Best Water Softener Shower Head Reviews of 2021

Hard water poses many adverse effects, including scale deposits, staining in toilets, sinks & tubs, foul taste and odor, and corrosion. Each of these issues poses a severe threat to efficiency, performance, or longevity. However, for many people, the most aggravating problem tied to hard water is the dry, unhealthy feeling of skin and hair. If you’re not willing to invest in a full-size water treatment system yet, you can try a shower head water softener that will enhance your showering experience by a mile.

Even though a handheld shower head isn’t as effective as a water softener, it does pose a quick solution to a very serious problem that is hard water.

Best Water Softener Shower Head

Below, you will find the best shower head filters and softeners* that were recognized by the relevant institutions for quality, performance, and reliability. We have also added a budget-friendly tag, so you can spend more time enjoying your pressure shower and less time dreading the money wasted on a mediocre product.

*The prices of all water softener shower heads were correct at the time of writing.

1. Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Showerhead ($55)

The best water softener shower head is the Aquasana deluxe model that will improve the condition of your hair, skin, and air surrounding the bathroom. This filtered shower head utilizes the NSF-certified media renowned for its efficacy and reliability to combat the heavy metals in water. This media comprises a natural coconut shell activated-carbon composture, ideal for reducing chlorine, lead, iron, and other minerals found in the shower water. The best shower head also includes copper & zinc media that enhances your water’s pH balance for healthier skin and hair. By taking advantage of 10 000 gallons, the premium-grade showerhead will keep your water fresh for as much as six months, or as it is translated into currency, just 25 cents a day.

One of the most vital elements that make this unit the best shower head is the unique upflow design it employs.

Thanks to its intelligent layout, the Aquasana filter shower head increases the contact time with the media, a procedure that removes chlorine more efficiently than downflow shower heads. The 10 000 gallon water filter is also ergonomic since it prevents chlorine and heavy metals from clogging the inline shower. We must also note that the Aquasana handheld shower grants fantastic water pressure maintenance, which isn’t commonly found on regular showerhead filters. The water shower filter currently has a 4.4 rating on Amazon, whereas the brand further applauded on Water Whizz’s review.

If you’re not convinced yet, perhaps the shower filters’ massage settings will change your mind. To make sure that each shower is turned into a genuine spa-like experience, Aquasana has included an excellent pressure-modifying shower head that perfectly adjusts to your needs. To install the showerhead water softener, you will only require the DIY installation kit and a little willpower. The easy to install in-shower water softener will take little to no time, and you will spend the rest enjoying the beautiful sensations of clear, soft water on hair and skin. The best shower head will accompany you for 6 months, after which you will have to replace its filter cartridge.

2. Berkey Filter & Softener Showerhead ($64)

The second product that swept our hearts away is the Berkey water softener & shower filter. With 646 happy customers on Amazon, the Berkey water softener shower heads are renowned for their great capacities of reducing chemical absorption and vapor inhalation. Those are just some fancy words to describe this showerhead’s softening properties, which aren’t merely limited to treating heavy metals. What distinguishes this water softener from other products reviewed here is the fact that it can be used as an inline shower part, ready to be installed on your existing showerhead. This feature makes these shower filter systems ideal for those looking to upgrade their current showers.

Contrary to our previous model, the Berkey shower water softener hosts a 20 000 gallon capacity that will last you up to 1 year of continuous use. This easy to install device operates with KDF 55 media granules that are 95% effective in removing chlorine from your water supply. The shower filter is also efficient in reducing heavy metals like harmful microorganisms, lead, mercury, and iron. If you’ve experienced a rotten egg smell when showering, you may be pleased to know that the Berkey shower filter has a solution for that too. By utilizing the KDF 55 media, this showerhead will effortlessly remove hydrogen sulfide, which is the main culprit of foul taste and odor. The water softener can also remove mold and fungi, so you’ll get a full-package solution to your hard water problem.

This water softener shower head has one of the most effective descaling properties that you can find online. For less than one month, you will begin to see noticeable results in water quality, as well as improvements on hair and skin. The softener shower head filter also includes a backflush attachment installed into the device to prevent premature clogging. The Berkey media is entirely safe for home use and will not cause any toxic reactions to sensitive skin people. At the time of writing, this shower water softener had a 4.6 rating on Amazon. And if you would like to know more about the brand, you can do so by heading over to our Berkey water filter review.

3. Aqua Eva Luxury Showerhead ($20)

The Aqua Eva shower water filters are among our top-three choices because they’re efficient, practical, and budget-friendly. For just 20 bucks, you will gain a 15 -stage softening product that also purifies the air, cleans the water, and enhances your shower experience. Like with the best shower head filters, you can fit the Luxury model on handheld, overhead, and rainfall shower heads, so you won’t have to worry about compatibility. The unit itself comes with one extra filter cartridge with a grain capacity of 10 000 gallons, so your shower improvement will last you for 1 year. At the time being, the Aqua Eva holds a 4.4 score on Amazon, which is granted through 580 customer reviews.

With a four-component build, this showerhead will tackle all the issues caused by hard water, from scaling on bathtubs and showers to itchy skin and unhealthy hair. The first part is made of a stainless steel filter mesh that removes the largest contaminants and pinpoints the next treatment’s heavy metals. The water then goes through a KDF 55 media that uses activated carbon components to reduce calcium sulfide and negative ions on water minerals. This media is lined with medical stone parts that make the shower head filter ideal for people with sensitive skin and hair. The third section includes ceramic, mineralized, magnetic-energized, and vitamin C balls that make sure the shower head filters the most stubborn minerals in your hard water supply.

The last stage of the water filtering process includes an ultra-fine stainless steel mesh resin that removes chlorine and other contaminants from the recently softened water. This structure also hosts alkaline balls and micro-porous PP cotton, minerals that are renowned for their healing and purifying abilities. Thanks to its high output water pressure valve, the shower water filter won’t reduce your bathroom’s flow rate. The Luxury showerhead also removes iron and rust so that you will gain a moisturizer, purifier, softener, and water filter – all in one. As a result, the Aqua Eva promises you will have reduced chances of getting eczema, dry skin, hair dandruff, or weak nails.

4. AquaBliss SF100 Showerhead ($50)

If you’ve browsed the web for the best shower filters of 2021, the AquaBliss 12-stage shower filter has probably come up at some point. The silver-lined shower head is the number one best-seller on Amazon in the shower head filters category. As such, it has gathered over 17,000 customer reviews that praise the vitamin C shower filter in a hundred different ways. According to the manufacturers, this shower filter starts its rejuvenating process from day one, in which it will effortlessly neutralize foul odors and balance the pH levels of the water. The filter will also soften the hard water components and mineralize your water supply so that your skin and hair will get the optimal treatment each time you shower.

To do that, the AquaBliss shower head utilizes the best proprietary media that includes a multi-purpose approach divided into 12 stages. To recap, your hard water will first enter the sand filter washer, move onto the ultra-fine stainless steel mesh and PP cotton traps. It will then scour down to the calcium sulfate, redox media, and activated carbon filters that reduce and neutralize the hard water minerals in one go. During this process, the AquaBliss shower head will remove sediments such as sand, grit, and scaling; reduce dust, chlorine, and organic materials; and completely eradicate impurities and turpitudes that help maintain the hard water scaling on the bath or shower.

In the first six stages, the premium-grade shower head deals exclusively with hard water components and high chlorine content that harms the skin. In the remaining steps, the AquaBliss shower head utilizes red mineralized, zeolite ceramic, vitamin c, tourmaline, and magnetic energy beads to boost the oxygen, pH, and other beneficial element’s levels so that they positively interact with the skin and hair. The chlorine-reduction shower head is a one size fits all solution since it complies will all shower models. As with the best shower filters currently on the market, this unit is also accompanied by 10 000 gallons capacity and a kicking 4.5 score on Amazon.

5. Culligan WSH-140 Showerhead ($45)

If you’re looking for hard water shower filters that can be mounted on the wall, we suggest the Culligan WSH-140 model. With a 10 000 gallons capacity and a premium-grade filter cartridge, the chlorine-reduction water filter will significantly improve the way you look and feel. For 6 months at a time, the activated-carbon shower head filter will reduce the hydrogen sulfide smell, chlorine components, and scale deposits on your shower or bathtub.

You can also install the Culligan showerhead on any standard 1/2″ threaded shower arm, which means that it is compatible with most constructions.

When we researched Culligan, we saw that the brand uses one of the most sophisticated production pools directly translated to better, sturdier, and more effective water treatment systems. As such, the wall-mounted shower head water softener proves once again that all you need is an intelligent design and the means to it. To ensure that the showerhead is reliable, Culligan has included a patented bacteriostatic filter media that will limit the bacteria’s passage and growth in the showerhead’s interior. This easy to install shower water softener also includes Teflon tape (for extra protection), filter cartridge reminder sticker (for keeping you up to date with replacement requirements), and the installation instructions for an effortless setup. As of now, the shower filter is rated at 4.3 on Amazon.

The activated-carbon showerhead has a temperature range of 40°F-120°F, so it saves its durability even for those who like experiencing hell in their showers. To convince you of its structural integrity, Culligan has shown that its shower head filter is certified by IAPMO to standard 177. The 140 wall-mounted showerhead also meets the EPA WaterSense standard for saving water, according to which it employs a reduction rate of 1.8 gallons per minute (or less). The water softener shower head is also designed with a massage switch, so you can genuinely enjoy the showering as if you were on a sad music video. The Culligan shower water filter comes with a 1-year warranty, which further makes it reliable.

6. Sprite HO2-WHM Universal Showerhead ($28)

Shower water filters & softeners can only go so far by advertising things like media, mineral reduction, or descaling. One of the main things people look for in these systems is conventionality and practicality, two features that the Sprite Universal nails down excellently. The high-output showerhead contains a massaging mechanism that will maintain high water pressure throughout your entire Whitney Houston performance. According to Sprite, this product is one of the most robust shower filters you will find online, and we can’t help but take their word for it.

To protect skin and hair, this showerhead utilizes a reversible cartridge that filters heavy metals through a media called Chlorgon.

The Sprite patented media converts the excessive chlorine minerals and other combined chlorine reactions to a harmless substance known as chlorine salt. The Sprite water filter does this by combining a blend of zinc, copper, and calcium sulfide. These minerals are most favorable for feeding bones, skin cells, and other organisms of the human body. Besides being more effective than other water filtration media, the Chlorgon is also highly-resistant to different temperatures. With this fantastic combination, you will get a high-grade disinfectant that softens your water, kills the bacteria in it, and gives your hair the silky feeling you’ve always wanted.

If you want a shower water softener with data to back its praise, your safest choice is Sprite. The brand has over 18 international patents that put it on an innovation pedestal, so buying from them would be buying from the best. The shower filter is very easy to install and effortless to use, so all you would have to worry about would be finding the right conditioner for your hair. The water softener can be applied to most US shower hoses, comes with a 1-year warranty, and has a 4.2 rating on Amazon, so it will most likely grant customer satisfaction.

7. G-Promise Handheld Showerhead ($75)

Another shower water filter & softener combo that employs a traditional design is the G-Promise handheld model. The polished metal showerhead has a patented 100% solid brass design that means the unit will accompany you for a long time. Both the water filter and the showerhead are made of sturdy materials that hold onto each other for dear life while completely eradicating hard water on the go.

The robust shower head combines an extensive amount of shower filters certified to remove sediment, heavy metals, chlorine, rust, and iron from your water supply. All of those filters work with one another to give you the most refreshing showers you have ever had.

Like most filtered shower head systems, this unit has a cartridge that can take up to 10 000 gallons and last you for 6 months before it needs a replacement. One of the main reasons why customers love these shower filters so much is that they come in the form of a fully-structured shower instead of a simple filtered shower head. As such, the easy to install shower filter will include a spinning locking collar, an adjustable shower holder, a 75″ shower hose, an ABS plastic chlorine-reduction filter, and a complete stainless steel showerhead. We should also note that the shower hose is also incredibly flexible, so you can easily take showers, bathe yourself, wash large pots, or give your toddlers fun bubble baths.

Another reason why you should consider this handheld shower water filter is the high-grade multi-functional showerhead it hosts. Thanks to its six distinct shower settings, you can adjust the showerhead to pour down water on rainfall, power massage, and water trickle modes – all of which can be combined to give you a divine showering time. The shower head comes with its installation tools and handy guide, so you can get it up and running as soon as you unpack it. For added peace of mind, G-Promise has also included a 10-year warranty on parts and labor.

8. Culligan ISH-100 Showerhead ($28)

We couldn’t be right to our readers if we didn’t include another Culligan shower filter, seeing how buyers worldwide are fascinated with their products. The budget-friendly alternative consists of the same water filter that we discussed earlier, so you can expect the same water pressure and filtering abilities as the WHR-140 model. With 10 000 gallons capacity and broad shower hose compatibility, the showerhead will undoubtedly kick your alone-time up a notch. The shower filter will last you for about 6 months, making the purchase very reasonable since the replacement only occurs twice a year.

The elegantly designed shower filter has a twofold construction base. First, it will efficiently soften your hard water by using its premium-grade media with bacteriostatic characteristics. That essentially means that the Culligan shower head will stop the growth of bacteria that is usually the main culprit in the yucky residue formed at the end of our bath, faucet, and shower. Then, the showerhead utilizes its shower filter properties that tackle hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, and iron. This will be especially favorable for those who suffer from the “rotten egg” smell or are supplied by city wells disinfected through large amounts of chlorine.

Like the previous Culligan showerhead, this model is also certified by IAPMO for structural integrity, efficiency, and reliability. The inline shower filter is very easy to install, whereas its instructions are effortless to read. This range of shower filters will maintain your home’s water pressure, so you won’t have to worry about an inefficient water flow as you have your morning routine to start the day right. At the time of writing, this shower filter & softener had over 1000 Amazon reviews, out of which it maintains a score of 4.2 and tons of praise in regards to its filtration abilities.

9. Luxsego Ionic Handheld Showerhead ($30)

If you’ve been around infomercials for long enough, you have probably seen the Luxsego shower head that comes with a convenient replacement hose that fits all needs. If not, we’re here to tell you that the Ionic handheld shower head is the safe choice for all looking for a relaxing shower without the water minerals that affect the texture, feel, and smell of the water. The Luxsego shower head is so relaxing that it is labeled Amazon’s Choice for the zen body shower head category. The brushed finish on the best-designed water shower head makes it a fan favorite among those who want to see the water filtration process as they’re singing their lungs out in the shower.

To perform its magic, the Luxsego water softener shower uses unique beads that make up a double water filter system. These beads have vitamin C components that not only purify the water and give it a nice feel but ensure that hair and skin are nourished to absolute perfection. The 10 000 gallon filter has a 6-month duration before it needs a replacement, so you will thoroughly enjoy the lack of chlorine, rust, iron, and other minerals in your water supply. The shower head filter itself is effortless to install, so you can count out the plumbing costs right from the start. The best part about this water shower filter is that all its elements are made of stainless steel and ABS plastic, so your handheld water filter will be there by your side for as long as you replace its unique beads in time.

Besides its undeniable quality, the Luxsego shower head filter is also renowned for its fantastic water pressure settings. Because the shower head is designed with a micro-nozzle layout, the water output is multiplied by up to 200% compared to regular showerheads. This is great not only because you get to enjoy a fantastic water flow on your skin, but also that it saves water up to 30%. The shower head filter has three water settings to choose from, including rainfall, jetting, and massage. The premium-grade showerhead filter currently has 4000 reviews on Amazon, out of which it has a 4.3 score.

10. PureAction Vitamin C Showerhead ($50)

Many water filter showerheads come with vitamin C components, but the PureAction water system holds the ‘best-of’ label. Since crowned Amazon’s Choice for vitamin C water showerheads, the upgraded unit has been the talk of the town. The hard water’s minerals will be entirely removed by the showerhead’s innovative filter that brings dependability and efficiency together.

The vitamin C water filter removes sediments, chlorine, and chloramine by ensuring that its users have the best showering or bathing experience at the comfort of their own homes. The water softener showerhead also includes mechanisms that filter out minerals like iron, rust, chrome, and other metals found on well water.

The PureAction showerhead is a fantastic choice for those who seek thorough filter processes on their water softener. As such, the vitamin c multi-showerhead includes a stainless steel filter, a vitamin C filter, and a universal blend of Seoul stone balls and tourmaline beads for the ultimate washing. Thanks to the smart combination of healthy minerals, the showerhead filter will ensure that your water’s pH levels are balanced, the harmful chemicals are removed, and you are left to enjoy the wondrous feeling of clean, soft water on your skin. The showerhead’s water filter also brings a soothing citrus smell that not only makes you feel fresh but calms your nerves too. As a result, you will have a better sleep, reduced stress levels, and overall improved mood.

In case you feel that the zen filter components don’t justify the $50 price tag, perhaps the showerhead’s structure will. The excellent value package in this water filter system includes a 60″ shower hose, a premium-grade shower mount, a protective coating of Teflon tape, and three aroma filter cartridges of lavender, rose, and jasmine. The primary filter has a 10 000 gallon capacity, while the aroma filter cartridges can be replaced however and whenever you want. Ultimately, the showerhead’s 4.2 rating and 1-year warranty make for a fantastic product to have in your home.

The Dos and Dont’s of Showerhead Softeners

Finding the right water filter & softening products can be aggravating, mainly since most manufacturers boost their products by advertising false features. Before you decide on a product, you should know that a handheld water softener will never be as effective as a regular water treatment unit that filters the water before it enters your supply. As far as showers go, you should be able to enhance the water quality and its effects on your hair, skin, and nails. For long-term results that improve your plumbing and appliances’ overall conditions, you should opt for a full-sized system.

Softener, Filter, or Both?

There are many water softener shower heads out there, but it can be confusing to distinguish between the things they can do. You may search for a softener, find a water filter, and end up with a water purifier. The truth is, advertisers do this to reach more customers, and they’re not entirely wrong.

Water treatment showerheads are usually equipped with several abilities since that’s where the money lies. When customers require an enhancement for their shower, they typically aim for tools that fix many problems at once, and that’s what these combined filter units do.

water softener shower heads

If you’re unsure whether you need one or the other, you can track down the water issues that made you consider a product in the first place. A water softener primarily aims to fix limescale buildup and dry & itchy skin, which comes from water hardness. If you’re unsure whether you live in a hard water area, you can consult Hydroflow’s map to be sure. On the other hand, a water filter will tackle minerals gathered through your water supply that damage the skin and are usually accompanied by foul taste or odor. The minerals that need to be filtered out include rust, iron, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, sodium, calcium, and more. To get the best out of your softener & filter combo, we suggest you check the manufacturer’s specs and see how much of these minerals are covered.

Why Showerhead Media Matters?

To filter out chlorine, sediment, rust, or iron, the water softener needs a powdery element that we refer to as media. The filter media aims to gather as many minerals as possible while the clean water flows through the rest of the plumbing. You can think of it as a guardian that protects the opening of your favorite concerts, letting people who bought tickets pass by and stopping bystanders at the door. The media type is essential in showerheads since the filtering process happens in a very enclosed space compared to traditional filter systems or softening machines.

The most common media that showerhead manufacturers use is carbon-activated media that, as the name suggests, uses coconut-shell carbons to filter out chemicals. The carbon-activated media is incredibly efficient in removing chlorine, chloramine, and other disinfecting products found on city water. Another product to look for is the redox media that filters the water by exchanging electrons, similar to how an ion-exchange water softener would work. Both filter media are excellent in preventing minerals from accessing the skin but aren’t always practical. The main breaking point for these components is high water temperature, which strips the media of its ability to filter appropriately. Sprite’s chlorgon media has fixed this issue by proving to be one of the most reliable components that can withstand temperature, heavy minerals, and bacterial growth on plumbing.

Water Treatment Systems to Consider

A handheld filter or softening unit can only go so far, but a sound water treatment system can take you all the way. Lucky for you, the Water Whizz filter professionals have reviewed the best products on the market, which are gathered into top-10 lists for you to evaluate.

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