Propur Water Filter Reviews And Discounts 2021

Propur is among the first professional filter brands that have shaped the water treatment industry, with innovative designs and reliable performances. The company has since then rebranded by operating as ProOne, as it was last updated in 2020. With an upgrade both in ideas and application, the Propur filter is now made of high-quality components that come at budget-friendly price tags.

Propur Water Filter

Whether you want a gravity-fed filter or a pressure-induced system, Propur will find a solution for you. Moreover, Propur was the first-ever manufacturer to design a gravity water filter, so you ought to grasp that they know what they’re doing. Thanks to its extensive testing and science-based approach, Propur is entirely certified by the NSF to remove hundreds of contaminants from different water supplies. Before we elaborate further on that, let’s see what products are available first.

What Type Of Products Does Propur Make?

Propur water filters come in packs, so there are many products for you to choose from. Specifically, there are three gravity-based filters, one gravity water pitcher, over eighteen pressure-induced filters, and several other replacement filtersaccessories, and outlet products. Since Propur was last updated, pressure filters included complete water treatment units, water softeners, under-sink water filters, countertop filter systems, faucet filter mechanisms, and showerhead filtration systems.

Since we’re constrained to the limits of our short attention spans, we’re going to talk about the best-performing Propur water filters in the market, with an emphasis on the most enthusiastic customer reviews. Don’t worry; we’ll go through each unit’s specifications one by one, so you can make the most informed purchase. Whether it’s price*, capacities, features, or certifications, we’re confident that by the end of this article, you’ll find yourself being an absolute expert on the Propur water filter line.

* The prices of all Propur water filters were correct at the time of writing.

Propur Big Gravity Water Filter ($220 – $365)

Propur Big Gravity Water Filter

We’ll start today’s product review with the Propur Big water filter, as it is one of the brand’s most renowned systems. The stainless steel drinking water system is ideal for families of four as it can treat large amounts of contaminated water in short periods. The Propur gravity water filter is effortless to install and very easy to use since it uses no electricity or plumbing, just a portable water source. What we loved most about the Propur Big water filter was the practical design that allows you to lift the upper tank for observing the remaining water in the bottom tank. You can place the 2. 75 gallons Propur countertop water filter on any surface as its wire stand and non-slip base will keep it safe and sound.

Besides the supportive brackets, the Propur Big water filter comes with your chosen filters, a knob kit, a stainless steel spigot kit and wench, and an extra sponge for easy maintenance. You can decide to coat the high-class Propur Big with either a polished or brushed finish, so you won’t have to worry about matching your kitchen. With 2. 75 gallons capacity, the Propur Big filters can also be designed with different filter cartridges, depending on the contaminants you want to remove from your supply. Many customers have noted that their Propur Big filter is fantastic at enhancing their water’s taste and odor, which is due to the ProOne G2-0 filters it uses. The Propur water filters are certified by the NSF against the 42, 53, P231, P401, and P473 standards, making them one of the most useful filters for pollutant removal. Thanks to the ProOne G2-0 filters, your water will no longer be full of contaminants like VOCspesticidesheavy metalssemi-volatilesparasitescystspharmaceuticals, and more.

What’s even more interesting about the Propur Big water filter is that you can continue to customize it with more add-ons to enhance its productivity. The 2. 75 gallons filter can also include a sight glass stainless steel spigot ($49) or extra water filters like the 1200-gallon ProOne G2-0 9″ ($80) or the 1000-gallon ProOne G2-0 7″ ($75). If you want a lower-capacity stainless steel filter, you ought to check out Propur’s Traveler Plus Model ($200) with all the features that the Propur Big does in a 2.25-gallon version. This filter is usually mentioned in many Propur vs. Berkey articles, as they’re very similar to one another. With 2.50 gallons, Propur also offers a BPA-free plastic filter that’s usually known as the Big II filter ($140). In the gravity filters department, Propur also offers a compact-sized alternative ($70) that utilizes its .40 gallon capacity to remove the world’s worst contaminants.

Propur Gravity Filter Pitcher ($69.95)

Considering that Propur water filter pitcher reviews make up the brand’s most celebrated customer base, we’d be foolish not to spare a few characters for them. Being entirely made out of BPA & PVC-free materials, the Propur water pitcher filter is the ideal choice for those who want to carry fresh drinking water everywhere they go. Contrary to traditional pitchers that filter the water as it pours through the spout, Propur uses the same gravity mechanism that ensures the water is wholly free of contaminants. The Propur water filter pitcher is also unique since it places the filtration mechanism on the upper part of the unit, ensuring that the filter’s contaminants don’t mix-up with the clean water.

Propur Gravity Filter Pitcher

On the neverending battle between Propur vs. Berkey, the former does significantly better in some aspects. For starters, the Propur filtered water pitcher utilizes the brand’s renowned ProOne G2-0 units that are considerably better at water treatment. The Propur water filter pitcher has a 40-gallon capacity and is lined with silver-infused mechanisms to inhibit bacteria growth. This is most favorable for people who live in hard-water areas, as it prevents yucky scaling and other fixtures. The 200-gallon water filter has self-cleaning abilities that prevent the contaminants from leaching onto them. The Propur water filter pitcher comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year warranty.

ProHome Complete Pressure Filter ($2,778)

ProHome Complete Pressure Filter

If you want a Propur whole-house water filter, then the most sophisticated model you’ll find is the complete pressure model. This Propur home system includes a pre-sediment filter, an electrocharged filter, and ProSoft salt-free water conditioner. This way, the Propur water filter works as an ideal solution against all water supplies, contaminants, and hard water issues. The four-stage water filter reduces chlorine up to 100 000 gallons and other contaminants up to 50 000 gallons, and while doing so – it will only waste about four cents per gallon. The Propur water filter is also cost-effective in that it needs no electricity, wastewater, backwashing cycles, or pressure-induced boosts for its pump.

One of the best things about the Propur filter is its mineral-protection feature. The system only reduces the harmful contaminants from your water supply, thus retaining the beneficial ones. The stainless steel Propur filter system features the brand’s celebrated ProOne G2-0 filters, which will remove water cysts, organic and non-organic acids, pharmaceuticalsherbicidespesticidesVOCsdisinfectants, and heavy metals. The best thing about these ProOne G2-0 units is that they utilize sub-micron particulates that improve the filter’s efficacy and provide fast flow-rates for the entire family to enjoy. The system is straightforward to install, as the filters are all accompanied by their mounting brackets and tools required for the installation. These Propur water filters come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a two-year warranty, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

If there’s one thing we want you to take out of this Propur water filter review is that the brand supports practicality above all. The Propur complete home system is fantastic, but not everyone needs a full unit to deal with their water issues. If you can resonate with that, we present to you Propur’s Plus ($1879) and Standard ($1,799) filter systems. The ProHome Plus includes the brand’s sediment pre-filter and electrocharged filters, so you’ll get the same amount of protection minus the water softening tool. This Propur water filter comes with the same budget-friendly approach, so if you don’t have to deal with hard water, it may be the best choice for you. The Standard water filter only has Propur’s sediment pre-filter, so it may not be ideal if you’re supplied by well water. However, no matter which Propur filter you choose, it will most definitely make you appreciate the wonders of pristine water.

Other Propur Water Filter Systems

The previously-mentioned products are what usually make the spotlight on any Propur water filter review. However, the brand also has some excellent alternatives that we want you to check out. If you’re going to try Propur but aren’t willing to invest in a full-sized system yet, we’re confident that you’ll appreciate the brand’s countertop or under-sink filters. For hot & cold water supplies, you have the brand’s ProMax countertop filter ($189) that removes up to 200 pollutants within seconds. For cold-stream alternatives, we suggest the ProOne countertop filter ($189) that has the same features with more compatibility.

ProMax countertop filter ($189)

Both filter models also have their under-sink options, so you can find the best product to suit your needs. The last under-sink filter system is the FS10 model ($369), suitable for any water supply and contaminant type. All filters come with a 1-year warranty.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Propur Filters?

Even though Propur’s website has a shopping section, it isn’t designed with a review segment where customers can rate its products. That’s why we had to go over the next best thing, and that happened to be no other than Amazon. Here, customers checked with a name, email, and verified purchase were most pleased with Propur’s stainless steel filter system, which maintains a 4.7 score out of over 200 comments. According to this unit’s buyers, the filter is incredibly reliable and does exactly what it says on the description. Several customers reported that they could notice the difference in flavor, and almost all of them said that their purchased water filter is an excellent value for money.

The brand’s water pitcher filter is also a fan-favorite, as it has over 500 positive comments. The water filter pitcher has a 4.6 score and is currently named Amazon’s Choice in the filter pitcher category. Buyers here are most satisfied with the pitcher’s fast flow rates and sheerness in design, making it effortless to use them. The water pitcher is also considered very durable, as many buyers noted that they owed it for years. Among the top negative remarks dealt with uncomfortable pour spouts, water leakage, and lid issues. For the stainless-steel water system, customers said that the unit is prone to rust, which is quite alarming since it advertises it as premium-grade stainless steel. Still, each negative Propur water filter review was followed by a customer care representative who aided the buyers with refunds, repairs, or other types of assistance.

What Guarantee Period Does Propur Offer?

Even though some customers reported issues with their Propur water filter, these units are generally built to last. What’s even more promising is that all water treatment products have comprehensive warranties for different parts of the system. Propur offers a two-year warranty for the gravity-based water filters, whereas older models are also accompanied by a lifetime guarantee.

The countertop water filter and other under-sink systems are warrantied for one year, and they all come with a 30-day returns period. On the other hand, refrigerator filters are designed to last for about nine months, as are the Propur shower filters. For all filter mechanisms like the ProOne, Propur offers a one-year warranty, which is enough to trust the brand. Many buyers have also noted that the brand has issued them an extended warranty, and all they had to do was add their name, email, and contact info. All in all, Propur seems to be quite dependable with its warranties, so you don’t have to fret.

Where Can I Buy Propur Filters?

You can buy Propur water filters on the brand’s official website, which is now converted to the Pro-One label. Here, you will find all of Propur’s water treatment systems along with their necessary filter cartridges or optional water accessories. Propur water filters are also available on many online vendor’s websites, including AmazoneBayPure Filters DirectBeyond Healthy (Canada), Macy’s, and Walmart. However, most of these sellers seem mostly preoccupied with selling filter replacements and not full-sized systems, so your best bet may be purchasing directly from Pro One’s official website.

Propur Filters Buying Guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Propur Filters?

  • If you buy a water filter through this Social Labs Code, you’ll get a discount of up to 20%.
  • When you sign up for an account through Pro One’s website, you will gain access to numerous exclusive deals that go up to 30% on sitewide products.

How To Dispose Of Your Old Filter

Picking a water filter is an achievement of its own, but deciding what to do with your old one is an entirely different story. Even if you’re new to the filter recycling world, you can take a few steps that work will any water filter. The first thing you’re going to do is check to see if the manufacturer you bought the filter from supports a recycling program. Even though there aren’t many sellers who do, you can still be in luck if you’ve purchased from Brita or GE Appliances. These brands will accept your used filters and arrange for a very straightforward collecting procedure while doing so.

If that’s not your case, you can always opt for a third-party business that collects used filters to repurpose them. Recycle Water Filters is among the best well-known brands in this industry, as they accept any water filter type, composition, or brand. If you’re looking to dispose of filter cartridges, you should check out Whirlpool, which will ask for a name, email, and filter model number. You can also find the same name & email procedure on Zero Water, which will recycle your used Zero Water filters as long as you buy a small shipping fee. In return, the brand will give you a nice little $10 coupon code.

Even though we urge you to go the extra mile to protect the environment, it is up to you to decide whether that’s worth it. If you’re not willing to spend extra bucks on recycling, then you can proceed with dumping the filters in the trash. Before you do so, we advise you to empty the water from the cartridges and leave them out to dry. This way, you will have taken care of the contaminants trapped inside the filters and made sure that they’re not brought back to your water supply. You can also take the filters to your local landfill site, but you should check whether your state’s federal laws allow it.

What Are The Alternatives To The Propur Filters?

If you’re not too keen on Propur water filters, we’re happy to let you know that you’ve got a lot of other options. Water Whizz’s reviewing team has done some pretty extensive research on the best water filtering brands, and the following ones have made it to the top ten. You can rest assured that all the manufacturers below design practical, innovative, and long-lasting filters that you’ll definitely enjoy.

  • Berkey – For the closest alternative to Propur’s Big model.
  • Pur Waters – For dependable service and customer care.
  • Aquarain – For state-of-the-art filter components.
  • Soma – For elegant water treatment products.
  • Brita – For the best water filter pitchers.
  • Water Drop – For reliable replacement filters.
  • Sprite Showers – For high-quality showerheads.
  • Every Drop – For premium-grade refrigerator filters.
  • Aquatru – For practical countertop RO filters.
  • Seychelle – For the best portable water filters.

The Verdict On Propur Filters

Whether you’re new to the water treatment industry or consider yourself quite savvy on the field, you’ve probably heard of Propur. The company is now officially known as Pro One, but its rebranding hasn’t affected its product line the slightest. Propur water filters are of supreme quality, incredibly durable, very straightforward in use and installation, and certified for perfection. With the ability to remove over 200 contaminants from different water supplies, Propur water filters are living proof that you can fit premium-grade mechanisms at budget-friendly prices, and that’s okay!

Another significant advantage to Propur filter systems is that you can customize them however you want, depending on the type of your water problem. This way, you’ll build yourself a unique design that will tackle everything you need. Even though Propur has been dealt with its deck of negative comments, its customers are generally delighted with their products. After all, the best way to make a verdict is to buy a Propur water filter and check it for yourself, so go ahead and let us know what YOU think.

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