Scaleblaster Reviews, Awards And Discounts 2021

If you conduct a quick search on the web, you will see that there are over 21 million Americans whose drinking water violates the United States health standards. This number is alarming, especially when you consider that water impurities like mineralsbacteria, dirt, and other contaminants harm our bodies while ruining the effectiveness of plumbing and home appliances. Today we’re going to discuss Scaleblaster conditioners – units that are specifically designed to tackle those issues.

Scaleblaster Water Conditioner

Typical water treatment systems are fueled by salt and resin, which are discharged after each filtering procedure. To prevent harming the environment and create sustainable solutions for water problems, Scaleblaster takes on a whole different approach. The Scaleblaster systems are among the best-selling water conditioners globally, and that’s because they require no chemicals, salt, or maintenance to deliver high water quality. But what products does Scaleblaster manufacture?

What Type Of Products Does Scaleblaster Make?

Until now, Scaleblaster has designed water softener alternatives for residentialcommercial, and industrial use. All models follow the same reasoning line, although each of them has a wide application range that applies to homeowners, large businesses, or wastewater treatment scales. The residential water softeners include the basic range and the pro series range, which will be discussed thoroughly in this article. At the end of this guide, we will familiarise you with Scaleblaster water conditioner types, their components, prices*, awards, discounts, and everything in between.

* The prices of all Scaleblaster water conditioner models were correct at the time of writing.

Scaleblaster Basic Range

Scaleblaster SB 75 Conditioner ($159)

Scaleblaster SB 75 Conditioner

If you search for Scaleblaster water conditioner reviews, the first product that will show up will be the SB-75 model. This range of water softeners is ideal for homes under 4,000 square feet struggling with hard water issues. This electronic descaling water softener is sold under the economic label since it uses minimal resources to treat water hardness. The Scaleblaster SB-75 has a 15-watt input power rate and 100 to 120 VAC input voltage. The water conditioner will also be fantastic for those who have salt-restricted diets, as it employs a water treatment that uses no salt, chemicals, resin, or other excessive materials. As such, the maintenance-free water softener will remove limescale deposits and calcium molecules with an operating temperature of 32 °F to 130 °F.

For those wondering about how an electronic descaling water softener works, we’re here to unravel the mystery. The Scaleblaster SB 75 water treatment unit is a salt-free system that utilizes electronic waves to change the structure of calcium molecules. The frequencies produced by the electronic waves cause hard water particles to grow exponentially, making them unable to attach to the water line and cause limescale deposits. This water treatment method will combat water hardness in a way that causes no waste for the environment. Even though this technique sounds like a head-scratcher, it effectively treats hard water up to 19 GPG. We also covered some of these mechanisms in our salt-free water conditioners review, which you can check out to learn more about the process.

The SB-75 Scaleblaster is incredibly easy to install, and the good news is that it is compatible with any PVC, Copper, CPVC, and PEX water pipes. On the brand’s official website, the manufacturers claim that Scaleblaster SB 75 requires no plumbing experience to be installed. Still, they have also provided an instructional video to make the whole process easier. The 19 GPG SB 75 is designed for indoor use only, so if you’re looking for a whole-house alternative that can also be installed outside, you can focus on the next product. As far as Scale blaster reviews go, SB 75 has a 4.0 score, retracted out of 349 buyers on Home Depot. The salt-free water conditioner comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can enjoy the improved water quality while being reassured of its longevity.

Scaleblaster SB Elite Conditioner ($419)

The Scaleblaster water conditioner Sb 30 is also known as the Elite product since it enhances all the previous water softener features. The Elite model is suitable for larger spaces covering about 5,000 square feet, which is why it makes for an ideal whole-house alternative. One of the most important hallmarks of this water softener is that it can sustain hard water of up to 35 GPG, which is found in extremely hard water areas. This way, the water conditioner will get to your home’s main water line and prevent hard water from flowing into your water heaters, kettles, plumbing fixtures, tubs, and other home appliances utilized by the said water.

If you think about it, one of the main advantages of Scaleblaster SB 30 is the fact that the product doesn’t remove beneficial minerals from the water but instead modifies them.

Scaleblaster SB Elite Conditioner

There is a growing number of scientific evidence that hard water minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron aid our blood supply, strengthen our bones, and help with maintaining a healthy balance. By utilizing the Scaleblaster SB Elite, you will not only enjoy the positive effects of hard water but also appreciate the soft & silky feeling on your skin and hair. And because there is no salt, chemicals, or water drainage in the mix, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of cleaning after your water softener product either.

The Scale Blaster water softener further extends its maintenance-free qualities when you consider that it is a one-time purchase that will require no further investment in auxiliary units. As soon as you install the water treatment product in your home, you will immediately get to enjoy the soft water it produces. The Elite Scale Blaster is suitable with CPVC, PVC, PEX, copper, or any non-ferrous plumbing fixture. In terms of energy-efficiency, the water conditioner employs the same values as the SB-75, supplying 15 watts input power and an operating temperature range of 32 °F to 130 °F. Followed by the same three-year warranty, this range of water softeners will surely bring one of the best maintenance-free water treatment alternatives for your home. At the time of writing, the Elite product had over 400 Scaleblaster water conditioner reviews, out of which it gathered a 3.9 score.

Scaleblaster Pro Series Range

Scaleblaster SB-MAX Pro (N/A)

Scaleblaster SB-MAX Pro

While you can purchase the first two residential water softeners directly from the website, the third has somewhat of a procedure attached. To get this Scale Blaster water softener, you need to contact an official technician who will evaluate the hard water conditions of your home and propose the best water treatment product for your needs. Supplying areas for as much as 5,000 square feet, the SB-MAX Pro makes for the most sophisticated residential Scaleblaster system to date. By treating hard water, these water softeners will protect your water fixtures, plumbing, and home appliances while also making cleaning, maintenance, and using soaps easier and more efficient.

On the official Scaleblaster review, it is noted that the SB-MAX Pro is 60% more potent than the previous SB-75 unit. The same Scaleblaster review also states that this range of water softeners can take up a water hardness of up to 40 GPG, which is quite significant when you consider that this is an electronic descaler. While salt-based water softeners use one of the most effective methods for treating hard water, Scale Blaster follows an incredible salt-free alternative. The website also indicates that the water conditioner is suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes, so you won’t have to worry about the unit rusting or breaking down over time. This Scaleblaster review is also accompanied by UL & CUL certifications, which means that it is of the utmost quality.

The Scaleblaster bestselling unit is designed with a heavy-duty aluminum enclosure that can sustain any amount of water pressure or hardness levels. The Scale Blaster review indicates that this model entirely fits with all previously-mentioned water pipes, including the CPVC, PEX, PVC, copper, or other non-ferrous alternatives. If we dive further into the specs, we will see that model has an input power of 20 watts, a 90-264 VAC input voltage, and an operating temperature of 32 °F to 130 °F. That means that the water descaler will work correctly with your water heater, boiler, and other home appliances. Contrary to the other residential water systems, this Scaleblaster unit comes with a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty that can be extended upon request. The SB-MAX Pro has done quite well on online reviews too, where it has gathered a 4.5 rating on Quality Water Treatment‘s 503 reviews.

Can You Trust Scaleblaster Water Systems?

Besides the growing number of positive customer reviews, Scaleblaster is also one of the most community-engaged brands in the market. Scaleblaster has showcased its products’ water treatment abilities on a larger scale by supplying water softeners for different regions, locations, and communities. On the brand’s website, we were able to find numerous success stories, the most relevant of which we have brought here for you today.

  • Scaleblaster has installed its renowned water descaling products on the world’s oldest brewery located in the Czech Republic. With an upgraded water line and improved maintenance, the brewery (founded in 1581) has enhanced its production rate and overall water quality.
  • In 2001, Scaleblaster was funded to functionalize a wastewater facility in Las Vegas, where its water treatment products worked to descale water for 11 area golf courses.
  • The Scaleblaster water conditioning units were also utilized in California, where the swimming pools had limescale buildup before treatment. With the use of Scaleblaster products, these pools showed a significant improvement that you can see for yourself on the brand’s website.
  • Similarly, Scaleblaster was also involved in a case study that aimed to see the efficacy of water descaling products in an integrated energy management project. As a result, it was shown that the water conditioning products of Scaleblaster saved up more than $52,000 in electricity.
  • The Scaleblaster case studies don’t stop there, as the brand’s water conditioning products run on a broad scale, including fruit companieshotels & resortsfarmspool rides, and entire cities.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Scaleblaster Conditioners?

One thing that Scaleblaster comes in bulk with is online customer reviews. On the brand’s official website, there is a voluminous reviews section, where you can find real buyers who have purchased a Scaleblaster water conditioner through the brand’s website. Most of these reviews are on a positive note, praising the water systems’ effectiveness, which, according to them, could be noticeable within the first days of purchase. Among the first of these reviews is Joseph, who states that “the water felt silkier, dishes looked cleaner, and showers felt better.”

Scaleblaster Conditioners Customer Review

Considering that Scaleblaster’s leading vendor is Home Depot, we expected to find more detailed reviews there – which we did. The three residential water softeners had over 1000 combined reviews, with the SB-75 being one of the most-sold water descalers on the website. The positive reviews spoke of the water unit’s ease of installation and use, which is also talked-about by the manufacturers themselves. One of the most reassuring points of these reviews is that out of over 400 reviews, 75% of them recommended the Scaleblaster as fit for purpose. Most of these reviews attached a plumbing picture as a testament, which indicates that the purchases are genuine.

However, the Scaleblaster water conditioners weren’t out of negative reviews either. Many customer reviews reported that their system wasn’t effective at all, and they didn’t notice any difference with the reduction of scaling on water pipes and other appliances. However, most of these reviews were made on the SB-75 model, which has the lowest water hardness reduction rate (19 GPG). On the other hand, the other two descalers had a significant number of positive reviews and little to no comments about the unit’s efficacy. We can argue that people generally aim for a cheaper model and hope to fix their hard water issues, which may need a more sophisticated alternative like the Elite or SB-MAX models.

What Guarantee Period Does Scaleblaster Offer?

The first thing we need to get out of the way is that Scaleblaster products are descalers, so they won’t last as long as regular salt-based softeners do. Suppose professional plumbers’ reviews are to be trusted. In that case, a Scaleblaster water conditioner will last for five to ten years, after which it will lose its ability to descale hard water fixtures. As for the warranty period, it depends on which model you’ve settled for. The basic water conditioners (SB-75 & Elite) are supported with a three-year warranty, whereas the pro series SB-Max model is warrantied for ten years (both labor & parts). As many online reviews state, you can also extend this period upon request, which is done on the brand’s official website.

Where Can I Buy A Scaleblaster Water Conditioner?

The safest approach to buying a Scaleblaster water conditioner would be to do so at Home Depot or Lowe’s, where you will find 100% genuine products. These two vendors are officially affiliated with Scaleblaster, which means that the sellers will carry all the warranties, customer service, and other privileges. However, not all Scaleblaster systems are available online. The SB-75 and Elite models can be found on these websites, but the Pro Series units have to be purchased differently.

To get a Pro Series water conditioner (or any other sophisticated model), you have to contact a specialized dealer. This is because these systems have a more complicated installation and setup that isn’t advised to be carried by people who don’t have professional plumbing experience. Whether you’re based in the United States or elsewhere in the world, you can find a Scaleblaster technician that will guide you through the entire process. This will help you decide on the best system for you, as it has also shown an excellent success rate on other water softener brands like KineticoCulligan, and Fleck.

Scaleblaster Water Conditioner Buying Guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Scaleblaster Conditioners?

  • If you use this Social Labs code, you will get a 20% discount on Scaleblaster water conditioners.

What Are The Alternatives To The Scaleblaster Water Conditioner?

Finding a good salt-free water softener is quite a hassle, especially when the alternatives are packed with negative reviews and low-performance points. We know the struggle because we have reviewed dozens of water softener manufacturers that have promised the world but failed to deliver. If you want to discover the top-10 salt-free water softener units on the market, you can head over to our best-of review. Alternatively, you can check out the brands below, along with their most notable features.

  • Pelican Waters – Produces salt-free water systems that use a technology called template induced crystallization. The water softening procedure is done using a no-salt media that changes the structure of the hard water minerals. It is useful both in scale prevention and reduction.
  • Ecowater – Is renowned for manufacturing water softening alternatives that are not only friendly to the environment but cost-effective in the long term as well. Ecowater also offers a wide range of applications, prompting its buyers to choose the media type according to the hard water issues they face. These water systems are also budget-friendly, so it’s a full package deal.
  • NuvoH20 – Takes on whole different water softening approach since it uses the chelating agents of citric acid to treat hard water. This procedure is maintained via replaceable filters, and it makes for a cheap alternative to salt-based systems. This method has a 98% efficacy in removing scale buildup from water pipes, so it is almost as good as a regular water softener.

The Verdict On Scaleblaster Water Conditioners

The main thing you need to take away from this review is that an electric descaler will never be as powerful as a traditional water softener, and that’s okay. Systems provided by A.O. SmithMorton, or Genesis reduce hard water minerals down to their last core, which is why they deliver substantial results to water quality. A water descaler such as the Scale blaster only reduces existing limescale buildup, which to some consumers, is all they’re after.

For what it’s worth, the Scale blaster alternative is as good as it gets. It’s budget-friendly, cost-effective, and it requires no maintenance. These systems are also eco-friendly, meaning that they produce no waste or discharge into water supplies. Thanks to its electric-powered chipset, all you have to do is plug the device in the inline water and let it do the rest. The electromagnetic water softener also has a DIY-installation, which means that you’ll have reduced plumbing costs too.

However, we must stress that the water treatment world isn’t so hot about electromagnetic water softeners. The World Quality Association has researched this approach many times, and it has concluded that it is not yet ideal to be considered a replacement for salt-based water softeners. So, if you live in areas where hard water is easily manageable (0-20 GPG), you’re safe to buy a Scale Blaster. If not, you should probably consider your alternatives first.

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