Ecowater Water Softener Reviews, Certifications And Discounts 2021

In a study conducted by the USGS, it was found that out of the 2,100 domestic wells in the US, about half of them suffered from at least one nuisance contaminant, inorganic chemical, or human-made organic compound. These water components affect the taste, odor, and overall quality of the water, which is very problematic, considering that many Americans use these wells for drinking water. Luckily, Ecowater Systems are here to save the day, and their water softening products are to thank for.

Ecowater Water Softener

Ecowater is a US-based brand that has changed the water industry game thanks to its innovations in eco-friendly water treatment solutions. By earning top-ratings in the professional domain, Ecowater promises better drinking water, lower energy bills, and higher performance levels on home appliances. Who would say no to that, right? If you want to dive deeper into the Ecowater products, reviews, components, certifications, and much more – we invite you to continue reading.

What Type Of Products Does Ecowater Make?

Ecowater has a wide range of water treatment systems, whether aimed at residential or commercial water solutions. The high-quality home products that Ecowater manufactures include water softenerswater refiners, hard-water anti-scaling systemswater purifiers, and whole-home filtration systems. For those looking to find individual solutions, Ecowater has also launched a problem-oriented water filter system and a water monitoring unit. Those are all fantastic products, but we’re going to reserve today’s guide for Ecowater’s best water softeners. On Ecowater’s official website, there are currently seven water softener models listed.

Ecowater ECR3700 Series

Ecowater ECR3700 Series

The 3700 water softener system represents a singe-tank conditioner suitable for both municipal and well water sources. The salt-based softener is among the first Ecowater products that have combined technological innovations with efficient performances. As such, the 3700 water softener operates with HydroLink Plus, a technology that connects your softener with your mobile phone by using the magic of Wi-Fi. Thanks to this system, you will get continuous notifications about your softener’s excessive water use, system errors, water-drain alerts, and low salt levels.

Because this Ecowater system uses a water meter, you can take advantage of its chemical feed dosing, flow-switch operation as well as water management information.

Thanks to its digital-demand module, this soft-water system will capture usage patterns and will make sure to accommodate the water use of your house. What’s great about the 3700 system is that it also incorporates an iron reduction unit and a whole-house filtration system, so you will gain triple protection at the cost of one. The softener also comes with a stratified resin bed that ensures you will get superior filtration, softening, and iron reduction – without having to worry about decreased flow rate.

Ecowater ECR3702 Series

Similar to the previous model, the 3702 combines an ion-exchange softener, a whole-house water filter, and an iron reduction system into a two-tank design. The highly-efficient softener utilizes a counter-current regeneration that saves both water and salt in the process. Due to their premium-grade fit and fiberglass resin tank, these Ecowater systems are as durable as they are practical. And to make things easier for its users, the brand has designed its softener system so that it automatically detects the salt levels and notifies you for refills either by its tank light or Wi-Fi app.

By utilizing the phone app, these Ecowater systems make maintenance and care a piece of cake. Without even having to check the water softener, you will know when you’ve wasted too much water, are out of salt, or even when the softener needs to drain.

Ecowater ECR3702 Series

The water filter & softener combo also has a washed quartz under bedding that ensures a cleaner and more efficient resin regeneration. Due to its positive-action brine valve, the softener will also eliminate solvents that contaminate the soft water and cause overfilling. The cabinet-shaped Ecowater system is recommended for either municipal or well-water sources.

Ecowater eVolution Compact Series

Ecowater eVolution Compact Series

If you’re looking for an Ecowater system but are running low on space, then the compact series water softener is the best choice for you. This range of water softening products comes in three models, the Compact 100, 200 & 300, each differing in about 4″ in diameter. The first two water softeners have a premium-grade transparent cover, while the 300 hosts a dampened hinged-salt coating. These systems are manufactured with ISO9001 materials that promote the highest industry standards for water softeners. Like the previous Ecowater systems, the eVolution series also utilizes a water meter that gives you more control over your machine’s water and salt consumption rates.

The salt-based home systems are indeed small, but that shouldn’t distract you from their abilities. Thanks to its premium-grade components, the compact series water softeners will treat hard water of any GPG level. The compact hard-water systems also use the HydroLink Plus technology to turn your home into a smart house with a single click. All three Ecowater systems have a full 1″ riser that will increase the flow rate of your water softening unit while being self-cleaned thanks to its counter-current water pressure. You won’t need to worry about the water system’s longevity either, since its reinforced resin tank and exterior won’t ever deteriorate, rust, or corrode.

Ecowater ESD2750 Series

Our last single-tank Ecowater system is the 2750 model that will be reliable and convenient for any home. Thanks to its digital-demand module, the water filter system will capture the water usage patterns in your house, and recreate them for further use. The hard-water system also features a program memory function called “Time Keeper” that maintains the time for at least six hours after a power outage. Unlike salt-free water softeners, the ion-exchange system will also reduce bariumradium, and lead components of the water. You can rest assured of the system’s ability to do so, as it has been certified by the NSF/ANSI on the 44, 226 / 228, and 372 Standards.

Ecowater ESD2750 Series

To make your life easier and time smoother, the 2750 water softener also features the patented HydroLink technology that will let you in on the system’s alerts, errors, and notifications. Thanks to its multi-wrap tank liner, the softener will be combating hard water long after your initial purchase. The soft water system is also designed with self-cleaning distributors that keep the system clean and ensure that the flow rate in your house will be intact. And due to its energy-efficient power supply, the system will ensure that your home’s energy waste levels will be minimal.

Ecowater ESD2752 Series

Ecowater ESD2752 Series

The 2752 series employs a twin-tank design that combats hard water both effectively and efficiently. To give you more control of the water system, the brand has designed it with an optional brass-free valve that lets you manually bypass the system. Otherwise, you can take advantage of the unit’s automatic brine valve that controls the water flow inside the salt tank. Moreover, the water softener functions with the easy-to-use electronics that predict future water needs for efficient regenerations.

The water filter & softener system also features an automatic shut-off feature that activates when high water levels are reached. This is most favorable when considering that most water softener malfunctions result from overflowing and irregular water rates.

The water system’s self-cleaning components are also productive since they prevent unnecessary clogging from the unit’s improper regeneration cycles. And like the 2750 systems, these softener models are also certified by NSF/ANSI for efficiently reducing bariumradium, and lead.

Ecowater ESS1152 Series

If you’re among those looking for salt-free water solutions for their house, then the 1152 series is your best choice. The twin-tank water softener is customizable and can be fully adjusted to the water consumption patterns of your home. Moreover, the salt-free water system has a full-menu driven option feature, but you can also take advantage of its electronic timer. This electronic timer uses autonomous technology that controls the regeneration frequency required for your house. This way, these water softener systems will ensure that your energy and water waste are kept at a minimum.

The great thing about this water softener is that it will test your water to determine the suitable treatment for your house without prompting you to lift a finger.

Ecowater ESS1152 Series

Because the brand believes that a one-size-fits-all solution is impossible, they have allowed their customers to choose their preferred media for custom applications. That means that whether you need a water filter for iron reductionlead components, or other excessive minerals, Ecowater will enable it. And like other systems, this salt-free model will also host self-cleaning distributors that will enhance the unit’s flow rate, ensure its efficiency, and promote a long-lasting system for your home.

Ecowater EEC1502 Series

Ecowater EEC1502 Series

The last water softener on Ecowater’s website is the two-tank economy system that goes by the 1502 handle. These water treatment systems are designed with an automatic bypass feature that happens during each regeneration cycle. This means that the water softening unit will ensure you have continuous water flow at highly-efficient levels. These economical water systems accommodate a permanent program memory that maintains the unit’s settings for as much as six hours without any energy. All 1502 systems come with a fiberglass coating and self-cleaning distributors, so you won’t have to worry about frequent visits from your local plumber.

The 1502 system doesn’t have Ecowater’s HydroLink technology, but it does supply an incredibly convenient digital module. Thanks to its solid-state electronics, this module will record the water use patterns of your house and control the regeneration frequency based on the information it has gathered. The good news about these systems is that they’re all certified by NSF International, not only for water hardness reduction and efficiency but also for low-lead content. Finally, suppose you would like to use the eco-friendly softener outdoors. In that case, you can opt for Ecowater’s [optional] shroud kit covering the resin tank and controller for both appearance and safety.

What Certifications Does Ecowater Have?

Being a top-innovator, Ecowater has a longstanding history of designing and manufacturing some of the best technologies used by the brand (and other competitors). To ensure maximum credibility with their designs, the manufacturer has seemed membership from the world’s most prestigious water organizations. Below, you will find the most relevant industries that endorse Ecowater products for efficacy, efficiency, and eco-friendliness.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Ecowater Water Softeners

Perhaps Ecowater has been busy with manufacturing innovative softeners, filters, and reverse osmosis systems, so it didn’t have much time in putting together a platform for its customer reviews. Considering how Ecowater products are purchased through a representative, there doesn’t seem to be a public domain where water softening reviews are stacked in one place. However, we were able to find a few independent websites where customers went to give their two cents on the brand.

On Yelp, Ecowater has a total of 18 reviews, which gives it a 4 score. Customers here seem to have reviewed their reverse osmosis systems and water filtration units, which were just as efficient as advertised. Even though the reviews seemed to be delighted with Ecowater products, a recurring issue with them is their product’s high price and foul customer service. Many of these customers seem to be buying from Costco, so it is uncertain which company the buyers were in contact with.

Even though it’s A-rated, Ecowater only has 8 reviews on Angie’s list. Most of those reviews tell a different story since the customers seem to be delighted with the customer service that Ecowater provided for them. The reviewers noted that their designated Ecowater technician was prompt, friendly, and helpful with the softener installation. However, the price seems to be frowned upon on Angie’s list too, because almost all buyers noted they felt the Ecowater product was pricier than they would value it.

What Guarantee Period Does Ecowater Offer?

As you can notice, Ecowater is somewhat ambiguous about its product range. On its official website, you won’t be able to find much information but product descriptions and “success stories.” Based on online testimonials, Ecowater products like softeners or reverse osmosis systems are durable, with some customers even noting that they’ve been around them for as much as +10 years.

On Ecowater’s Terms and Conditions page, we were able to find that all Ecowater products are guaranteed with a one-year warranty on the system’s parts and labor. The brand’s official statement notes that particular products like reverse osmosis systems or filtration units are covered with up to ten years on specific parts, but they don’t mention what those parts are.

Where Can I Buy Ecowater Water Softeners?

Similar to KineticoCulligan, and Hellenbrand, Ecowater products are purchased through a local distributor. To get in touch, you have to apply for a quote on the “Find your EcoWater Pro” page. After you place your ZIP code, the brand will notify you of the nearest water dealers in your area, after which a form will appear. After you put in your information, you will have to wait for a representative to contact you and arrange for a technician to evaluate your home for the right Ecowater product.

Ecowater Water Softeners Buying Guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Ecowater Water Softeners?

There are currently no Ecowater product discounts in the public domain. As soon as we have one for you, we will update it here.

What Are The Alternatives To The Ecowater Water Softener?

Ecowater is a great brand, and its products are widely regarded as some of the most economical options for those looking to cut back on spending. Customers prefer Ecowater to other brands because it has a proven legacy in eco-friendliness and preserving the environment. If you would like to find more brands with the same priorities, we suggest you check out our guides below.

Best eco-friendly water softeners 

Best eco-friendly water filters

The Verdict On Ecowater Water Softeners

Ecowater remains among the few manufacturers that mean it when they say they will protect the environment. With a proven history in innovation, eco-friendliness, and top of the game designs, the brand has built quite the reputation. Since its first patented design back in 1952, Ecowater would make (and patent) hundreds of components for treating water. As far as the brand’s products go, we observed nothing but reliability, efficiency, and cost-effective solutions to hard water.

The main tipping point for Ecowater’s production range is its [lack of] online presence. This brand’s water softeners are purchased via individual quotes, which isn’t bad, but can certainly make the buying process much harder for the customer. Because you need an Ecowater technician to evaluate your house’s conditions and recommend the best product for you, there is no way for you to know the actual price of the system beforehand. To give you a benchmark, based on online customer reviews, an Ecowater softener ranges from $1000 to $7000 – which, when compared to other models, is a lot.

However, Ecowater softener models are rather sophisticated and usually come in bulk. That means that while you’ve purchased a water softener, you will also get a water filter, iron-reduction unit, or whole-home system – all in one. Thanks to their multi-purpose layout, the Ecowater systems will be self-sufficient, so you won’t need to buy any additional units. If you suffer from many water problems besides hardness, then the Ecowater solution will probably keep you satisfied. However, if you’re only looking to treat hard water, there are more budget-friendly options out there.

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