Kube Water Filter Review, Awards, And Discounts 2021

If you’re looking for an advanced water filtration system that filters, purifies, cleans, and effortlessly alters the taste of the water – Kube Water may be your way to go. Manufactured by Kinetico Water and equipped with an ideal, Kube Water designs some of the best water filters that the industry has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a residential, commercial, or OEM market system – Kube Water has got it.

Kube Water Filter

There are many reasons why Kube Water is worth it, but we’re most fond of its water filter capacities that are as powerful as they come. You don’t need prior plumbing knowledge with Kube Water, as its system is DIY friendly and can be set-up within minutes of opening the box. When contrasted with the competition, Kube Water filters claim to provide 40 times more clean water between filter changes, so it is incredibly efficient. But, before we get carried away, let’s have a review at the magic makers behind Kube Water and why you can trust Kinetico to deal with your contaminated water problem.

What Type Of Products Does Kinetico Make?

Kube Water is owned by Kinetico, a brand that has unquestionably made a name for itself in the United States. Kinetico is most famous for its water softener product line – which we have reviewed and endorsed. Still, the brand’s efforts at designing a drinking water filtration system didn’t go unnoticed, as Kube Water filters are a force to be reckoned with. Besides Kube Water, Kinetico has made several other water filters, including the K5 drinking station, the Aquakinetic reverse osmosis system, the MACguard water filter, and the WH-NS multi-purpose filter cartridge that’s used in many water treatment products. However, we’re going to focus today’s review on unraveling everything there is to know about the Kube Water system – including parts, features, price*, awards, discounts, and more.

* The price of the Kube Water system was correct at the time of writing.

Kube Advanced Water Filtration System ($199)

Kube Advanced Water Filtration System

To help you make an informed decision, we’re going to review each Kube Water hallmark, so you know exactly what you’re signing up for. When you first get the Kube advanced water filtration system, you’ll be getting a water filter unit, two water filter cartridges, and an installation kit. This kit includes a plastic tube and two cold water connectors virtually compatible with all water plumbing in the United States. According to customer reviews, installing this drinking water filter will take less than 20 minutes, and besides the attached guide – you can also seek help from Kube’s guide video.

If you would rather have a water expert do the work, you can contact a Kinetico professional that will install the Kube advanced water filtration system into your existing faucet. All you have to do is go on Kinetico’s official website, request a quote, and wait for the Kinetico Water dealers to get back at you.

Now that we passed the installation review, it’s time to go over how this drinking water filter aims to remove contaminants and improve our homes’ water quality. If we start with the specifics, we will see that the Kube advanced water filtration system is specially made for cold water use, so you shouldn’t go mayhem in the system. Still, the drinking water filter can take minimum water operating temp. of 35° F and a maximum water temp. of 120° F. The Kube Water system will also maintain a full flow on your existing faucet, as it prompts an operating water pressure range of 35 PSI to 125 PSI. Besides providing exceptionally clean water, this Kube system is most appreciated for its practical space-saving design. The Kube advanced water filtration system is only 13 inches high and 6.2 inches wide, which means that you can easily fit it under your sink or existing faucet and not have to worry about clutter. The Kube filter system also weighs just 9 lbs, so moving it won’t be a problem.

Like PurBrita, or Berkey, this drinking water filter is attached to your existing faucet so that you will have clean, filtered water on demand, without restrictions. The water filtration system employs a twist and lock feature that keeps the water filter cartridges and place and minimizes leakage risk. What’s also great about the twist and lock feature is that you can neatly take out the used water filter, leave it on the sink, and load the new one without a drop being spilled. Like reverse osmosis systems that utilize water membranes, the United States system uses a specialty carbon filter media. This filter media can produce filtered water for as much as 1 800 gallons before it has to be replaced.

Kube Advanced Water Filtration System2

According to Kinetico‘s review, the 1 800 gallons of water capacity will last the average user about four months, so you can enjoy the clean water before you get its twist and lock to use. The water filter also has a bypass valve that allows you to choose when to use the filtered water to maximize the filter life at your own pace. And whether you decide to place the Kube water under the sink or on the counter, you will always have a clear review of the filter gauge and indicator at the top of the water system.

As good as the Kube filter’s design is, it doesn’t even come close to its ability to improve the water quality and remove contaminants from residential or commercial supplies. Kube is certified by the WQA against the NSF ANSI standards 42 and 53 that review water contaminants like chlorineleadmercuryMTBEVOCs, and water cysts. Moreover, Kube is certified against the NSF ANSI standards 372 to remove pharmaceutical contaminants and the B483.1 CSA standard that makes the water Kube safe for use both in the United States and Canada. The 1 800 water gallon system was also reported to remove other contaminants from drinking water, the most important of which include water-sediment like rust and silt, as well as industrial pollutantsdisinfection by-products, and water pesticides & herbicides. We’re sure that after the Kube water filtration system removes all those pollutants from your water supply and ensures that your water is safe to drink, you will instantly see the improvement in your drinking water quality and wonder how you could ever drink unfiltered water.

Kube Advanced Water Filtration System1

Kube is everything you could ask for in a reverse osmosis substitute, and when you review all the contaminants removed by it, it can also pass as a down-end water softener. Because the water filtration system is connected to your existing faucet, Kube is very economical. The under-sink water Kube only costs 4 cents per gallon, so you can use the filtered water for everything – whether it’s for cooking, drink-making, cleaning, or merely drinking water. The ‘4 cents per gallon’ quota is measured in terms of the replacement filter’s duration, so the Kube water system’s cost-effectiveness doesn’t end at the purchase.

What we loved the most about the 100% water-powered filter system was the fact that it requires no electricity to run, just water. As a review, the drinking water filter has all the assets of a reverse osmosis system; only it can fit under your sink, won’t take as much counter space, and can be installed directly to your existing faucet. The Kube water system comes with a two-year warranty on the water system, and a 30-day returns policy if you’re unsatisfied with the water quality.

Which Awards Has Kinetico Won?

Kinetico has a 50-year legacy in the water treatment business, and that’s it has gathered every review, award, certification, or mention that a brand can be lucky to get. Whether you want a water softener, a water filter, or a reverse osmosis system, the United States company will grant you the best product. To know what we’re talking about, check out Kinetico’s most recent honors and see yourself.

  • Kinetico’s reverse osmosis systems earned the Best Buy ribbon from Customables Digest back in 2012. The awarded models were congratulated for enhancing the drinking water quality and removing common (and more stubborn) water contaminants in all samples tested.
  • In 2018, Kinetico’s Premier Series water softener was awarded the Best Plumbing or Drainage System or Product prize by Build-It. According to the judging team, Kinetico provided the best-filtered water, and by doing so, it minimized the struggles of dealing with hard water.
  • The drinking water softener range by Kinetico earned the Most Efficient badge by the World Quality Association (2020). This review is also on par with the current drinking water system, as Kube is certified for spending just 4 per gallon of filtered water.
  • As a brand, Kinetico was also awarded in the customer care department, as Home Advisor gave it the 10 Year Elite Service award. Kinetico’s fantastic customer service is also endorsed by independent customer reviews that label the brand as professional, helpful, and kind.

What Reviews Do Customers Give The Kube Water Filter System?

When it comes to a brand’s reliability index, we believe that its buyer’s review section makes the best contribution. That’s why we set out to make the most out of Kinetico’s customer reviews, which we gathered on three websites: Kube Water and Consumer Affairs. We made sure to read every review so you won’t have to, and what we could gather most was that Kinetico is reliable. In Kube Water‘s review section, the under-sink water filter is reported to have a quick and easy set-up, which was agreed upon by many customer reviews. Another review stated that they had the Kube system for as much as two years, and its effects on the drinking water quality are very noticeable.

Kube Water Filter System

Unfortunately, the Kube water filter system doesn’t have a pervasive review section, but Kinetico does. In Consumer Affairs, the brand has a 4.6 score out of 276 comments, where the majority of users gave it a 5.0 review score. Here, the commenters praised Kinetico’s water softeners and reverse osmosis systems the most, but the drinking water filters also appeared. Most of the positive reviews talked about how strong and robust their Kinetico systems are, and others approved of their products’ ease of installation. The negative review section was mostly concerned with the lack of upfront prices, which happens to be with some Kinetico drinking water units. Other negative reviews reported issues with brine tanks, but that doesn’t concern the experience with our Kube filter system.

What Guarantee Period Does The Kube Water Filter System Offer?

Kube is certified against the NSF for optimal structural integrity, so you can rest knowing that your drinking water filter won’t disappoint you somewhere down the road. A Kube water filter system will maintain its efficiency for years on end, as long as you make sure to replace its filter cartridges as required on the indicator. Another thing you should keep an eye on is your existing faucet, as some people had to deal with void warranties due to improper installations on their drinking water tap.

Granted that your existing faucet is okay, your Kube drinking water filter system is warrantied for two years. During this period, Kube Water will repair, replace, or adjust any faulty parts with your water filter system, free of charge. Kube Water also has a one-month satisfaction guarantee period, so if you feel no difference in your drinking water, you can return the system and get your money back.

Where Can I Buy The Kube Water Filter System?

You can purchase the Kube Water system on all Kinetico-affiliated dealerships that are found all around the United States. If you’re unsure whether the Kube filter system is the ideal choice for your existing faucet, living conditions, or contaminant rate, you can apply for a free water quote on Kinetico’s official website. As we mentioned before, Kinetico will send a professional technician over and evaluate the best water treatment system to fulfill your water needs.

However, you can also find the Kube filter system on the brand’s online store, whether you’re located in the United States or Canada. You can also find the advanced water system on Home DepoteBayAmazon, or the UK Kube store. Wherever you decide to buy, just make sure that you’re purchasing a genuine Kube system that’s officially affiliated with Kinetico’s dealers and vendors.

Kube Water Filter System Buying Guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For The Kube Water Filter System?

  • If you purchase your Kibe filter system through any of the Social Labs links, you will get a discount of up to 35% on the water treatment unit.

How To Dispose Of Your Old Water Filter System

Only those who have recycles a full-sized water treatment system know how annoying the entire process can be. Like Kube, you can’t recycle a water filtering system with the rest of its materials as they are either too large or too contaminated. However, there’s a three-step plan that you can follow to ensure that your used water treatment system is recycled safely and correctly.

  1. The first thing you’re going to do is see if your old filter manufacturer has a disposal policy. You can find this in the warranty that came with your system, whether it’s a water pitcher, dispenser, reverse osmosis, or any other filter system. Alternatively, you can also opt for the water filter’s website, where you can usually find return policies and recycling programs. If you’ve purchased your water system from Brita or GE appliances, all you have to do is track your product and contact the seller. If it’s not included in your contract, you may have to pay a shipment fee.
  2. If your old water treatment vendor doesn’t seem to care about you anymore, you can always go for a third-party company that has made it its life’s purpose to collect used water treatment products. Recycle Water Filters is an excellent way to start, as the brand will recycle all types of water filters and many well-known brands in the water world. Many businesses are also partnered up with charities, so you can recycle your old filter AND contribute to the water crisis.
  3. The third and last option is to play doctor with your old water system. Since you bothered to read all this Kube review, we’re going to assume that you’re here about faucet water filters or under-sink water filters. If that is the case, then all you have to do is separate the jug and outer plastic from the internal filter (where you place the cartridges) and recycle accordingly. Because Kube uses a carbon-based filter, you should let it dry and then throw it in the trash. However, you should also beware that in doing so, you may risk exposure to the water contaminants that your system has treated, thus doing more damage than good.

What Are The Alternatives To The Kube Water Filter System?

Kube filter systems are ideal for those who want a quick solution to deal with their contaminated water straight from the tap. If you want an alternative for that, you can check out Water Whizz’s reviews on the best water filter pitchersfaucet filtersunder-sink water filters, countertop water filters, portable water filters, and water distillers. Alternatively, you can dive deeper into the best water filtering brands, all of which have been rated with flying colors by our reviewing team.

The Verdict On The Kube Water Filter System

If you’re wondering whether a Kube treatment unit is worth buying, the short answer is yes. Kube is a maintenance-free water system that is ideal for those who are just getting into the water treatment world, as it is very straightforward both in its installation and use. To install the water Kube, all you have to do is find a place for it under the sink and connect it to the cold water tube. Kube will then do the rest, supplying you with clean, filtered water every four months or so. Replacing the water filters is another walk in the park, as the system’s twist and lock feature will handle it all for you. Overall, the Kube unit is designed to be compact and utilized to be practical, so it is a bestseller in many ways.

Another reason why the Kube filter is reliable to take care of your water problem is its connection with Kinetico. As we explained in the guide, Kinetico is one of the leading brands in the water industry, which has taken its expertise to the next level by making the Kube filters available on demand. Kube is also certified by the world’s most crucial water agencies, so its water treatment performance is unmatched. With everything considered, we feel that Kube is one of the best under-sink water filters, and we wholeheartedly recommend it to all our readers.

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