Best Water Filter Pitcher – Reviews, Awards, and Discounts 2021

A water filter pitcher is the fastest, simplest, and most convenient way of obtaining fresh water on the go. Traditional pitchers employ an easy-to-use design that lets you pour the contaminated water into the tank and wait for the magic to happen. Other models require a bit more work, but one thing’s for sure – a good filter pitcher goes a long way.

Here at Water Whizz, we don’t believe in settling for good, as most of the time, greatness is just around the corner. While there are dozens of filter pitchers available in the market, only a few of them can provide the ideal water treatment they promise.

Best Water Filter Pitcher - Reviews

For those of you who can take our word for it, we have put together a list of the nine best filter pitchers of 2021. And for those of you who don’t want the fish, but rather, the learned experience of fishing, we present you the main do’s and dont’s of buying a water filter pitcher.

What to Look for in a Filter Pitcher?

While the urge to buy the first advertised pitcher is heavy, it is always best to take a few steps back and check out your options first. Like all water treatment units, the first thing you ought to look out for is the pitcher’s contaminant removal rate. Many brands praise their pitcher’s filtering abilities, with products claiming to remove hundreds of pollutants from drinking water. While that may be true, you must note that for a pitcher to do that, it must be certified by an industry-endorsed agency. The DiCaprio of the water treatment trade is the World Quality Association, so if the pitcher you’re after has the NSF/ANSI seal , it is good to go.

After you’ve settled for a promising filter pitcher, it’s time to see whether it can stand the trials of time. On our refrigerator filters review, we talked about how crucial it is to spend some extra bucks on a product with a longer filter life. Besides the money issue, changing a pitcher’s filter frequently may cause the unit to be less effective and “lose its spark.” Opting for a filter life of three to six months is ideal, as your pitcher won’t aggravate you with constant replacements, and you’ll stay away from bacteria and moss formations inside the filter containers. More sophisticated filter pitcher models also include timers and replacement indicators, so you’ll know precisely when to substitute the used cartridges. Regarding filter life, you should also check whether the replacement filters come with a considerate price tag. You don’t want to cheap out and get a drug store alternative for your premium-grade filter pitcher, but paying anything more than $50 for a replacement cartridge is merely excessive. 

The third and final hallmark we want you to consider is the pitcher’s design. While a sleek lining and see-through container may be welcoming, a pitcher that’s hard to use, clean, and store is not worth the while. According to online customer reviews, what buyers value most about high-quality pitchers is the ease of use with which they are handled. Most filter pitchers are made of BPA-free plastic, a sturdy food-grade material that’s very simple to maintain. Stainless steel filter pitchers are also effortless to clean, but they’re not commonly found in online markets as producing them is quite expensive. 

Many customers also stated that a good filter pitcher that can neatly fit inside the fridge is fantastic, as space-saving layouts are everything that’s needed at the moment. With everyone at home and dehydration running loose, it is essential to cool off with a nice cup of water each time your online boss becomes too much to handle. If you want to take refreshments to the next level, you can also get a portable filterrefrigerator filter, or a filtered water bottle, so you’ll always have a way to start the day right. And now that we’ve gotten everything out of the way let’s check out the nine products that have made it to the 2021 hall of fame. Just remember, though – practicality over elegance and performance over prestige.  

Best Water Filter Pitchers of 2021

* The prices of all filter pitchers were correct at the time of writing.

1. Pur Classic Water Pitcher – 11 Cups ($27.88)

 * For an unspecified period, you can find this pitcher with a 7% discount on Amazon *

The best water pitcher of 2021 is the “old but gold” Pur Classic model that easily packs an 11-cup capacity. The budget-friendly Pur pitcher has topped the world’s most prestigious reviewing sites like the New York TimesReviewed, and NBC, and it has been doing so since its first launch in 2014. There are many reasons why people love this Pur filter pitcher, but the most important ones praise it for being affordable, reliable, and easy to use.

The premium-grade filter pitcher first made the news with its MAXION technology that uses blended carbon and ion exchange materials to treat the drinking water. By incorporating two methods that have been proven to be effective in contaminant removal and building them to suit the customers perfectly, Pur has more than convinced its buyers of its expertise in the field. As seen in its NSF certification, this double-ended approach has granted Pur the capacity to remove over 70 contaminants from both city and well water supplies. And as long as you provide the polluted water for treatment, this filter pitcher will effortlessly reduce all foul taste and odors, heavy metals, particulates, microorganisms, industrial pollutants, pesticides and herbicides, pharmaceuticals, and other industrial chemicals from your supply.

What’s even more critical about these filter pitchers is that, as described on its comparison page, Pur stands out from the competition by a landslide. Compared to well-known brands like Brita and Zerowater, the Pur filter pitchers tackle more water pollutants (twice as many, to be precise) and spend less time combatting them in the filtration battlefield. This is then translated to a longer filter life, so it’s needless to say that the Pur advantages are more than renowned. In the design department, Pur takes pride in its Lock Fit Cap that holds the filter elements in place to do their job correctly. However, customers have also noted that this Pur filter pitcher is prone to leakage and fiddly construction, which may take away from the experience. All in all, the Pur pitcher has a 4.5 score out of 4,870 Amazon reviews.     

2. Brita Everyday Water Pitcher – 10 Cups ($27.99)

 * Buying from Walmart will get you a discount of up to 20% on this Brita pitcher *

If you’re impressed by Pur’s large customer base, then you’re going to love Brita. The best-selling Everyday filter pitcher has over 24,500 Amazon purchases which give it a 4.7 review score. The white-coated Everyday pitcher is a fantastic choice for anyone who’s after a simple product that does its job but does it remarkably well. The Brita filter pitcher employs a superior space-saving design that features a 10-cup capacity to satisfy all your hosting needs.

Another vital hallmark is that the pitcher is made of entirely BPA-free materials, so you won’t have to worry about it removing one odor and suffering from another. And the best part of buying Brita? You’ll replace over 1,800 single-use bottles in the process.  

The 10-cup Brita pitcher is compatible with both Standard and Longlast Brita filters, so the choice is entirely up to you. With the standard filters, the Brita pitcher will remove chlorine, mercury, zinc, copper, and cadmium from your water supply. To get the optimal water treatment, you’re going to have to replace these filters every two months or so, granted that you take advantage of 40 gallons of great-tasting water. Even though this may not sound like a lot, it is twice the amount of time that many water manufacturing brands promote (see Zerowater). The Longlast filters reduce even more contaminants than the standard Brita units, including lead, particulates, asbestos, and benzene, which entails that you’ll have more extensive protection at hand. The Longlast Brita filters also last three times the amount of a standard filter, so you’ll only have to replace the cartridges twice a year.

If we get back to the Brita pitcher, we can’t help but mention that the product ticks all the practical design points we mentioned in our guide. The compact-sized water filter pitcher fits perfectly on any surface, shelf, counter, or refrigerator door. To make matters even better, the Brita pitcher features an easy-fill locking lid that prevents leakage and prompts an effortless spout so that you won’t waste a single drop of clean water. Thanks to its practical design patterns, Brita has been the recipient of many awards, including the Japanese Good Design (2008), the Red Dot (2009), the Green AppleGood Design, and the IF Design (2019) award. 

3. Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Pitcher – 4 Cups ($49.95)

Single 32 oz. pH2O Alkaline Filter Pitcher

* The code “JE10” will grant you a 10% discount on all Seychelle pitchers *

Now that we’ve gotten flagship products out of the way, it’s time to get into some lesser-known brands that are just as good (if not better) as those we’re accustomed to. Even though this Seychelle pitcher is relatively pricier than its predecessors, we believe that we can make a case on why it is entirely worth it. By using carbon-based media, traditional filter pitchers remove contaminants from water supplies and call it a day.

Seychelle takes this process further by remineralizing the treated water with the beneficial elements subtracted in the filtering process. But what does that mean for you, and do you really need it? 

If you’ve spent an entire day out in the sun, chances are you’ll feel a little lightheaded, and no amount of water can quench your thirst. However, if you switch from normal water to an alkaline alternative, your body will absorb it more quickly and make you less thirsty in the long run. Seychelle’s Ph2O filter pitcher is the perfect means to this end, as it is the only brand with a proven-tested technology that produces pure, filtered alkaline water. The superstar technology used is called adsorption microfiltration, and it is among the most effective water treatment methods in the market. Because the Seychelle filter penetrates the water’s structure to a micron, it can remove up to 99.99% of all chemical, aesthetic, dissolved solids, fluorides, and radiation pollutants that make up most of our water sources.

Another added advantage that this pitcher doesn’t share with its competitors is its pH value enhancers. Getting nauseous from water may seem odd to you, but many people have reported that a low pH value makes their water more acidic, resulting in that “sick” feeling you have after drinking it. As we explained in our Seychelle review, this mineral cocktail will flush toxins out of your cells, hydrate your body more efficiently, and help with those digestion issues you’ve experienced after drinking water. In Amazon, this pitcher’s filters have gathered 550 positive reviews, which have given it a 4.7 score. Most of these reviews talk about a long filter life, efficient water treatment, and fantastic pollutant removal.

4. Soma Plant-Based Pitcher – 10 Cups ($39.95)

* With the “welcome10” code, you can get this unit at a 10% discount (for first purchases)* 

Here’s something you’ve probably never seen before: a water filter pitcher made of plant-based materials. To ensure maximum durability and minimum breakage, the manufacturers at Soma have designed this filter pitcher with a BPA-free plastic lining that’s entirely shatter-proof. To match the eco-friendly interior, this pitcher also features an elegant wooden handle made of sustainable oak materials.

The bamboo components used are just one of Soma’s many initiatives to a cleaner planet, as the brand is a true champion in that field. The filter pitcher holds about ten cups of fresh water, which will quickly satisfy the entire family.

As we described in our Soma review, the brand utilizes the same filter materials as Brita while merely putting a little more care into sustainability. Because these filters are made of 60% plant-based elements, they are significantly easier to recycle and cause little to no harm to the environment. The Soma filters comprise activated coconut-shell carbon and charcoal, which entails a double-ended approach, similar to Brita. Because of this feature, the Soma filter pitchers can remove more water contaminants in one go, which leaves more room for deliciously-tasting water. Each Soma filter has a life expectancy of two months, which is doubled since each pitcher model utilizes two filters. This means that you’ll have four months of clean water before you have to start thinking about a replacement.

If we get down to the specifics, we’ll see that the Soma pitcher removes many contaminants, the most notorious of which include copper, chlorine, cadmium, mercury, zinc, and more. In Amazon, these pitchers are rated with 4.2 stars, whereas on Soma’s official website, they hold a 4.8 score. The Soma pitcher filter is warrantied for a lifetime, which is one less thing you have to worry about. Another interesting fact about these pitchers is that they can aid you in city and well water supplies, but emergencies as well. If you find yourself facing a water shortage while in nature, you can use the Soma filters in any pond, river, lake, or other sources. Our reviewers have also covered some of the best portable filters for these occasions, so make sure to check out that review if you’re planning on a hike soon.

5. Zerowater Water Pitcher – 23 Cups ($39)

For an unspecified time, you can get this filter pitcher at just $29 in Amazon *

Now, while we appreciate an excellent filter pitcher that we can carry everywhere, we can’t help but give Zerowater its hall of fame moment. This monster pitcher is ideal for large families and those who like to host parties (post-Covid!), as it can satisfy up to 23 cups of water. Yes, at just $39, you will be getting a 1.4-gallon device that will go above and beyond to quench your thirst. The rectangular-shaped pitcher features a slim tank made out of BPA-free plastic and a no-drip spigot for added convenience.

The Zerowater pitcher is also convenient as you can pour water while its system is filtering, making it ideal for both home and office purposes. The pitcher is controlled via a “push to pour” spigot that’s very straightforward. 

Besides its overwhelming capacity, this pitcher also stands out from the competition, thanks to its water quality meter included within the package. If you know your water is contaminated, you’ve probably tested it beforehand through a water testing kit. What’s shown in these test results is usually the number of total dissolved solids (TDS), which is an umbrella term for all the impurities in your water. Zerowater has taken this practice and applied it to its filter pitcher, so you’ll always know just how clean the water you’re drinking is. Another excellent feature is that Zerowater is officially certified by the NSF for removing about 99.6% of chlorine, magnesium, calcium, sodium, sulfates, and more. Zerowater’s premium technology claims to pull twice the TDSs from drinking water than the industry’s leading brands, so it sounds like a bargain in most ends.

Interestingly, the brand’s filtration technology goes through a five-step program that’s granted to provide ideal results. In the first stage, this filter pitcher removes dust and rust, removing the water’s cloudy texture. The pitcher removes additional suspended mineralsorganic contaminants, and inorganic compounds, partly by using carbon-based media and partly by utilizing ion-exchange. In the last stage, the Zerowater pitcher tackles any of the remaining pollutants and ensures that the water is safe, clean, and delicious to drink. The Zerowater pitcher includes a filter, but you can purchase additional ones by only adding about $15. This pitcher model has over 14,000 buys on Amazon and a 4.4 score.  

6. Waterdrop Chubby Pitcher – 10 Cups ($41.24)

By using the “WATERDROP5” code,you will get a 5% discount on this filter pitcher *

Perhaps we’re too fond of Waterdrop, but we can honestly say that this filter pitcher is one of its many fantastic creations. The 10-cup pitcher labeled “chubby” is just as adorable as the name suggests, only a bit more practical. Before we get into detail, we must mention that Waterdrop is endorsed and partnered up with the world’s leading water treatment institutions, so you can fully trust the name. The brand’s filter pitcher is certified by the NSF against the 42 & 372 standards, meaning that it can effectively reduce chlorinelead, and everything in between. Like Soma, this filter pitcher has a similar wooden handle that offers a sufficient grip, comfortable hold, and stunning layout. The rest of the pitcher is made of BPA-free plastic

If you found Zerowater’s multiple-stage filtration impressive, then you’ll take that one step further with Waterdrop. For starters, the brand’s pitcher features a silver-loaded activated carbon filter that treats the water more effectively, lasts longer, and isn’t prone to wearing down or losing its performance strength. Thanks to its deep filtration abilities, you can rest assured that this filter pitcher will rid you of the world’s most common water contaminants while also tackling fluoride and arsenic. Besides ensuring superior filtration, this pitcher’s filters are also warranted to last twice as long as their traditional counterparts. Waterdrop manufacturers claim that these filters last for about 200 gallons of use, equal to replacing over 1,600 one-use plastic bottles. Waterdrop’s sustainability efforts are also seen in their Water4Smile program that supplies clean water to less fortunate regions.  

What we loved the most about this filter pitcher was the fact that it features a kick-ass filter indicator. This indicator has three settings that will notify you whether you have a good filter life ahead of you, if the filter is about to die off, or if you need to change the filter. This is most favorable since the water filtration unit will notify you beforehand, so you won’t have to make an overpriced offer about it on Amazon. Waterdrop’s innovation comes as no surprise, as the brand has received many accolades for its smart designs. Out of many, we would like for you to check out their Red Dot Design Award (2019) and Dieline Prize (2017), as their combination perfectly shows off Waterdrop’s expertise. This water pitcher currently holds a 4.6 score out of 4,796 reviews on Amazon, so it is quite reliable. 

7. Aquagear Premium Water Pitcher – 10 Cups ($141)

 * If you buy directly from Aquagear, you will get a discount of up to 20% if you’re part of the military or are a student *

Listen, we know that spending a fortune on something you can get much cheaper is often silly, but let us make a fair case for Aquagear. The premium-grade filter pitcher is entirely made in the USA by utilizing state-of-the-art tools, components, and craftsmanship in the making. The BPA-free water filtration system is also recyclable, which means that you won’t have to spend time and money on paperwork when you’re done with its fantastic service.

The reason why this filter pitcher is so expensive is that it features triple-capacity filters, producing over 450 gallons of water in a joint effort. As Aquagear claims, this ensures that the filter pitcher lasts three times longer than the leading competitor, so you’ll capitalize on lifetime savings while enjoying up to ten cups of fresh water for each serving.   

Remember when we told you that many brands claim to remove numerous pollutants but don’t? Aquagear is the absolute opposite since it is rigorously tested in environments where water is most contaminated, including Flint. As a result, Aquagear got the NSF certification for removing up to 20 times more contaminants than the competition. The brand is tested against standards 42 and 53 and is completely capable of reducing elements like leadchromiumchlorinefluoridemercury, and other minerals that contaminate the water. While doing so, Aquagear takes another step by remineralizing your water with healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium so that you can have the best of both worlds.   

Like most overperforming brands, Aquagear has also partaken into a benefits program that aids people in need of biosand filtration. For every purchase made on the brand’s products, Aquagear gives six months of clean water to those who need it the most. Aquagear is also among those brands that offer the best customer service for their products, as you can get same-day customer support for any inquiry you might have. The brand also features a lifetime guarantee for their pitchers, so the brand will replace any malfunctioning part at any time of your use – completely free of charge. According to the +4500 customer reviews on Amazon and its 4.3 score, this pitcher is a long-lasting investment that is indeed worth it. 

8. Invigorated Water Stainless Steel Pitcher – 8 cups ($59.95)

By joining the brand’s Subscribe & Save program, you’ll get 10% off on its filters *

If you’re looking for something fancier to show at the dinner table that is as efficient as it is pretty, we suggest the Invigorated Water pitcher. The vitality filter pitcher is made of premium-grade stainless steel, which means that it will be free of any plastic chemicals that harm our bodies and destroy the environment. The marvelous-looking pitcher not only features a splendid design but also includes a handy ice guard that protects your water from dust and dirt. Alternatively,

you can clean the pitcher with a simple washcloth, and it will be ready to spark up a few conversations with your guests. The Invigorated Water pitcher is also designed with a wooden handle, thus fulfilling the beautiful/practical diadem.

Even though this pitcher’s head-turner is its layout, we can’t help but sing praise to its filtering abilities too. To remove the contaminants from your water, this pitcher includes a 105-gallon filter bag that you can use in different containers. This filter pitcher is mainly concerned with increasing your water’s pH value, bringing it to its beneficial condition – much like drinking straight from a spring. The Invigorated Water pitcher is also capable of significantly reducing several heavy metals, including arsenic, lead, mercury, chromium, and cobalt, as well as other minerals like chlorinechloramines, and fluorides. A major advantage to this filter pitcher is that it retains healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium, so you won’t have to take any supplements to balance it out. As a result, you’ll always have a fresh serving of clean, filtered water that is entirely out of foul tastes and odors.

Depending on how many people intend to use this pitcher, you’ll have about 60 to 120 days to enjoy it before you have to replace the filters. The versatile Invigorated Water pitcher is stain & corrosion-resistant, which means that it will keep its stainless-steel finish intact for as long as you use it. Another benefit that this pitcher serves (as opposed to plastic pitchers) is that it is more durable and long-lasting. For this, Invigorated Water has also attached a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if the product doesn’t match your expectations, you can return it. This pitcher has about 800 ratings on Amazon and a 4.3 review score

9. Alexapure Pitcher Filter System – 8 Cups ($79.95)

 * For an unspecified period, Amazon offers a 19% discount on this pitcher ($65) *

From all the filters we’ve reviewed, Alexapure is among the most profitable ones in contaminant reduction. On our Alexapure review, we talked about how the brand capitalizes on budget-friendly filters that can smoothly go head to head with more renowned brands like Pur and Berkey. You may still think that an $80 price tag is a lot for a pitcher, but here’s why Alexapure is worth it. This filter pitcher utilizes a double filter surface located at the top of the unit, so when the filtered water is produced, it won’t pollute it with its leftovers.

What may sound like a common-sense layout is a revolutionary idea in the water treatment industry, as many brands suffer from ill-designed filters that have to do the same thing twice. Alexapure’s filters are also more robust so that they will produce faster flow rates.  

From what we could gather on the brand’s official website, this filter pitcher can combat about 200 water contaminants with much ease. According to its NSF certification, the filter pitcher can remove up to 99% of impurities like chlorineleadchromiumradonVOCs, and pharmaceuticals. On the other hand, the Alexapure filter pitcher has a 90% success rate in reducing fluoride and zinc, which is excellent compared to its rivals that don’t even bother. The secret behind Alexapure’s high-performing water pitcher is the ceramic block filter, known as one of the most successful water treatment materials. We’ve explained all filtration methods in our guide, so make sure to check it out if you want to learn more.   

Ensuring that the filter pitcher is just as good as possible, the Alexapure manufacturers have also built the filter materials to retain the beneficial minerals throughout the filtering process. This way, your bones, and blood will thank you for the amount of calcium and magnesium supplied through their cells, and you won’t have to worry about toxins roaming free in your body. The Alexapure filter pitcher also ensures that your water’s pH level is maintained at a healthy balance, so you’ll get a comprehensive solution to your water problem. The filter pitcher is entirely made of USA-based BPA-free materials, so the treated water will taste nothing short of perfection. The renowned filter pitcher currently holds a 4.1 score in Amazon.

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