Soma Water Filter Review, Awards, And Discounts 2021

In biology, soma is an integral part of any cell, which feeds our minds and keeps us healthy. Similarly, Soma water filters aim to do the same, only by utilizing the best filtration methods to enhance the water taste, odor, and overall quality. Its plant-based components, clever designs, and sleek layouts are just a few features that make Soma filters stand out. But how will that fix your water problem?

If you’ve bothered to read this Soma water filter review, chances are you don’t need convincing that a water filter will change your life. But if you want a push, we’re here to tell you that you’ll never know what clean & fresh drinking water tastes like until you use a water filter. Don’t worry though, a complete system isn’t the only way to go, as Soma has some great compact models to choose from.

What Type Of Products Does Soma Make?

Unlike traditional brands like Berkey, Aquasana, or Pelican, Soma is more preoccupied with designing water filters that you can take with you wherever you go. From sports bottles to pitchers, carafes, and brew bottles, Soma has found the perfect balance between sustainability and comfortable living. Even though we’re in love with the brand’s glass products, we’re going to save this review for Soma water filters; along with their prices*, specifications, uses, and everything in between. 

* The prices of all Soma products were correct at the time of writing.

Soma Filters – Two Pack Bundle ($25)

Before we dive deeper into the Soma pitcher and carafe models, we’re going to see exactly how the brand improves the water quality in your home. Many people who are accustomed to using Brita filters have found solace with Soma because the latter brand utilizes the same components (as Brita) while putting an extra emphasis on sustainability. Each Soma water filter is made from 60% plant-based materials, which means that they have a significantly lower carbon footprint when compared to other water filters in the market. The plant-based Soma water filters are mostly made of activated coconut shell carbon and charcoal filters, so they use a dual approach to improve the water taste. Each Soma filter has a two-month lifespan, which means that the two-pack unit will last you about four months.

Whether you want to treat pond, lake, or tap water, these replacement filters will combat many water contaminants at a time. Through the plant-based water filters, any Soma product will protect you from chlorine, mercury, zinc, copper, cadmium, and other minerals that affect the water quality and odor. This Soma water filter currently holds a 4.8 review score on the brand’s official website, where the customers seem to be very pleased with the plant-based alternative. Depending on your needs, you can get a one-time payment of two-pack bundles ($25) that will last you four months, or a year-long package ($55) that will be shipped to you every four months. Alternatively, you can save a few bucks by subscribing to the Soma water plan, which will charge you for the two-pack bundle ($20) as you go.

Soma Water Pitcher (10 Cups – $39)

If you’re unfamiliar with the brand’s products, you ought to know that the 10-cup water filter pitcher is a fan-favorite among those who enjoy filtered water as they go. The 10-cups Soma pitcher will revolutionize your drinking water by removing contaminants like chlorine, mercury, copper, and more. Unlike those brands’ that shout “eco-friendliness” but don’t lift a finger in that direction, the Soma water filter pitcher works tightly with local US charities to ensure that clean, safe, and filtered water is provided for everyone. The 10-cup water filter pitcher is made of a bamboo wooden handle and BPA-free plastic components, so not only will you be drinking from a clean, plant-based water filter pitcher, but a gorgeous-looking one too. And thanks to its sturdy glass coating, you will get to see the filtered water in real-time as the 10-cup water filter pitcher does its effortless magic. On Soma, this 10 cup water filter pitcher has over 500 purchases, which have given it a review score of 4.8.

The great thing about the BPA-free plastic Soma filter pitcher is that it will come with complimentary replacement filters to make you comfortable with the filtered water. Because people go on about different living situations, the Soma water filter pitcher is available in two models: the 10-cup pitcher ($39) and the 6-cup pitcher ($29). What people loved the most about the 10-cup water filter pitcher was the fact that it can filter water in less than five minutes. This way, you can simply fill the pitcher with tap water, entertain your guests, and return with the 10 cups of clean water to get you through the night. The 10-cup water filter pitcher goes with any kitchen type, as you can opt for the classic white pitcher design or the smooth black pitcher alternative. Whichever Soma water filter pitcher you choose, you can take advantage of any of the previous replacement filters. The 10-cup water filter pitcher is warrantied for a lifetime, so you can enjoy worry-free, fresh drinking water at all times.

Soma Water Carafe (6 Cups – $49)

A water filter pitcher is great for improving water, but it isn’t always ideal for fancy dinners or get-togethers. While a water filter pitcher will take up unnecessary space on the table, a carafe will sit there neatly, waiting for you to take advantage of its effortless pour spout and sleek layout. Designed to prioritize practicality, this Soma filter pitcher carafe will make you feel like the Queen of England as you’re drinking water in front of the TV. Similar to the pitcher model, this Soma water filter utilizes plant-based filters that gently treat the water while protecting the environment. The Soma water filter is also made of BPA-free plastic components, so you won’t have to worry about any odd tastes or odors in your water. What customers loved the most about this chlorine-reduction carafe pitcher was the no-spill feature that ensures a perfect pour and eliminates any annoying leakage from the sides.

Staying true to the Soma legacy, this BPA-free plastic filter pitcher doesn’t stop at chlorine but ideally tackles other minerals like lead, mercury, zinc, copper, and more. Thanks to the water pitcher, you will notice immediate results on your drinks, cooking, cocktails, or cups of clean water every morning. The Soma water filter pitcher is very compact-sized, so it will effortlessly fit inside your refrigerator, countertop, dining table, and pretty much anywhere else. The powerful combination of activated carbon shells and charcoal water filters make this Soma water filter the ideal alternative for overpriced pitcher units, filter mechanisms, and similar systems. Like the Soma pitcher, the carafe filter is also accompanied by a lifetime warranty, so you won’t have to worry about obtaining a faulty product. On Amazon, this water pitcher carafe has thousands of purchases, which have given it a 4.2 review score.

Why You Should Buy From Soma

Because we’ve reviewed some of the best water filter brands in the market, we’re quite acquainted with the tricks that most of them pull up their sleeves. However, Soma seems to be a water filter company that has a proven legacy in making the world a better place – one drop at a time. On their website, we were able to gather some of Soma’s most important efforts that make buying from them worth it.

  • In 2015, the Soma Water Carafe was given the Home Style Award by the IF World Design Guide. 
  • Soma is the only water filter manufacturer that is B-Corporation Certified. That means that the brand is constantly reviewed by the independent company for reaching the optimal standards of performance, reliability, and transparency with their filters.
  • Amidst their eco-friendly applications, Soma designs their water filter products by conserving forestry, using recycled materials for packaging, and applying anti-discrimination policies that refer to human labor, animal-warfare, and other practices. 
  • The chlorine-reduction Soma filters are officially affiliated with global programs for removing plastic waste on coastal marine areas, easing the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, and improving the oceanic habitats of waves, sharks, and other water endangered species.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Soma Filters?

As with most professional water filter manufacturers, Soma has put together a special review section where all its buyers can give their two cents on the purchased filters.. Out of hundreds of reviews, Soma maintains an average 4.6 review rating, which is measured by summing up all the water filter products on the website. This review section is the bulkiest on the Soma chlorine-reduction filter pitcher, which remains one of the brand’s bestselling products since its initial launch. The most recurring pitcher review themes seem to be concerned with these unit’s beautiful designs, ease of use, chlorine-reduction efficacy, and on top of it all – friendly customer service. 

Soma Filters Buying Guides

The first review on the water filter pitcher praised Soma’s wooden handle and BPA-free plastic parts, which make the pitcher a wonderful addition for those who have had enough of the foul odors coming from their cheaper pitcher models. Many review segments noted that the Soma pitcher warranted immediate results, which isn’t commonly found on standard chlorine-reduction filters. One pitcher review also stated that their Soma pitcher could filter the water in less than five minutes, which is great when you consider that the filter pitcher duration is the often main concern with buyers. On Amazon, the Soma filter pitcher holds a 4.3 review score out of 1272 reviews. A similar Soma water filter review score is also seen on the carafe pitcher, which has a 4.2 rate from a +1000 review section.

As with any other water filter manufacturer, Soma filters entertain a negative review section too. The main concern with the brand’s water filter pitcher is that the flow rate is not very consistent, which sometimes causes some “accidents” when pouring the water. Another filter pitcher review has stated that the product’s lid is not very ergonomic, as it is rather difficult to open it for water refills. Even though the water filter pitcher is made of BPA-free plastic, a customer review noted that they weren’t comfortable with the way that the water comes into contact with the said plastic when pouring. Sadly, it is quite hard to find a filter pitcher that has no plastic in its interior, which is the case with Soma too.

What Guarantee Period Does Soma Offer?

As we mentioned in each water filter review, Soma filters are among the few products that come with a lifetime warranty. When we reviewed the best water filter pitchers, we saw that many customers mentioned the lack of warranties with their products, as if a water filter pitcher doesn’t need further assistance after buying. Luckily, a Soma water filter will provide you with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, and if your water filter proves to be faulty, Soma will return it, completely free of charge. As with the water filter unit’s lifespan, it was reported that it maintains its effectiveness even after years of initial purchase. As long as you replace the filter cartridges every four months (two-pack bundle), you will have the Soma filter pitcher by your side for a very long time.

Where Can I Buy Soma Filters?

Soma water products are quite renowned in the filter industry, so you will find them in most stores, whether online or offline. To get full advantage of the warranties and filter plans, though, we suggest you buy directly from the brand’s user-friendly website. There, you will find everything you need to know about your preferred filter, Soma’s sustainability engagement, and you can opt for one of the mail filter subscriptions that will keep your water pitcher in its best condition. Alternatively, you can find these filter products on other websites like Amazon, Your Home Depot, eBay, or Walmart.

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Soma Filters?

  • If it’s your first time buying a Soma water product, you can use the code “welcome10” for a 10% discount on any filter.
  • With the code “Oprah“, you will get a 20% discount on the Soma water pitcher.

How To Dispose Of Your Old Filter

The thing with water filtration products is that they need to be recycled properly to not contaminate the environment. Because these water treatment units usually consist of charcoal, carbon, or other filter types, you can’t just dump them on the bin and hope for the best. Major brands like Brita have specialized recycling arrangements that you can take advantage of. That’s why the first thing you’re going to do is see if your old filter manufacturer has a recycling program and go about it accordingly.

If not, then you can opt for a third-party company that recycles filter products, although this will probably cost you a few bucks for shipment fees. Luckily, Soma Water is partnered with Parley to kick recycling up a notch, so they will most likely fetch your old filter. However, the good thing about the Soma water products is that they’re some of the most bio-degradable filters in the market, so you’re well-off dumping the carbon filters in your compost garden without having to worry about the environment. Be careful though, as you still need to take care of the plastic!

What Are The Alternatives To The Soma Filters?

Finding a water filtration company that takes sustainability as seriously as Soma is a challenge, but not impossible. If you’re here for water pitcher alternatives, we suggest you read our guides on Brita, Seychelle, or Pur Water, which are industry-leading brands in the filter pitcher category. If you would also like to learn more about your filtering alternatives, you can check the guides below.

The Verdict On Soma Filters

No matter what reviewing source you decide to put your faith in, we’re confident that Soma will be praised in more ways than one. The high-performing water pitchers that this brand provides are made of unique plant-based components that protect the environment, are cheaper to manufacture, and give the products a gorgeous look that is distinct from traditional water pitchers. Besides being a treat for the eyes, Soma filters also have a high potency in terms of eliminating water contaminants like zinc, copper, cadmium, mercury, and with a great emphasis on chlorine. However, the dual filter composture of these units ensures that the beneficial minerals are kept in the water for you to enjoy.

Soma also maintains a reliable customer base, which is always good news for big brands. The customers love the brand’s designs, practicality, and many of them talked about advantages that they couldn’t find on other water filtering products. Even though Soma products are to be praised in every aspect, we can’t help but mention the brand’s continuous efforts towards a cleaner, healthier planet. As Soma explains, for every product purchased from the brand, you will be directly contributing to local charities that aim to reduce the global water crisis. Besides the renowned filter pitcher & carafe, Soma also manufactures ceramic mugs, reusable bottles, glass straws, and other plant-based products that have little to no carbon footprint. With that in mind, we’re more than inclined to recommend Soma to all our readers, hoping that we’ll all make a difference – a glass bottle at a time.

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