buyers have stated that their filters weren’t as effective towards the end of their lifespan, mainly due to them being “overused.” Since people aren’t very punctual with their replacements, that gives bacteria, viruses, and limescale all the space required to grow and ruin the plumbing’s efficiency. Nevertheless, these water filters are good for up to seven months or 12,000 gallons – whichever comes first. These carbon-based filters are NSF-certified to remove sediment, heavy metals, chlorine, rust, iron, and many more contaminants from both city and well water supplies. 

Another reason why you may love this filter lies behind its multi-faceted design. While a $70 price tag may sound extensive for a shower filter, perhaps it would help to know what you’ll be in for. By buying the G-promise system, you will also be getting a fully-adjustable shower holder, a spinning lock collar, a 75″ shower hose, and a stainless-steel showerhead. It’s also worth noting that this accessory comes with six different shower settings so that you can have a wide range of Niagara-falls experiences in your sessions. Specifically, you can pick between rainfall, power massage, or water trickle modes, each better than the other. This unit currently holds a 4.5 rating out of over 350 reviews, so it is very worth your while.  

7. Aqua Eva Luxury – 10k Gallons ($20.58)

* There are no discounts for this product, but we’ll update it as soon as we find one *

While some people may stay away from “cheap” filters like this one, you’re probably smart enough to know that here at Water Whizz; we would never showcase a product we don’t believe in. The Aqua Eva shower filter has earned its higher spot precisely due to its price, as it is a name very much worth considering. Like Aquabliss, this product also features a multi-stage filtration process, only this time it has fifteen steps. The Aqua Eva Luxury is suitable with all handheld, fixated, overhead, or rainfall showerheads, meaning that it will most likely match your bathroom. For now, this water filtration device has just about 44 ratings on Amazon, but it is still rocking a reliable 4.0 customer review score.  

Like all dependable products, this shower filter is certified by the NSF for reducing a plethora of contaminants. The Aqua Eva system can efficiently tackle heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, herbicides, pesticides, and more. This water filtration device has a 10,000-gallon capacity, which means you only have to buy its replacements twice a year. Luckily, your first buy will get you an extra cartridge, so you’ll enjoy a full year of divine showering. If you’re wondering whether the Aqua Eva can do all that, here’s why the answer is yes. First, your contaminated water will go through a stainless-steel filter mesh, where all of the large particles are taken apart from the water. This is critical for the system’s efficient filtration.

Next, the water enters a KDF 55 media that utilizes the remarkable abilities of activated carbon. What’s interesting about this part is that the filters are lined with medical stones, which make the showerhead ideal for people with sensitive skin and other related issues. These filters’ healing components are also fantastic for those who suffer from hair loss, so it’ll be an all-around ideal solution. The shower filter also features four other revitalizing minerals, but they all work with one another to offer a final, inclusive solution to contaminated water. The last stage of filtration includes ultra-fine mesh resin and PP cotton balls renowned for their purifying and polishing abilities. And after you’re done with all this SPA-like treatment, Aqua Eva guarantees that you will become a customer for life.  

8. Barclay’s Buys Filter – 8k Gallons ($65)

* The brand’s Springer Sale sells this product with an extra filter cartridge, free of charge *

For all of our fancy readers who want something a little more sophisticated in their showers, we present the Barclay’s Buys shower filter. Even though this model has a slightly lower filtration capacity (8,000 gallons), it still makes up for its fantastic design. The three most crucial water-related issues that BB claims to solve are headaches, coughing, and skin rashes. Because chlorine is known to take part in that (according to Barclay’s Buys), this water filtration device will bring back the refreshing nature of showers at a low cost. Besides tackling chlorine, this shower filter also deals with other contaminants like heavy metals, iron, hard water minerals, fluoride, chloramines, and other dissolved solids.

Even though its contaminant removal variety is great, the Barclay’s Buys filter has a slightly lower removal efficiency rate of up to 80%. Despite that, this shower is still immensely loved by its online buyers. Out of about 1000 reviewers, this product maintains a steady 4.4 score. The Amazon customers are incredibly impressed with the system’s variability, as the filter has multiple settings for an ethereal shower experience. The exquisite shower filter has a six-to-eight-month lifespan, depending on how often you hop in the shower. This duration is also affected by the number of dissolved solids in your water, meaning that the more pollutants present in your supply, the faster this system’s filters will break down over time.

Another benefit to the Barclay’s Buys shower filter is that it maintains a sturdy flow rate that will most likely surpass your expectations. The water filter holds a 2.5 GPM continuous flow rate that will give you a better rinse and a more rewarding shower. As for its build, the 8,000-gallon water filter utilizes a double-ended metal coating that’s far better than the industry’s standards (with plastic). In the middle of the system, you’ll see a transparent background that lets you see the entire filtration process as it goes. The water filter comes with three shower types: a rain mode, a massage setting, and a combined one between the two. 

9. Aqua Theory Filter – 10k Gallons ($40)

* If you get two or more Aqua Theory filters, you will get a 50% discount on its final price *

Aqua Theory Shower Filter

Among the very few shower filters that Water Whizz found worthy enough to review was also Aqua Theory. The NSF-certified water shower will easily remove most fluoride, iron, chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, and other hard water particles in your supply. Like most shower filters, this model comes with a ten-stage filtration cycle and different media types for complete water treatment. The Aqua Theory filter is made of ABS plastic and an oil-rubbed coating, which will complement your bathroom beautifully. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about the shower auxiliary flaking from the heat, as the Aqua Theory model will accompany you for as long as you need a clean stream of water on your body.

Before anything else, your contaminated water will enter a PP cotton filter that will eradicate the larger particles of dirt, silt, rust, and other sediments. The water then flows through a stainless-steel mesh that works similarly to Aqua Eva’s filter. In stage three, this system utilizes an alkaline ceramic ball that deals with common bacteria and viruses. The fourth stage is handled by a KDF 55 media that does most of the filtering, while stage five features negatively-charged ions. The water then enters a carbon granule that’s specially made to tackle sulfur and remove the “rotten egg” smell from your water. Lastly, your water will be cleansed in a magnetic-energy calcium mixture, giving the process its final touch.

The main reason why we keep endorsing this shower filter lies behind its health-related advantages. People who have bought this filter have continuously reported that it does wonders. You should also note that they’re not just talking about stronger hair and fairer skin but also an overall better mood.

Customers also reported that they had less dandruff in their hair, and their scalps weren’t itching anymore, which is fantastic news for most of us.

Aqua Theory Shower Filter Buying Guide

The Aqua Theory water filter has a 90% effectiveness rate in contaminant removal, so you won’t have to worry about it not being on par with the industry’s standards. The system’s filter cartridges are suitable for up to six months, while the shower filter is warrantied for nine.

10. Culligan ISH100 – 10k Gallons ($27.99)

* For an unspecified time, you can find the ISH100 with a 21% discount on Amazon *

Wait, didn’t we already make a trip to Culligan town? Yes, we did, but the brand is so good that we can’t help mentioning another one of its fantastic products. The ISH100 shower filter is just as good as its previously-mentioned comrade, with a few key differences. First, it’s noticeable that this alternative is more budget-friendly than the prior model, so it’s an excellent choice for those looking to save a few bucks on a product that’s worth its while.

The Culligan shower system utilizes the same filter components as the WSH140 model so that you can expect a premium-quality filtration with each drop. This filtration unit can either be mounted on a wall or installed on a shower hose, whichever suits you best.

This shower filter comes with a capacity of up to 10,000 gallons of water. Still, that highly depends on your water consumption patterns and the number of your family members. The Culligan filtration system can be considered both as a filter and a softener since it utilizes the best of both worlds. All the filtering media is lined with bacteriostatic materials, which will prevent bacteria growth inside the filters. As we explained on Culligan’s other product, this will make the system more efficient and significantly prolong its lifespan. The ISH-100 water filter is NSF-certified to remove heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, iron, and more. The shower filter works both with city and well water supplies.

The Culligan shower filter is also certified by the highest IAPMO standards for maintaining great structural integrity. The shower filter in itself is incredibly easy to install, as all the instructions are written in a very detailed manner by the brand. The excellent shower filter also features the same replacement-reminder sticker, so you won’t have to find out they’re due while having a relaxing shower. The premium-grade shower filter can also provide incredible water pressure, as long as you take care of its maintenance and care. At the time of writing, this system had over 1000 Amazon reviews and a reliable 4.2 score.    

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