Brita Water Filter Review, Awards, And Discounts 2021

If you’re anything like us, you need to make sure that the water filter you’re going for is the best that the industry can offer. In that case, you can rest assured that the Brita will produce state of the art filtered water that scores high on chlorinecoppermercury, and lead reduction. As the brand explains, Brita has been around the water treatment industry for more than 25 years, which has helped it manufacture some of the best water filters for enhancing the drinking water quality.

Brita Water Filter

Like Soma and Pelican, Brita water filters are also renowned for their efforts in ensuring sustainability, as one single Brita filter eliminates over 300 plastic bottles. Unlike standard water filters that aren’t fit for purpose after 40 gallons, Brita ensures that all its filters maintain their effectiveness for much longer. So, without further ado, let us walk you through everything Brita has to give to the homeowner.

What Type Of Products Does Brita Make?

When Brita first started spreading like wildfire, its most prominent products were the premium-grade filter pitchers and dispensers, which remain one of Brita’s bestsellers to this day. For those who are always on the run, Brita offers water bottles that filter the contaminated water on the go. Suppose you want filtered water straight from the tap. In that case, you can take advantage of the filter faucet systems that bring convenience with every drop. Lastly, on the brand’s website, you can find all sorts of replacement filters mounted on their pitchers, dispensers, or filter bottles.

Even though all Brita products are worth talking about, we’re going to put today’s spotlight on its most renowned filter pitcher models, prices*, and awards. We have picked a selection with the best-rated Brita pitchers (as seen on Brita‘s website), but we urge you to check-out the store yourself to browse the hidden gems that the brand has to offer. Besides the products listed below, you should also read into the Lake ($29.99)Wave ($29.99), Pacifica ($32.99), and Space Saver ($22.99) models.

* All prices of the Brita products were correct at the time of writing.

Grand Large Water Pitcher ($32.99)

Grand Large Water Pitcher

The most popular Brita pitcher is the 10-cup Grand model, with over 1400 purchases and a remarkable 4.8 review score. Whether you want a white, green, red, or black water filter pitcher, Brita will perfectly accommodate your kitchen. These Brita pitcher filters are certified for chlorine, copper, mercurycadmium, and lead reduction on any water source. Weighing just about 2.5 lbs, these water pitchers use the celebrated Longlast Brita filter for pitcher units that lasts three times longer than regular water filters that sustain up to 40 gallons. That means that you won’t have to replace the cup pitcher filters for six months, which leaves you plenty of time to enjoy the high-quality filtered water.

Following its premium legacy, the Grand Brita pitcher comprises a BPA-free plastic coating that eliminates odors from your drinking water. What’s great about this 10-cup water pitcher is that it employs an upgraded filter fit and locking lid, which means that you can replace its Brita water filters with the utmost ease. Whether you want to filter pond, lake, or tap water, these Brita water pitchers will guarantee that the maximum amount of substances are eliminated. The Grand water pitcher also features a soft-touch handle and electronic indicator, so the unit is as convenient as it can be.

Soho Water Pitcher ($29.99)

Just like the luxury galleries of New York, the Soho Brita water pitcher will make you feel like you’re on top of the world. This water pitcher has a 6-cup capacity, making it fitter for small to medium houses who want clean drinking water on demand. Even so, this Brita water pitcher uses the same Longlast filters that will transform the minerals in your tap water as soon as it pours into the device. As of now, this 4.8 point water filter will reduce the water’s notorious chlorine taste and smell, cadmium, mercuryasbestos cysts, benzene, and is certified for an efficient lead reduction of up to 99%.

Soho Water Pitcher

What’s great about the Soho water filter pitcher is that it weighs as little as 1.3 lbs, so you can easily carry it around the dinner table to serve your guests. To give its customers worry-free use, Brita has also designed the Soho water filter pitcher with BPA-free materials that are entirely safe for human consumption. Depending on the severity of your water contamination, you should replace the Brita filters every two months up to six months. Don’t worry, though, as the pitchers’ electronic indicator will let you know when your unit needs replacing, so you can freely enjoy the Brita filtered water.

Monterey Water Pitcher ($39.99)

Monterey Water Pitcher

The third most talked-about water filter pitcher is the Brita Monterey model that’s ideal for people who have many guests over at all times or are only residing in a very thirsty household. With a 120 gallon capacity, the 10-cup pitcher comes in its trademarked blue coating and white, green, and black ones for more modern kitchens. Even though the Monterey filter pitcher weighs about 2.6 lbs, it will easily fit into most fridges. The manufacturers at Brita claim that as soon as your tap water enters this pitcher, you will notice the difference in the improved quality of the drinking water.

To properly evaluate the filtering abilities of this water filter pitcher, Brita has compared it to the industry’s leading competition, specifically – Pur Water and Zerowater. As a result, it was observed that the Longlast water filter lasts three times longer than the Pur pitchers’ and six times longer than Zerowater. Alternatively, the 10-cup pitcher will effortlessly reduce lead, mercurychlorinecadmium, and other minerals that affect the water’s taste and odor. The BPA-free water filter pitcher has about 400 purchases on Brita, maintaining a 4.2 review score.

Metro Water Pitcher ($19.99)

The Metro Brita water filter is another 6-cup water treatment unit with the same abilities as the bigger models in a compact-sized design. The red or white pitcher is perfect for you if you’re after a specific device to treat your tap water. The Metro pitcher utilizes the standard Brita water filter capable of reducing the awful chlorine taste and odor while also removing contaminants like coppercadmium, and mercury – from which the US households suffer the most. It’s also worth noting that all Brita pitcher models are certified by the WQA, so optimal treatment is more or less guaranteed.

Metro Water Pitcher

Besides being adorable, the space-saving Metro pitcher is convenient too. After it welcomes your tap water with open hands (see: filters), it immediately begins the water treatment process that takes no more than five minutes. The pitchers’ practicality continues with the locking lid that minimizes the risk of leakage and the improved filter fit that eases up the filter replacements. After the initial two months have passed, these pitcher filters will notify you through the indicator that a filter replacement is due. Currently, the Metro pitcher has over 600 purchases and a 4.7 review score.

Everyday Water Pitcher ($26.99)

Everyday Water Pitcher

Even though the Brita Everyday pitcher filters are within the standard model range, we couldn’t help but include them on this list due to the product’s large fan base. This Brita pitcher had over 2600 purchases at the time of writing and a 4.8 review score – more extensive than all water filter pitchers we presented here today. The budget-friendly water filter pitcher has a large 10-cup capacity, although it suffers from a relatively slower flow rate than the Monterey or Grand filters. Also, the Brita Everyday pitcher weighs just about 2.2 lbs, so serving and pouring won’t be an issue either.

With BPA-free components and a spotless WQA certification, this Brita filter pitcher will conveniently remove dozens of contaminants from your tap water, including copperchlorine (taste and odor), mercury, and cadmium. Even though this water pitcher employs a standard-grade filter rather than a Longlast one, customers have reported that they’re delighted with the filtration quality that this filter pitcher provides. This water filter pitcher also features a sticker filter indicator, which – even though more simplistic, does the job just fine. After all, sound quality is what we’re all after, isn’t it?

Which Awards Has Brita Won?

If you’re still wondering just how effective Brita filters are, we’re here to tell you that they might be some of the most effective ones on the market. Besides having tested significant health benefits, water filtered by Brita is generally lighter, cleaner, and more delicious than the competitions’. If you can’t take out word for it, here are the world’s most prestigious agencies backing our clause.

  • Brita’s Navelia water filter jug was awarded the Japanese Good Design Award (2008) and the Red Dot Award (2009) for its fantastic design innovation.
  • The UK’s Brita was awarded the Green Apple Award that congratulates the brand’s efforts in practicing eco-friendly policies towards a safer and greener planet.
  • Brita’s MyPure Pro water filters were awarded the IF Design Award (2019), which, according to the critics, is one of the most sophisticated water filters of the recent years.
  • The European Centre endorsed Brita water filter pitchers in its 2017 Good Design Awards. Specifically, Brita was awarded in the Household Products category.
  • The Minnesota Recycling Association congratulated Brita with the Denise Kolar Award granted to brands that promote resource conservation efforts towards better recycling practices.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Brita Filters?

As it is apparent with each water filter pitcher, buyers are delighted with their Brita products. All the filter pitcher models by the brand (including the ones we didn’t present) scored points higher than 4.2, which is fantastic when considering that the brand has thousands of purchases with each water filter. The Brita Everyday (4.8 ratings) water filter pitcher is the most talked-about unit, so it remains the most reliable one. Even though this water treatment unit doesn’t employ the more sophisticated filters that Brita can provide, it seems to generate excellent results in water treatment.

Brita Filters Customer Review

For the high-end category, the Soho (4.8 ratings) and Grand (4.8 ratings) models are the highest-rated, whereas the Monterey (4.2 ratings) water filter is the least-rated. The most recurring theme for the former two filters is the high water capacity and fast filtration times. Customers are in love with the fact that they can fill up their pitcher filter, put it in the fridge, and have gallons of water ready for them on the go. Amidst the negative reviews, what struck us most was that the buyers were unhappy with the filters’ internal fittings, which, according to them, weren’t as good as advertised. Some customers also found the spout uncomfortable, especially with the heavy Grand unit.

As for the Monterey water filter pitcher, many buyers argued that the manufacturers have probably spent more time designing the filter’s aesthetic rather than its convenience. Even though the large water filter is gorgeous to look at, many reviews stated issues with filter adjustments, locking lids, and handle. On a positive note, we must mention that the buyers were exalted with these filters’ lifespan, as they could treat gallons of water before a replacement was due. Some buyers also reported that they had this water filter for years, which is excellent for those who are looking for a long-term solution.

What Guarantee Period Does Brita Offer?

Brita water filters are considered to be some of the most durable products in the water industry. With state of the art components and premium-grade parts, a Brita filter will most likely last you for up to twenty years, as long as you tend to the filter replacements. In terms of warranties, Brita doesn’t stand as high on the scoreboard as other brands like PurAquasana, or Tier1. Even though all Brita filter products come with a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee, they’re only supported with a one-year warranty in parts and labor. However, buyers have noted that Brita was accommodating even in situations that were way past the warranty period, so the brand will most likely not let you down.

Where Can I Buy Brita Filters?

Brita maintains the largest filter production pool, so you should expect to find their products almost anywhere. The titan brand has unique websites for each region of the world, so even if you live outside of the US, there will probably be a local Brita vendor in your local area. If you buy directly from Brita, you can also sign-up for its membership program that will send you regular coupons, reminders to change the filter cartridges in your device, and other perks that bring you closer to clean water.

If you’re more of an online buyer, you can get the brand’s filter products in most available sellers, including AmazonTargetWalmartBed Bath & BeyondHome Depot, and more. If you head over to Brita’s store locator, you can also find the nearest store from your location where you can test-out your filter device before you decide on it. Home Depot even has some excellent filter plans that you can take advantage of, so make sure to check out all its specs before you purchase a product.

Brita Filters Buying Guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Brita Filters?

  • Any purchase above $100 will be awarded free-shipping on all Brita products.
  • For an unspecified period, Amazon has issued a 40% discount on select Brita products, including the previously mentioned pitcher models.
  • At Walmart, specific Brita products are sold under discounts of up to 20%, including free next-day shipping for deals above $35.

How To Dispose Of Your Old Filter

Disposing your old water pitcher can be a pain, especially when your filter manufacturer doesn’t have an official policy that handles the recycling of old filters. Contrary to water filtration systems, a water pitcher is more comfortable to dispose of as it is usually made of plastic (easily recyclable) and bio-degradable components (like carbon shells) that can be easily thrown out in the garden. If that’s still too much to handle, you can hire a third-party to do the deed for you, as long as you pay the fees.

If your old filter is from Brita, then you’re among the lucky ones. Brita is officially affiliated with TerraCycle – a premium recycling company that will take care of your used filters via your Brita membership. By recycling filters, bottles, or other Brita products, you will earn reward points, which you can redeem for different gifts from the brand. All you have to do is follow the instructions and sign-up for Brita’s membership program to walk you through the entire process.

What Are The Alternatives To The Brita Filters?

If we speak in terms of pitcher vs. pitcher, it’s only fair to let you know that Brita’s main competitor is Aquasana, quickly followed by Berkey. Luckily, we’ve done our heavy research on both brands, so all you have to do is read the reviews to make an informed decision. For eco-friendly solutions to filtering water, you should dive into the works of PelicanSomaAquarain, and Every Drop. For those of you who want to branch out with full-sized filtration systems, you can learn more with the guides below.

The Verdict On Brita Filters

Our verdict on Brita products is more or less redundant, considering that Brita is one of the most researched brands in the water treatment business. However, we should also be the ones to endorse the idea that Brita filters are entirely worth it, whether you opt for a heavy-duty model or a compact-sized one. What you should expect from your Brita is a steady flow rate, a fast filtering process, a durable unit, and a reliable device that will improve your water quality at a low cost. And when you consider that the brand is friendlier to the wallet compared to the competitors’ units, you can’t help but praise it. As with any other manufacturer, Brita has faults that are most related to its flawed designs, but customers seem to overlook it when it comes to the system as a whole. For what it’s worth, Water Whizz fully recommends Brita while believing that it will satisfy all your clean water needs.

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