Pelican Water Softener Reviews, Awards And Discounts 2021

For today’s pick, we have chosen one of the most influential brands in the water softening industry – that is, no other than Pelican Water. The eco-friendly company manufactures some of the most trustworthy water systems that are suitable for all living conditions. All Pelican products are NSF-certified while employing premium water treatment technologies that minimize harsh chemicals and brine-discharge processing.

Pelican Water Softener

The first major study on the US’s water hardness levels was established by the NASQAN, who found that more than 85% of the US citizens resided in hard water areas. This becomes especially problematic when you consider that the people living in these areas use the hard water wells for drinking water, bathing, making food, and much more. Fortunately, water system manufacturers like Pelican Water are always working on creating tools that make hard water safer for all of us. If you want to know how they do it, we invite you to read the detailed guide below.

What Type Of Products Does Pelican Make?

Firstly, it’s fair to say that Pelican water systems are one of the most “prolific” manufacturers in terms of water solutions. They have specialized water filters, water softeners, well water systems, UV systems & accessoriesdrinking filters, and shower filters. Each one of those products has specific categories that accommodate different living conditions, like whole house water systems or water softener alternatives. Today, we’ll focus on their water softening product range*, water system combos, and salt-free options.

* All Pelican products’ prices were correct at the time of writing of this article.

Salt-Based Advantage Series ($1,635.30)

Salt-Based Advantage Series

The first and most-renowned Pelican system is its salt-based Advantage Series water softener. With a grain capacity of 48,000 & 80,000 GPG and a flow rate of 12-18 GPM, the advantage water softener employs some of the most efficient backwashing, regeneration, and rinsing phases. Moreover, the Pentair Pelican system offers 36 pre-programmable regeneration cycles for you to choose from. As for its modes of operations, you can opt for one of its three options that include the meter-immediate, meter-delayed, and time clock-delayed.

Being destined for whole-house applications, this salt-based product is equipped with a large tank and high-capacity resin that optimum service and backwash rates.

To promote easy maintenance, Pelican has included a premium-bypass valve that requires little to no technical support. There are two Advantage models for you to pick, the first ($1,635.30) supporting 1-3 bathrooms and the second ($1,943.10) being fit for 4-6. Finally, this water softening system comes with a limited lifetime warranty covering seven years of the electronic head and twelve years of the tanks, valves, non-electric parts, and POE systems.

Salt-Free Natursoft Series ($1,529.10)

The Pelican Natursoft series, commonly known as the Pelican NS3, uses a salt-free TIC technology to soften and improve your area’s overall water quality. What’s fantastic about the Pelican Natursoft is that it is the only salt-free system certified as 99.6% effective in combating hard water and preventing scale build-up. The salt-free water softener doesn’t require electricity to operate and keeps water waste to an absolute maximum. Moreover, the product’s cost-effectiveness is also brought due to reduced cleaning times and maintenance & costs.

The Pelican salt-free water softener can be adapted to both city and well water conditions, in which case it will employ a flow rate of 12 GPM. The water tested from this eco-friendly system was reported to leave in beneficial materials while conditioning hard water.

Pelican Salt-Free Natursoft Series Water Softener

The salt-free water softener can be installed both inside and outside and will come with all the installation kit required for a DIY setup. The Pelican Natursoft has a system for 1-3 bathrooms ($1,529.10) and one for 4-6 ($1,844.10). All salt-free water systems come with a limited lifetime warranty.

NaturSoft Water Softener Alternative With UV ($2,158.20)

NaturSoft Water Softener Alternative With UV

If you want an eco-friendly water softener that protects both the environment and your health, then this Pelican combo may be your best fit. By incorporating the salt-free Natursoft water softener and the Pelican UV system, the manufacturers have put together a premium product for hard water solutions. Thanks to its endorsement by the WQAIAPMO, and DVGW, the salt-free water softener poses as one of the most reliable systems when it comes to efficacy for water softening. And with the UV integration, this water softener system will also kill all harmful microbes while not affecting the water’s taste or odor. If you want to learn more about this system, you can do that on its information site. Pelican currently manufactures two models of this combo, the first of which can accommodate 1-3 bathrooms ($2,158.20) and the second, 4-6 bathrooms ($2,653.20). Both models are supported with a lifetime warranty.

Water Softener & Filter Combinations

The Pelican combo series have been some of the most talked-about water-treatment systems currently on the market. Because they are manufactured with the combination of a whole house filter and a premium grade softener, these systems are almost 100% effective in treating hard water. As Pelican explains, this salt-based system filters water as soon as it enters your home while ensuring that contaminants like chlorine and lead are removed before they enter the home’s plumbing system. Afterward, thanks to its installed water softener, the Pelican water combo will reduce other components like sediment, silt, pollutants, and other impurities.

If you go for the salt-free water softener, you will also gain the silk-like conditioning for your water to turn your showers into a full spa experience.

Pelican Water Softener & Filter Combinations

The good news about the Pelican system range is that the company offers different combinations of products to best suit your requirements.. For example, the basic model includes a whole-house water filter and a salt-free water softener that remove hard water while keeping your bills from bulking up. The standard model comprises a whole-house water filter and a salt-free water softener that incorporates UV protection. This feature destroys 99% of all harmful microorganisms like e—Coli, cryptosporidium, and giardia.

The third and last model includes the premium range that combines the premium Pelican water filters, a salt-free water softener, and a professional UV unit. This system is the most sophisticated out of the three because it hosts the most innovative technologies that combat hard water and ensure that drinking water is of the best quality. Moreover, thanks to its UV Pro system, this whole house filter will kill bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens by preventing them from reproducing in your water. All models come with a limited lifetime warranty and a 90-day returns policy for any unsatisfied customers. To learn more about their prices, specifications, and certifications, you can head over to the links below.

Basic – Whole House Filter & Water Softener Alternative ($2,248.20)
Standard – Whole House Filter & Water Softener Alternative with UV ($2,877.30)
Premium – Water Filter & Water Softener Alternative with Pro UV ($3,946.50)

EZ-Connect Water Filter & Softener Combo ($755.10)

EZ-Connect Water Filter & Softener Combo

This water softener & filter combo is designed for those regions where the main priority is removing chlorine, chloramines, and other contaminants from the water supply. The 5 GPM water system incorporates the Pelican carbon series whole house filter and the salt-free Natursoft water softener. Since neither of these products requires waste water or electricity, you will be investing in a long-term solution that is kind to your wallet. The water system is compliant with a DIY installation, so you won’t deal with a plumber’s costs either.

The whole-house filtration system doesn’t require drainage, so whether you install it indoors or outdoors – you will get the ideal performance levels.

Moreover, thanks to its molded single-channel design, you will have no trouble fitting the Pelican EZ system anywhere you want it to. And to make sure that you notice the water softening results right away, the manufacturers have also integrated a sediment pre-filter designed with a transparent housing. For an added peace of mind, the salt-free system comes with a limited lifetime warranty on all its parts.

High-Flow & Whole House Carbon Series ($1,512.90)

The renowned Pelican carbon is among the most comprehensive water filtration units in the world. This model hosts a commercial-sized carbon filter system, a pre-installed media, and a pre-filter mounting bracket. With this fantastic combination, you will gain a peak flow rate of 20-35 GPM that will ensure water pressure levels to die for. The carbon water filter system requires no electricity, wasted water, or drainage, so it is as efficient as can be. This system works by using the highest-grade carbons to reduce chlorine and other contaminants from the softened water. According to the manufacturers, the only maintenance required for this water filter is the pre-filter replacement that has to be done every five years. The Carbon series offers four models to choose from, the prices and specifications of which you can find on Pelican’s website. All the salt-based models are warrantied with a limited lifetime guarantee.

High-Flow & Whole House Carbon Series

High-Flow & Whole House Alternative ($2,732.40)

High-Flow & Whole House Alternative

For those who want the advantages of a whole-house filtration system but a salt-free approach, you can opt for the high-flow alternative. This water treatment system uses the Natursoft water softener that provides naturally softened water without any additional salt. Besides being cheaper than salt-based systems, the high-flow alternative is also more efficient, cutting back on energy and water costs on the go. Specifically, this salt-free water treatment system incorporates a commercial water softener, a pre-installed media, and a pre-filter & mounting bracket. If you’re interested in this water filtration system, you’re going to have five distinct models to choose from, which employ peak flow rates of 25-120 GPM. While its tank comes with a 10-year warranty, all other parts are covered with a limited lifetime guarantee.

Which Awards Has Pelican Won?

Pelican is among those well-distinguished brands that have been certified by the most prominent industries in the water treatment industry. Moreover, the brand is renowned for its transparency in showcasing each component of its certifications, making it among the most dependable companies to date. Here are its most important awards.

  • Pelican’s Advantage Series has won the NSF/ANSI 44 certification for an efficient water hardness reduction.
  • Its Natursoft water softening system is the only salt-less water softener to be DVGW certified with a 99.6% effectiveness for reducing hardness.
  • IAPMO certified the Natursoft water softener for its structural integrity according to the NSF/ANSI 61 and NSF/ANSI 42 standards.
  • The Pelican Natursoft model was also in compliance with the DVGW standards 9191, W512, W270, and KTW Assessments for ideal reduction rates of scaling and other hardness components.
  • Pelican’s softener & filter combos have all been awarded Class A compliance on the IAPMO IAPMO R&T NS3/NS6 and NSF/ANSI 61 & 42 standards.
  • The Viqua Pro UV by Pelican has been awarded the Class A seal by the DVGW 10/20 NSF/ANSI 55 standards.
  • Its Natursoft & UV combo was certified with the WQA Gold Seal on the NSF/ANSI 61 and NSF/ANSI 42 standards that promote the unit’s structural integrity.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Pelican Water Softeners?

Pelican is one of the few brands whose excellence is backed-up with positive consumer reviews. On Pelican’s main website, we observed that each product was followed with a special listing for the buyer’s reviews. Out of 732 Pelican water reviews (measured from all products listed above), we saw that the company scored an average rating of 4.7 stars. Its most rated products were the Natursoft and the salt-free softener & filter combo.

The positive reviews were most happy with the unit’s efficacy in removing hardness, cost-effectiveness, and lack of maintenance. The negative reviews noted that they had to pay some extra bucks for installing the Pelican connectors since they’re not standard-made. However, the customers pointed out that the Pelican customer service was beneficial and provided with a payment that most buyers agreed with. Many other reviewers were also pleased with their softeners’ warranties, which were ideal and worth the money.

To be entirely sure of the praise, we went over to Consumer Affairs, which had 72 reviews for Pelican Water at the time of writing. Out of these reviews, Pelican earned a 4.6 satisfaction rating that we’re delighted with. The buyers here repeated the same themes of ease of use, the efficiency of maintenance, and the efficacy of hardness reduction. Finally, it can be said that online reviews place Pelican among the top-rated brands currently on the market.

What Guarantee Period Does Pelican Offer?

A Pelican water softener is guaranteed to provide ideal performance for 10-15 years. According to Pelican’s cost calculator, its salt-less water softeners will pay for themselves in less than 12 months of purchase. Moreover, Pelican products are all ensured with limited lifetime warranties that are not commonly found on other brands. As for the electrical and mechanical parts (that are most prone to damage), Pelican offers comprehensive warranties that support over 10 years, depending on the product. For units that integrate pre-filters, you’re going to have to invest in a new filter every five years, but you won’t have to pay additional maintenance fees for the installation.

Where Can I Buy Pelican Water Softeners?

Pelican water softeners are bought via their official website. After choosing your desired product, Pelican will guide you through its checkout that can either be paid for by using a Pelican Account or with an Express Method. The great thing about purchasing through Pelican is that they provide you with an estimated shipping fee that you can consider before buying. UPS handles the shipment of the water softeners.

Upon researching Pelican, we saw that a few of their products were also available on Lowe’s and Amazon. Considering that these products are officially affiliated with Pelican Water, you can go ahead with your purchase without having to worry about fraudsters. The prices and special offers seem to correspond between the two domains as well, so it is all a matter of choosing your preferred vendor.

Pelican Water Softeners Buying Guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Pelican Water Softeners?

  • If you join Pelican Water’s Shield Autoship Club, you will get an additional 15% off all replacement water filters and free shipping on all orders over $49.
  • By using the code “Rev10″ on Pentair-Pelican, you will earn 10% Off on all its Drinking & Shower Filters.
  • The code “combo” will grant you a $100 discount on Pelican’s combo water systems.

What Are The Alternatives To The Pelican Water Systems?

Pelican is hard to beat, but informing yourself of its biggest competitors is never a bad idea. Lucky for you, we are invested in water treatment systems so that we can recommend some of the most prominent brands on both water softener and water filtration systems manufacturers. Here are the essential companies you should consider.

Most Reliable Water Softener Brands

Most Reliable Water Filtration System Brands

The Verdict On Pelican Water Systems

Pelican has a well-known legacy in manufacturing some of the best water treatment solutions on the market. Pelican water softeners are certified with the most prestigious awards that offer a five-star treatment on performance, efficiency, and long-lasting reliability. What Pelican offers that other brands don’t, are the combo units integrating two or more water treatment systems into one. This way, with a budget-friendly price, you can get a water softener, water filtration system, and a UV protector into a compact-sized unit.

When we researched this brand’s online platform, we saw that all products are rated with 4.5 or higher scores. Pelican seems to offer fantastic customer service that follows its buyers in all stages of buying the water softener (or other product). On top of it all, Pelican comes with some of the best warranties on the market, supporting each component of their system with long-duration rates. And with the combination of all its positive features, we can’t help but recommend Pelican systems to all our readers.

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