Pelican Water Filter Reviews, Awards, And Discounts 2021

If you want a water treatment system that’s effective but doesn’t harm the environment, Pelican may be your best way to go. The Pentair-affiliated brand has salt-free alternatives for every occasion, whether you want to treat hard water, purify your water source, or filter out the contaminants from your supply. And while doing so, Pelican systems are effective, efficient, and budget-conscious.

Pelican Water Softener

When we reviewed Pelican water softeners, we saw that a growing number of buyers were shifting over to the eco-friendly side, and Pelican remained the best means to an end. With maintenance-free units and certified components, Pelican water systems are becoming a leading contender in the water treatment business. In this Pelican water system review, we’ll make you familiar with everything there is to know about these units, from their parts to the features and down to their awards.

What Type Of Products Does Pelican Make?

To improve the water quality in your home, Pelican has designed several systems to go about it. First, you have different water softenerswell water systemsUV-purifying machinesdrinking filters, and shower filters. In the water filtration system department, Pelican manufactures whole-house systemsfluoride filterssediment filters, and filter & softener combos. Today, we’ll put the spotlight on Pelican water filtration units*, hoping that you’ll find the best system for your needs.

If you’re unsure of which Pelican system is the best for you, we suggest you purchase the brand’s 16-point water test kit ($103) that will pinpoint the contaminants in your water supply. If you’re primarily concerned with improving the quality of your well water, we advise you to check out Pelican’s select units for iron & manganesesulfides or sulfateshard watertannins, or nitrates. Otherwise, we invite you to continue reading about the best water filtration systems that Pelican has to offer.

* All Pelican water systems prices were correct at the time of writing.

PC600 Whole-House Water Filter ($835)

PC600 Whole-House Water Filter

Reviews of Pelican water systems are most concentrated in this whole-house filter unit, and rightfully so. With a starting capacity of 600,000 GPG, this water filtration system tackles the most extensive number of chemicals, emphasizing chlorine. According to its NSF certification, this whole house filter has an average reduction rate of 96%, where it also maintains a steady flow rate of 8 GPM. This means that your Pelican filtration system will consistently provide deliciously clean H2O that completely eliminates the use of bottled water. The whole house water filter comes with a pre-filter and mounting bracket, a carbon series water filter, a bypass valve, and a lifetime warranty on parts.

One of the most distinguishable features of this Pelican product is its 5-micron sediment pre-filter that not only filters out sediment from your water but also protects your home appliances from hard water damage. The water treatment system requires no water drain line or electricity, so you can always take advantage of its cost-effectiveness. The system has two models, PC600 ($835) – the 1 to 3 bathroom model for which we talked about here, and PC1000 ($1099) that’s ideal for 4 to 6 bathrooms. Both units come with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee and 5 years of guaranteed fantastic performance. The Pelican whole-house water filter currently has a 4.8 score out of 198 reviews.

Bonechar Whole-House Fluoride Filter ($1,499)

While the standard Pelican water filtration system does a reasonably good job, the Bonechar model takes it up a notch. The carbon-based whole-house filter is designed for up to 6 bathrooms, making the product ideal for large estates or commercial locations. The Bonechar system, or as it is commonly known with the PF6 label, maintains a flow rate of up to 15 GPM and can be suited for both city and well water supplies. The maintenance-free system has all its parts pre-installed, so you won’t have to worry about not fitting the filters right or causing damage to the machine. Like the previous model, this filter product comes with a sediment pre-filter that removes the dirt from your inline water.

Bonechar Whole-House Fluoride Filter

The whole-house water filter utilizes a special bonechar filter that is specialized for reducing fluoride contents on water. With a maximum operating pressure of 80 PSI, this whole-house water system will ensure that you have clean, treated water whenever you want it. For as much as our two cents are worth, among the best features of this product is the eco initiative it follows. Thanks to its intelligent design, the whole-house water filter works on pure kinetic energy, doesn’t require any electricity to run, and doesn’t drain the treated water to contaminate the environment. If the whole-house water unit doesn’t live up to your expectations in the first 90 days of purchase, you can return it and get your money back. Otherwise, the water filter will be warrantied for 5 years and its parts for a lifetime.

Pro 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis Filter ($308)

Pro 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis Filter

In some communities supplied by private wells, a fluoride filter doesn’t always cut it. Some buyers want clean water straight from their tap – for which the Pro 6 is the best alternative. One of the main things making this water filter stand out from the rest is the unique six-stage system that effectively removes all contaminants from your water. In this reverse osmosis system, your water will go through a sediment filter, a semi pre-filter, the primary filter, a membrane, a polishing mechanism, and a mineral supplying unit. What’s so great about this procedure is that the Pelican well water system will cleanse your water from any dirt, deal with the impurities, remove the harmful chemicals, soften the water, and add back the essential minerals like calcium and magnesium to your water.

The Pelican water treatment unit is fully certified by the WQA to remove arsenicbariumcadmiumchromiumcopperradiumseleniumturbiditycysts, fluoride, lead, and TDS. This plethora of contaminants are removed through the system’s under-sink filter connected through the faucet via a DIY mounting bracket. We should also note that this RO system produces one of the best flow rates in the market, with a 30% rise compared to traditional units. The water filter is also 50% more efficient in water-management, so it poses a full-package deal to water treatment. To properly maintain this Pelican system, you’re going to replace its pre-filter every 6 months and its central membrane every 18 months. This system comes with a one-year warranty on parts and labor and is currently awarded a 4.8 score out of over 200 Pelican reviews.

Pelican Water Softener & Filter Combos

If you want a system that softens and filters your water in one go, we’re glad to tell you that Pelican has a few choices for you. What makes Pelican units unique from the rest is that they produce salt-free water softeners certified by renowned agencies for being 97% effective in treating hard water. Even though this may not sound like a big deal, you should know that Pelican is the only manufacturer whose salt-free water systems have received this certification. Even though all filter & softener combos are salt-free, you can opt for a salt-based alternative in the PAC3 ($2379) and PAC6 ($2898) combos. Otherwise, Pelican water conditioners & filters are sold under three models, the Basic Combo ($2,198), the Standard Combo ($2,813), and the Premium Combo ($3,858).

Pelican Water Softener & Filter Combos

On our Pelican water softener review, we stressed that the three models are fantastic in themselves, and you only need to know what you’re after to choose the best one. Each Pelican salt-free water softener & filter combo utilizes the renowned Natursoft unit that uses template induced crystallization to treat hard water. All models also come in two system alternatives, one for 1-3 bathrooms (the base price) and one for 4-6 bathrooms. And lastly, all three water filter & softener combos are warrantied for 5 years, accompanied by a 90-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty in other components. Out of 593 customer reviews, these systems hold an average score of 4.7, which we’re delighted with.

What makes a Pelican system differ from the other is mainly the integrated parts it contains. For example, the Basic model features a sediment pre-filter, a carbon-based filter, and a salt-free water softener. This way, the water treatment product will reduce harmful chemicals from your water supply, remove odd tastes and odors, and soften the water for optimal quality. The Standard model does all of the above, but it also employs a UV Protection system for bacterial protection. This mechanism removes bacteria like e-Coli, giardia, and cryptosporidium. The Premium model gives the best of both worlds but also takes bacterial protection to the next level with professional UV Protection. Besides removing common-found bacteria, this softener & filter combo also tackles more stubborn organisms and viruses so that you will gain premium-grade water in the comfort of your home.

Which Awards Has Pelican Won?

Besides being extra-transparent with its products’ abilities, Pelican is also the subject of many awards, certifications, and mentions in the water treatment industry. As a result, each system purchased by the brand can be trusted on its effectiveness, giving you a worry-free use with each treated drop.

  • Pelican’s Natursoft water softener is the only salt-free alternative certified by the DVGW for optimal reduction of water hardness (in non-ion-exchange units).
  • The DVGW also credited Natursoft for being fully compliant with the KTW9191W512, and W270 assessments to reduce scaling and other hard water problems.
  • Pelican’s softener & filter systems were awarded the Class A compliance seal by the IAPMO IAPMO R&T for structural integrity and health protection.
  • Pelican’s Natursoft & UV softener was granted the Class A seal by the DVGW, who celebrated the brand’s compliance with the 10/20 NSF/ANSI 55 standards for quality.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Pelican Filters?

Buying a water treatment system from Pelican means buying from the best – or so we heard from the brand’s loyal buyers on Pelican’s official website. Out of all the products we reviewed, the Basic filter & softener combo was the most talked-about one, with a 4.9 score to congratulate its quality. The least reviewed system was the Bonechar filter, which had only gathered four reviews. This could be because Pelican sells its products on several online vendors’ sites, but it’s still worth noting.

Pelican Filter Customer Review

The main takeaway from Pelican reviews is that the brand is dependable, both in terms of performance and durability. Customers have reported that their products were effortless to install, and many of them noted that they could set their system up without having any prior experience with plumbing. Besides the high-quality components, buyers also mentioned the practical add-ons that these units came by – whether it’s a bypass valve, an extra sediment filter, or a mounting kit. Out of hundreds of reviews we read, more than 90% of customers were happy with the treatment quality, and very few of them noted that their system wasn’t as effective as they expected it to be. However, some buyers reported their system had caused some spotting on dishes, which may be a dealbreaker to some.

On Consumer Affairs, Pelican has over 100 comments that praise and scold the brand’s product line. According to the buyers here, Pelican’s main advantages include a guaranteed mineral reduction scale, long-lasting effects, and durable components. On the other hand, customers also reported that their system has plastic fittings that break easily and requires frequent replacements – which is both aggravating and cost-affecting. Other customers also found their system to be rather pricey, but we feel that’s a matter of preference, quality demand, and distributor.

What Guarantee Period Does Pelican Offer?

Pelican filtering systems are advertised to last for about 10 to 15 years, which – if buyer testimonials are to be trusted – they do. Pelican uses state of the art components not only on water filters but its entire product line, so you can rest assured that your purchase will be of the utmost quality. In terms of warranties, Pelican offers some of the most comprehensive ones that rightfully put the competition to shame. For full-on filter systems, Pelican usually provides a 5-year warranty that covers the entire unit and a lifetime warranty in parts. This is most favorable since the brand will replace any faulty component for as long as your system lives, and it will do so completely free of charge. Pelican also has a 90-day return policy, so you can test out your filter for three months before you make a decision.

Where Can I Buy Pelican Filters?

Luckily, Pelican offers an in-site shopping cart that allows you to purchase its products directly from the website. This is positive mainly because you don’t have to deal with bureaucracies and false warranties that unofficial vendors usually use for advertisement purposes. The Pelican shop will provide you an estimated shipping fee, no matter where you are in the world. The shipment itself is handled by UPS, so you should expect your system to be on your doorstep in a case of days.

If you would prefer a more commercial seller instead, we found that certain Pelican products were available on Lowe’s and Amazon. Lowe’s stores are also found throughout the US, so you can go to your nearest location and check the Pelican unit up close. Nevertheless, both companies are officially affiliated with Pelican, so your purchased product will be genuine.

Pelican Filter Buying Guides

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Pelican Water Filters?

  • The code “combo” will grant you a $100 on Pelican’s combined softener & filter systems.  
  • By signing up to Pelican’s Shield Autoship Club, you will gain certain benefits that include a 15% discount on replacement filters and free shipping on orders above $49.
  • With the “Rev10″ code, you will get a 10% discount on Pentair Pelican’s range of drinking water and shower filters.

How To Dispose Of Your Old Filter

You’ve completed the mental labor of planning to purchase a new filter, got your options in front of you, and are ready to embark on the next clean water challenge. But what do you do with your old water filter? Luckily, recycling a filter isn’t hard work, as it only requires some preparation and will power. First, you’re going to see if your old filter manufacturer has a disposal program that will collect your used filter system either via mail or through a particular procedure. If that is the case, all you have to do is carefully remove the water from your machine, and if the replacement filters in it as carbon-based, gently remove the plastic and dispose of them in your garden (don’t worry, they’re biodegradable!)

If you’re not among the lucky ones and the burden of recycling falls on you, we suggest you go for a third-party company that will help you out. Our readers reported having good experiences with Recycle Now, a local depository in most states, and Recycle Water Filters who accept all brands, types, and filter sizes. These companies usually have reasonable prices, so be careful not to fall under a commercial scheme that will require you to sell your right kidney for simple recycling.

What Are The Alternatives To The Pelican Filter?

Pelican systems are a great gateway towards a cleaner planet, but you can still scour the web for alternatives. Whether it’s a flaw in the design, a demand on performance, or an entirely different system you’re after, Water Whizz has got your back. If you liked Pelican, then you’re definitely going to love the following brands, carefully handpicked to match the highest standards of quality.

  • Brita – Fastest water filtering systems.
  • Berkey Filters – Most effective virus reduction rates.
  • Aquasana – Most dependable water filter brand.
  • Soma – Most successful chlorine reduction units.
  • Alexa Pure – Best prices for high-end water filters.
  • Aquarain – Most extensive contaminant reduction types.
  • Aqua Theory – Best showerhead filters.
  • Water Drop – Best budget-friendly water filters.
  • Propur – Best-designed water filtration systems.
  • Scaleblaster – Best filtering alternative for treating hard water.

The Verdict On Pelican Filters

If you’ve made it all the way down to the verdict, chances are you’ve probably made a decision already. For those of you who need a little more convincing, we’re here to tell you that Pelican is among those brands that make it hard not to appreciate them. With premium-grade components and long-lasting designs, Pelican systems are as reliable as they come. The same thing can also be said about these systems’ performance, as they produce flow rates that are relatively higher than the competition. For water filtering, Pelican offers a wide range of chemicals that are easily extracted within minutes. Similarly, water softening is aided through salt-free mechanisms that are among the best-certified in the market. As a bottom line, what you can get from a Pelican product is translated into three fields: eco-friendliness, dependability, and most of all – long-term solutions to common water problems.

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