Morton Water Softener Reviews And Discounts 2021

Morton is one of the best smart-home companies that effectively combat hard water up to the last drop. Moreover, this brand is looking to provide a means of easing the burden of sustaining water softeners, considering that installing an entire water treatment system isn’t cheap. By emphasizing the manufacturers’ words, Morton invites us into the future of water usage management, promoting great technologies on the go.

Morton Water Softener

If you live in the US, you will know that hard water is among the biggest issues that residents have to face. Hard water aids scale-buildup and mineral residue that doesn’t only affect our home appliances, but our health too. With a Morton water softener, you will not only say goodbye to hard water but to the continued maintenance and high costs too. Similar to EcoWater and GE appliances, Morton softeners are connected to your phone via Wi-Fi so that you can access them from anywhere. But what exactly makes these soft water machines worth a click?

What Type Of Products Does Morton Make?

If you head over to Morton’s official website, you will see that they don’t only specialize in water softeners. They also make whole-home filtration systems, water softener cleansers, and water shut-off valves renowned for their fantastic quality. As of now, Morton offers seven models of salt water softeners – all of which support a high flow rate, ideal softening levels, and optimal iron reduction.

M45C Demand Control Water Softener ($488.61)

M45C Demand Control Water Softener

The 45,000 grain Morton softener is a fantastic water management system suitable for households with one to six people. Thanks to its commercial-sized valve, the unit will not affect the maximum water pressure or your home’s flow rate. The best Morton M45C softener can sustain a maximum water hardness of 120 GPG and an iron reduction rate of 12 ppm, which is ideal for medium to hard water conditions. Moreover, the automatic Morton water softener has a fully-adjustable fast rinse and backwash times for you to optimize.

One of the most significant features of this salt water softener is the Look Ahead technology it employs. This feature reads your family’s patterns with water and predicts your future water needs. Another hallmark is that the M45C enhances your home’s flow rate thanks to its innovative bypass valve.

Like most Morton water softeners, this salt-based model utilizes the iQua app that will keep you up to date with water usage data and low salt notifications. As for its warranty, the M45C water softener supports a one-year guarantee on parts and labor, three years on the electric control board, and ten years on the salt storage tank. This warranty can be extended upon request.

MHY Whole Home Water Softener and Filter ($461.91)

The MHY model takes water softening to another level since it also incorporates a handy water filtration system. Ideal for households of up to six people, this soft-water unit hosts a self-cleaning carbon filtration unit that provides better-tasting water for the entire house.

Generally, this Morton water softener can take up a maximum water hardness of 95 GPG, while reducing 3 ppm of ferrous iron. Even though the MHY doesn’t compare with the M45C in terms of flow rate, it does reasonably well in preserving satisfactory water pressure levels.

MHY Whole Home Water Softener and Filter

With a grain capacity of 27,000 GPG, this water softener will be entirely sufficient in homes where water is consumed at medium-duty rates. Thanks to its Demand Regeneration function, you will never have to worry about wasting too much water again. The water softener will adapt to the required water consumption rate and regenerate as needed. The MHY Morton softener also features the renowned Look Ahead technology that fits your entire family’s needs like a glove. This unit comes with a one-year parts warranty and ten years for the salt storage tank for peace of mind.

M45 Demand Control Water Softener ($479.71)

M45 Demand Control Water Softener

Our top three list ends with the Morton M45 Water softener review that is one of this brand’s bestsellers. With a grain capacity of 45,000 GPG, this water softener is best suited for larger households where water consumption levels are medium to high. These water softeners support a maximum water hardness of 120 GPG while efficiently removing iron at up to 12 ppm. The M45 water softener also incorporates a sediment filter that uses salt-based mechanisms to remove excess minerals from the soft water.

Another great advantage to this Morton softener is its Clean Feature that prompts an additional backwash to remove high iron content from the water. The Morton water softener also hosts a 97% feature that makes the system go into regeneration immediately when 97% of its capacity is used.

To ensure optimal efficiency in water and energy use, the M45 model offers several recharge options that you can take advantage of. Lastly, due to its Look Ahead technology, the Morton softener makes sure that you will spend as little time on maintenance as possible. If you want to learn more about the M45’s warranty, you can find it on Morton’s official website.

M34 Elite Water Softener ($364)

The next water softener is the M34 Elite model that hosts a grain capacity of 34, 000 GPG. Moreover, its maximum water hardness capacity is 110 GPG, while its iron reduction rate covers about 9 ppm.The salt-based Morton softeners are equipped with a Demand Regeneration feature that automatically regenerates water based on your family’s consumption levels. The system saver M34 is designed for city and well applications, so its flow rate isn’t among its most vital points. However, the water softener cuts back on energy and water costs dramatically.

As it is with the best Morton softeners, the M34 also uses the Look Ahead technology we’ve all grown to love. To further help with the bills, Morton has also included a power-interruption protector that saves your water softener’s settings in the case of a power outage.

M34 Elite Water Softener

This Morton water softener is also designed with a low-salt indicator that will alert you when the salt tank needs a refill. The compact-sized water softener comes with a one year warranty on the parts and ten years on the minerals and salt storage tank.

M30 Premium Water Softener ($360)

M30 Premium Water Softener

The M30 model is commonly known as the Morton system saver water softener because it was most noted for its regeneration features. With a capacity of 30,000 GPG and an iron reduction rate of 7 ppm, this water softener is as reliable as they come. These salt-based water softeners can take up a 95 GPG max water hardness, which is just enough to keep hard water at bay. The Morton M30 water softener takes advantage of the Look Ahead technology to accommodate every family member in households as big as six.

A recurring thing from this soft water machine reviews is the ease of installation that its buyers experienced. The Morton water softener comes with a DIY kit that doesn’t require a plumber but rather some willpower. Thanks to its space-saving design, the Morton water softener will easily fit into any location you put it.

The system saver water softener will provide a means of regeneration under any circumstance, whether it’s a power outage or water drain. Like most Morton softeners, the system saver unit is guaranteed with a one-year parts warranty and ten years for the salt and mineral tank. You can also register your Morton softener and apply for an extension of this warranty.

M27 Ultra Water Softener ($328.41)

Moving onto smaller families, the M27 Morton water softener is ideal for households with light to medium water consumption, as it hosts a capacity of 27,000 GPG. The maximum water hardness on this salt-based unit is 95 GPG, whereas its iron reduction range covers about 7 ppm.

With this capacity, the M27 water softener is a more than worthy competitor for combating hard water. The salt-based water softener also employs the Demand Regeneration feature that tones down your water consumption rates to an absolute minimum.

M27 Ultra Water Softener

Without affecting your household’s flow rate, these water softeners integrate the entire family’s water use patterns while maintaining scenarios for future use. This is thanks to the Look Ahead technology that makes Morton stand out from other brands that work to eliminate hard water. The Morton water softener reviews also pointed out that the unit utilizes two options for recharging the water, which many people were fond of. As for the warranty, the M27 supports the same limited guarantee of one year for the parts and ten years for the salt storage tank.

M20 Select Demand-Controlled Water Softener ($292.81)

M20 Select Demand-Controlled Water Softener

Finally, we have the best budget-friendly Morton softener that comes with a capacity of 20,000 GPG. The Morton Salt SS demand-controlled water softener sustains a maximum water hardness of 95 GPG while removing 9 ppm of clear water iron. The salt water softener maintains a steady flow rate while breaking down hard water of small to medium families.

Thanks to the fully automatic controls, you will spend little to no time getting these softeners to work. Alternatively, the unit’s Look Ahead technology will remember all your settings and apply them continually.

The water softeners’ capacity shouldn’t fool you, though, because the unit is perfectly capable of softening hard water by using salt and other harmless minerals. Besides the flow rate, the M20 water softener will also keep away from meddling with your electricity bills thanks to its recharging options that let you decide the most fitting time for you. Moreover, the salt water softener’s Demand Regeneration feature will automatically regenerate whenever your water consumption levels are ideal. And if you want to learn more about the warranty, you can head to Morton’s site.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Morton Water Softeners?

A good water softener is among those that gather a satisfying number of reviews online, right? We think so too, and even though it was somewhat of a challenge to collect all of them in one go, we gave it a shot. The only official database that we could find included the Sam’s Club link to the MP30 model. At the time of writing, this water softener had a total of 202 reviews, which gave it a 4.3 score. Most of the buyers who gave it 5 stars stressed that the Morton water softener is among the cheapest yet best products online with regards to quality.

The same case seems to be on the product’s Walmart cart too. Thanks to 197 reviews in total, the MP30 has gathered a score of 4.4. As most reviewers keep pointing out, Morton salt water softeners are as good as they come, considering their price and design. Another feature that the customers seemed to love is the low salt consumption rate, that according to them – lasts several months from the initial refill. However, on both websites, the reviewers complained that their packaging wasn’t equipped with all the necessary tools to install the Morton softener. Several customers noted that they had to buy additional plumbing that cost them about $20 extra.

We also tried gathering info on Amazon com, considering that it is among the biggest distributors of online shopping. The only Morton water softener that we could find there was the same M30 product that’s supposedly sold under the Morton brand. The Amazon com link only had 13 reviews, which gave this Morton softener a total score of 3 stars. Among those 13 lovely people, we picked up praises for the salt softener’s performance, value for money, and high efficiency in water and salt waste. Even though Amazon doesn’t provide many options for Morton water softeners, it does sell a fair amount of salt products* from the same brand.

*If you want to learn more about salt resins, you can check Water Whizz’s guide on these products.

What Guarantee Period Does Morton Offer?

Like all good things, even Morton water softeners eventually come to an end. Luckily though, Morton is very transparent with the expectancy rates of its products. If you head over to their official website, you will discover that they provide detailed information on their products’ warranty periods. On a general note, Morton water softeners are guaranteed with 1 year for parts (and sometimes labor) and 10 years for mineral or storage tank facilities. Other models like the M45C have an extra 3-year warranty for the electronic parts integrated into the unit. So, a Morton water softener is generally made to last for 10-15 years.

Nevertheless, we dived a little deeper into the water softener reviews online and found that these warranties are fully supported with actual evidence. Water Softener reviews noted that Morton water softeners perform well in performance tests, deeming them dependable for combating hard water. If we head over to Walmart reviews, we will also note that a significant number of people labeled these units as of excellent quality, value, and performance. 

Where Can I Buy Morton Water Softeners?

Morton water softeners are found in several depot stores in the US, legally affiliated with Morton Systems. If you live in the US, you can head over to Morton’s handy store locator that will find the nearest store based on your current location. The website will show you a distance of up to 50 miles from where you currently are.

If you would instead prefer an online vendor, you can choose one of the distributors accredited by Morton that are Lowe’sMeijerWalmart, or Sam’s Club. If you’re unsure whether your preferred seller has the softener you’re looking for, you should head over to Morton’s official site that will *redirect you to the most available vendor.

* Before you purchase a water softener from Morton, make sure to get a free test strip beforehand. Morton technicians will review your location and will get back to you with the best product for your living conditions.

Morton Water Softeners buying guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Morton Water Softeners?

There are currently no discount codes outlets for Morton water softeners online. Please come back to us later when we update the article with the codes here.

What Are The Alternatives To The Morton Water Softeners?

Morton water softeners are of great quality, low maintenance, and fantastic prices. Nevertheless, the more information you’re equipped with, the better your purchase will be. To help you make the best decision, we have reviewed the leading water softener manufacturers of 2021, and these ten brands stood out the most.

  1. Kinetico Water Systems – Best Overall
  2. A.O Smith Corporation – Best Innovative
  3. Fleck Water Systems – Best Budget-Conscious
  4. GE Appliances – Best Warrantied
  5. Culligan Water  – Most Sophisticated
  6. Clack Corporation – Best Control Valve Tech
  7. Pelican Water Systems – Best Environmentally-Friendly
  8. Genesis Water Technologies – Most Reliable Performance
  9. Water Boss – Best User-Friendly
  10. Hellenbrand – Best Customer Service

The Verdict On Morton Water Softeners

Finally, we can wholeheartedly say that Morton is among the top brands for water softening products. Being ideal for larger families who want to cut back on their water consumption rates, these softeners prove to be efficient in all categories. A lot of water softener brands pinpoint their efficiency with low water and salt consumption rates, but Morton also exceeded in low-cost maintenance. Whether you want the newest technology that lets you control the unit with your smartphone or a simpler, reliable model – Morton has got your back.

To make matters easier for their customers, Morton has also incorporated detailed guides on what softeners are ideal for which situations. That means that whether you live in a flat with friends or alone at home, Morton will provide the most suitable alternative for you. With the fantastic customer service that this brand promotes and the incredible price tags that you won’t find elsewhere, Morton is as good as it gets. And when we consider that these products are warrantied for +10 years, we can’t help but recommend the brand to all our readers.

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