Kenmore Water Softener Reviews, Awards And Discounts 2021

According to British Water, for every 1.6 mm of scale buildup in your heating unit, there is a 12% waste in heating performance. This is especially problematic when you consider that, on average, a household living on hard water areas* can generate up to 70 kg of limescale for a single year. To help keep your wallets thicker and your appliances safer, Kenmore has designed some of the most efficient water softeners to tackle those very issues.

Kenmore Water Softener

If you’re not a stranger to the kitchen, you may have heard of Kenmore products being renowned for their quality, efficiency, and dependable warranties. Seeing how hard-water scalding on home appliances (aka galvanic corrosion) causes insufficient water flow, inefficient water heating, and wasteful water use – a Kenmore softener looks like a magic-wand solution. But are these Kenmore products as great as they seem?

* If you’re unsure whether you live in a hard water area, you can check that out the interactive map by  Hydroflow.

What Type Of Products Does Kenmore Make?

How about some history first? Kenmore was first launched in 1923 and grew prominence in the late ’20s thanks to its washing machine units sold under the Sears company. The Sears partnership continued until 2017 when the latter declared bankruptcy and left Kenmore buyers puzzled about their products and warranties. Even though the Kenmore brand was left with less than 200 stores (out of +3000), the brand promised to honor the contracts and continue selling its appliances online. Kenmore is now owned by Transform Co, and some of its products continue to live on.

Specifically, Kenmore models and designs some of the most distinguished home appliances that go beyond the water treatment world. On Kenmore’s official website, the brand lists refrigeration units, cooking appliancesdishwasherslaundry systemssmart appliancesfloor care products, air & water treatment systems, and grills. Those all sound fantastic, but for today, we’re only going to showcase Kenmore water softeners.

Since the bankruptcy issues, the only Kenmore water softeners that remained in the public domain are the 300 & 350 models – which are also the most efficient. The reason why we’re so invested in these products is that they were among Kenmore’s bestselling range that scored high points on functionality, durability, and love by the customers. If you read below, you will find these models’ top qualities, features, prices*, and more.

* The prices of both water softeners were correct at the time of writing, and they reflect the regular cost that is subject to change with sales & discounts.

Kenmore 38300 High-Efficiency Water Softener ($399.99)

Kenmore 38300 High-Efficiency Water Softener

The first flagship product we want you to consider is the Kenmore 300 series water softener. This Kenmore water softener has a grain capacity of 24, 000 grain per gallon, which is just enough for low to medium water usage.

The NSF-certified Kenmore water softener will provide good-tasting, soft-water for families of up to four people. Moreover, the highly-efficient softener can take up a water hardness of up to 35 GPG, which notes extremely hard water. The Kenmore 38300 water softener also hosts a 200 lbs salt storage tank, so you won’t have to worry about frequent resin refills or low-salt alerts.

What’s incredible about these Kenmore water softener systems is that they use an IntelliSoft2 technology that ensures the unit uses up to 20% less salt and 32% less water than traditional water softeners. The low-salt water softener can sustain a water pressure range of 20 – 120 PSI, so you won’t have to worry about the flow rate reduction in your home. And when you add a fantastic high-flow valve to the mix, you will have nothing but enhanced performance rates on the entire water softener.

Upon reading Kenmore water softener reviews, we saw that the “superstar” feature on these models is its on-demand regeneration process. Thanks to its water meter, the Kenmore 300 series water softener will evaluate your family’s water usage and only regenerate when necessary. This demand-initiated cycle will ensure that you will have soft water whenever you need it while cutting back on water and salt use in the process. The 24, 000-grain water softener models only take up 125 minutes for each cycle, so its time, water, salt, and energy consumption rates will be minimal.

The salt-based Kenmore water softener also features an iron-removal setting that can be used to reduce the iron & manganese components from your water supply. That means that your Kenmore water softener will not only soften the water but also filter its compounds for reaching a better-tasting alternative. The highly-efficient Kenmore water softener is very easy to install, and thanks to its LCD-screen and easy menu selection, you won’t have any issues with its use either. If you purchase from American Freight, this Kenmore water softener will include a one-year parts & labor warranty, as well as a ten-year limited guarantee on the salt tank.

Kenmore 38520 Elite Water Softener ($849.99)

The second models’ range is within the Kenmore 350 series water softener. The sleek-coated water softener is aimed at larger families that include six or more people, for which it accommodates a 34, 000-grain capacity. This hybrid water softener combines a softening mechanism, a chlorine filter, and an iron removal unit. That means that the Kenmore water softener will not only soften your water, but it will also reduce scaling, remove chlorine taste and odor, and enhance the water’s overall quality.

We love the Kenmore Elite water softener because it provides a premium water improvement for your home while ensuring that you never have to change a filter.

That’s right; the 34, 000-grain water softener comes with a pre-filter that needs no installation, repairs, or maintenance. The soft-water machine also includes an extra carbon filter that removes water contaminants for people with sensitive skin. So, by investing in this Kenmore water softener, you will also be investing in clean drinking water, spotless cookware, soft showers, and healthier appliances.

If we get down to the specifics, we will see that this salt-based Kenmore softener features an ultra-flow valve that prompts an incredible flow rate, 41% higher than the previous models. The Kenmore Elite water softener also hosts a 200 lbs salt tank, which is very easy to fill thanks to the unit’s ergonomic design. Like the 300 series, this Kenmore water softener will also regenerate in about 124 minutes, spending less water and salt on the process. The NSF certified water system will notify you of the low salt levels and any other system errors via its automatic LED tank light.

One of the most significant advantages of this water softener is probably its multi-functionality that’s packed under a fantastic price. Compared to other water softeners, the Kenmore range promises less salt, water, and energy consumption rates that don’t affect the unit’s overall flow rate. And when you take into account that the water softener doesn’t need a plumber to be installed or excessive time and effort in its maintenance, it’s hard to resist. The American Freight vendors sell this salt-based softener with the same one-year parts & labor warranty, although the salt tank is not supported here.

Which Awards Has Kenmore Won?

For almost a century, Kenmore has contributed to improving the lives of people worldwide, and for that, it has been recognized and awarded by many prestigious organizations. First, we must note that all Kenmore products are NSF certified, which means that each product’s specifications, components, and overall quality is on par with the relevant industry’s requirements. Kenmore is also the recipient of many accolades that awarded Kenmore products, manufacturers, customer service, and its entire organization for excellence. Here are its most notable awards.

  • Kenmore’s Connect Technology was one of the 2010 Top 100 Innovations by Popular Science – an organization that credits brands for launching creative and helpful discoveries.
  • In 2011, Kenmore was awarded the Golden Trumpet Award for an online campaign promoting diversity and tolerance in the workplace.
  • The Reviewed organization rewarded Kenmore with five Best of the Year 2015 awards that recognized the brand’s most renowned home appliances. Kenmore also won the Best of the Year 2018 awards, in which it was rewarded with two distinctive prizes.
  • Sears Home Center and Kenmore were the winners of the Leaders in Sustainability awards in 2017. The prize reflects the brand’s efforts to employ eco-friendly measures for its products.
  • In 2018, Kenmore secured four Number One spots on its Leading Consumer Publication.
  • In the same year, Sears (the holding company of Kenmore) was the first company that won the 2018 Energy Star – Partner of the Year award in three different categories. Kenmore’s efforts were recognized for retailer, energy management, and brand owner divisions.
  • Kenmore and Sears earned the 2019 Energy Star – Partner of the Year award that recognizes the brand’s efforts for protecting the environment through superior energy-efficient designs.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Kenmore Water Softeners?

The first thing we noticed when we surfed the web for Kenmore water softener reviews was that the brand does a reasonably good job keeping its customers happy. On American Freight, the two salt-based softeners have a joint number of 169 reviews. Out of these, they gather an average score of 4.3, which, when compared to other competitors, is relatively high. The number of reviews isn’t significant enough to make a statement, but it’s just enough to tell us that Kenmore is doing something right.

First, the first Kenmore water softener review tells us that they were fascinated with the price that their salt-based unit came with. Other reviews on the Kenmore 300 series mention the ease of installation and functionality levels on their purchased units. It would make sense that the 54 reviews on this site give the water softener a 4.6 score, considering that most buyers repeat that their Kenmore system works exactly as promised. One of the most notable features within these water softening units is salt and water consumption. Several buyers state that their Kenmore softener showed immediate results in waste management that were also reflected in the detergent amount used.

On the other hand, the Kenmore 350 series has a bulkier review section that, at the time of writing, had 115 reviews. With a 4.0 score, this salt-based water softener was most noted for its fantastic flow rate that the buyers seem to love. Most of the positive comments reported that this Kenmore product is effortless to install, use, and maintain. Many reviewers also noted that the salt-based system was worth its price, considering that it includes separate filters on its composition too. One of the most repeated negative remarks was that the unit’s electric board is prone to malfunction. The customers noted that unless this part was within the warranty period, it cost them about $300 to have it fixed.

Another issue that concerns both the 300 and 350 softener reviews is the unit’s design and operation. Because both water softeners employ a single-tank design, they have a reported history with salt-bridging. A salt bridge is just a hard salt formation that forms on the brine tank due to improper water regeneration. Salt-bridging is a common problem with all single-tank water softeners, and although it can be easily fixed, it has been known to cause some negative customer reviews. All in all, Kenmore seems to have a solid fan base that looks quite pleased with its products.

What Guarantee Period Does Kenmore Offer?

According to the surplus of online reviews, Kenmore water softeners stay put for 15-20 years. The durable materials and sustainable components seem to make Kenmore units a top-pick for those looking to find long-term solutions to their hard water problems. Another hallmark that can contribute to Kenmore water softeners’ durability is that most known issues with these units are DIY-fixed. That means that besides minor errors, a Kenmore water softener is very unlikely to require any professional plumbing assistance.

However, Kenmore has been careful to preserve its customer’s peace of mind by issuing limited warranties for all its water softer models. As long as you buy your water softener from SearsKmartAmerican Freight, or other Kenmore authorized retailers, you will get a one-year warranty on parts and labor. Your Kenmore water softener will also be warrantied for another ten years on the brine tank.

Where Can I Buy Kenmore Water Softeners?

Kenmore has currently authorized several vendors for distributing its products, and these vendors include SearsSears Hometown StoreSears Parts & DirectAmazonKmartAmerican Freight, and Howards. Any product sold under sellers other than the ones mentioned is most likely a false unit and will immediately be void of the warranty and customer care that Kenmore provides.

At the time of writing this article, American Freight was the only online vendor that included Kenmore water softeners. Whether it’s an issue with discontinuity or availability is unclear, but you can rest assured that the water softener links provided by Water Whizz are 100% genuine.

Kenmore Water Softeners Buying Guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Kenmore Water Softeners?

What Are The Alternatives To The Kenmore Water Softener?

We know how hard it is to find the best water softener because we have reviewed dozens of them in the past year. First, you need to distinguish between salt-based water softeners and those using salt-free alternatives. You must then figure out whether your water comes from a well-water source and whether it can accommodate your whole house.

When you think you’ve got it, you see web articles that mention resin typesshowerhead options, and two-in-one softener & filter combos. That’s a lot of head-scratching, but lucky for you, we have provided you with a cheat sheet that you can take advantage of. Below, you will find the top-rated softener brands that have shown excellent results on performance, customers, and reviewer tests.

The Verdict On Kenmore Water Softeners

Kenmore water softeners are some of the greatest hidden gems of the water treatment world. Because of brand ownership issues, many Kenmore products have gotten lost in the shadows, which is very unfortunate when you consider how incredible they are. Kenmore softeners make no exception to this claim since they have a proven record of performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. The remaining 300 & 350 models are living proof of the brand’s fantastic legacy in the water industry.

First, we must note that you will have a hard time finding a water softener with a capacity for +6 people that’s on the 350 water softener’s price range. Most competitors’ water softeners reach and surpass the 1k price tag, which is the standard for a softener, filter & carbon treatment system. The multi-purpose components of Kenmore products make them quite the catch, and when you take into account that these units require little to no maintenance, it’s hard not to be impressed.

Another hallmark that makes Kenmore softening products reliable is its online review base. As a brand, Kenmore has gathered many positive remarks on its water softeners and its customer care. Finding, ordering, and installing a Kenmore softener is almost as effortless as using it, so people can’t help but choose the brand. However, Kenmore’s dark side of the moon seems to revolve around warranty issues and discontinuity charges. On the brand’s official website, all water softener products are currently out of stock, and it’s unsure whether they will be back.

For now, all we’re left with are the remaining products that Kenmore’s authorized distributors have been stacking up with. All in all, we are confident that water softeners by Kenmore will satisfy all your requirements, so we wholeheartedly recommend them. If you’re interested in purchasing your own Kenmore softener, we advise you to do so as soon as possible because they may not be in the public domain for too long from now.

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