Culligan Water Softener Reviews, Awards And Discounts 2021

A study carried by the WQA and Battelle institute reported that the use of soft water for cleaning clothes results in 25% less energy wasted on appliances. Similarly, they found that a water softener will cut back detergent costs by as much as 50%. If you live in the US’s northeastern hemisphere, you may find that buying a water softener will bring benefits that you never thought you needed. And for that, we want you to consider a Culligan product.

Culligan Water Softeners

Culligan Water is among those industries with a long-standing legacy of providing cleaner, healthier, and better-tasting water for more than 80 years. Being in the water treatment business since 1936, Culligan now has over 5000 staff members all around the world. They manufacture everything related to water, from water softeners, filtration units, and reverse osmosis systems – all the way to water cooling machines.

With a Culligan softener, you will notice changes in appliance performance, improved food flavor, reduced cleaning times, and overall better health. We have done a thorough Culligan water softener review, so you can take our word for it. If you need more convincing, read below, and find out about this brand’s most distinguished products, features, awards, discounts, and more. Alternatively, you can head over to the Culligan website and schedule a free water test and consultation for your whole house.

What Type Of Products Does Culligan Waters Make?

Culligan Water is a colossal manufacturer that designs and distributes several water treatment systems throughout the US. Whether you need water softeners (salt-based or salt-free), water filtration systems (whole homedrinking water), or water dispensers (bottledhot & cold, or bottle-free), Culligan most likely has it. Today, we’re putting the spotlight on their water softening systems, which employ some of the industry’s most advanced designs.

High-Efficiency Water Softener

Culligan High-Efficiency Water Softener

The best Culligan water softener is the HE model that utilizes a 1-inch control valve for combating hard water in large households. The magic behind the Culligan high-efficiency unit is its smart brine tank probe that minimizes salt and water use for the most economical gain.

Thanks to its Water Meter mode and Aqua-Sensor setting, the Culligan system will detect the most economical time for regeneration, all by itself. If you would instead like to control the unit by yourself, you can take advantage of its Manual Regeneration feature that’s very easy to access.

The Culligan high-efficiency water softener hosts an integrated Wi-Fi adapter that lets you see your daily or weekly consumption patterns on your phone. You can also choose to have your Culligan high-efficiency softener coated with their trademarked Quadra-Hull tank that is perfect for outdoor use. The four-layered design in this tank is non-corrosive and immune to UV rays and rust. Finally, by purchasing a Culligan high-efficiency softener, you will also be able to customize the water hardness level, all thanks to the Dial-A-Softness valve it hosts.

Gold Series Water Softener

Our next hot-pick is the Culligan Gold Series that integrates a premium-grade water filter to not only soften the water but clean it of excessive minerals too. By hosting a 30,000 to 90,000 GPG capacity, these water conditioner units will use innovative ion exchange technology to treat municipal water efficiently.Culligan has also employed the gold series with an advanced control valve that regulates your entire home’s water hardness so that you will gain maximum control. This way, you can decide just how soft you want your water to be, all with one click.

Another feature separating the Culligan gold series from the other models is its Demand-Initiated function that only starts the regeneration when the final water consumption levels have been reached.

Culligan Gold Series Water Softener

This means that the gold series water softener will reduce the water and salt use levels to a minimum, granting you some extra bucks in your pocket. Remember the Quadra-Hull layer we talked about earlier? Well, the Culligan gold series is the first model to be manufactured with the fantastic tank, so you won’t have to worry about reliability under any weather conditions.

Medalist Series Water Softener

Culligan Medalist Series Water Softener

The Medalist model is the third and last salt-based water softener that’s manufactured by Culligan. Simultaneously, this home water system is the most affordable out of the three, so it may be the best choice for those opting for budget-friendly prices. The medalist Culligan water softener utilizes a sophisticated control valve that provides five water regeneration cycles for your home. It’s worth mentioning that upon shipping, its media tank is filled with ion exchange resin that effectively softens the hard components from your municipal water source.

Among the most talked-about features from the Culligan water softener reviews was the unit’s Guest Cycle option. If you need an extra supply of soft water, this feature will automatically prompt the water softener to start a regeneration cycle on the go.

The Culligan water softener is also coated with a filament-would layer that compliments the tank’s robust interior beautifully. This way, you can use the water softener both indoors and outdoors without needing to call the Culligan man for a check-up.

Salt-Free Water Conditioner

If you live in a brine-restricted area or would simply prefer a salt-free water system, Culligan can provide a solution. Even though the Culligan water conditioner isn’t as intense as a softener, it does a reasonably good job of reducing limescale and breaking down water-hardening minerals. The Culligan water conditioner operates by using the trademarked CullACT media that uses similar technology to the ion exchange procedure found in traditional water softeners. Even though it is a water conditioner, this salt-free unit can sustain water hardness levels of up to 75 GPG.

This water conditioner is the best choice for the environment because it uses a neutralizing procedure instead of elimination. This causes the water softening not to affect the carbon footprint, leaving no waste on the environment surrounding the unit.

Culligan Salt-Free Water Conditioner

Moreover, the Culligan water conditioner is designed to be low maintenance, which involves customer service and high energy costs. If you care about the environment, we can’t help but recommend the fantastic Culligan water conditioner.

Portable Water Softener Exchange Service

Culligan Water Softener Exchange Service

The last soft water solution that Culligan brings us is the portable water softener exchange system it employs. This water softening system works in the form of continuous exchange between you and Culligan’s customer service. Being the optimal choice for community housing and rental areas in brine-free zones, this water softener alternative will reduce water and energy costs, along with time and effort for its buyers.

Here’s how it works. After the initial evaluation of your home by a certified Culligan man, you will receive a Culligan water softener that consists of a premium resin filter tank.

This water softener is installed into your home plumbing system, from which you can access soft water at any time. Because the Culligan water softener serves as a standalone unit, it doesn’t take one drop out of your municipal water source or energy provider. And the best part? You won’t have to lift a finger to maintain the unit because your Culligan man will take care of everything.

One of the most liked features of this water softener is that it doesn’t have a regeneration period. When the water softeners’ capacities are exhausted, your assigned Culligan dealer will replace the water softener with a new tank straight from the company. The good thing about this water softener exchange system is that you can pick the times when it’s most convenient for you to take advantage of the unit. All the exchange conditions are established at the beginning of the contract when the payment methods are set. And if you’re not happy with the product, you can take advantage of the company’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, which allows you to return the softener in 30 days.

Which Awards Have Culligan Waters Won?

As a water system company, Culligan has received many certifications and awards from distinguished organizations. To begin with, the colossal brand has been endorsed continuously by the Water Quality Association, which remains one of the most trusted institutions for water treatment products. We believe that the buyer should know everything before buying, so here’s what you’ll be getting with these Culligan water softeners.

  • The Culligan Highly-Efficient water softener is compliant with the NSF/ANSI Standard 372CSA B483.1Standard 44 requirements of both WQA and IAPMO R&T that measure the optimal reduction levels of calcium, magnesium, barium, and radium. This Culligan water softener was also certified with the NSF/ANSI Standard 42 to reduce chlorine taste and odor significantly.
  • The WQA has approved the Culligan Gold Series water softener with the NSF/ANSI 372CSA B483.1, and NSF/ANSI Standard 44 to significantly reduce water hardness, barium, and radium. This water softener was also compliant with Standard 61 that ensures the product is on par with the industry’s material requirements.
  • The Culligan Medalist Series water softener has been certified on all IAPMO R&T and WQA standards on the efficient reduction of water hardness, barium, and radium. The standards with which the water softener is compliant include the NSF/ANSI 372CSA B483.1NSF/ANSI Standard 44, and Standard 1.
  • The Culligan Water Conditioner range is certified by the WQA to NSF/ANSI 372 for lead-free compliance and to CSA B483.1 for material safety and structural integrity.
  • In 2007, Culligan Water was given the International Award of Merit for its contribution to the international water quality improvement industry.
  • In the same year, the Culligan Medalist Series has been awarded the Gold Seal by the Good Housekeeping Institute. According to Culligan, this was the fourth consecutive award that they got from the company.
  • In 2012, the Highly-Efficient Culligan water softener won the Best-Buy award by Consumers Digest, who highlighted the water softening system’s fantastic performance.
  • Besides water softeners, Culligan also celebrated the Consumer’s Digest Best-Buy awards (2012) for its PIT-1 hard water filter pitcher and US-EZ-1 drinking water filter system.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Culligan Water Softeners?

Culligan water softeners are distinguished and praised by water quality organizations worldwide, but their customer reviews show a different story. The main issue with this company seems to be the lack of transparency and its foul customer service. For you to buy a Culligan water softener, you need to apply for a quote, for which an appointed staff member will evaluate the water conditions of your home. One of the major issues with this protocol is that the buyer is initially unaware of the price, plumbing costs, and maintenance expenses that a Culligan softener comes with.

When we checked Consumer Affairs, we saw that out of 273 reviews, Culligan gathered a score of 2.2. The first Culligan water softener review notes that the water system they installed in their house is accompanied “by good and friendly service.” Other verified customers who have subscribed to the Culligan portable water service seem to be pleased with their service’s promptness and efficiency that, according to them, is worth the price. However, when we dived deeper into these reviews, we saw that the price seems to be the main reason why Culligan buyers are angered with their water softeners.

One customer reported that even though he invested a price of $8000 for its water treatment system, he was enraged with the high costs of service and maintenance that he didn’t know he signed up for. Water Tech Advice also noted that one of Culligan’s most significant issues seems to be the high price attached to their most basic services. Even though many buyers praised their Culligan dealer for service excellence, there are far too many negative reviews to ignore that the brand has a problem with repair charges, high taxes, and other unreasonable fees.

What Guarantee Period Does Culligan Waters Offer?

Like all water softener products, a Culligan system has a life expectancy rate of 10-15 years. All water systems by Culligan come with a limited warranty of 10/5 years. For example, the High-Efficiency water softener comes with a warranty of ten years for the circuit board, control valve, salt storage tank, and brine valve. Moreover, the warranty supports five years on the display, modem, meters, and probe. The conditioner and municipal media are covered with a one year warranty, whereas the Quadra-Hull tank and Cullex resin come with a lifetime warranty.

Like other water softener brands (MortonHellenbrand GE Appliances), Culligan seems to ensure their products with warranties that justify its price. Another advantage to Culligan is that they sell their water softeners with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that, if not reached, can be used to return the product within 30 days of purchase. However, these provisions should be taken with a grain of salt because Culligan has many “hidden” conditions on their warranties that are specific to each buyer. If you plan on buying such a water system, make sure to read the terms well in advance of investing in Culligan.

Where Can I Buy Culligan Water Softeners?

The only place where you can buy a water softener by Culligan is through its official website. As we mentioned earlier, the process of obtaining a product by Culligan begins with you submitting for a quote that will prompt a Culligan man to do a water evaluation on your home. Don’t worry; this process is entirely safe and practiced by other water system brands like Kinetico. Moreover, just because you have an evaluation done doesn’t mean that you need to invest in a water system right away.

After the evaluation, the Culligan technician will put together the best-suited water system for your home. A simple water softener won’t suffice in some areas, so he may suggest you invest in other water treatment systems like filters or dispensers. After you’ve reviewed the price, layout, and specifications of your agreement, the Culligan technicians will install the water system in your home.

Culligan Water Softener Buying Guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Culligan Water Softeners?

  • If you subscribe to Culligan’s official newsletter, you will get a chance to win an official discount code from the company itself.
  • You can use the Sociable Labs link for a discount of up to 35% on Culligan products.
  • For water filtration systems and other Culligan products, you can access Amazon’s link and get a 40% discount through Amazon Prime.

What Are The Alternatives To The Culligan Water Softeners?

With all the liabilities on warranties, prices, and maintenance costs, we understand if you’re scouring for Culligan water softener alternatives online. Below, we have listed two of the most trusted brands that have minimized the issues introduced with Culligan. These brands have been approved by the relevant institutions, customer reviews, and our own reviewing team.

GE Appliances

Working under the titan Haier, GE is among the best home appliance manufacturers currently on the market. As we have found in our research, this brand sells some of the best-warrantied water softeners on the market. The units sold by GE come with a limited warranty of 10 years (minimum) that covers all components of the softener, filter, or other water processing systems. As for its customer service, the brand is renowned for its friendly technicians and low costs for maintenance or service. GE has a flawless online presence as well, issuing continuous statements, guides, and information that helps its customers decide on different water systems for their homes.


Our next superstar is no one other than Hellenbrand, which we have labeled as the best water company in terms of customer service. Hellenbrand’s products made an appearance on our Morton guide and Best Water Softener Reviews but were also discussed thoroughly in its own Water Whizz article. Besides being warrantied for the standard 10-15 years, the brand’s water softeners are supported with an after-sale helpline that reviews any issues with these products long after they’re sold. Like GE Appliances, Hellenbrand also has a handy water blog that informs the buyer on its products, the need for water systems, the problems with hard water, and much more.

Our Top-Five Picks for Water Filtration Systems

Many US regions have hard water levels that are too high for sole combat with water softeners. In case you need an additional water filtration system, and Culligan’s won’t do, we recommend the following brands that are renowned for their efficacy, performance, and price.

  1. Berkey Water
  2. Scale Blaster
  3. Pur Water Sytems
  4. Aquarain
  5. Alexa Pure

The Verdict On Culligan Water Softeners

In terms of quality and performance, Culligan’s water softeners are approved by buyers and relevant water organizations. The WQA and IAPMO have certified all Culligan systems for softening water, so there are no cutbacks in compliance with industry standards. Moreover, Culligan employs some of the most sophisticated technologies that soften hard water to absolute perfection. Nevertheless, this company has a significant number of negative reviews that are quite hard to be ignored. Unless the company makes a real effort in improving its customer service, online base, and warranty protocols, we can’t help but advise our readers to keep Culligan as a last resort.

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