Hellenbrand Water Softener Reviews & Awards 2021

Today’s pick for combating hard water is Hellenbrand, who has a 50-year legacy in making some of the best softener systems to date. Hellenbrand has over 200 water dealers spread in 39 states, so wherever you’re currently residing – they will get to you. As we know, hard water is an almost invisible enemy that has quite the reputation for ruining plumbing, water pipes, water heaters, water boilers, and other home appliances operating with water. And because Hellenbrand is located in Wisconsin, they know all too well what it means to combat hard water daily.

Hellenbrand Water Softener

That’s partly why Hellenbrand has designed some of the best water treatment systems that prolong the efficacy of all water-related units in the home. We also love Hellenbrand because they make some of the most efficient products accompanied by incredible customer service. To know what we’re really talking about, we invite you to read the guide below, comprising of the best Hellenbrand products, their most notable features, awards, and more.

What Type Of Products Does Hellenbrand Make?

Hellenbrand distributes some of the most comprehensive lines of water treatment products in the industry. To fight hard water, Hellenbrand has designed products for both the homeowners and commercial & industrial locations. Their residential range includes water softenersdrinking water systems, and iron water filtration units. Their commercial line includes water softenerswater filtration systemsreverse osmosis units, and UV disinfecting systems. Today, we’re going to put all the focus on Hellenbrand water softeners for residential use.

Hellenbrand Residential Water Softeners

ProMate 1 Series

Hellenbrand ProMate 1 Series

The first Hellenbrand water softener goes by the Promate 1 signature and uses a salt-based water plumbing softener that effectively removes calcium and magnesium from your water supply. One of the most significant advantages of this Hellenbrand water softener is its full-flow bypass valve that brings the great convenience of bypassing the water softener. On low-salt, the Hellenbrand product can host a grain capacity of 26,000 GPG, whereas, on levels above 2100 grains/lb, the Hellenbrand softener can take as much as 63,000 GPG. And to ensure durability, all internal plumbing of this water softener is built with corrosion-resistant materials with lead-free components.

This Hellenbrand softener product also utilizes a variable reserve feature that automatically adjusts to your water usage. This way, the Hellenbrand softener ensures that you waste very little amounts of water and salt on each regeneration cycle. According to Hellebrand, the Promate 1 will save you up to 70% on soap and water use. Moreover, the Hellenbrand water softener comes with a five-year warranty on its control valve’s electrical parts, its 14″ mineral tanks, and its salt-storage cabinet. The 6″ mineral tanks are warrantied for an additional ten years, while the entire Hellenband water conditioner system is warrantied for one year.

ProMate Ecomax

The Promate Ecomax softener is the most efficient Hellenbrand water product for residential purposes. Compared to other Hellenbrand water treatment systems, the Ecomax uses less than half the salt and water amount. This is mostly due to its Vortech-Hellenbrand distribution plate that saves up to 15 gallons of water for each water regeneration cycle. If you use highly-efficient salt, these Hellenbrand water treatment systems will handle a water grain capacity of more than 107,000 GPG. Another feature that comes with this single-tank softener product is its programming ability that can be used to customize the Hellenbrand softener’s settings as you please. And because the water drained from all Exomax softener products doesn’t exceed 5 GPM, their waste levels will also be minimal.

Hallenbrand ProMate Ecomax

ProMate Ecomax Duo

Hellenbrand ProMate Ecomax Duo

The Hellenbrand Ecomax Duo water treatment system enhances the products’ efficiency by incorporating a twin-tank water design. This line of Hellenbrand water treatment systems combines one brine tank and two resin tanks. The premium-grade Hellenbrand tanks operate by hosting a smart-technology that ensures efficient water regeneration cycles. These innovative Hellenbrand water products reduce the amount of sodium chloride discharged into the waste-water stream so that you will save about 17% more water than with the single-tank softener products.

This Hellenbrand water softener will sustain up to 107,000 GPG (on efficient salt levels) for its water grain capacities. And thanks to its insulated tank-jacket, the Hellenbrand water softener will keep plumbing services at bay by reducing its water products’ internal sweating.

Hellenbrand S12 Single Tank

The S12 Hellenbrand water softener is a battery-operated water treatment system primarily aimed for remote water use. Thanks to its d-cell batteries, the Hellenbrand water softener will provide years of reliability and energy efficiency for your entire family. The single tank softener product recharges through pure solar energy, but an additional Hellenbrand AC charger is included for added convenience. Depending on the condition of your plumbing services, these Hellenbrand water softeners will use no more than 51 gallons of water per each regeneration cycle. All in all, with little to no waste and a lot of willpower, this Hellenbrand water treatment system will provide soft water for cleaner fixtures, stain-free plumbing services, and extended expectancy of all water-operated appliances.

Hellenbrand S12 Single Tank

Hellenbrand S12 Twin-Tank

Hellenbrand S12 Twin-Tank

As for the Hellenbrand S12 twin-tank softener product, we can only sing praise to its highly-efficient water and energy management. This Hellenbrand water softener is also designed for remote locations, so it features a similar Hellenbrand battery unit that’s charged through the power of the mighty sun. This Hellenbrand water treatment system utilizes an extra brine tank that is used to circulate the soft water through the plumbing services of the softener. Moreover, these Hellenbrand water softeners support a grain capacity of more than 95,000 GPG in water conditions where high-efficient salt levels are used. Both water softeners support a peak flow rate of 18 GPM, so you will feel the soft water pressure on your hair while showering, washing the dishes, or drinking water from the tap.

ProMate 6.0

The Hellenbrand Promate 6 series includes three water treatment systems: the 6.0, the 6.0 DMT, and the 6.5 DMT. Even though each Hellenbrand softener is manufactured along the same lines, some features make one Hellenbrand water softener distinct from the others. For example, the Hellenbrand Promate 6.0 water treatment system features the same Hellenbrand-Vortech distribution plate that hosts a superior flow rate for producing soft water. Furthermore, this Hellenbrand water softener comes with a 10% commercial grade resin that reduces the water and energy use with all its regeneration cycles.

Hellenbrand ProMate 6.0

Depending on which Hellenbrand Promate 6.0 softener you choose, you will be able to gain a water grain capacity of more than 140,000 GPG. This is, of course, as long as you use high-efficient salt in the process. And thanks to its back-lit display and user-friendly electronics, all members of your family can control the Hellenbrand softener products without breaking a single sweat.

ProMate 6.0 DMT

With a little twist, the Hellenbrand Promate 6.0 DMT attracts and conditions the harmful minerals from your municipal water using a technology called dual-media. Thanks to its down-flow operation and Vortech plate, this Hellenbrand water softener will improve the water plumbing services of your home by a lot. Moreover, these water treatment systems will treat several other water issues like foul odor and bad taste. To ensure that efficiency is provided with each drop, the Hellenbrand water softener also hosts an on-demand regeneration pattern that adjusts to your family’s water consumption levels. Like all Hellenbrand water softeners, this product also features a full-flow bypass valve that brings incredible ease of use and removes the need for water plumbing services.

ProMate 6.5 DMT

The Hellenbrand Promate 6.5 DMT softener uses the same dual-media technology that produces soft water and treats other water problems. This Hellenbrand water softener contains a corrosion-resistant control valve that supports a full-flow bypass construction for added convenience. All Hellenbrand Promate 6.5 DMT water treatment systems are equipped with several media configurations, so you can finally say goodbye to hard water, chlorine odor, and weird taste in your water. This Hellenbrand water softener is also among the very few water plumbing services specializing in removing tannins from the US region’s well waters. The 6.5 DMT Hellenbrand water softeners also have a triple-rinse feature and an extra backwash mode so that the final water quality will be nothing but superb.

ProMate 7.0

The Hellenbrand softener products of the Promate 7 series include the 7.0 model and the 7.1 DMT one. We’ll begin with the Hellenbrand Promate 7.0 softener designed for large-volume households where water consumption is medium to high. This Hellenbrand water softener works by using the renowned Hellenbrand-Vortech distribution plate to reduce backwash and improve water plumbing services’ efficiency. Other Hellenbrand single-tank water treatment systems maintain a resin reserve after all regeneration cycles. Instead, the Hellenbrand 7.0 product uses its full water capacity before regenerating. The Hellenbrand softener does this so that you will have an endless stream of soft water while minimizing the waste of energy, water, and salt. These Hellenbrand water softeners are also customizable, so you can easily adjust their softener settings to match your family’s water needs.

ProMate 7.1 DMT

Like the Hellenbrand 6 DMT series, the 7.1 DMT water treatment systems are designed to tackle more water issues than merely providing soft water. These Hellenbrand water softeners use dual-media technology to provide uninterrupted soft water for the entire family. Because they use the Hellenbrand-Vortech midpalate, the 7.1 water treatment systems will also use the minimal amount of water required for each cycle. According to Hellenbrand, this softener uses 80% less water than traditional water softeners currently on the market.

Suppose you sign up for this model of Hellenbrand water softeners. In that case, you will not only gain an endless stream of soft water but odor-free, good tasting clean water as well. And since these Hellenbrand water softeners have half of the components than those of their competitors, the soft water product will be as easy to use as it is to maintain. Both softener products by Hellenbrand are guaranteed with a limited 10-year warranty, so peace of mind will accompany your every water drop.

Hellenbrand E6 Twin-Tank

If you’re looking to get a simpler Hellenbrand softener product that doesn’t cut back on its efficiency, the E6 Hellenbrand water system is your best choice. With a twin-alternating water design, these water softeners by Hellenbrand will revolutionize the way you think about soft water. As we mentioned earlier, traditional [Hellenbrand] softener units waste their excessive water by draining it. On the other hand, due to their smart mechanisms, the E6 Hellenbrand softeners use the previously-treated soft water down to their last drop, thus being more efficient.

These water softeners by Hellenbrand only have four operations, so the water softening procedures will use the smallest amount of water, salt, and energy. Since these water softeners are destined for larger families, they will also support higher water grain capacities from 17,200 GPG to more than 135,000 GPG. And because the Hellenbrand E6 softener for water is comprised of a digital display with easy to use electronics, you won’t need any help with the plumbing services from your local Hellenbrand technician either.

Water Management System

Our last residential water treatment system isn’t technically among the Hellenbrand water softeners’ products range. Still, we felt that the softener-alternative needed an honorable mention on this list. This proclaimed water management product by Hellenbrand is an auxiliary water device used with water softeners to remove all water waste from the home’s plumbing services. Specifically, the Hellenbrand softener auxiliary recycles the discharged hard water from the water softeners’ regeneration cycle. According to Hellenbrand, this range of water plumbing services reclaims more than 65% of the reusable water from your water softeners.

These soft-water recycling products come with a built-in water monitor that prompts the soft water to be added to the water tank when the reclaimed water doesn’t need to “flush.” With these water softeners alternatives, you won’t have to worry about the water quality either. The Hellenbrand product will disinfect and repressurize the soft water to be as pure as possible. What’s most important is that these water products by Hellenbrand aren’t just fit for water softeners. They can also be used for water reverse osmosis systems, water humidification machines, water dehumidification products, or furnace units. This water unit is already installed on the previously-mentioned Hellenbrand Promate 6, Hellenbrand H125, Hellenbrand H151, and Hellenbrand H200M.

Which Awards Has Hellenbrand Won?

  • Since 2006, Hellenbrand has won several selling, performance, and quality awards from The Watershop. This US-based company has been distributing Hellenbrand softener products for years and has been considering Hellenbrand among its best manufacturers. You can also access the full list of Watershop awards online.
  • Hellenbrand won the Grand Award for medium-sized companies by the Family Business Awards in 2011.
  • All Hellenbrand water softeners and other water treatment products are certified by one or more standards of the EPAWQA, and IAPMO.

What Review Do Customers Give Hellenbrand Water Softeners?

As you may know, Hellenbrand doesn’t list its water products on public domains like Amazon or The Home Depot. That’s why finding a Hellenbrand review section was somewhat of a challenge. On Google, Hellenbrand only has 25 customers reports from which it has gathered a score of 4.6. However, most of those reports noted that their Hellenbrand water products have been working wonderfully even after years of purchase. After 10 years of working with Hellenbrand, a customer described that he found the water treatment brand to be “honest, extremely reliable, and with outstanding customer service.”

Hellenbrand Water Softeners Customer Review

The Hellenbrand customer service is noted on Angie’s List too, where Hellenbrand is A-rated from 26 water softeners buyers. Regarding their water plumbing products, the customers stated that they were delighted with the professional service that Hellenband provided. Most of the commenters also reported that Hellenbrand took care of their water supply and plumbing issues promptly before installing the softener products in their home. As for the Hellenbrand water softeners themselves, the buyers noted that they were as efficient as initially presented on the brochures. Some of them even reported that these Hellenbrand soft-water machines had exceeded their first expectations by a mile.

What Guarantee Period Does Hellenbrand Offer?

A Hellenbrand softener for water is expected to last for over 15 years, which is pretty much the standard for premium-grade water softeners. As much as our two-cents are worth, we believe that Hellenbrand water softeners are more sophisticated and reliable than many other water treatment systems currently in the market. And as far as the Hellenbrand warranties go, it seems that each softener comes with a 10-year limited guarantee.

If we get down to the specifics, we can see that Hellenbrand covers 1 year for the entire softener and 10 years for any mineral water tanks from 6″ to 13″ in diameter. Alternatively, these water softeners are supported with an additional 5-year warranty on any mineral water tank of 14″ and up. This warranty also supports the salt-storage and the components of the water filter control valves. These softener components include any electrical part that combines the motor & board, control valve, and other internal parts. It’s also worth noting that the Hellenbrand warranty covers all water plumbing replacements or additional water elements applied after the purchase.

Where Can I Buy Hellenbrand Water Softeners?

Like Kinetico and Culligan, Hellenbrand functions with a local water dealer arrangement that includes a Hellenbrand technician coming to your house for a quick water test. The Hellenbrand technician will evaluate your home’s water conditions, including the water source, plumbing work, and water consumption levels. The technician will then suggest the most fitting softener, filtration unit, or other water treating solution for your living conditions. We are confident that Hellenbrand employs a safe and integrity-focused staff, so you won’t have to worry about this process.

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Hellenbrand Water Softeners?

There are currently no discount codes for water softeners by Hellenbrand. As soon as we get them for you, we will update them here.

What Are The Alternatives To The Hellenbrand Water Softener?

Hellenbrand is among the best water treatment brands we have reviewed, and that’s because its water softeners are fantastic, high-quality, and durable. Besides ensuring each house has soft-water while reducing water plumbing issues, Hellenbrand has also employed an incredible team mentioned in each customer review online. If you’re looking for those qualities on other water softeners, we invite you to check out Water Whizz’s top 10 list below.

  1. Kinetico Water Systems
  2. A.O Smith Corporation
  3. Fleck Water Systems
  4. GE Appliances
  5. Culligan Water
  6. Kenmore
  7. Pelican Water Systems
  8. Genesis Water Technologies
  9. Water Boss
  10. Morton Water Systems

If you want to learn more about the best water softeners by type, we recommend our guides on salt-based water softeners, salt-free water softeners, best water softeners for well water, and best whole-house water softeners.

The Verdict On Hellenbrand Water Softeners

Finally, we can say that water softeners by Hellenbrand are your best bet if you want a trustworthy water unit in your home. The great thing about Hellenbrand is that they accommodate all water conditions, so whether you need a softener for a two-man party or a full-size communal space, Hellenbrand will provide it. Besides manufacturing high-grade water softeners, water filtration systems, and RO water plumbing units, Hellenbrand offers terrific customer service too. 

From the initial water test in your home to installing the softener, water plumbing, and auxiliaries, your Hellenbrand technician will make you feel as safe as possible. The online customer reports show that the buyers love Hellenbrand because it promises soft water under excellent conditions – and that’s exactly what it delivers. The only downside to buying a softener from Hellenbrand is that the prices aren’t upfront. The only way to know how much these water systems cost is via your local Hellenbrand dealer.

However, this seems to be the protocol for most water treatment manufacturers online, so we can’t really hold it against Hellenbrand. By redirecting the control to the local water dealerships, Hellenbrand ensures that each customer gets the right softener for their water and plumbing situation. And when you take all of this into account, we are more than happy to recommend Hellenbrand to all our readers.

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