Santevia Review, Awards And Discounts 2021

Water filter manufacturers are usually driven towards innovation and sustainability goals, but Santevia was funded on entirely different plans. The brand’s founders, David and Yvonne, were after a solution for one of the world’s most common health issues – acid reflux. Tired of senseless pills, they set out to create a water system that would filter out the water contaminants and leave in the beneficial minerals that would solve their acid reflux problem. And boy, did they.

Santevia Water Filters

Eleven years later, Santevia has made a name for itself and now competes with the world’s leading water treatment companies. On this Santevia water filter review, we’re going to discuss some of the brand’s most distinguished products, with an accent on design, performance, and price*. At the end of this article, we’re confident that you’ll be a Santevia pro, ready to embark on your clean water journey.

* The prices of all Santevia products were correct at the time of writing.

What Type Of Products Does Santevia Make?

If you haven’t decided on what Santevia filter to get yet, we’re not sure that this review will make it easier for you. Santevia manufactures high-quality products specially designed for residential or commercial use, so there are many water filters to choose from. However, the brand’s official site uses a handy sectioning theme that includes at-home filtersbath & shower filterson the go filters, and replacement filters. Since you probably came all the way here for Santevia’s alkaline water pitcher, we’re going to focus today’s review on the brand’s residential filters. However, we urge you to check out other Santevia filter units, as there are many ways to improve your water taste.

Santevia Gravity Water System ($199.99)

Santevia Gravity Water System

We’re starting this review with the Santevia gravity water system as it is one of the brand’s most incredible creations. The top-selling system utilizes a multi-stage filtration process that takes your contaminated tap water and turns it into the sweet nectar of clean, filtered water. The Santevia water system purifies the drinking water using a ceramic pre-filter, a fluoride filter, and activated-carbon mineral stones that give the filtered water its alkaline composition. The water filter itself is entirely made of BPA & BPS-free plastic, so you won’t have to worry about any health risks. The alkaline water unit comes in two systems, the countertop filter and the dispenser filter (with no water cooler).

Before you get to taste your brand-new filtered water, Santevia has rendered an instructional video that will walk you through the installation process so that no head-scratching will occur. The Santevia system starts its work in the top tank, where tap water is spilled and prepared for its chemical changes. Then, the chlorine-induced water enters the pre-filter nut, the fluoride filter, and the mineral stones. During this process, Santevia will collect the contaminants from the water supply, infuse the filtered water with healthy minerals and send it through its flow valve for you to enjoy. In doing so, the tap water filter will remove the unpleasant taste and odors and enhance the water’s overall quality. If you’re wondering whether a gravity-based filter can do all that, we’re here to tell you it absolutely can.

The Santevia filter is certified by the NSF against the 42 & 53 standards, which means that it’s guaranteed to reduce chlorine, leadfluoridesmicroplastics, and herbicides from your water. Besides giving you mineralized alkaline water on demand, this high-quality system will also boost the pH values of your tap water. This way, you’ll get to enjoy fresh filtered water that will taste like it was just collected from a mountain spring. The anti-oxidant filter is also incredibly economical, as it only spends about 15 cents per gallon, which is equal to about 2,920 plastic bottles eliminated for every year of use. Moreover, Santevia will also donate 100 days of filtered water to at-risk communities with every purchase you make. As a result, you will not only have clean, alkaline water for yourself, but you will also have contributed to fight the world’s water crisis. And if you find that the chlorine-reduction filter isn’t all that, you can return it after one month of use and get your money back.

Mina Alkaline Water Pitcher ($49.99)

Even though Santevia water filter reviews often make the spotlight, we can’t ignore the brand’s alkaline water pitcher either. The Mina water pitcher is one of Santevia’s top items in product design and filter performance. With 80 gallons on the cartridges, the Santevia pitcher will provide two months of chlorine-free, alkaline water for medium to large families. The Santevia water pitcher has a 9-cup capacity, which it honors greatly with ultra-fast water filtration. What’s also great about the Santevia alkaline water pitcher is that it only measures 11 inches (height & weight), so you can fit it just about anywhere. The water filter is also lightweight, so carrying it around won’t be an issue either.

Mina Alkaline Water Pitchers

The Santevia pitcher is built with BPA & BPS-free Tritan plastic, ensuring that your alkaline water won’t have an odd taste after it’s filtered. The Santevia water pitcher infuses minerals like calcium and magnesium into your tap water, resulting in a healthy freshwater cocktail. What often gets failed to be mentioned in Santevia reviews is that this water pitcher features a 100% recyclable filter. When the Santevia pitcher filter has completed its life’s purpose, the system will notify you through a digital reminder clock that it’s time to replace it. The used filter can then be repurposed in Santevia’s headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, where they continuously work towards sustainability. You can get the alkaline water pitcher either in black or white, so matching your kitchen won’t be an issue.

Classic Alkaline Water Pitcher ($49.99)

Classic Alkaline Water Pitcher

Before the Mina filter pitcher became a sensation, Santevia’s loyal customers gave the brand’s Classic alkaline water pitcher top scores in the reliability department. Available in white, green, blue, or black, this countertop filter can remove chlorine up to 90% and lead up to 50%. Even though that may not seem ideal, we have to remind you that traditional water pitchers don’t even come close to those numbers. Like its successor, this alkaline water pitcher has a filter life of 80 gallons, so you can enjoy two full months before you have to replace the filter cartridges. With BPA & BPS-free plastic parts, this filter pitcher will serve up to 9 cups of alkaline water at a time. The top-selling water pitcher also features a slim pour-through lid, which makes for a perfect spill without leakage risks.

The Santevia water pitcher adds calcium, magnesium, potassium, and other trace minerals that not only purify your tap water but nourish it with beneficial components too. As an outcome, your alkaline water will taste better, your skin will feel smoother, and your bones will be stronger. The benefits of drinking Santevia alkaline water don’t stop there, as the brand’s site uses each purchase receipt to contribute to easing up the water poverty in regions where they need it the most. According to Santevia’s calculations, investing in a said filter will remove up to 600 single-use plastic bottles from entering the landfill, which is a perfect boost towards a better and cleaner planet.

Which Awards Has Santevia Won?

Santevia explains that pure, unmineralized water isn’t beneficial to humans, as we need alkalinity to feed our organism correctly. This is a sentiment that many award agencies have agreed on, resulting in Santevia’s renowned endorsements from the world’s most prominent quality organizations. Below, you will find the brand’s most relevant certifications that endorse its healthy water ideals.

  • The Santevia alkaline water filters are certified by the NSF and endorsed by the WQA for an adequate water contaminant reduction. Each filter product by Santevia exceeds the industry’s standards for public health protection, which means that its water filters are safe and reliable.
  • In 2018, Santevia won the Drug Store News & ECRM Buyers Choice Award for its portable water filters. These carry-on filter systems were certified to remove up to 99% water contaminants while also providing alkaline water components for the treated units.
  • Santevia is a proud member of the United Nations’ WASH program that ensures water, sanitation, and hygiene products are provided to the communities who need them the most.
  • Thanks to its partnership with the Canada-based Acts for Water program, Santevia has been congratulated for easing up the water crisis in Uganda. According to the brand’s founders, Santevia aims to give Uganda 100,000 years of clean water by 2030.
  • Santevia filters were also mentioned in the world’s most prestigious magazines, including The Safe Healthy HomeForbes, and Global Health MSCs.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Santevia Filters?

On Santevia’s official website, there’s a special review section where each buyer can comment on their newly-purchased water treatment products. Unlike typical sellers that list “imaginary” reviews to reach a standard, Santevia requires each buyer to sign up with their name, email, and purchase verification. The brand’s filter products are all rated relatively high in this platform, with 4.6 being the lowest review score. The gravity filter currently holds a 4.8 score (out of 125 reviews), the Mina filter a 4.7 score (out of 70 reviews), and the classic filter a 4.6 score (out of 53 reviews).

Whether it’s a water pitcher or a filter unit, Santevia’s recurring praise is that its systems are game-changing.

Santevia Filters Customer Review

Customers have reported that they could notice the difference in their water immediately after installing their units, which, to them – was as effortless as can be. The customers also reported that they carried the filter pitcher along with them wherever they went since the difference in the water quality is alarming. One buyer also stated that the water bottles advertised as “alkaline” were utterly false, as their Santevia system produced much more purified water. Customers also reported that the brand’s customer service is very professional and prompt to resolve the filters’ issues.

To get the outsiders’ opinions, we head over to Amazon, where Santevia’s alkaline filter pitcher was a bestseller. Here, the water pitcher maintains a 4.7 score, and the customer reviews aren’t much different. Buyers noted that the water pitcher is an excellent value for money, and its flavor was one of the most recurring positive note. However, the negative reviews stated that this water treatment system is rather difficult to clean, and its maintenance is a pain. Some customers also reported that their filter gauge was faulty upon arrival, so you may want to be careful with where you’re buying your product.

What Guarantee Period Does Santevia Offer?

Santevia filter pitchers or countertop water treatment models are designed to last in the long-term, so you won’t have to contemplate replacing them in a year. Moreover, each filter cartridge in the system has a different lifespan, which may be tricky when you don’t know why your water unit isn’t filtering the water properly. The ceramic pre-filter in your system will last for up to one year, the 5-stage filter for six months, the fluoride filter for four months, and the minerals for up to two years.

However, Santevia seems to fall behind in product warranties. Unlike Pur or Brita that have extended comprehensive warranties for their pitchers, Santevia only supports them for 90 days after the initial purchase. This can be problematic when considering that filter issues usually appear after three months, but Santevia customer reviews don’t speak of something of the kind. Santevia does have a 30-day returns policy, though, so you don’t have to settle for less than you deserve.

Where Can I Buy The Santevia Water Filters?

Santevia’s manufacturing site is located in Canada, where its biggest customers are currently found. That’s why the brand has online stores in the United States and Canada, where you can buy your preferred product and have it shipped to you within days. In Canada, you’ll be able to find the Santevia Water Systems store in Delta, more specifically in the British Columbia providence.

We also heard that the brand had broadened its customer base to the United Kingdom too, but we don’t have an official store for you yet. You can also find the brand’s water filters in several online vendors’ sites like AmazonLucky VitaminWell CanadaeBay, or Walmart. Most stores are located in Canada, though, so make sure to keep an eye out for the shipment fees.

Santevia Water Filters Buying Guides

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For The Brand’s Water Filters?

  • In Canada, Santevia supports free shipping on all orders over $99 and Mina filters.
  • If you’re a first-time purchaser, you can get a 10% discount by using the code “Welcome10.”

How To Dispose Of Your Old Water Filter

Disposing an old water treatment system can be a hassle, especially when you don’t know what you’re supposed to do with it. Before you start the recycling process, you should know the materials used in your old water filtration system. Water filters usually operate with activated-carbon units, ion-exchange mechanisms, or reverse osmosis systems. We’re going to explain how you should dispose of each of them, but before we do, we suggest you contact your old filter manufacturer. Many companies provide their customers with recycling programs that you can usually find in your warranties. If not, then you can get a third-party recycling company that will dispose of the system for you.

  • Activated-carbon filters prompt some of the safest recycling practices, as they’re almost fully bio-degradable. Many people have reported that they’ve repurposed old carbon filters as soil amendments or additives, which you can do too. However, it would be best if you were careful when emptying the cartridges as you can discharge the contaminants and do more damage while at it. The plastic or aluminum coating should then be recycled in the destined blue bins.
  • Ion-exchange filters are somewhat more complicated, as they usually contain large amounts of resin that has to be taken care of before the system is recycled. Filter systems’ manufacturers advise dumping these filters on a landfill as you would with any other trash since the used units aren’t contaminated to pose a health risk. However, different states have diverse regulations in this matter, so you should always contact an environmental advisor before continuing with the resin disposal. You can try Nalco Water, an independent recycling company located in North America that will collect your used ion-exchange resin and dispose of it for a small charge.
  • Reverse osmosis filters utilize small membranes that stop any substance larger than water from passing through the inline pipe. Because a reverse osmosis system doesn’t use heavy chemicals to treat water, it is safe to recycle it with the rest of your plastics & other trash. If you want professionals to deal with your used reverse osmosis filter, you can head over to Recycle Water Filters or Terra Cycle and arrange for them to collect your used filters.

What Are The Alternatives To The Santevia Water Filters?

If Santevia doesn’t give you the kicks, many other water filtering brands may suit you better. For electricity-free systems, you should check out our reviews on KineticoKube WaterBerkeyPelican, and Aqua Rain. For shower filters, we recommend Aqua Theory and Sprite Water who are tidy, efficient, and budget-friendly. If you want to branch out and give cost-effective systems a chance, you can read one of our most talked-about articles on the world’s most successful filter brands.

The Verdict On Santevia Water Filters

If Santevia should be praised for anything, it’s for bringing creative innovation to the water treatment industry. As far as we’re concerned, there are not enough manufacturers that pinpoint the importance of the water’s alkalinity and ph balance – around which Santevia has built an entire company. The brand’s filter pitchers are very convenient, easy to use, and designed to provide satisfactory flow rates. That means that you won’t have to wait for half an hour before your pitcher is done filtering the water, but rather, enjoy the crisp taste of alkaline wonders in less than ten minutes.

Besides removing select contaminants like chlorine, lead, and fluoride directly from your tap water, these filters also infuse the water with useful minerals like calcium and magnesium. This makes the water taste infinitely better and makes it healthier while making it more beneficial to drink. Many buyers have reported that the water quality difference is very noticeable, and many of them endorsed the fact that Santevia filters are the perfect remedy to combatting acid reflux and other digestion issues. Lastly, we must note that the brand’s products are all budget-friendly (including add-ons!), so you won’t spend a fortune on maintenance and replacement filters.

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