Seychelle Water Filter Reviews And Discounts 2021

From the unthinkable to the drinkable is Seychelle’s opening testimony, and if that’s not enough to grab your attention, then I don’t know what is. The US brand designs, manufactures and sells premium class water filtration systems that are like no other. And that’s not only because the brand is unique on its own but is merely among the only ones who use adsorption microfiltration in their products.

Seychelle Water Filter

This water filtration technique is certified to remove up to 99.99% of contaminants in your water supply, whether they’re chemicalaestheticdissolved solids, or radiation. The best part about Seychelle is that you don’t have to buy a full-sized water filtration system to enjoy its benefits, as the brand has many alternatives for you to choose from. In this Seychelle water filter review, we’ll go over everything we believe will make your life better, so sit tight and enjoy the wonders of clean water.

What Type Of Products Does Seychelle Make?

Seychelle water filter reviews are usually focused on its renowned water filter pitcher, but the brand is capable of much more than that. Besides its filter pitchers, Seychelle also manufactures PH20 pure water bottlesfiltration bottlesreplacement filterspure water strawsfiltration canteensradiological systemsmulti-purpose inline pipes, and other water filtration accessories. Considering that you’re probably here to learn about the brand’s water filter pitcher, that’s where we’ll focus this article on – by also adding a small pinch of a Seychelle water bottle review.

Single 32 oz. pH2O Alkaline Filter Pitcher ($49.95)

Single 32 oz. pH2O Alkaline Filter Pitcher

Seychelle must be worth its bucks if its most under-performing filter pitcher is still better than the competition’s alternatives. The 32 oz. water filter pitcher is a part of Seychelle’s pH2O product line that enhances the alkalinity of your drinking water as you’re drinking it. Like most Seychelle water pitchers, this product removes almost 100% of all water contaminants, including chemicals, chlorine, VOCsheavy metalsradon, and fluorides. As the filter cartridges in this pitcher are quite porous, this product isn’t ideal for treating salt water or removing contaminants like viruses or bacteria.

One of the most significant advantages of the Seychelle pH2O alkaline water filter pitcher is the modification of its pH value. By optimizing the filtered water up to 9.5 pH, the Seychelles water pitcher ensures that all the toxins in your body are flushed out of your system. This will help you with your body’s pH balance, aid with your digestion, and help with common issues like acid reflux. The 32 oz. Seychelle water pitcher has a four-cup capacity, and its filter cartridge can provide up to 100 gallons of clean drinking water. The BPA-free water filter pitcher will also maintain a consistent water flow, so it will improve your overall drinking experience in every department.

Regular 64 oz. Filter Pitcher ($59.95)

If we’re talking about the best-selling Seychelle water filter pitchers, the regular 64.oz product is one of the most honorable mentions. Adaptable with any water source, this BPA-free water filter pitcher is just what you need for your busy home, office, or dorm room. The Seychelles water filter product holds up to a gallon of filtered water, whereas its filter cartridges produce about 200 gallons at a time. This filter pitcher is one of the largest models in Seychelle’s product line, and it can satisfy up to eight cups of drinking water. As a result, the regular water filter pitcher is ideal for medium to large families.

Regular 64 oz. Filter Pitcher

Like all Seychelles water filters, this product is also made of BPA-free plastic, which is considered the safest material used in commodities for human consumption. Even though this Seychelle water filter pitcher is suitable with any water source, its manufacturers have noted that it is ideal for chlorinated city water. Besides chlorine, the contaminants removed from the filter pitcher include heavy metalsVOCs, and radon. Although this unit’s filter cartridges don’t have alkaline features, they will still retain the good trace minerals in your drinking water. This way, you won’t only get to enjoy the tasteless purity of water, but its delicious mineral components too.

Dual 64 oz. pH2O Alkaline Filter Pitcher ($69.95)

Dual pH2O Alkaline Filter Pitcher

Please think of the dual Seychelle water filter pitcher like its single model, but with steroids. Everything you liked about the pH2O BPA-free pitcher is carried onto this product, only with heightened performance levels and capacities. Ideal for homes with four members and more, this drinking water filter will purify, cleanse, nourish, and improve the quality of your water in less than seven minutes per session. That means that you no longer have to wait for the pitcher until you’re not thirsty anymore, as the Seychelle alternative will be waiting for you, on-demand. Besides removing contaminants from your water source, this unit’s filter cartridges will balance its pH levels up to 9.5 (ideal range).

To provide a good water flow, this water filter utilizes two filter cartridge units, each of which can treat up to 100 gallons of water. One of the best features of this water pitcher is its quick-fill lid that doesn’t have to be opened to fill up the Seychelle water filter. Practical and convenient, this BPA-free water pitcher will remove numerous contaminants and maintain the water’s alkalinity for as long as 60 days after its treatment. The Seychelle water filter reduces specific contaminants up to 99.99%, including fluoride, leadradon, chlorine, chloroformdissolved solids, and VOCs. Considering the large number of contaminants removed, this filter pitcher is one of the most reliable products for any water source.

Radiological 65 oz. Filter Pitcher ($79.95)

The radiological water filter pitcher is one of the best alternatives that will entirely take care of the contaminants in your water supply. For the time being, this system’s filter cartridges are one of Seychelles’ most perfected units and one of the water treatment industry’s leading products. Its BPA-free filter cartridge is utilized with fast-flow features to provide a fast and consistent water flow throughout its filtering process. Many Seychelle water filter reviews have also stated that this takes no more than ten minutes, so you’ll get to enjoy the delicious alkaline-induced clean water wherever you want to. The filter pitcher holds about one gallon of water (eight cups), so it’s perfect for most families.

Radiological 65 oz. Filter Pitcher

The filtered water from this filter pitcher is 99% free of all four types of contaminants, including the aesthetic, chemicals, dissolved solids, and radiological. For a detailed count of these contaminants, we would have to mention chlorine, industry and agriculture pollutants, lead, mercury, chromium, radon, radium, plutoniumuraniumcesium, and fluoride. Considered to have one of the most extensive filter cartridge alternatives in the market, the Seychelle filter pitcher will make you forget about bottled water for good. Besides getting rid of the world’s most prominent contaminants, this Seychelle water filter will also fit inside most fridges, so cold, fresh water will be there for you always.

Seychelle Water Filtration Bottle Line

28 oz. Flip Top Bottle

Fast water flow and high contaminant-removal are features shared within Seychelle’s entire product line, not only water filter pitchers. Seychelle filtration bottles have a reputation for efficient water treatment. There are currently three models in this range: the regular flip-top bottle, the pull-top filtration bottle, and the pH2O flip-top bottle. Seychelle also manufactures a regular sports bottle and an advanced canteen used for lakes and mountain streams, but more of that later.

The regular flip-top water filter has numerous products to choose from, primarily, the 28. oz standard bottle ($29.95), and the advanced one ($31.95).

The lightweight water filter bottles are very convenient and easy to use, and they remove up to 99% of contaminants, whether they’re found on city water or outdoor sources (lakes or rivers). Like all Seychelle water filters, these bottles are also NSF-certified for optimal pollutant loss and environmental protection, so you won’t have to worry about doing more damage than good. If you want a higher water flow and a more extensive pollutant rate, you can buy the 28 oz. radiological bottle ($34.95) or the RAD/ADV one ($39.95). The first one removes all the basic zones of water contaminants. In contrast, the second is ideal for disaster relief, emergency occasions, or situations where you have no idea about the quality of the water supply.

In the pull-top department, Seychelle has put together two bottles, the 24 oz. standard model ($24.95) and the advanced model (39.95). Both water filter bottles have a capacity of up to 100 gallons and are suitable for well, city, and outdoor water sources. According to Seychelle’s calculations, these filter bottles will replace $700’s worth of bottled water, perfect for protecting the environment. The water filter bottles are NSF-certified to remove sediment, dirt, chlorine, VOCsdissolved solids, heavy metals, and up to 90% of fluoride. In the pH2O product line, we have the 28 oz. flip top bottle ($38.95) that not only purifies your water but nourishes it too.

24 oz. Pull Top Bottle

The proven-tested technology in these water filter bottles will remove 99% of most water contaminants while also adding alkalinity to your filtered water. And thanks to its wrist strap and convenient design, you can take the deliciously-tasting water anywhere with you, from your hiking trips to your sea adventures and back to your office days.

For those of you who are more into sports and are after a practical bottle, we present Seychelle’s 20 oz. sports bottle ($19.95). Ideal for being your running mate, this lightweight alternative can be found in the standard, advanced, radiological, and RAD/ADV filter options, but you have to contact Seychelle directly for the optimization. The reusable water filter bottle is very practical, as you can easily fit it inside your backpack or hold it at the end of your wrist. And if its numerous customer reviews are to be trusted, this unit has a lot of potential for being your ideal workout companion. The last water filter bottle we want you to consider is the 38 oz. advanced canteen ($31.95) that’s often known as the Seychelle extreme water filter bottle. This water filter utilizes the same filter cartridges as other Seychelle models while also using an extra iodinated resin mechanism. Thanks to its double-ended design, you can use the water filter bottle in extreme water conditions or emergencies. All Seychelle water filter bottles are FDA approved, so they will not leach, break, or harm the environment.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Seychelle Filter Pitchers?

Seychelle Filter Pitcher Customer Review

To properly assess the Seychelle water filter pitcher reviews, we headed over to Amazon, the only platform where customers could give their opinion on their purchased Seychelle water filters. No matter what the water filter was, we saw that Seychelle is very reliable in performance. In Amazon, we noticed that the brand’s most reviewed products were filter replacements, especially for the pH2O water filter pitcher with over 550 reviews and a 4.7 score. Its radiological filter replacements also maintained a 4.7 score, which was gathered from about 200 customer reviews. In the water bottles department, the Seychelle advanced model was rated at 4.5 out of 553 total ratings.

What we could gather most out of these reviews was that the buyers were delighted with the pitcher’s ease of installation, flavor modification, and longevity. Several customers reported that the water pitcher “filters like a madman” or is “perfect for pollutants,” making us happy. The positive reviews also stated that this water pitcher’s flavor stays on for much longer than anticipated, even when the unit is kept in the fridge. For the water bottles, buyers noted that they’re very practical, easy to carry over, and incredibly handy under challenging situations. One reviewer also stated that they’re holding onto their advanced bottle for dear life, as they’re anticipating a megaquake that will require its use.

Other commenters also reported that the water bottle is ideal for hiking, as they can effortlessly fill it will lake or river water and have it purified within minutes. But what of the negative reviews? For the water pitchers, the customers reported irritation for having to flush the systems regularly for it to filter water out properly. People with a high sediment count in their water supplies also said that the pitcher doesn’t reach the ideal ph balance, so if that’s you, then you ought to take it with a grain of salt. The water bottles posed more technical issues, especially with straps breaking and defective lids. Some customers also reported leakage, so you should be careful with the product you choose.

What Guarantee Period Does Seychelle Offer?

Even though Seychelle has virtually no shelf-life listed for its filters, we can make a few assumptions based on customer reviews. Considering that each filter cartridge has to be changed only thrice a year, the entire system will accompany you for five years, at least (bottom line). This lifespan also depends on how often you refill the pitcher and how often you activate the Hulk mode when pouring. Still, many buyers have reported that they’re delighted with this system’s durability. Otherwise, the filter pitcher is warrantied for 90 days, 30 of which are supported with a money-back guarantee policy.

Where Can I Buy Seychelle Filter Pitchers?

You can find Seychelle pitcher filters in several online vendors, although we’re not entirely sure if each of them is officially affiliated with the brand. On Seychelle’s official website, there’s a shopping section that includes everything the brand sells, from filtration bottles to other filter accessories. This site is also the most reliable source for buying genuine replacement filters, as some customers have reported that the products they purchased from third-party vendors weren’t the right ones for their system.

We were also able to find Seychelle filtration bottles and some replacement filters on Amazon, but that was it. At Home Depot, the only Seychelle products were certain filtration accessories and pitcher parts, but full systems weren’t anywhere to be seen. There are some pitchers available on less-known websites like eBay and Quality Water Filters, but we’re unsure whether they’re official Seychelle distributors. Considering everything, your safest bet would be purchasing directly from the brand.

Seychelle Filter Pitcher Buying Guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Seychelle Filter Pitchers?

  • With the code “JE10“, you will get a 10% discount on all Seychelle pitchers.
  • Many buyers could use the code “SELECTVEGA” to use a 10% discount on certain Seychelle products, but we couldn’t confirm if the discount code is valid.

How To Dispose Of Your Old Filter Pitcher

Even though there are many online guides on how to dispose of old filtration systems, not many of them focus on filter pitchers. Because these units are usually small in size, many people think that dumping them straight into the trash can is usually the best way to go. While there’s some truth in that, the most important thing you need to pay attention to is the filter cartridge.

Many water pitchers use carbon-based filter cartridges, which are bio-degradable particles that absorb all water contaminants as a sponge would. If you decide to take the filter apart by yourself and perform DIY recycling, you risk emptying all the purified pollutants back to the world and cause more harm along the way. That’s why, in the best-case scenario, your old pitcher’s manufacturer would take the used filters back through a previously agreed recycling program. If that’s not a part of your warranty, you can try a third-party recycler like Recycle Water Filters or GE Appliances, which will take your old filter cartridges and recycle them, as long as you cover the shipping fees.

What Are The Alternatives To The Seychelle Filter?

Seychelle is a fantastic mid-range pitcher brand, as it offers high-quality systems at considerably budget-friendly prices. However, they’re far from promoting a one-size-fits-all product, so you may want to check out your alternatives before deciding on the brand. For other pitcher manufacturers, we suggest you read our reviews on BritaPur WaterSomaBerkey, Alexa Pure, and Santevia. For other filtration systems, we have provided the following guides that pinpoint each brand’s field of expertise.

  • Aquarain – For water filters made of high-quality parts.
  • Every Drop – For the best refrigeration filters.
  • Aqua Theory – For practical showerhead filters.
  • Propur – For the most useful filters against microplastics.
  • Aquatru – For the best countertop reverse osmosis filter.
  • Tier 1 – For the best budget-friendly air filters.

The Verdict On Seychelle Filters

Seychelle filters are an excellent choice for those who aren’t willing to spend hundreds of bucks on a simple filter pitcher. Even though they’re more affordable, Seychelle filter pitchers still carry the throne for an almost-effortless contaminant reduction scale. Certified by the NSF (the highest authority on the matter), Seychelle products can remove up to 99% of the world’s known water pollutants, whether they’re [in]organic, bacteria, viruses, or heavy metals. This is especially favorable since the brand’s pitchers are efficient, suitable to fit inside the fridge, and able to be carried anywhere you go. Seychelle also manufactures some of the best filtration bottles that can come in quite handy when traveling or, if you’re extra paranoid, preparing for disasters. But although many high-end alternatives leave Seychelle lacking, we believe that the brand is quite reliable in the long term.

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