GE Water Softener Reviews, Awards And Discounts 2021

GE appliances may be the best fit for those of you who want to purchase from a well-recognized brand in the industry. With centers worldwide, GE appliances have made their way onto the customer’s home by supplying units for the kitchen, laundry and home, smart appliances, filters, and other components. Together with FirstBuild, GE appliances have created a new model for manufacturing the best products for their buyers.

GE Water Softener

As for its water softeners, it’s worth noting that GE has incorporated many innovative technologies that make the units efficient in every way. First, GE appliances were the first brand to introduce the SmartSoft technology that memories your family’s water use patterns, so you will always have soft water on demand. The GE water softeners also include a CustomSelect blending valve that allows you to customize the water’s hardness thoroughly.

Another great hallmark of GE appliances lies in the fact that their customer service is unmatched. With specific outlets for each inquiry and detailed guides on water softener types, the brand will make sure to accompany your purchase from start to end. If you want to evaluate your alternatives, you can head over to our entries on water softeners for well water and water softeners for the whole house. Our readers were also interested in our takes on water filters, whether they’re designed for the faucet, under the sink, for the shower, or countertops.

What Type Of Products Do GE Appliances Make?

General Electric manufactures the whole range of home appliances, all the way from kitchen units to more specific categories like water filtration parts. However, this guide will focus solely on salt-based water softeners, their components, and prices. As for now, GE distributes five water softeners, all of which are below the 1k price tag.

GXMH31H Water Softener and Filter ($799)

GXMH31H Water Softener and Filter

The most sophisticated GE water softener is the GXMH31H model that supports a 31 000 grain capacity and an advanced filtration system. As the name suggests, this GE water softener incorporates an electric-driven filtration unit that ensures you won’t only have soft water but also clean water.

The best GE water softener also utilizes the SmartSoft technology by General Electric that “learns” your home’s water consumption patterns. This way, the device will use less water, cut back on salt use, and reduce the user’s time-consuming efforts.

The NSF certified salt-based softener and filter also features a salt-saving function that helps reduce salt consumption from the unit. The water softener also has a blending valve that will let you adjust your water’s softness according to your needs. Besides the water softening and filtering, the machine will most likely prompt you to enjoy its easy-to-use electric controls that make the entire process a whole lot easier. The water softener and filter combo come with a one-year warranty for the appliance, ten years for the resin tank, and three years for the electric monitor.

GXSH45V Water Softener ($699)

One of the most renowned General Electric models is the GE GXSH45V water softener that waltzes beautifully on the line between affordable pricing and excellent quality. The water softener reviews are incredibly happy with this unit’s 45 100 grains capacity,praising its ability to soften hard water to absolute perfection. According to the General Electric researchers’ internal analyses, the GE GXSH45V water softener uses up to 35% less water than other GE softeners before 2009.

The GE GXSH45V model also utilizes the exclusive General Electric blending valve that lets the user select how soft they want their water to be. The 45 100 grains GE water softener also hosts an indicator that shows the remaining days for refilling the salt tank.

GXSH45V Water Softener

As for its durability, you can rest assured that the water softener’s brine and resin parts will keep the unit running for quite some time. This is further supported by the water softeners’ warranty, which includes one year for the softener, ten years for the brine and resin tanks, and three years for the monitor.

GXSHC40N Smart Water Softener ($649)

If you want to add innovation to your criterion list for water softeners, then the GE GXSH40V model may be your best fit. With a resin tank of 40,000 GPG, the smart GE water softener will wholeheartedly be at the mercy of your smartphone.

The GE water softener reviews were especially pleased with this unit’s ability to shut off remotely by merely using a Wi-Fi connection. This feature doesn’t stop there because the GXSHC40N will also send continuous alerts on water flow, potential leaks, or even flowing water faucets.

Another one of the GE water softeners’ flagships is the customization in water softening that we’ve all come to adore. The upgraded blending valve will allow you to treat the hard water in several intensity modes, as long as you program it. Moreover, the GE water softener employs the salt saving module that reduces both the salt consumption of the softener and the time required for its maintenance. And if you’re not entirely sure about the water, salt, or energy consumption rates, you can enjoy the unit’s consumption tracker that sends the information straight to your phone.

GXSH40V Water Softener ($549)

The GE GXSH40V model is designed along the convenience and practicality lines while maintaining a full capacity of 40 000 GPG. According to the user’s manual and the GE water softener reviews, this model is incredibly easy to install, use, and maintain. With a premium-grade resin tank, this GE water softener will make hard water a definite thing of the past.

Similar to the GXSH45V model, this water softener was reported to use 35% less water and 34% less salt than its predecessors.

GXSH40V Water Softener

Thanks to SmartSoft technology integration, this water softening tank will work closely with your home’s water consumption patterns. Moreover, its GE salt-saving feature will take care of the salt use that only uses the mineral’s minimal required amount to dissolve hard water. This GE water softener also utilizes a sediment filter that protects the appliances in your home and self cleans to provide ideal performance. The GXSH40V GE water softener comes with a ten-year warranty on the brine and resin tank, three years on the monitor, and one year on the entire device.

GXSF30V Water Softener ($399)

GXSF30V Water Softener

Finally, we have the GE GXSF30V model that is the cheapest, yet one of the most reliable models distributed by General Electric. This GE water softener remains one of the brand’s most purchased models, gathering more than 900 reviews on its official site. With a high-grade resin tank and dependable water softening brines, the GE GXSF30V more than reliable for providing soft water in your home.

The GE GXSF30V employs a grain capacity of 30 400 GPG, which is just enough for medium households. The GE water softener uses 10% more water than the GXSH45V and GXSH40V, but it does significantly better than other water softeners online.

Even though this GE water softener cuts back on the SmartSoft technology, it supports a very straightforward maintenance system aided by electronic controls. The salt-based water softener comes with a ten-year warranty on the brine and resin tank, three years on the monitor, and one year on the softener.

Which Awards Have GE Appliances Won?

Considering that GE appliances has more than 100 years in the business and has manufactured some of the most innovative tools in the market, we can safely say that their prestige is undeniable. Even though mentioning GE appliances’ full list of awards is labor-intensive, we have listed the most relevant ones highlighting its renowned legacy in the home’s water treatment systems.

What Reviews Do Customers Give GE Water Softeners?

With each GE water softener product online, there is a wide range of customer reviews that assemble in helping each other with an informed purchase. At the time of writing, the General Electrics water softener website had more than 2800 reviews from customers worldwide. With an average score of 4.6, the water softener reviews seemed to be rather pleased with their products. The highest-rated model was the GXMH31H water softener, with a score of 4.7, while the least rated GE water softener was the GE GXSH45V, with a score of 4.5. Among the most recurring positive feedback themes was the water softener’s low price, smart design, and satisfaction with producing soft water.

However, the water softener positive reviews aren’t so homogenous in other platforms. Even though the brand doesn’t have an accredited opening on Consumer Affairs, it does have 375 reviews on the Service Contracts it distributes. In Consumer Affairs, the water softener brand has an unsatisfactory score of 2.3 stars. Most of the reviews on this site didn’t mention a water softener, but it is worth noting that they were very displeased with GE’s customer service. In SiteJabber, this brand gathers a similar 1.1 score from 236 reviews.

However, in both cases, the problem seems to be related to warranty issues with external distributors like Home Depot. Customers who bought from unaccredited platforms (like Amazon) were falsely informed that their products came with valuable customer service and warranty packets. This is a problematic issue still because GE buyers aren’t entirely protected from frauds online. We advise you to purchase through GE’s water softener official link for the best results, where the domain will locate the most convenient store for you.

What Guarantee Period Do GE Appliances Offer?

The good news about the water softener brand is that it publishes all its warranty periods upfront, so you won’t be left to wonder. Generally, a GE water softener seems to be guaranteed with a limited 10-year warranty on all its water products. As a whole, a water softener is assured with a 1-year labor warranty that includes the company’s involvement with fixing any faults in the machine. As for its brine and resin tank, a GE water softener is warrantied with a whopping 10 years. This is good news because the tank is often the most prone component to damage, a fact that most companies take advantage of when selling their water softener.

However, the tricky part of GE warranties is their 3-year warranties on the digital monitors. Because a GE water softener is entirely operated through its electric controls, a fault on these units could be detrimental to the entire water softener’s performance aspect. A few reviews on the water softener website noted that their monitors had stopped working or malfunctioned shortly after the warranty period. That’s something you should take into account when considering to buy a GE water softener. Apart from that, the reviews seem to be generally satisfied with their water softeners’ durability and reliability.

Where Can I Buy GE Water Softeners?

The salt-based water softeners by GE can be bought on several online domains. As we already noted, your best go-to platform is the brand’s official website. If you head over to your preferred water softener, the platform will directly link you to your nearest distributor officially affiliated with the manufacturer. Because General Electric is a USA-based brand, most of its appliances can be found (and are redirected to) Home Depot.

GE’s water softeners are also sold on Amazon, eBay, or Filtersmart – and sometimes – even with better prices. Even though some of these platforms’ openings are affiliated with GE, not all of them sell under an official marking. If you’re alright with purchasing a water softener that isn’t entirely assured with a warranty, installation set, and customer service, then you can go ahead and indulge these vendors. However, we recommend buying from a trusted distributor that will undoubtedly make the extra coins valuable in the long run.

Buy GE Water Softeners

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For GE Water Softeners?

  • If you sign-up in Home Depot, you can get a $5 discount on your next in-store purchase.
  • For new applicants of the Home Depot Credit Card, there’s a discount of $50 for purchases above $300 and a discount of $100 for purchases higher than $1000.

What Are The Alternatives To The GE Water Softeners?

The main reason why the GE salt-based water softeners make for a very compelling buy lies in the budget-friendly prices they support. With the growing means of manufacturing these water systems, there is a significant drop in prices that doesn’t always indicate a lack of quality. There are a lot of other budget-conscious water softeners out there, and the following brands make them.

Pelican Water Systems

We have already reviewed Pelican, so trust us when we tell you that the water systems brand doesn’t disappoint. The eco-friendly brand manufacture water treatment units that accommodate all living situations, whether you want a salt-based water softener, a whole-house unit, or simple water softening shower head. The great thing about Pelican is that its cost-effectiveness precedes the first purchase of the water softener. If you invest in a Pelican device, you will also be investing in a long-term solution to water and salt consumption and protecting the environment.

A.O. Smith Water Softeners

For those of you who are not familiar with A.O Smith, we can guarantee that the brand is among the most reliable water systems industries in the market. When we researched A.O. Smith, we found that their salt-based water softeners were incredibly efficient. These budget-friendly water softeners are very easy to install, and they require little to no maintenance. With self-cleaning filters and premium-grade resin tanks, the A.O. Smith water softener will be a great addition to your home, no matter what your water consumption rate is.

If you are opting for a commercial water softener that’s more on the cheaper side, we highly recommend the Fleck Water Systems products for which we have put together a complete guide. If you would instead prefer a salt-free solution to water softening, you can read our review of the best salt-free water softeners. And for those on the look-out for consumables, we suggest our reviews on resins and showerheads.

The Verdict On GE Water Softeners

The main reason why a GE water softener is worth it is that when they say they’re cost-effective, they mean it. Many manufacturers preach about cutting back on water consumption and salt use, but GE actually has the facts to prove it. Other hallmarks that make this brand incredibly useful are that their units are effortless in installation and use, so there will be little to no head-scratching involved.

GE performs fairly well on performance tests and has a lot of positive reviews. The flow rate observed on these units is significantly better than other brands like Morton or Culligan. However, you should keep in mind that GE water softeners are mainly aimed at medium-duty consumption rates and aren’t fit for purpose in commercial environments. Due to the potential electrical and mechanical problems, a GE softener’s average expectancy reaches about 10-15 years. If you’re happy with that, then a GE water softener is certainly worth giving a shot.

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