Best Whole House Water Filter – Reviews, Awards, and Discounts 2021

For most of us who live at home, water takes up a significant proportion of our lives. Whether it’s for cooking, bathing, cleaning, or enjoying a fresh cup each morning, water is a priceless necessity. Even so, more than 43 states in the US suffer from contaminated water, which means that people often have to go out of their way to ensure clean water runs from their every tap. And for that, a whole-house water filter is the best way to go.

Best Whole House Water Filter

When we reviewed the best water filters of 2021, we saw that most people were after systems that provide filtered water for the entire home. That makes sense, as water contaminated with lead, chlorine, or other minerals usually causes a foul food taste, weird water odor, and issues with the hair and skin. By purchasing a whole-house water filter, you’ll ensure that each member of your family gets to drink delicious water, cook tasty meals, and have showers that leave them as refreshed as possible. Of course, you can also tackle all those issues by buying separate shower filters, faucet filters, under-sink filters, or even countertop filters. If you live in extreme conditions, a portable filter or a filter pitcher is also a clean water alternative.  

While that is an option worth considering, nothing will make you feel more at ease than a whole-house filter. Needless to say, you’re going to spend some extra bucks on setting the whole thing up, but we can honestly say that the by-product will be more than worth it. Below, you will find a list comprising of the nine most renowned whole-house water filters of 2021. We have picked these products via a screening process that emphasized reliability, long-term duration, performance, and most of all – price. We tried including numerous units, various filtering methods, and different price ranges, so everyone can find a system that perfectly matches their needs. Without further ado, let’s see what the market has to offer.

*The prices of all whole-house water filters were correct at the time of writing.

Best Whole-House Water Filters of 2021

1. Pelican Premium Whole-House Filter System ($759)

PC600 Whole-House Water Filter

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Whether you’ve just gotten into the water treatment world or have been circling different products for a while, you’ve probably heard of Pelican. The Pentair-owned company has put together some of the most comprehensive water treatment products in the industry, whether it’s water softeners (which we have reviewed), filters, UV-protection systems, and combo units. The Premium whole-house filter we’ve shown you here contains each system’s best features, packed into a budget-friendly price tag.

First, we must let you know that Pelican manufactures two systems for different bathroom capacities. The first one is made for one to three bathrooms and can sustain up to 600,000 gallons of water, whereas the second suits four to six bathrooms and satisfies up to 1,000,000 gallons of filtered water.

In our water pitchers review, we discussed that many manufacturers put false claims in their water treatment units. The best way to prove their genuineness is to see whether they’re certified by relevant agencies. Pelican is among the very few brands that not only carry the NSF/ANSI seal but showcase the authentic documents containing the full list of contaminant removal rates. You can learn more about this in our Pelican filters review, but here, we can tell you that this water filter is certified to remove about 97% of chlorine from drinking water. To do this, the Pelican filter utilizes a 5-micron filter that combats even the smallest and most stubborn water contaminants to absolute perfection. This filter is also great for hard water, as it prevents scale build-up on your plumbing and other fixtures. 

This Pelican whole-house filter comes with a pre-filter, a carbon-series filtration system, and a bypass valve (and fittings). This way, the filter system will remove the silt and sediment from your water before it gets the chance to ruin your pipes and give you all-around protection that you can hardly find elsewhere. Like most Pelican products, this whole-house filter requires no electricity or water drainage, so you’ll spend tons of money on the road to clean, filtered water. The Pelican filter comes with a three-month satisfaction agreement, a five-year performance guarantee, and a lifetime warranty on its tank and parts. On the brand’s official website, this whole-house water filter maintains a 4.8 score, accompanied by praise about its ease of use & installation, cost-effectiveness, and overall positive performance.  

2. Springwell Whole-House Water Filter System ($811)

* If you buy from Springwell, you’ll get free shipping anywhere on the continental US *

The second best whole-house water filter of 2021 is Springwell’s distinguished CF1 unit. The premium-grade water filter is specially designed for city water. For this, it uses catalytic coconut shell carbon and KDF media to remove multiple pollutants from municipal sources. Even though the NSF-certified list is quite extensive, the Springwell whole-house filter can reduce chlorine, chloramines, herbicides, pesticides, PFOA, PFAS & PFOSs, and other acids. This water filtration method is advantageous, as the Springwell creators have designed the system to be in as much contact with the water as possible.

This, in turn, causes the filtration elements to combat the contaminants more roughly, which then equals cleaner water. This procedure is done on four separate stages, so excellence is inevitable. 

First, the contaminated water goes through the KDF media that is specially made for removing larger particles found on municipal water. The spotlight here falls on chlorine and chloramines, as they are the main chemicals used in city water disinfection. The treated water then goes to the coconut-shell carbon that removes any remaining elements like VOCs, pesticides, and herbicides. In stage three, the whole-house filter utilizes a pressurized system that prevents water channeling and ensures that all significant elements are removed from the filters. In the last step, Springwell features a 5-micron sediment filter that identifies and removes any remaining sand, silt, clay, or other dirt formations for the ultimate filtration.

Besides being certified by the NSF for the effective removal of water pollutants, Springwell is also renowned for using state-of-the-art components in its filtering mechanisms. This means that while the whole-house water filter will treat the water as efficiently as possible, it will also ensure that the system is there for you in the long run. To take water protection to the next level, you can also attach a Springwell UV protection unit. The Springwell filter also has three models to choose from, all of which come with different flow rates. The 1-3 bathroom model supports a flow rate of up to 9 GPM, the 4-6 bathroom unit can sustain up to 12 GPM, whereas the 7+ bathroom system will boast about 25 GPM. The system itself is straightforward to install and is supported with a lifetime guarantee on all its parts & labor. As of now, the Springwell whole-house water filter has over 300 reviews and a 4.9 score

3. Aquasana Rhino Water Filter System ($799)

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Now, if you live in a large household or are looking for a clean water solution for your commercial area, you can hardly go wrong with Aquasana’s Rhino filter. The premium-grade whole-house system has 1,000,000 capacity that will satisfy you for up to ten years of continuous use. Part of why Aquasana has gathered more than 15,000 purchases of their filter systems is that they’re high-performing devices that come at affordable prices. What’s even more interesting is that this whole-house water filter is relatively cost-effective, too, as it performs like a commercial system but spends like a residential water filter. The Rhino or EQ-1000 filter is primarily used for city water sources specializing in 98% chlorine removal.

Rhino EQ-1000 Water Filtration System

Indeed, the Aquasana Rhino filter is certified by the NSF for significantly reducing chlorine, different types of heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, organic chemicals, VOCs, and many industrial solvents. Another advantage to this Aquasana filter is that it does quite a lot of favors to your air quality since it removes the hard water minerals evaporated from your steamy showers. If you’ve noticed a slimy texture in your shower curtains or an odd smell coming from them, then you ought to be pleased to know that Aquasana will most definitely make that a problem of the past. As a result, your home will get a transformed water quality that will promote tasty drinking water, fresh breathing, better cooking, brighter clothes, restored skin and hair, and most importantly – overall better health.

Like both Pelican and Springwell, Aquasana promotes a multi-stage filtration system that ensures each harmful particle is treated with the utmost care. The four-step whole-house filter includes a sediment pre-filter, a double-filter mechanism, and a post filter. For those who want keener protection in the hard water department, you can also opt for a salt-free water conditioner installed next to the pre-filter. In terms of reliability, we can genuinely say that Aquasana is as trustworthy as they come. When we reviewed the brand, we saw that it was the recipient of many prestigious awards, including the 2019th Company of the Year, the Old House’s Best New Home Product, and the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Best of the Test. The brand’s eco-friendly designs also granted it the Eco Excellence Award and mentions on Martha Stewart and Men’s Health. The Rhino filter currently holds a 4.6 review score

4. Aquaox 7-Stage Whole-House Filter System ($2,999)

* With the “Filter300” code, you’ll get a $300 discount on this whole-house filter *

While we appreciate a good bargain, it wouldn’t be fair to our water manufacturer friends if we didn’t include Aquaox’s fantastic whole-house filter system. The veteran-owned filter company is a relatively new brand, but since its formation in 2006, it has gone above and beyond to ensure US families have their endless supply of clean water. Like Springwell, this 7-stage water filter has two models to choose from: the regular system that can take up to 5 bathrooms and the XL system that’s suited for more. Over the years, Aquaox products were labeled as amazingly easy to install, virtually maintenance-free, and incredibly durable. So, whatever unit you decide to go with, we can assure you that it will exceed your expectations.

The secret behind Aquaox’s premier whole-house filter is that it utilizes a seven-stage procedure to eradicate contaminants from your water supply completely. First, the “dirty” water flows through a sediment pre-filter that removes the larger particles of pollutants, whether the water is from a city or well water source. Then, the water enters a catalytic carbon media that remove sulfides, iron, and chloramines. In the third stage, the water is taken on a KDF ride that removes chlorine, bacteria, algae, and any remaining iron parts in the water. After most of the damage is done, the whole-house filter system utilizes a coconut carbon shell media that is specially designed to tackle foul taste and odor, pesticides and herbicides, and other contaminants like pharmaceuticals out of your water supply.

Where things get really interesting is the filter system’s garnet media tank that starts and concludes the fifth stage of water filtration. Here, the water is rid of total suspended solids, some of the more hard-to-remove pollutants in nature. Garnet media is quite hard to get a hold of, but luckily, brands like Aquaox and Clack have managed to utilize them for their water filtration units. In the sixth stage, the brand’s whole-house filter features a filter AG that prevents screening to a maximum and removes any remaining dirt particles. In the seventh and last stage, the whole-house filter initiates a backwashing cycle that cleans the system up and ensures that its next session will be as practical as ever. To help you make the decision, Aquaox has warrantied its fantastic device with a 10-year no-hassle warranty and a 20-year premium performance guarantee. Right now, the system holds a 4.8 review score

5. iSpring 3-Stage Filter System ($469)

* You can get this whole-house water filter on Amazon for just $398 (unspecified period) *

For all of you Amazon lovers who are looking for a quick solution to your water problem, we present the iSpring filter system. This three-stage whole-house unit will protect your family, appliances, and own sanity from the dangers that come with contaminated water. Even though it is more compact than the previous models, the iSpring filter system installs directly in your main water supply so you will have a continuous stream of clean water on the go. This whole-house filter is NSF-certified to reduce about 99% of chlorine from both city and well water.

Moreover, the water filter has a 95% efficiency rate of removing sediment, rust, VOCs, industrial solvents, herbicides, pesticides, and everything in between. For those who want a mid-range product that does it all and then some, iSpring is the way to go.   

To install the whole-house filter system in your home, all you’re going to need is a little bit of willpower and iSpring’s installation manual. People love this filter system so much because it is completely DIY and has little no maintenance. The iSpring whole-house filter also causes the smallest impact on a house’s water flow, as it can hold up about 15 GPM of consistent flow. The space-saving filter system has a capacity of 100,000 gallons of water, which will supply the average US family with clean water for about a year. Besides the filters that do most of the work, iSpring has also used high-quality parts in constructing all features of this water filter. That’s why the US-based brand has the agency to say that while the unit may last for just a year, the customer satisfaction will go on for a lifetime.

Considering that this whole-house water filter uses a multi-faceted approach, we can safely say that no contaminant is safe from its screening process. The filtration process begins by utilizing a polypropylene pre-filter with a 5-micron texture for the maximum contaminant removal. Here, the whole-house system removes bigger particles like sediment, silt, dust, and rust, and by doing so, protects the unit from damage. In the second and third stage, the water goes through a CTO carbon-block filter that not only enhances the system’s efficiency but extends its filter’s life too. This stage is where most magic happens, as the water system carefully pinpoints each polluted element that needs to be taken apart from the clear water particles. The iSpring unit will also retain all the beneficial minerals in the water, so the end-product will taste delicious, feel smooth, and look healthy. In Amazon, this product is currently rated at 4.5 stars, whereas on its 123 Filter it has a 4.8 review score.

6. ProOne Standard ProHome Filter System ($1,799)

* Buying through this Social Labs Code will get you a discount of up to 20% *

Our second (and last) bulky-priced water filter comes from ProOne, a brand that you may probably know them by Propur. For those of you who know Propur, this system’s capacities won’t come as a surprise, as you’ve most likely heard about its flagship standards that accompany all their units. The ProHome Standard whole-house filter is part of a three-system product line that includes our current model, the ProHome Plus alternative ($1878), and the renowned ProHome Complete($2778), which contains pretty much everything that was ever created to combat water contaminants.

However, we’ve concluded that the ProOne Standard filter is entirely capable of doing a good job, and its extensions are mere tools to be used in regions with specific pollutants. But what exactly makes the ProHome as good as we say? 

For starters, the whole-house water filter has a great filtering capacity, as it is NSF-certified to remove up to 100,000 gallons of chlorine and up to 50,000 gallons of other contaminants. Among those, ProOne names non-organic acids, disinfectants, VOCs, water cysts, herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and heavy metals. To do this, the system’s manufacturers have used the ProOne G2-0 filters that are entirely known in the water treatment industry for their excellent efficiency in contaminant removal. The next “big thing” of this system also includes the sub-micron post-filter, which is an electrically-charged filter that does wonders for the polluted water. The ProOne Standard whole-house filter is suitable for both city and well water supplies, but depending on your location, you may need a water softener too. Luckily, ProOne has its range of saltless water conditioners to match the ProHome system perfectly, so you won’t have to scour the web for alternatives.

Like most “pricey” filters, the ProOne system also favors a remineralizing scheme. This means that while the “bad guys” in your water are extracted, the “good guys” are left in there. Another fantastic advantage is that the whole-house water filter is incredibly cheap to maintain, as it will only cost you an average cost of four cents per gallon. The ProOne filter also requires no electricity or drainage to run, so you’ll save thousands of dollars from maintaining the device properly. Unfortunately, the brand’s website doesn’t have a review section for assessing the customers’ satisfaction.

7. Whirlpool Central Home Filtration System ($479)

* In Eco Pure Home, you can find this whole-house water filter at $440 *

If you’re familiar with how traditional water softeners work, then you’ll be pleased to know that this Whirlpool filter follows more or less the same road. Typically, water filters have special filter cartridges that have to be replaced now and then because they wear off and the filtration elements are no longer active. In the case of our Aquaox filter, this process is prolonged since the whole-house system initiates a backwashing cycle that cleans up the filter element to be reused. Similarly, Whirlpool has designed this whole-house water system to use its Filter Sense technology that intelligently indicates when the filters need to be flushed and cleaned for proper use.

This process is programmed to happen once every two weeks or so, which means that you won’t have to interfere with the system’s maintenance for as long as the whole-house filter unit functions in your home.

Besides the undeniable advantage of maintenance-free use, this water filter system is also great for many other reasons. First, we must note that the Whirlpool filter is made of high-grade components and premium filter elements, a fact that is even more fascinating when you consider the system’s budget-friendly price. Moreover, this filter system is certified by the NSF to remove dozens of contaminants from city or well water supplies, so you can perfectly match the system for your living situation. What’s even more interesting is that Whirlpool is certified to remove particles as small as 40 microns, so no chlorine, pesticide, herbicide, VOC, water cyst, or heavy metal element is safe. The unit’s filter parts are safely locked in, so you won’t have to worry about any health hazards or eventual leakage on Whirlpool’s end.  

When discussing Whirlpool, one thing that always comes to mind is that reliability will follow your every step of using its system. As many customers have pointed out, the whole-house water filter comes with an effortless DIY installation that anyone with a little plumbing knowledge can perform. The buyers also loved the attached bypass valve, which allows you to play around with the water filtration system without having to shut off all the faucets in your home. The system is warrantied for one year in parts and labor, three years on the electronics, and five years on the tank. As of now, this whole-house water filter has our unrequited respect, a satisfactory 4.5 rating on Amazon, and a significant fanbase behind it.

8. Tier1 Eco Series Water Filtration System ($761)

* By using the code “SAVE15“, you’ll get a 15% discount on Tier1’s official website *

When we reviewed Tier1, what struck us out the most was the elegance with which all its products were designed. Besides being clear guarantees of fitting entirely next to your inline water source, these filter systems capitalize on intelligent designs. The Eco-Series water filter is primarily made for city water, so if a municipal water source supplies you – you’ve just hit the jackpot! Like all great systems, the Tier1 wonder is certified by the NSF for reducing chlorine up to 1,100,000 gallons of water. Staying true to its name, the Eco Series water filter is also incredibly cost-effective, as it has a simple upflow layout and requires no electricity, drainage, or aggravating valves to function.

Now, the water filter lies all its trust on the system’s KDF media that goes above and beyond, so you and your beautiful family will get to have clean water wherever and whenever they want to. This media can reduce many contaminants like heavy metals, chlorine, mercury, lead, herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, pharmaceuticals, and more. Moreover, the system’s activated granular carbon will place the final nail in the coffin, as its joint effort with the KDF media will produce deliciously-tasting water that prioritizes good health. If you want to adapt the whole-house water system for your well water source, you may have to opt for an additional pre-filter that will also take care of sediment and dirt; or a water conditioner that will tackle hard water issues. For more about that, you can check out our softeners guide.

All in all, the Eco Series filter system is ideal for larger homes and small commercial purposes, as it holds an excellent and consistent water flow and doesn’t interfere with your house’s existing water pressure. What’s most favorable about this water filter system is that the Tier1 unit will come self-contained and pre-loaded with the media filter, so it’ll be ready for you to use as soon as you take it out of the package. The brand has also included all the fittings, valves, and mounting brackets, which – when combined with the easy-to-read instruction manual, will turn the unit’s installation into a walk in the park. After all is said and done, Tier1 guarantees that your water will be completely cleared of all those awful tastes and odors, dissolved minerals, microorganisms, sediment, and turbidity. This system is currently rated at 4.9, but we’re unsure whether the reviews are from confirmed purchases.  

9. GE Appliances Whole-House Filter ($69.99)

* There are currently no discounts for this unit, but we will update it as soon as there are *

We’ve saved the last spot for a product that most everyone can purchase and is actually worth it in the long term. Because budget-friendly water systems don’t have to be tacky, we’ve included the GE Appliances‘ whole-house filter that’s both effective and practical. The compact-sized filter supports heavy-duty water consumption, which means that it will suit you perfectly whether you live alone in a small flat or are the fifth member of a country house family. Because the water filter prioritizes convenience, you will barely notice it next to your inline water supply. However, this unit’s customers have also noted that the system is easily accessible too, so you will most likely be happy in all departments. 

To install this system in your house, all you’re going to have to do is utilize its plumbing connection, pressure-relief valve, and mounting bracket – all of which are included within the package. The whole-house water filter also has a filter indicator, so you’ll always know beforehand that your system needs a change. According to the manufacturers, this filter will last the average family for about three months, which is more than what GE’s competitors have to offer. GE advises using genuine replacements for the optimal filtration results, but many customers have noted that third-party ones work just fine too. Water Whizz has also covered some of the best replacement filters on the market, so make sure to check that out.  

Because we wouldn’t dare include a product that the relevant agencies do not endorse, we must let you know that the GE water filter is NSF certified. Even though the whole-house water treatment system falls behind the previous mentions, it is still capable of producing clean water for entire families. The GE system has an 80% efficiency rate for reducing chlorine. Still, it has also been praised for interfering with heavy metals like lead and mercury, herbicides and pesticides, and some VOCs. As for the system’s overall performance, it’s worth noting that it maintains a feed water pressure of up to 100 PSI and a water temperature of 40 – 100 degrees. The GE whole-house filter also has a remote timer attached, so you can get to choose precisely when you want the unit to treat your water. To help you keep peace of mind, the brand has included a one-year warranty in parts and labor on the entire appliance. As for the satisfaction score, the water filter currently lies at 4.1. 

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