Fleck Water Softener Reviews, Awards And Discounts 2021

Fleck Systems are a water treatment manufacturing brand that produces water softeners, water filters, valves, parts, and other water accessories. The industry is owned by US Water System and has a 50-year legacy in developing the control valve technology they’re famous for. Similar to the AO Smith water softeners, Fleck prides themselves in maintaining affordable prices for all of their high-grade products.

Fleck Water Softener Reviews

When it comes to quality and performance, Fleck models are very dependable because they work closely with water professionals to provide the healthiest and most-efficient water softeners. This can be supported by the US Water Systems‘ direct involvement in informing the buyers why, how, and when water treatment products are necessary. Another reason why Fleck’s water softeners are trusted is that the USWS has continuously worked towards a more ethical approach to manufacturing these units. In an open letter to the WQA, the US Water System has stressed the immediate need for manufacturing water softeners regulations.

As a result, many water system companies have since then taken action towards safer, more reliable, and overall better products for their buyers. If their long-standing legacy on dependable manufacturing hasn’t convinced you yet, then perhaps their fantastic water softener models will. And if you do decide on buying a Fleck water softener, we suggest you head over to our resin guide so you can be one step forward to the wonders of the soft water world.

What Type Of Products Does Fleck Make?

As we mentioned above, Fleck is renowned for its water softeners, water filters, filtration parts, valves, autotrol components, and other water accessories. Generally, Fleck manufactures five types of water softeners categorized according to their size and capacity. We are going to go through each category and present all models so you can make the most informed purchase*. Other notable models were also the Fleck 7000 and Fleck 7000SXT, but they have been discontinued as of 2018.

* At the time of writing, all water softeners had a special price that could only be found on Fleck’s official website.

3/4″ Light Duty & Metered Softeners

Fleck 9100 ($1,190)

Fleck 9100 water softener system

The Fleck 9100 water softener system is designed for homes, shops, and lab water system units that require light-duty water softening.

The 9100 and the Fleck 9100SXT models operate with a computerized meter system with a very straightforward setup. The basic model has a grain capacity of 22 500 GPG, but you can opt for higher measures.

The twin tank model has five capacities for you to choose from, with the highest of them reaching 75 000 GPG.

The water softening tool is made of a premium grade resin tank that’s cross-linked at 8%. The water softener offers a warranty of 10 years on the resin and brine tank and a 5 year one on the valve and electronics.

Fleck 5600 SXT ($629)

The second model that uses a 3/4″ bypass valve is the Fleck 5600SXT water softener. This salt-based water softening unit is one of Fleck’s major hits since it uses a Noryl valve body specializing in low energy consumption and easy assembly. The Fleck 5600SXT 48 000 grain water softener is designed with a capacitor that remembers the softening program for up to 48 hours. Moreover, the Fleck 5600 SXT integrates an SSD computer control that offers four operations for water regeneration. Whether you intend to use the Fleck 5600 SXT 48 000 grain system for light-duty or the whole house, you have five different grain capacities to choose from – starting with 26 000 GPG and ending with 70 000 GPG.

Fleck 5600SXT water softener

Another great advantage to the Fleck 5600SXT 48 000 grain water softener is its brine tank that hosts a salt grid and safety float system. This way, the water softener eliminates all extensive minerals like calcium and magnesium from the untreated hard water. Then, the Fleck 5600 SXT will utilize its high-efficiency resin tank and serve the soft water we all need (and deserve). Following its predecessor’s lines, the Fleck 5600SXT water softener offers a 10-year warranty on the brine tank and a 5 year one on the valve.

1″ Twin Alternating & Metered Softeners

Fleck 9000 ($2,020)

9000 Fleck water softener

The 9000 Fleck water softener is the go-to product for those who want soft water for their whole house, restaurant, pub, or other medium-to-large locations. This model employs a twin-tank design and supports two moving parts in the water stream. Thanks to its fantastic 8% cross-linked resin tank, this water softener will regenerate in record times and preserve its quality throughout. The 9000 Fleck water softener starts with a grain capacity of 30 000 GPG, but four other models can sustain up to 90 000 GPG.

Lucky for you, this unit has one of the most straightforward installation procedures, which are highlighted within its instruction base. Fleck’s trademarked warranty sustains this product too, with 10 years on the resin and brine tank and 5 years on its control valve.

Fleck 2510 SXT ($799)

For those of you who want a good-quality, robust water system at a budget-friendly price, we suggest the 2510SXT model by Fleck. According to the manufacturers, this water softener employs a 24 V system that takes up less than $3 a year in electricity. The water softener’s cost-effectiveness doesn’t stop there, as the sturdy unit is coated with an outdoor weather cover that will survive all seasons. One of the most significant advantages of the 2510SXT is that it uses a 10% cross-linked resin tank – which remains one of the most durable ones in the market. Alternatively, this tank is supported with a lifetime warranty, whereas its valve and electronics each support five. You can have this Fleck water softener with five different grain capacities, from 26 000 to 88 000.

2510SXT Fleck water softener

1.5″ Single & Twin Tank Softeners

Fleck 2815 ($2,870)

Fleck 2815 water softener

Next in line are Fleck’s commercial water softeners that will not only eliminate calcium and magnesium from your whole house, but they will keep your business or enterprise floating too. The 2815 commercial water softener operates with an 8% cross-linked resin tank that employs an effortless installation and even smoother use. No matter your water consumption rate, Fleck can accommodate your needs with grain capacities of 120 000 GPG to 450 000 GPG. With a maximum peak flow rate of 66 GPM (gallons per minute), these efficient machines will give you endless streams of soft water. The unit covers a warranty of 5 years on the tanks, valves, and electronics; and 1 year on the parts and resin.

Fleck 9500 ($4,690)

The twin-tank model of the previous water softener continues along the same lines of functionality but adds some more force to the mix-up. With a maximum continuous flow rate of 40 GPM and a peak of 66 GPM, this water softener will surely make hard water a thing of the past. Another excellent feature that the 9500 Fleck twin-tank model supports is the safety brine tank with an aircheck valve that reduces hardening minerals to a maximum. As with all other Fleck softeners, this unit is designed with a high-capacity 8% cross-linked resin and SXT controller. Thanks to its twin-tank design, the 9500 water softener will regenerate seamlessly in the background as you enjoy your fresh cup of soft water. The water system comes with a limited warranty of 5/1 years.

Fleck 9500 water softeners

2″ Commercial Alternating Softeners

Commercial water softeners are one thing, but 2″ control valve ones by Fleck are a whole different story. This water softening system has gathered some of the best customer reviews in excellent flow rate, incredible reliability, and effortless installation. With a minimal grain capacity of 120 000 GPG and a maximal one of 600 000, you can rest assured that these bad boys will make you forget that hard water ever roamed in your tap or home appliances. Thanks to its 100% composite fiberglass, this softener is both robust and eco-friendly.

2900S Duplex Water Softeners

Both three models are NSF certified, which means that they meet and precede public health standards’ requirements. All of these water softeners use an NTX2 programmable controller that utilizes the unit’s performance levels according to your needs. This network controller is operationalized with on-board communication specs that allow you to link multiple commercial valves on the softener. Each unit’s installation is quick, easy, and straightforward, and the warranty is provided upfront. You can choose between three metered models: single, duplex, or triplex. You can find them along with their respective links and prices below.

2900S Single Water Softeners ($3,300)
2900S Duplex Water Softeners ($5,810)
2900S Triplex Water Softeners ($9,460)

3″ Commercial Metered Softeners

If you’re on the lookout for a commercial water softener but haven’t found your match yet, then the 3″ models may fit your needs. Destined for major companies and industries, this water softener range can host up to 1,200,000 GPG, which is comparatively larger than its competitors’. To give you the ease of mind for performance, Fleck has tested these softeners that operated 250,000 cycles flawlessly without leakage. To combat the hard water, this commercial water system uses an 8% cross-linked resin tank along with the safety float feature.

Equipped with the NSF certification and designed with efficiency in mind, this water softener leaves all salt-based opponents on the mud. The innovative water softener also uses the renowned NTX2 controls that make for an easy installation and even easier maintenance. Thanks to its user-friendly 3900 control valve, this unit will make Fleck’s five-star customer service completely unnecessary. For its 3900 model, Fleck offers a limited warranty covering 5 years on the tanks, valve, electronics, and 1 year on other parts and resin. As with the previous model, you can purchase the 3900 commercial water softener with single, duplex, or triplex meters, as shown below.

3900 Single Water Softeners

3900 Single Water Softeners ($11,290)
3900 Duplex Water Softeners ($19,120)
3900 Triplex Water Softeners ($31,020)

Which Awards Has Fleck Won?

Fleck has been the recipient of several certifications regarding quality, performance, and dependability. The Water Quality Association has awarded all water softener systems presented in this article with the gold seal. The following models that include the Fleck 5600SXT, 5800SXT, 2510SXT, 6700, 9000, and 9100 have all been certified with the NSF/ANSI 44 standards that guarantee the best water softening performance, as well as optimal parameters in removing barium and radium from water.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Fleck Water Softeners?

Fleck water softener reviews don’t have an official source where its quality can be evaluated. However, several flagship products like the Fleck 5600SXT have made their way onto the worldwide market, prompting a good number of reviews online. To begin with, the Fleck 5600SXT water softener has gathered a 4.5 score in Quality Water Treatment. Thanks to the 346 buyers who bothered to leave reviews, we saw that the Fleck 5600SXT was a fan favorite for ease of installation and durability of components.

Customers worldwide were delighted with the softening capacities and performance by highlighting the excellent customer service they received. Most of the negative reviews pointed out that while installing the softener was very straightforward, programming the system was somewhat of a hassle. This seems to be the case in Amazon as well, where the Fleck 5600SXT reached a 4.6 score from 597 ratings.

However, one major issue is shared between many buyers who purchased the 48 000 grain water softener from Amazon. Many customers received different models than those they ordered, for which they couldn’t get in touch with the Fleck customer service. Fleck Systems officially addressed this by advising its buyers not to buy from other online distributors since they aren’t directly affiliated with the brand.

What Guarantee Period Does Fleck Offer?

Generally, it can be argued that Fleck manufactures premium-quality softeners that may very well surpass their warranty dates. By reading hundreds of reviews online, we saw that durability and reliability was a continuous theme among these system buyers. While hard water is guaranteed to be softened, it is also nice to know that your product is assured legally and financially by the brand.

Fleck System has different guarantee periods for each component and each water softening system, but they all follow the 10 and 5-year combo. The resin and brine tanks of each hard water softener are best protected by warranties, with starting points of 10 years, and some of them even guaranteed for a lifetime. The mechanical and electrical parts seem to be having a good run for 5-10 years and then needing professional assistance.

Where Can I Buy a Water Softener By Fleck?

Several online vendors are currently selling Fleck System softeners. Domains like Amazon, Discount Water Softener, and Quality Water Treatment all offer great prices for these hard water combating units. However, most of these sellers only seem to have the Fleck 5600SXT model in stock, which is understandable when considering its features, range, and promotion. Also, buying from unlicensed distributors like those listed above may cause you to run into problems with customer assistance, so you should opt for a safer approach.

The best way for you to buy a Fleck water softener is through its manufacturer’s official website. Fleck Systems has an incredibly convenient domain, filled with all the information and inquiries you might have for its products. By purchasing your softener through its official website, you will be investing in long-term cooperation with the sellers, which ultimately beats a couple more pounds in the checkout.

Water Softener By Fleck

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Water Softeners By Fleck?

We are currently in touch with Fleck Systems for water softener discount codes. As soon as we have one for you, we will update it here.

What Are The Alternatives To Water Softeners By Fleck?

The main criterion for being completely satisfied with a product is to eliminate all other options beforehand. We believe that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution to hard water, so we have prepared plenty of them for you. If you liked Fleck softeners, then you should probably consider the following brands as well.

Pelican Water Systems

Pelican is one of the leading US brands that manufacture water treatment systems you can truly rely on. Pelican uses some of the latest eco-friendly technologies that cut back on brine parts or other chemical components that soften your water but hurt the environment. Pelican water softening units are versatile and can satisfy almost any living situation – whether you want to take care of the shower or the entire house, pub or restaurant. You can read more about their long-lasting warranties and exceptional customer service in our thorough guide.

Genesis Water Technologies

When it comes to innovation, Genesis is a recurring name that’s very hard to ignore. The award-winning water systems brand is among the rightful titans that revolutionized the recycling and reusing water consumption movement. Genesis also has some of the best budget-friendly products that are all engineered and assembled in the USA. By researching their bestseller softeners, we found that Genesis employs some of the best protective technologies that make the softeners fit for purpose both in indoor and outdoor use.


Kenmore is a giant when it comes to lifestyle tech because it doesn’t only manufacture water treatment units but also other home appliances. Their legacy precedes their name, so we can only blurt out the major grounds on why a Kenmore water softener is worth it. Firstly, they’re reliable both in terms of performance and durability. Secondly, they incorporate innovative technologies that not only enhance the water softening, but they reduce the cost as well. Lastly, they offer a worldwide helpline that will not only decide the best water softener for you but will accompany your purchase from the moment you set eyes on the product until it arrives at your home.

You can find more water softener brands that are definitely worth considering below.

The Verdict On Fleck Water Softeners

We’ll keep this simple. A Fleck water softener is worth it – as long as you buy it from a trusted source. The brand has many positive reviews on all domains sold and general likeability with the water professionals. As a brand, it is certified and on par with the industry’s standards and guidelines on healthy water habits. If we get down to the specifics, Fleck softeners are incredibly easy to install since they come assembled at your door. They’re very productive in removing minerals and other components from hard water, and they pass water treatment test with flying colors. With prices as reasonable as those they promote, you will hardly find any better softeners online. So take that leap of faith and invest in a healthier lifestyle today!

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