Genesis Water Softener Reviews And Discounts 2021

You may be all too familiar with hard water disrupting the performance of your washing machines, showerheads, water pipes, and other home appliances. Many people who have had enough of this disruption have gone for water softening systems to make their lives easier. One of the leading brands in this industry is the Genesis Water System, renowned for its budget-friendly solutions to hard water. Like Clack, Genesis makes innovative system components that other companies use to manufacture water softeners, filters, and other water treatment units.

Genesis Water Softener

Put simply, Genesis designs salt-based water softeners that hold sodium and potassium (the good guys) and swap them with calcium and magnesium (the bad guys). This is all done through their integrated resin beads that when reacting with one another produce the soft water we all love and adore. Of course, this process is much more complicated and complex, but Genesis makes it seem effortless to the consumer. Today, we have brought you Genesis’ best water softeners, along with their prices, features, reviews, and discounts.

What Type Of Products Does Genesis Make?

Genesis designs and distributes a wide range of water treatment products. On Discount Water Softeners‘ page, the brand currently lists water softenersreverse osmosis systems, home filtration systems, inline filtersiron filtration systems, water solution partsresin and media, and water testing products. Because we’re all here for the Genesis water softener products, we’ll showcase its most distinguished models right away.

At the time of writing, all Genesis products were on sale, reflecting on their correct price tags below. The first value represents the smallest-capacity system, while the second one is the biggest. If you’re unsure about what water softener capacity, flow rate, or resin you need – you can use the Discount Water Softeners’ detailed guide. Without further ado, let’s dive into the water softener world that Genesis has created.

Genesis 2 Premier Upflow Water Softener ($862-$1,922)

Genesis Premier Upflow Water Softener

The brand’s first bestseller is the Genesis premier known as the Genesis econosoft water softener. This fantastic system starts off its grain capacity with 24,000 GPG while hosting as much as 96,000 GPG. The Genesis premier system is fitted with a 1.25” control valve that operates with a ceramic disc, electric sensors, and adjustable regeneration cycles. According to Genesis, this water softener valve offers the highest flow rate on the market. The soft water brine tank will also keep the tank and injectors cleaner, thus removing the bacterial growth.

Moreover, the Genesis premier water softener comes with 10% Crosslinx Aldex resin, among the best resin sold in North America.

For more information about resin, you can check our consumables guide. The Genesis premier water softener is your best choice because its upflow regeneration system is way more efficient than traditional downflow systems. The Genesis premier will save a family of four as much as 6,480 lbs of salt and 28,900 gallons of water when compared to other water softeners such as Fleck. Lastly, the Genesis premier is supported with a lifetime warranty on the control head, valve, tank, and 10-year warranty on the resin.

Genesis 2 Upflow High-Efficiency Water Softener ($737-$1,797)

Similar to the bestselling Genesis premier, Genesis 2 has got it all and then some more. With the same grain capacities as its predecessor, this water softener hosts the same 1.25″ control valve that produces a flow rate to die for. The Genesis upflow softener works by using on-demand regeneration cycles to save you up to 75% on salt and 64% on water consumption. These regeneration cycles operate when water consumption is at its highest, so they will save you a couple of bucks on the process too. Whether you plan to use well or city water, Genesis 2 will accommodate 2-7 bathrooms, depending on your chosen capacity model.

The salt-based water softener has a preset backwash regeneration that cleans city water and can save you up to 2000 gallons of water annually.

Genesis 2 Upflow High-Efficiency Water Softener

Like the Genesis premier, this water softener is equipped with a 10% Crosslink Aldex resin and a large resin tank that has a capacity of 200 lbs. The Genesis 2 water softener also includes a brine tank and bypass, making for a very straightforward installation and even effortless use. The Genesis upflow model comes with a lifetime warranty on the brine and resin tank and a 7-year warranty on the control head and valve.

Genesis 1 Select Downflow Water Softener ($912-$1,249)

Genesis 1 Select Downflow Water Softener

Another Genesis premier model is the Select water softener that utilizes a 1″ high-grade control valve. The reason why the Select has a distinguished control head is that it uses two internal ceramic discs as opposed to the usual rubber seals and moving piston. This way, the water softener’s control head isn’t prone to wear and tear, as is the case with many discount water softeners online. This high flow-rate water softener will use just about 10 lbs of salt and 58 gallons of water on its regeneration cycles (the regeneration values vary on the grain capacity model).

This Genesis water softener has five primary applications that combine a softening system, an iron removal system, an ion exchange equipment, a boiler softening water treatment, and a RO pre-treatment.

With a maximum flow rate of 22 GPM, these Genesis water softeners will turn each shower session into a dreamy experience. Moreover, its backwash regeneration cycles can also be adjusted for clean city water, a process that will save you both salt and water in the long run. And for the best peace of mind, the downflow-regeneration Genesis water softener will supply a lifetime warranty on the control head, valve, brine, and resin tank.

Genesis Iron Pro Max Water Softener & Filter ($1,289-$2,339)

For those looking to find an all-in-one solution for their hard water problem, the Genesis Iron Pro Max is the best choice. This excellent water softener and filter combo uses an on-demand meter and iron filtration system that will not only produce soft water but smoother, healthier, and overall better drinking water. The Iron Pro water softener uses RasinTech short path resin, optimal for dissolved water iron of up to ppm. As for its maximum flow rate, this Genesis water system will offer you as much as 25 GPM, which, simply put – is ideal.

The Genesis Iron Pro Max utilizes a 1″ porting design that enhances the flow rate on bigger households, so you will really feel the water pressure on your morning showers.

The innovative Genesis salt-and-water system is designed with a large LCD display that is operated by touch. This means that after the installation, the use and maintenance of the upflow regeneration will be a piece of cake. As for its guarantee period, you’ll be pleased to know that this Genesis water system comes with a lifetime warranty on the resin tank and a 10-year on the valve and control head.

Genesis 2 Premier Cabinet Style Water Softener ($887-$977)

Genesis 2 Premier Cabinet Style Water Softener

The cabinet-style upflow model is a uniquely-designed water softener that uses more or less the same principles as the Genesis 2 Premier system. Shipped by Discount Water Softeners, this salt-based water softener operates with the same on-demand regeneration cycles that make it so efficient. Thanks to this metered connection and control head, the Genesis water softener will save the same 6,480 lbs of salt and 28,900 gallons of water for a family of four. And when this resin water softener comes with a lifetime warranty on all its components, it’s hard to say no to it.

To best match your household’s requirements, you can pick one of the softener’s models that can either accommodate 1-2 bathrooms (24,000 GPG) or 2-4 (32,000 GPG).

Afterward, you can enjoy its fantastic reverse-flow regeneration feature that preserves the unused softening bed, thus being economical on salt and water waste. Moreover, thanks to its upflow brine tank, this Genesis water softener will calculate the precise amount of salt required for it to regenerate, saving you up to 30% on salt consumption in one go. The brine and resin tank are also one more thing you needn’t worry about since Genesis has sold over a million of these systems without any returns.

Genesis 2 Duo Platinum Water Softener & Filter ($1,127-$1,697)

When we say that the Genesis Duo water system does it all, we mean it. This salt-based water system includes the trademarked 1.25″ high-flow control head, a reticulated KDF filtration media, and a filtration & resin tank. So what exactly does the Genesis Duo do? The water softener & filter begins by softening the hard water by using salt and resin, which is then dissolved into the brine tank. The unit’s integrated filtration system removes harmful chlorine, chloramine, and heavy metals that are dissolved into the water. By rendering a high flow rate and efficient upflow regeneration, the Genesis Duo will give you everything you need from an all-in-one system.

Besides the incredible flow rate, this upflow regeneration system is ideal because it sends soft water throughout the entire house’s plumbing system.

Genesis 2 Duo Platinum Water Softener & Filter

This way, it won’t matter if you’re under the tap or in the bathroom – you will get the best-quality water with just a click. The Genesis Duo water softener & filter also hosts a reverse flow regeneration that saves up on the unused resin bed, saving you more salt in the process. This salt and water system also has a brine tank refill feature that keeps the brine tank and injectors clean and more efficient, performance-wise. The Genesis water softener comes with a lifetime warranty on the valve, control head, brine, and resin tank.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Genesis Water Softeners?

Genesis products’ official distributor is Discount Water Softeners, so that’s where we first began our research on the customer’s reviews. At the time of writing, the six water softener systems presented above had about 173 reviews, out of which Genesis was crowned with a 5.0 score. Even though we love Genesis, we can’t, in all fairness, consider this as a true reflection of all the buyers’ opinions. However, there are a few conclusions that can be drawn from these Genesis water softener reviews. Firstly, we found that the Premier water softener and the High-Efficiency alternative had the highest selling rate, which made out 154 purchases in total.

This seems to be the case with other vendors as well. When we searched for Consumer Affairs, we saw that Genesis was the most talked-about system on the Discount Water Softeners site. Out of 166 reviews, Genesis had a score of 4.3, which we found more reasonable. Many Genesis water softener reviews were concerned with the Genesis revolution model that is currently unavailable for purchase. The Genesis revolution water softener was highly regarded as one of the most reliable units in performance and efficiency. Even though we looked for the Genesis revolution in all public domains, vendors, and distributors’ pages, we could not find an available product.

Nonetheless, it’s important to note that the other water softener products gathered many positive reviews. Most of the reviews were very pleased with the shipment and informational procedure attached to their Discount Water Softeners’ purchase. The most recurring themes about the water softener systems were their ease of installation, budget-friendliness, premium-quality components, and efficiency. The negative reviews all hinted at dissatisfaction with the performance levels. According to Genesis, these problems happened because the capacities purchased were not fit for purpose with certain water conditions. From what we could gather, Genesis seems to be very responsive in customer service and all-too-willing to provide alternative units to gain the buyer’s satisfaction.

What Guarantee Period Does Genesis Offer?

Genesis water softener units come with some of the best guarantees in the market. A water softener from Genesis will live up to 20 years while preserving its fantastic performance and efficiency. Because the manufacturers are fully confident in their products, they distribute [most of] them with an unlimited warranty. When you consider that most water softener products are sold with limited warranties that can’t sustain more than 10-15 years, Genesis makes for a reliable alternative.

On all the products that we reviewed, we saw that the best-warrantied components of a water softener were its brine and resin tanks, which were supported for a lifetime. Other models were equipped with a 7 or 10-year warranty on the control head and valves, which is still higher than those sold by other companies. All in all, we are thrilled with the Genesis warranties and can honestly say that you won’t find better-warrantied units at these prices.

Where Can I Buy Genesis Water Softeners?

Genesis water softeners are officially sold at Discount Water Softeners, which hosted six models at the time of writing. The pros of purchasing from this vendor are that you will get your water softener in less than one-day*, and the shipment will include pre-installed media on the resin tank. This means that you have to spend less time installing the unit and more time using it. DWS also contains 10% resin on its tanks, so you will get a full head start upon purchase.

Genesis water softeners are also available on other popular domains like Amazon and Desertcart. However, we’re not sure whether these distributors will provide the perks mentioned above, so you may be cutting down on the full experience that Discount Water Softeners provides. When we researched some Genesis products on Amazon, we saw that many buyers reported that they couldn’t get in touch with Genesis customer service about their inquiries. That’s why we advise you to go for an official distributor unless you really have to go with the latter.

* The fast shipment only applies to residents of the United States.

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Genesis Water Softeners?

  • If you bundle any water system by Genesis with a Hydropure Undersink Dual-Filter System, you will get $75 off at Discount Water Softeners.

What Are The Alternatives To The Genesis Water Softener?

Genesis is promising in many features, but it is unable to create a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone who needs a water softener. Whether you were impressed with its control head technology, incredible warranties, or performance results, we have a lot of alternatives that may be better suited for your own needs. Below, you will found Water Whizz’s detailed reviews on different water softener brands, classified with their most distinctive features.

The Verdict On Genesis Water Softeners?

Our verdict on Genesis water softeners is that this brand is among the most-reliable ones currently in the market. With affordable prices and flexibility in design, capacities, and features, Genesis has gathered hundreds of positive reviews from customers all around the US. These reviews also passed trans-Atlantic waters, with buyers from all over the world praising the effortless purchase that Discount Waters provided for them. All Genesis softeners are salt-based, but they employ the necessary eco precautions for not producing excessive water or salt waste.

The most notable hallmarks of the water systems by Genesis were the high flow rate, innovative regeneration cycles, and resin integration. These units are budget-conscious, but they also utilize principles that make each operation as efficient as possible. And when you add its unlimited warranties onto the mix, we can’t help but consider this brand among the most reliable water manufacturers available. That’s why we fully recommend Genesis to all our readers.

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