Pur Water Filter Review, Awards, And Discounts 2021

‘Life deserves Pur water’ is the brand’s motto, and we couldn’t agree more. The world is experiencing one of the biggest health crises of recent years, with entire regions struggling with bad-tasting water and harmful minerals. Pur strives to remove contaminants like lead, mercury, chlorine, pollutants, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and other cyst-like metals from drinking water. Pur water filters claim to remove up to 99% of these metals, a claim which we’re focused on unraveling today.

Pur Water Filter

There are many reasons why a Pur water filter is worth it. First, it is manufactured by actual scientists who know what they’re doing. Pur water filters are also one of the most affordable choices on the market, especially considering the range of application it has. We’re confident that after reading this Pur water review, you will settle on a water filtration system that will most definitely change your life.

What Type Of Products Does Pur Make?

Pur manufactures different systems for producing filtered water, and the good news is that it has a product for each living situation. On the brand’s official website, you will find faucet filtration systems, pitchers & dispensers, and replacement filters. Today, we will focus on the four Pur faucet filters*, the replacement models, and the brand’s most renowned filter pitcher systems.

* The prices of all Pur water filters & pitchers were correct at the time of writing.

Pur Water Filters

Pur Mineral Clear Faucet Filter ($17.99)

Pur Mineral Clear Faucet Filter

Before we get into the Pur filtration systems, we’re going to focus on its replacement filter model, which aims to reduce many metals from your tap water. Thanks to its carbon-spun filter, this Pur filter will remove all the contaminants from your water while leaving in the beneficial fluorides. One of the main advantages of this Pur filter is that your drinking water will remain crisp and fresh even after the ion-exchange process has taken place. After the magic is done, you can start your tap water and enjoy the lack of leadpesticidesmercury, and chlorine molecules.

In the water treatment industry, filters are usually compared with one another to assess the reliability index that each system holds. One of Pur’s biggest competitors is Brita, the dependability of which you can evaluate on Water Whizz’s review. However, on the Brita & Pur battle, the latter has a higher efficiency rate in terms of contaminant removal, on top of the overall cost-effectiveness it entails. These replacement filters come with a twist & lock design that ensures a proper fit for your faucet and prevents any potential leaks. You can find these filters at different capacities, but they’re most commonly found in 40 gallons and 100 gallons models. The NSF-Certified cartridges are straightforward to change, so you won’t have to worry about the hassles that come with maintaining regular water filters.

Pur Classic Faucet Filtration System ($19.99)

The Classic Pur water filter comprises of everything you’d expect on a traditional water filtration system. With a sleek design and robust components, you can find the water filter Pur on either white or black layouts. To remove contaminants from your drinking water, the Pur water filter uses a patented technology called Maxion, which is certified to reduce over 70 pollutants at a rate of 99% for lead, 96% for mercury, and 92% for specific water pesticides. The Classic water filtration system also combats chlorine, giving you better-tasting water whenever you turn on the faucet.

Even though the Classic Pur water filter employs a relatively simplistic design, it will still deliver the best results for enhancing your drinking water.

Pur Classic Faucet Filtration System

Like all Pur water filters, the Classic model also works by utilizing replacement filters that run for three months at a time. To help with the water filtration process, Pur has fused an electronic indicator that will notify you when the replacement is due. The NSF-certified water filters have a 100-gallon filtering capacity that will work with most tap water faucets, except for pull-out or handheld models. This filter comes with a two-year warranty.

Pur Basic Faucet Filtration System ($24.99)

PUR Basic Faucet Filtration System

Next in line is the Pur Basic water filter, renowned for its ease of use and high efficiency. With a 100 gallon capacity, this system will produce filtered water that you’ve been running after since you saw that Instagram ad a few months ago. The Pur Basic water filter employs an elegant black coating, lined with new finishes that will blend beautifully with the rest of your kitchen. Much like the other models, this range of water filters treats mercuryleadpharmaceuticals, and more. Even though this system is more straightforward, it doesn’t lack effectiveness when compared to other water filters.

Pur has an expansive 30-year legacy, in which it celebrates a voluminous track record of reliability. Along the same lines, the Basic Pur faucet filter will ensure that all the people involved in its purchase are left satisfied with the fresh-tasting filtered water. The best thing about this Pur water filter lies in its intelligent design that allows you to remove and replace the filter whenever you need more space in the sink. The Pur Basic also comes with a 360° swivel cord that will make it fit effortlessly on any sink. These filters also include a built-in electronic indicator and a two-year warranty for peace of mind.

Pur Advanced Faucet Filtration System ($34.99)

The Advanced Pur water filter is where things get interesting, as the manufacturers have made this system go further beyond the simple water filtration process. The premium-grade water filter comes in three finishes that include chrome, metallic grey, and sea glass. Whichever model suits your kitchen best, you can rest assured that the filtered water will comply with all the NSFADA, and Water Quality Association guidelines. Compared to the Brita pitchers, Pur’s Advanced water filter is certified to reduce ten times more contaminants from well & city water supplies.

What makes these water filters highly effective is the Maxion filter technology mentioned in the Pur Classic model.

PUR Advanced Faucet Filtration System

Maxion is fully capable of reducing more than 70 contaminants found in water, including 96% mercury, 99% lead, 92% of pesticides, and other impurities that bring a foul taste and odor to the water. What’s new about the Advanced water filter is the integration of the Clean Sensor, a metered component that indicates your device’s filter status. Without having to wait for an alert, the filter’s transparent coating will let you see the state of the cartridges as you enjoy the clean, filtered water it produces. Like all Pur filters, this system also comes with a two-year warranty.

Pur Ultimate Faucet Filtration System ($44.99)

Pur Ultimate Faucet Filtration System

The last faucet water filter manufactured by Pur is the Ultimate model that brings the smart-home ideals to life. What people loved the most about this water filter was its practicality, which can be seen in the unit’s installation, use, and most of all – maintenance. With a superior filtration strength, the innovative water filter will combat the water’s impurities while ensuring that all the beneficial minerals remain in the tap water supply. With an all-time record of tackling 72 contaminants, the Ultimate water filters will keep you safe from chlorineleadmercurypesticides, and more.

One of the main reasons this water filter is picked before the other alternatives is its connectivity feature. The 100-gallon water filter has a Bluetooth adapter ingrained in its interior, which can be connected to your smartphone through Pur’s destined app. You can track the replacement filter usage, water consumption levels, and everything in between on this app. Thanks to the NSF-Certification, these water filters can be used as an alternative to faucet-mounted filters and pour-through systems. If your filter encounters any malfunctions, you can take advantage of its two-year warranty that will prompt the operators to repair, replace, or aid you with any issues.

Pur Filter Pitcher Systems

If you want to take the freshwater from Pur faucet filters everywhere you go, we suggest you look into the brand’s range of water pitchers. Similar to a water filter, a Pur pitcher features the renowned Maxion technology that filters out contaminants like leadmercurychlorine, and pesticides, at the most efficient rate. Even though there are three Pur pitcher models to choose from, they all employ a similar design that’s destined to heighten the user-friendly experience.

First, these water filter alternatives have a comfortable grip handle that is thumb-activated for when you want to open the pitcher for refills. The easy-fill lid is wide enough for a comfortable pour, so that’s another plus.

PUR Basic 7-Cup Pitcher

Along the same lines, you can take advantage of the water pitcher’s pour spout cover that prevents annoying leaks and other issues with hassle cleaning. Like the Pur water filter systems, the pitchers also employ a Clean Sensor monitor that will track the filter usage patterns and notify you of when a replacement is due. Thanks to its slim design and secure water filter fit, you can effortlessly fit the water pitcher in the fridge, so you will always have fresh water on the go.

If we go back to our Pur vs. Brita battle, we will see that the Pur pitcher category celebrates a contaminant reduction rate that’s twice the amount of Brita’s. The Basic Pur filter pitcher can sustain up to 40 gallons of water, and it includes one Basic filter cartridge. The Classic Pur water pitcher has the same gallon capacity but is distinct in cartridge life and LED design. The last model maintains the same features as the previous water filter pitchers while also accommodating a dispenser. You can find each water pitcher’s cup measures and prices below.

Pur Basic Water Pitcher – 7 Cups ($16.99)

Pur Classic Water Pitcher – 11 Cups ($29.99)

Pur Classic Water Dispenser – 18 Cups ($29.99)

Which Awards Has Pur Won?

If you’re familiar with the water filters industry, you probably know that Pur is one of the most talked-about brands currently on the market. People love Pur water filters because they don’t go overboard with their self-acclaimed abilities. They promise to remove about 70 different contaminants from your water, and they deliver. And while that is great to hear, it is also backed by some of the world’s most prestigious certification agencies that endorse these water filter systems.

  • Because Pur invented the first automatic filtration system gauge in 1994, it was credited as one of the most innovative water filter brands by many reviewing firms since then.
  • Pur was the first water filter manufacturer to be certified by the NSF for removing “emerging contaminants” that are a newfound category of water impurities.
  • After Milwaukee’s microbial cyst outbreak, Pur was recognized for its efforts to produce and distribute the first water pitcher and dispenser units to combat these contaminants.
  • The Stockholm Industry Water award was given to Pur in 2005, awarding its impressive contributions to improve the global water emergency. People may also recognize Pur from the brand’s involvement in the Flint crisis, where it has distributed water filters for the residents.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Pur Filters?

Pur Filters Customer Review

The good news about buying Pur filter products is that you can find them on more than 20 vendors globally. The bad news is that it takes quite some time to gather all the resulting customer reviews from these purchases. However, we focused our search on the most prominent online sellers of the moment, which are AmazonHome Depot, and Walmart. At the time of writing, the combined reviews for the Pur water filter systems had over 25,000 opinions from buyers on Amazon. Out of these, Pur gathered a score of 4.4, which is quite significant, considering the number of people involved in reviewing.

At Home Depot, the Pur filter systems had just over 1000 reviews, which give the brand an overall 4.2 rating. Similarly, Walmart has packed more than 1500 reviews, which bring Pur filter systems an average score of 4.3. Out of the three platforms, the Basic model seems to be the most sold-out filter and the most reviewed. The people involved seem to be delighted with this unit’s simplistic design, which warrants an even easier installation and use. What we could gather most out of these filter reviews was the fact that the customers were happy with their purchase, which makes us even more optimistic about writing this review. The negative filter reviews were displeased because the filters have to be replaced quite often, which takes out of the overall experience.

What Guarantee Period Does Pur Offer?

As we mentioned throughout the article, a Pur filter is warrantied for two years from the initial purchase. However, the water filter system will last you years on end as long as you take good care of it and know what to expect. If you live in a household with many people or heavy water consumption, you should expect the filter to wear down after time. You will also reduce your filter system’s lifespan by not being orderly with the filter replacements, as the contaminants will clog the inline water supply. To ensure that you can enjoy the high-quality water from your filter for as long as possible, you have to strictly follow the manufacturers’ instructions of use provided to you.

Where Can I Buy Pur Filters?

You can find Pur filters on many stores and online vendors, as long as you know where to look. Luckily, almost all online sellers are officially affiliated with Pur, which means that wherever you buy, you will get a genuine product. To be sure, we have brought you a shortcut, so you know what stores to look for.

Presently, you can buy a Pur filter in Ace HardwareBed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, Costco, Albertsons, BJ’sKmartC&S WholesaleHome DepotCVSFred MeyerLowe’sMenardsPublixMeijerRite AidTargetSafewayWalmart, and Walgreens.

Pur Filters Buying Guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Pur Filters?

  • The Pur Faucet MineralClear can be bought at a combo bargain in Home Depot, where you will get three filters at just $29.58.
  • If you sign up for Pur’s website offers, they will contact you with filter coupons.

How To Dispose Of Your Old Pur Filter

If you have previously owned a Pur filter, you should be glad to know that the brand’s technicians will dispose of it completely free of charge. This is because Pur has partnered up with Recycle Nation, a United States company concerned with keeping the planet greener. All you have to do is search for your area and find the nearest drop-off location that will take care of your used filter so you won’t have to.

What Are The Alternatives To The Pur Filters?

If we measure a filter by its ability to reduce contaminants, then the Pur range is quite hard to beat. However, people look for different features in their filter systems; and more often than not, these features aren’t found in the simplistic designs of Pur products. The closest alternative to our spotlighted brand is Brita, whose systems can be found within the same filtering rate and price range. If you want to dive deeper, we suggest you read one of Water Whizz’s following guides that comprise of the best water filtering products of each category.

The Verdict On Pur Filters

If you’re a beginner in the water filter world, you ought to be pleased to know that Pur is your best way to go. Its faucet filter systems employ one of the most straightforward installations, which means that you won’t experience any hassles with setting it up. All you have to do is click the system in place, and you’re good to go. To keep the filter running, you have to replace the filter cartridges every three months or so, after the first 100-gallon capacity is worn out.

The Pur filter also stands out from its competitors because it has very high contaminant reduction rates. These filter systems can also tackle more than 70 different minerals, ideal for both city & well water supplies. If you want to take the brand’s legacy into account, then Pur’s 30-year commitment to making the world a better & healthier place may be the final nail in the head. The leading company has been a part of the biggest environmental causes, aiding people in dangerous situations one drop at a time. All things considered, we can’t help but recommend Pur to all our readers.

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