Clack Water Softener Review 2021

When it comes to water softening products, Clack is one of the most notable brands currently on the market. Since its creation in 1944, this manufacturer has been distributing premium-quality industrial products to its customers all around the US. Clack designs some of the most sophisticated water systems directed towards residential, commercial, and industrial uses.

Clack Water Softener

Clack also supplies some of the world’s most prominent companies in the water processing industry, so you should know that buying from Clack means buying from the best. Today, we’ll be reviewing the best products manufactured by the brand, mainly focusing on water softener parts.

What Type Of Products Does Clack Make?

On Clark’s official website, we were able to find a wide range of water treatment systems that weren’t limited to control valves, fittings, and accessories. We discovered that Clack also makes ion exchange resin and filter media, mineral, specialty, and retention tanks, brine tanks and cabinets, RO systems and accessories, and melt-blown filters. But which Clack softener parts are renowned for their quality, and how can they enhance your water softener?

Clack WS100 Water Softener

Clack WS100 Water Softener

First, we must clarify that Clack doesn’t sell full home water treatment systems but rather integral parts that other manufacturers use for building the said systems. However, some distributors like Discount Water Softeners have put together a water softening system comprising of Clack’s most renowned products. To begin with, the WS100 Pro Series includes the WS1 control valve, 10% Aldex crosslink resin, Clack resin & brine tanks, as well as the 1″ bypass valve. The starting capacity for this Clack water softener is 24,000 grains, but you will have access to seven more models that can take up as much as 120,000 GPG. At the time of writing, the correct price range for this water softener started at $689.00 – $1,579.00, depending on the unit’s tank system and grain capacity.

As you will see on Discount Softener’s page, these water softeners are not available for online sale as per the Clack Corporation rules. However, what this softener will provide once you contact the brand directly is nothing short of fantastic. These water softeners come with an easy installation kit and solid-state microprocessors that make up for effortless use. With 36 pre-programmed regeneration cycles and double backwash features, this water softener will always prioritize efficiency. By saving you both salt and money, this Clack softener will make hard water a thing of the past – something that your dishwashers, washing machines, and other home units will thank you for.

Unfortunately, the WS100 will be the only Clack water softener you will find online. Although the price range differs slightly with each vendor, you should know that any Clack water softener sold below the above tag is simply not genuine. The good news is that Clack sells its water softener parts via a network of independent OEM‘s that can put up a Clack water softener for you in no time. Think of it like a Build a Bear workshop, only with Clack water softener parts. We’ll guide you through this process later, but first, here are the best water treatment parts that Clack offers for building your super-machine.

Clack Premium Grade Control Valves

If you’ve heard of Clack before, it probably regards its fantastic range of control valves. As Clack explains, the aim of the game with these high-performing units was to design something that would cover a wide range of water problems while being composed of standard parts. Evidently, Clack managed to pull through with its ideal and designed three fundamental control valve models.

Clack WS1 Control Valve

This brand’s first control valve is the WS1 model that is manufactured for both residential and commercial use. The automatic valve will control ion exchange on flow rates as high as 27 GPM. Since its first release in 2001, the WS1 water softener valve would feature the WS1 TC, the WS1 EI, and the WS1 CI models. Whether you need a valve for salt-free or salt-based softeners, water filtration units, or even whole-house systems – the WS1 won’t let you down. This soft-water auxiliary has nine injector sizes for you to choose from, so you can recommend it to as many people as you wish.

Clack WS2 EI & Clack WS2 EE

The WS2 range of Clack control valves chiefly includes the EI model for commercial and whole-house water softeners and the EE model for residential softener & water filtration systems. To combat calcium and magnesium, both control valves promote optimal regeneration, efficiency, and flow rates. Thanks to its reliable and proven DC drive, the WS2 control valve will keep the water usage low while also managing the energy waste. The WS2 range also includes the WS2H and the WS2QC models that operate with higher service flow rates than the previous water softener valves. All Clack valves have an integrated solid-state microprocessor that displays the time of day, current flow rate, remaining salt volume, days until the next regeneration, and more.

Clack WS3 Control Valve

The Clack WS3 is the 3” control valve that’s suited for commercial and industrial applications. Coupled with a good water softener body, this unit will sustain a service flow rate of 250 GPM, which is ideal. This valve will treat hard water by initiating four modes of downflow regeneration, whether it’s meter-delayed, immediate, time-clock delayed, or pressure differential. Like the other Clack valves, the WS3 has fully-programmable regeneration cycles, of which you can customize both the times and sequences. And to make sure that you won’t lose the system settings, the hard-water machine will override your home’s valve options for as much as 28 days.

Clack Water Softener Resin

When it comes to salt-based water softeners, it’s crucial to find the right resin that will reduce calcium and magnesium in your water supply and do so as effectively as possible. Clack follows that same line of thought, so that’s why the brand has also occupied themselves with producing premium-grade resins and media for your brine tank. Below, you will find Clack’s media range for water softeners, water filters, and whole-house systems, along with the primary applications of each product.

Clack Mineral & Brine Tanks

The actual superstars of the Clack water softener range are its brine and resin tanks, known worldwide for their practicality, durability, and ease of use. These mineral tanks are all made of high-density polyethylene, one of the most robust plastic components on the market. As for its blow-molded brine tanks, Clack has made sure to accommodate the pickiest customers by offering a wide range of products for us to choose from. As such, these salt-based tanks come in different shapes and sizes and can contain water capacities of as much as 150 gallons. Let’s go by them one by one.

Clack Traditional Brine Tanks

For those looking for traditional water softener tanks, you will find that Clack has quite the selection for you. Whether you need a compact-sized water softer or a commercial-sized one, you can wholeheartedly trust Clack’s craftsmanship. We have seen our fair share of ill-designed water softeners, so we know all about the wrist strains from salt refills, hard-to-open caps, and badly-positioned units next to washing machines. We have also given Clack products a thorough review, so when you check out the following brine tanks, you won’t have to fret about any of that.

Clack Mineral Tanks

Clack’s mineral tanks are carefully manufactured to promote higher strength and pressure abilities for your water softeners. These soft-water tanks are available with diameters from 8″ to 24″, so you won’t have to worry if your water softener system will fit.

The NSF-certified salt tank sustains capacities of 6.7 to 122.6 gallons and pressure levels as high as 15o PSI. With a maximum operating temperature of 120°F, the best water mineral tanks are supported with a limited 10/5 year warranty on the unit’s vessels.

Clack Dome Hole Tanks

For those looking to filter hard water on top of softening it, we recommend Clack’s dome hole tank range that’s as practical as can be. This filter system auxiliary has a large dome opening with a coarse thread design that opens effortlessly when you need to refill the salt. Thanks to its convenient space, you won’t have to deal with salt grains getting stuck on the threads, as is the case with many water softeners. This tank also comes with a handy funnel so that you can refill it as comfortably as possible. This range supports 16 to 28 gallons capacities and comes with a limited ten-year warranty on all parts.

Clack Water Specialist Cabinets

If you’ve used a water softener before, Clack’s specialist cabinet tank will look very familiar. This water softener cabinet can be matched with Clack’s WS1 valve to create a salt-based system that will eradicate hard water in no time. The high-grade brine tank is designed with straightforward principles, so you won’t have any issues with installing or using it. Similar to those old-fashioned trash cans, this tank’s opening glides over to reveal a large chute for adding salt to the system. This water softener tank comes with capacities of 14-28 gallons and is supported for ten years.

Clack Windsor Hi & Lo-Profile Cabinets

Clack’s Windsor tank range is manufactured to accommodate most (if not all) water softeners currently on the market. The lo-profile cabinets are designed with two injection-molded covers that leave the valve open for the user’s straightforward adjustment. The hi-profile alternatives also feature a one-piece shell that is primarily aimed at simpler water softeners. On top of each water softener tank, you will find a large opening for salt refills, which comes in very handy. Both hard-water tanks are easily assembled and set-up, so you won’t have to worry about wasting money on plumbing work either.

Clack Rotationally-Molded Tanks

When it comes to water softeners, one of the most under-represented targets are the commercial & industrial groups. The water softener tanks manufactured for them are usually made of cheap materials and break down over short periods. Bearing that in mind, Clack has designed an ideal soft water tank made of rotationally-molded plastic. Thanks to these components, these water softener tanks won’t budge, no matter how tough your salt-regeneration requirements are.

The commercial-sized water softener tanks can sustain an operating temperature range of 40o°F – 125o°F.

Clack currently manufactures eight models of these water softener tanks, so you will most definitely find the right one to suit your needs. These water softener tanks have a salt-capacity range of 800 – 4500 lbs and a 95 – 500 gallons volume. And thanks to its high-density polyethylene walls and high-grade coating, you won’t have to spend any extra money on maintenance either.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Clack?

Since Clack doesn’t do business with the customer directly, it’s hard to know what people think about the brand. The only place where we could find a Clack water softener review section was on Google, where the brand has a 4.2 score. Almost the entire review columns on this domain note that Clack has been incredibly professional, both in product installation and customer service. Birdeye also has an opening on Clack water softener products, where the brand has gathered a 4.2 score.

When it comes to the actual performance of the water softener, we took to other reviewing sites. On Water Tech Advice, the WS100 water softener has a score of 4.5, which we can’t help but acknowledge. When it comes to treating hard water, the Pro Series water softener is noted to do “exactly what it promises” while saving the customer some money on the process. After all, that’s everything one looks for in a soft-water machine, right?

What Guarantee Period Does Clack Offer?

Clack products are generally proven to maintain functionality for a long time. If the water softener you purchased is made of genuine Clack components, then you should expect it to last for more than 15 years. How warranties back this claim depends on the parts you’ve chosen for your water softener. For example, the WS1 water softener valve is backed with a five-year warranty, but the traditional water brine tank is supported for more than ten years. What we can assure you, though, is that any system you buy from Clack will be there for you in the long run.

Where Can I Buy Clack Water Softener Parts?

Clack currently has three distribution centers, so if you live in the US, you can visit them directly. On the brand’s official website, you can find the directions to the headquarters in Windsor, WI; Rogers, AR; or Phoenix, AZ. Alternatively, you can also contact them directly by filling a customer’s form. After they get your information, Clack will contact you directly, and you can discuss the details.

Clack’s assembled water softener units can also be found on vendors like Discount Water Softeners or Amazon, but you should be careful with these purchases. Since they may come from non-authentic sources, you can get a defective product or a poorly-assembled unit that’s not Clack warrantied.

What Are the Alternatives To The Clack Water Softener?

Clack water softeners are great, but they only come with one model assembly that may not suit all hard-water situations. Some may prefer a salt-free option, a higher-capacity system, or would simply like to window-shop their alternatives. Lucky for you, the researchers at Water Whizz have reviewed the best water softener and filter brands on the market, which you can find below.

The Verdict on The Clack Water Softener?

Finding the right water softener to get rid of hard water is a pain, but Clack has somehow made it look easy. The one (and only) water softener by this brand is the WS100 model manufactured with the famous Clack WS1 valve. It’s uncertain whether practicality, efficiency, or durability is what draws us towards this softener, but we simply can’t praise it enough.

Considering its components, this water processing unit doesn’t shy away from the fact that it is way more affordable than other systems online. With seven-grain capacities to choose from, the WS100 water softener ensures that any customer will find the right model to suit their needs. What’s also great about these water softeners is that they employ some of the tidiest brine tanks, meaning that you can enjoy a salt-free life and not have to worry about cleaning its clogged pipes ever so often. Ultimately, due to Clack’s wide range of valves, tanks, and other parts, we are confident that you can put together the perfect water softening machine – at great prices too.

When it comes to these parts, you can rest knowing that quality and performance are always considered dead-giveaways. Clack has been in the water softening world for over 70 years, so their manufacturers know what they’re doing. What once started as a small family business has grown into a full-distributing system that concerns both the homeowner and the biggest US-based water systems manufacturers. That’s why us here at Water Whizz can’t help but recommend the brand to all our readers, in hopes that everyone who tries Clack will be just as delighted as us.

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