Best Water Softener For Well Water – Reviews, Awards & Discounts 2021

The U.S. Geological Survey tells us that more than 43 million people in the United States use domestic wells for drinking water. Because these water supplies are not routinely tested, they are usually loaded with contaminants that affect our plumbing, home appliances, skin, and hair. But by investing a couple of bucks in a water softener, you can say adieu to your well water problem.

There are hundreds of water softener models on the market, so we know how nerve-wracking the buying process can be.

Best Water Softeners For Well Water

If you’re lost on the large well water supply online, we suggest you start with our article on the best water softeners of 2021, where you will find a detailed guide of what to look for and what to avoid in a water softener. If you’d like to browse more eco-friendly alternatives, we have also covered the best salt-free water softeners and showerheads.

The well water softeners we have shown you here today have been recognized by product certification agencies, customer reviews, and water treatment manufacturers for excellence and reliability. That’s why all the products* below are of the utmost quality, efficiency and practicality – so whichever one you pick, it will most definitely fulfill all your requirements and then some more!

*The price of each water softener for well water was correct at the time of writing.

1. Fleck 5600SXT Salt-Based Softener ($629*)

Fleck 5600SXT water softener

* On Discount Water Softeners, you can find this model at $539.

The best water softener for well water is the Fleck 5600SXT model, which we’re very familiar with. The multi-purpose Fleck model also had honorable mentions on Water Whizz’s best softeners and whole-house water system guides since it’s one of the best-manufactured models of recent years. The Fleck 5600SXT iron softener has a starting grain capacity of 26 000 GPG, it goes onto 64 000 grain, and it ends with 70 000 GPG. Depending on which model you choose to go for, you will gain a constant water flow rate that begins at 7 GPM for the compact unit and goes up to 20 GPM for the heavy-duty one.

The reason why the Fleck 5600SXT is ideal for well water supplies is that it hosts a fantastic dual-tank design and 3/4″ bypass valve that reduces minerals that are otherwise very hard to treat.

One of the most significant components of the best water softener for well water with iron is its Noryl valve that’s as efficient as can be. This control head employs a double-backwash feature that cuts back on salt and water spending while providing an endless stream of soft water. The Fleck 5600SXT will also reduce the water usage in your home by utilizing a sophisticated turbine-electrical meter that modifies the water flow rate. This 64 000 grain softening system is designed with practicality in mind so that you won’t have any trouble with its installation or use. The Fleck unit is also built with one moving part inside the system, so you will immediately pinpoint the mechanisms’ fault if one should occur.  

Besides reducing calcium and magnesium from your well water supply, this 64 000 grain system will also tackle iron and other contaminants that affect the water hardness. Since the best water softener works on-demand, you will have four efficient regeneration cycle modes to choose from. The water softening system also has a premium-grade brine tank manufactured with a salt-grid and a safety float system. Thanks to this feature, this range of iron water softeners for well water will keep your house’s plumbing in its best condition while preventing overflowing. This is most favorable when considering that overflowing is among the most common problems that water softeners face.     

When we researched Fleck, we saw that the brand was on several best-of lists online. As for its rating, the water softeners brand had a 4.6 score on Quality Water Treatment and many positive reviews from the manufacturers. On Best Spy, the 64 000 grain unit has an 8.8 score and a lot of praise for its water softening abilities. The customer reviews are also on par with the professionals’ with most of them talking about excellent water flow, reliable water softening, and great iron reduction rates. This particular water softener is warrantied for five years on its control valve and ten years on the brine tank. Although you may find better warranties on other water softeners, you will have difficulty finding a system that combats hard water as efficiently and effectively as the Fleck 5600SXT. 

2. Springwell SS1 Salt-Based Softener ($1268*)

* If you use the code 5OFF, you will get a 5% discount on all Springwell products.

The second best softeners for well water come from Springwell, and they employ a salt-based approach to reduce calcium and magnesium in your water supply. The Springwell SS1 has a long-standing legacy of providing its customers with a lasting difference to their hard water problem. This iron-aided water softener comes with a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor, so it’s [relative] high price is excused. First, the Springwell SS1 comes with an easy-t0-use installation kit that includes an electronic control head, a premium-grade brine tank, and a high-flow bypass valve. The entirety of these water softeners’ components will correctly treat your well water with iron and ensure that you have a 40% reduced rate on water, salt, and detergent costs for one single year.

The traditional water softening system has three models to choose from, each containing a grain capacity of 32 000, 48 000, or 80 000 GPG. That means that whether you live in a condo with one bathroom or in a community space with seven bathrooms, the Springwell water softener will have your back. The whole-house water softener is fantastic both in terms of water flow rate and water pressure levels. As such, it can easily sustain an operating pressure range of 25-80 PSI and a 20 GPM maximum flow rate. Besides using ion-exchange technology to combat water hardness, this range of water softeners also tackles the water’s pH levels for optimal treatment. This way, the water softening system will effortlessly treat hard water in a 6.5-10 pressure range. 

The system itself is entirely electrical, so you won’t find any issue with each setting’s installation and operation. Moreover, the Springwell water softener works by using a five-cycle metered control, so you won’t have to worry about cutting back on your water supply. The smart water softening unit will observe your household’s water consumption rate and produce soft water accordingly. The Springwell softener for well water can also be connected via Bluetooth on the brand’s smartphone app. With this feature, you can access the water softener’s water use patterns and regeneration cycle times while being able to fully customize the unit at the comfort of your couch. 

The customers loved this system so much they gave it a 4.9 score on Springwell and a 5.0 score on the Best Osmosis Systems. What struck the buyers the most was this water softener’s ability to treat previously-formed scaling on water pipes. This is great when you consider that the damage done to plumbing is why people opt for water softeners in the first place, so you won’t only prevent this issue but fix it too. And for those of you who are too attached to their high water pressure, you should be happy to know that the Springwell system will ensure a minimal pressure drop regardless of the plumbing in your home. And if you’re not satisfied with the unit’s softened water, you can use its money-back guarantee to return the softener within the first six months of purchase. 

3. Aquasana EQ-Well Softener & Filter ($1241)

Rhino EQ-1000 Water Filtration System

The Aquasana Rhino water softener is a grand machine that can sustain a 1, 000 000 grain capacity. The long-lasting unit works by combining a salt-free softener system and a high-quality water filter. For 450 bucks, you can also include a UV filtration system that will safeguard your water supply against most bacteria and viruses. The 1, 000 000 grain capacity model is the best water softener for those looking to find a full-packaged water treatment for their home. The EQ-Well water treatment system works on a hierarchical procedure, so the softened water will have gone several filtrations before you would have a chance to taste and smell the difference. 

Contrary to ion-exchange systems, this softener for well water hosts an SCM salt-free softener that adjusts its water flow rate according to your home’s water consumption. This technology works by protecting the plumbing, home appliances, and water heaters using a rigorous conditioning technique instead of traditional harmful chemicals. This way, you will spend less time maintaining and cleaning the system, as it will use no salt bags or backwash for you to take care of. The intelligently-engineered well system also employs a unique upflow-design that ensures each regeneration cycle is as efficient as can be. And because the system itself uses no electricity and needs no drainage, you can consider this unit a once in a lifetime purchase that will pay for itself within a short time. 

To produce clean, softened water, this water treatment system goes through a step-by-step procedure that meticulously treats well water. First, the water goes through a sediment pre-filter that catches and removes all rust, sediment, iron, and silt from your well water source. This water is then transferred to the salt-free softener tank that uses absolutely no resin to prevent hard water minerals from binding and forming limescale. Even though this process isn’t as robust as salt-based water softeners, it can sustain a water hardness of 25 grains per gallon. When the hard water is conditioned into soft water, it is then taken to the system’s main brine tank that includes two water filter types. The first one is made of copper-zinc and mineral stone, and it is used for reducing chlorine, heavy minerals, and scaling while preventing algae and bacterial growth.

The second water filter includes an activated carbon mechanism that reduces herbicides, pesticides, and other chemical compounds present in the water. The last filtration process consists of a post-filter that reduces any remaining sediment and iron, similar to how a salt-based water softener would. If you also add the UV filtration system to the mix, your soft water will again go through a sterilization process that claims to remove 99.99% of viruses and bacteria from your well water source. The system itself is straightforward to install and use, so you will also have reduced costs on plumbing services and potential maintenance issues. The Aquasana water softener & filter is guaranteed with a 10-year limited warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you would like to learn more about the brand, you can spare a couple of minutes and read our Aquasana review.

4. Fleck 2510 Hydrogen Peroxide Softener ($1,995)

The second Fleck product that has made it to the best water softeners list is the 2510 softener for well water with iron. This hybrid line of water softeners employs a fully-automatic backwash filtration system that doesn’t just tackle iron, calcium, and magnesium. As such, this softener for well water is most suitable for those who suffer from fatty odor and weird taste in their water. If you’ve noticed that your well water has a “rotten egg” taste or smell, then it may be that your water supply contains large amounts of hydrogen sulfide and sulfur bacteria. These minerals aren’t dangerous, but they cause a significant amount of harm to certain appliances that include bacterial slime, black stains on silverware, and corrosion on plumbing and other units that come into contact with the well water. 

The Fleck 5210 water softeners use a catalytic carbon filter media that latches to the harmful chemicals and disintegrates them effortlessly to combat the components. This is done by inserting a safe amount of hydrogen peroxide into the well water with iron, in which case the best water quality is reached. As Fleck explains, this method is fantastic since it’s more effective than other salt-based well systems and significantly more potent than salt-free ones. The compound itself is a natural metabolite of humans, so it decomposes into oxygen and hydrogen before you would have to worry about its adverse health effects. And lastly, since these minerals’ joint effort is mighty, it can easily eradicate iron, sulfides, calcium, and manganese. 

The starting model of these water softeners for well water supports a 10 GPM continuous flow rate, whereas the most sophisticated model can sustain up to 25 GPM. The Fleck manufacturers also let you choose between a 3/4″ or 1″ inlet, so you won’t have to worry about these water softeners’ compatibility for well water systems. Like the previous Fleck unit, this model also has a single internal moving part that controls the mechanism. If we get down to the specifics, we will see that these well systems have an excellent contaminant removal rate that treats iron up to 10 ppm, hydrogen sulfide up to 30 ppm, manganese up to 1 ppm, and a pH level range of 6 to 9. 

You also ought to know that because this softener’s components are entirely NSF approved, they’re safe to use and don’t pose any health hazards. Another thing to consider is its economic advantages since this iron-based water softener will use up less than $2 in electricity each year. The soft water machine comes with a 15-gallon peroxide tank, catalytic backwashing tank, Stenner pump & meter, 15-gallon solution tank, and 5 gallons of hydrogen peroxide. The whole iron system is warrantied for ten years on the control valve and five years on the electronic. However, you should note that this model is designed for specific hard water issues that result from hydrogen sulfide and bacteria. If your water test has identified two or more components mentioned in this product, then the 2510 model may be your best choice.   

5. Tier1 Essential Series Digital Softener ($650*)

* If you purchase directly from Tier1, you will get a 10% discount on the Essential Series.

Among the best water softeners of 2021 is the 48 000 grain capacity model by Tier1 that goes by the Essential Series label. This salt-based water softening system features a high-grade electronic control valve and manual bypass valve that can be modified according to water usage. This sturdy system’s primary function is removing scaling caused by water hardness, which is done by utilizing premium-grade resin. Moreover, the salt-based system will completely eradicate manganese, iron, calcium, and magnesium from your primary well water source. These well water softeners have all been certified by the Water Quality Association, so you won’t have to worry about their ability or effectiveness in providing soft water for your family.  

Upon the initial purchase, the 48 000-grain water softener for well water is accompanied by a mineral tank, a brine tank, a cation resin media, and a high-capacity control valve. Besides these components, the Tier1 soft water unit is also designed with an integrated sediment water filter. Thanks to this feature, the system ensures that you will not only eradicate water hardness from your water supply, but you will also enjoy the clean & fresh taste of the recently softened water. The water filter has a 120-month average lifespan, so you would have to replace it every ten years or so. Moreover, this range of water softeners is fully functional in an operating temperature range of 40-100 °F, so you won’t have to worry about the system meddling with your water heater.

To install the well water softener, you will have to host its 3/4” fitting, which is relatively similar to most traditional water softeners. Based on online customer reviews, this unit is straightforward to install and even easier to use. Thanks to its LCD control valve, you will have a field day with adjusting its cycle times, timer settings, regeneration modes, and more.

To treat water hardness, the Tier1 system will contain an operating pressure range of 21-120 PSI and a continuous flow rate of 11.2 GPM. The salt-based water softener utilizes an upflow-regeneration mechanism, so it with not only reduce the water hardness in your supply but will also save you several gallons of water per each cycle. 

The water usage patterns of this 48-000 grain system will depend on the quality of the resin, but you should rest assured that efficiency will be a continuous priority. One of the most talked-about features in this salt-based water treatment system is that its brine tank is very reliable in terms of functionality and durability, so you won’t ever have to replace it. All you’d have to do is replace the resin, which can last you for an average of 10-20 years when purchased with high quality. However, you should note that the bypass valve on this water softener is manual and not automatic, so your water supply may experience some disruption for a couple of hours at a time. This system has a 4.4 rating on Amazon, whereas its brand is praised for professionalism and good customer service.

6. Springwell Filter & Softener ($2828*)

If you use the code clean7, you will get a 7% discount on all Springwell water filtration systems.

Another hitmaker from Springwell is the WSSS1 well water filter and softener combo. Besides removing calcium and magnesium from your well water, this multi-purpose system will also take care of iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfate in one go. This salt-based water softener has three grain-capacity models separated with bathroom numbers, from 1-3 to 4-6. This iron-filter system combines a high-functioning whole-house well water unit and an ion-exchange softening mechanism to create the hybrid device that we’ve all come to adore. As we mentioned in the previous model, Springwell has a long-standing manufacturing legacy that spans over 20 years. As such, it is renowned for designing its products with the most durable & high-performing components.

This iron-filter device utilizes the electronic-metered control valve mounted on the resin tank. Then, it records the gallons of water consumed by a family before each regeneration. Once the optimal saturation point is reached, the salt-based water softener engages the resin into cleaning the trapped minerals onto the tank. Keeping that in mind, it’s fair to say that this well water system represents a more economical and eco-friendly approach to treating hard water contaminants. Like the Fleck hydrogen peroxide softener, this Springwell iron removal water system will also eradicate the “rotten egg” smell and taste from your water. As such, the high-capacity ion-exchange system will remove hydrogen sulfide up to 8 ppm, iron up to 7 ppm, and manganese up to 1 ppm.  

What’s incredibly practical about this iron-aided hard water removal machine is that it uses a very smart mechanism for keeping the system safe and sound. At the end of each day (or the time of your choice), the unit’s brine tank will initiate a backwash rinse that will remove the accumulated contaminants and restore the media bed. This process ensures no remaining iron, manganese, or other hard water minerals on the brine tank before the next regeneration process. After this process is complete, the system will also gain a fresh air-pocket that heightens its efficiency. Thanks to its smart control head valve, you will save several gallons of water while ensuring that stained toilets, sinks, cookware, and other appliances are replaced with shiny white textures.

When we take its specifics into account, we can see that the iron-removal device is manufactured with a fully-automatic control head that, once set-up, won’t need any more adjusting. One hallmark that was also praised by the water treatment experts was the fact that Springwell has integrated an innovative iron piston on the control head valve. This is most favorable since the entire oxidation process is maintained within one tank, which instantly lowers the maintenance costs and time spent dealing with the tank. The salt-based water softener also features a Bluetooth head so that you can connect the iron-reduction machine straight to your smartphone. Like the previous model, this Springwell device is also warrantied for a lifetime and coupled with a 90-day money-back guarantee. 

7. EcoPure EPHS Filter & Softener ($625*)

* If you sign-up for EcoPure Home, you will gain a 10% discount on your first purchase.

The next salt-based water softener for well water that we want you to consider is manufactured by EcoPure. Although the medium-duty ion-exchange unit barely passes the water softening mark, it is too much of a bargain to be ignored. The water softener in this hybrid device hosts a 35 000 grain capacity brine tank that eradicates hard water minerals with the utmost efficiency. As EcoPure explains, this multi-faceted ion-exchange device provides fresh filtered water, eliminates scale-buildup, removes chlorine odor and taste, and reduces other sediments to an almost-invisible form.

The best thing about these functions is that the integrated components already support them, so you won’t have to deal with the hassles of replacing filters every second day.

One of the things that struck us the most when researching this filter & softener combo was the autosensing technology it upholds. Thanks to this feature, this well water softener will neatly calculate the amount of water and salt required for each regeneration process. This ensures that the water softener doesn’t take a drop more than it needs to, which results in a significant reduction in spending. Upon reading the EcoPure user manual, you will notice that all the parts engaged in building this unit are NSF-Certified, which is excellent news for those who want efficacy claims backed by a trusting certification industry. With that in mind, you can be fully confident in this purchase since the unit will treat hard water and be around long enough for you to enjoy its advantages. 

EcoPure has been the recipient of many resource-efficient awards, and this water softener puts a case in point for that. Besides the long-term effects of not replacing the filters (approx. $100), this unit will also save you a fortune on water, resin, and salt. Specifically, this hard water softener will maintain a hardness removal rate of 100 grains per gallon, which is on par with the industry’s standard. Thanks to its intelligent design, this 35 000 grain capacity device will flash a beaming light when the brine tank runs low on salt. This will give you a couple of days to prepare for the next refill, as you won’t be bombarded with a system error message as soon as the unit has run out. 

If you would also like to be up-to-date with eventual maintenance, you can sign up for Ecopure’s regular reminders for a check-up. This can be done either via email or by texting “ECOPURE” to 33777 (the US Only). For those acquainted with water treatment systems, the good news is that this Ecopure water softener is the exact fit for many Kenmore units. In case you’re here to replace your old Kenmore water softener, all you need to do is save the old bypass valve mechanism and call an EcoPure specialist for the replacement. On Ecopure, this product has a 4.1 review, whereas, on Amazon, it is crowned with 4.4 stars out of 5. The water softener & filter combo is warrantied for one year in parts and labor, and ten years for the brine tank. If you register your product, you can also extend the workmanship warranty to five years, with no extra cost.   

8. Pelican NaturSoft Series ($1495*)

Pelican Salt-Free Natursoft Series Water Softener

* The code combo will grant you a $100 discount on Pelican’s combo water systems.

For those of you who have scrolled this far for a standalone salt-free water softener, the wait is over. This water softener has been widely regarded as the most effective salt-free approach to combatting hard water, and there are numbers to prove it. According to DVGW, this Pelican product is the only water softener alternative that’s certified as 99.6% effective in removing hard water minerals from any city or well water source. This salt-free water softener may be one of the most efficient products we have shown on this list, considering that it operates on entirely kinetic energy and it requires no ongoing water supply for drainage. Another plus is that you won’t have to waste money on resin since the unit naturally treats water without salt components. 

The Natursoft series uses a technology called template induced crystallization that doesn’t exchange ions like salt-based water softeners but crystallizes the heavy minerals in the hard water instead. Due to this process, the minerals that usually cause scaling are hardened and increased in density, so they can’t dissolve in the water and further damage the plumbing. This alternative is especially significant because it produces water that’s safer to use for cooking, taking care of the lawn, or drinking water for both humans and pets. The product itself is listed as suitable for both city & well water, and it can maintain a continuous flow rate of 12 GPM. Here, you can choose between two capacity models, one of which accommodates 1-3 bathrooms, and the second 4-6 bathrooms.  

When we researched Pelican, we saw that Natursoft would save you a fortune on filter replacements, maintenance costs, and material necessities. Specifically, using this water softener alternative will save you $30 in water heaters (per month), $300-$1000 for their potential replacement, and over $500 annually on reduced energy & maintenance costs. When it comes to buying soaps, detergents, and other cleaning supplies, the Pelican unit will save you up to $1,380 each year. This efficiency is also translated in time and effort since you won’t be required to hover over your water softener in the quest of adjusting its settings to fit your needs. The Pelican water softener is fully certified by the WQA, IAPMO, and DVGW, so you won’t have to worry about reliability either.

The salt-free water softener comes with a DIY-installation kit that prompts an effortless set-up without requiring a plumbing technician. For those who want to upgrade this water softener, you can also couple it up with a Pelican UV system that carries bacteria and viruses on its water hit-list. Thanks to its premium-grade pre-filter, the Pelican water softener will reduce heavy minerals from your water supply without affecting taste or odor, a problem that a lot of water softening alternatives face. This filter has to be replaced every 6-9 months, but the tank is installed to function for a lifetime (and it is warrantied as such). On Pelican, this unit has a 4.7 score and many positive reviews regarding its efficiency, low consumption rate, and ease of use. 

9. Hellenbrand Promate 6.5 DMT (N/A)

The Hellenbrand solution to hard water problems is by incorporating a dual-media technology. This approach is made possible by combining two compartments that use specific resin to treat common hard water problems, including calcium, magnesium, iron, and other fixtures. This way, the hard water will undergo a series of filter modifications until it reaches the ultimate quality that we’re all after. Besides the fully-functional iron filter, this water softener also includes a chlorine filtration mechanism that removes the city water sources’ heavy odor. That way, you can use this unit both in city and well water systems, as long as your water test has showcased the softener’s issues.  

On our full Hellenbrand review, you will notice that this model is among the most requested by buyers worldwide. First, the acclaimed water softener utilizes a high-efficiency Vortech distribution plate that ensures an incredibly-high flow rate for producing soft water. Even though official capacity levels aren’t available on Hellenbrand’s official page, we could find customers that obtained softeners of up to 80 000 grain capacities. The iron-related mechanism also hosts a smart control technology that accurately records your water usage in the last 63 days, which addresses it to create a handy reserve to use later. The resin tank is also designed with a scrub feature used to filter the softened minerals so that they don’t cause any malfunction with the device. 

One of the most significant advantages of this water softener is its triple-rinse feature that filters all iron, heavy metal, or chlorine residue before the resin tank is regenerated. After the tank is rinsed throughout, the water softener will undergo a double-backwash procedure to take care of the most stubborn minerals left on the tank. This will not only keep your resin tank in its best condition, but it will also minimize the time required to clean it and maintain its high-performance. All Hellenbrand Promate softeners come with a 10% commercial grade resin that is guaranteed to maximize the unit’s water softening capacity. This model also has a full-flow bypass valve that lets you filter the water flow according to your convenience, that is, whenever you require.

What’s also reassuring when it comes to this water unit’s quality is the corrosive-resistant components it is built of. The control head valve, body, and resin tank are all iron-resistant, ensuring a long durability rate for the overall water softener. The iron-removing softener is also insulated with a sweat jacket to prevent internal sweating and heating. Last but not least, it’s worth noting that this water softener is among the very few systems that specialize in removing tannins from well water supplies. To get a hold of this product and find the best fit for you, you have to arrange a meeting with your local Hellenbrand technician, who will evaluate your living conditions and propose the best model for you. Hellenbrand has a 4.6 score on Google and an A-rating in Angie’s list, so you won’t have to worry about any issues with the dealership, efficiency, or reliability of the product.

10. DuraWater + Fleck 5600SXT Softener ($1,540)

The last water softener we want you to consider includes a lovechild between Fleck’s renowned 5600SXT control head and Durawater’s premium-grade tank. The commercial-grade water softener has a grain capacity of 80 000 GPG, which is relatively high compared to the standard. If you find that’s too large for your own needs, you can pick between the 24 000, 32 000, 40 000, 48 000 and 60 000 capacity models. The classic design of this water softener makes it a top contender for those looking for a traditional approach proven to be reliable by many homeowners. On Amazon, this product is listed as a complete water treatment unit because it treats several water problems, including high mineral count, iron and chlorine concentration, and foul smell and odor.

This high-grade device hosts an air-injection iron water filter that works similarly to the Springwell water softener & filter combo we discussed earlier. By utilizing this feature, the iron filter holds an air pocket at the top of the resin tank used to oxidize excessive minerals like iron and sulfur. After these components dissolve in the water, the softener’s resin continues to filter them out until the water contains minimal amounts of iron, sulfates, calcium, and magnesium. This process is completed with the regeneration cycles that clean the water of all contaminants and issue a fresh air pocket to the unit. This Durawater softener claims to remove iron up to 12 ppm and sulfur up to 3 ppm, which is quite useful for well water.

As for its components, we can safely say that this iron-treatment unit is undoubtedly worth the price. By purchasing the DuraWater hybrid, you will get 10% crosslinked resin, a sturdy-manufactured brine tank, and an automatic bypass valve. Now, all of those things are fantastic, so we’re going to tell you why they make the iron-removing softener as great as it is. First, the crosslinked resin is better for the softener’s tanks since it requires fewer regeneration cycles while capturing more resin beads. This is also cost-effective since the fewer regeneration cycles your softener will have, the less energy, water, resin, and money you will spend on the process. The high-capacity brine tank within this softener is also incredible since it features float & overflow features to prevent potential hazards.

Besides its large capacity, the brine tank in this iron-based water softener is also as sturdy as it gets. By letting the user know of any errors, malfunctions, or salt errors beforehand, this device’s components will work together so the user won’t have to. However, several customers have noted that operating this device is a piece of cake, as everything you need is presented to you on the LCD and easy-to-read user manual. Durawater will send you a free water testing strip, so you will know how to adjust the unit’s settings for optimal performance. And thanks to its high-functioning bypass valve, you will be able to turn off the unit or service it whenever you need it without cutting off the entire water supply. On top of the line, this softener’s SXT valve also comes with a five-year warranty.

Other Iron-Reduction Water Systems

Water softeners that remove iron compounds from well water are usually manufactured by combining several systems into one. Even though this can be quite effective, other alternatives have iron-reduction as a top priority and, as a result, are more useful. To learn more about these systems, we invite you to read the articles below that will let you in on the best water treatment systems online.

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