Sprite Shower Filter Review And Discounts 2021

For many people, their morning shower is the best part of the day. Whether you’ve finally fought off the urge to stay in bed or have just gotten back from the gym – having a refreshing shower will certainly kickstart your day. And for those of you who want the best spa-like experience from their showers, Sprite Industries can bring that to the comfort of your own home.

Sprite shower heads are some of the best water filter alternatives that remove chlorine from your water supply, nourish your hair and skin, and grant you a state of total relaxation. Unlike cheap filter shower heads that do more damage than good, Sprite shower filters are certified by the world’s most reputable organizations for effective & efficient water treatment. Like Aqua Theory, these filter products are budget-friendly, ideal for hard water, and programmed to improve any fixture they’re installed in. To see if you’ll be on par with the brand’s positive customer reviews, keep reading and find your best fit.

What Type Of Products Does Sprite Shower Make?

As the name suggests, Sprite manufactures shower head filter units through advanced designs, premium-grade components, and patented water filtering technologies. As we’ll discuss further in the review, a Sprite shower filter is among the only said products that utilize high-quality chlorgon – a filter media that’s guaranteed to reduce contaminants and remove chlorine from your shower water. The Sprite filter line comprises universal shower filtersfiltered shower headsfiltered shower handlesfiltered extensionsbath & baby filters, and other filtration system accessories. We will focus today’s review on the brand’s universal shower filter line* and its features. Still, you’re more than welcome to check out Sprite’s shower filter line, as you will surely not be disappointed.

* The prices of Sprite shower head filters were correct at the time of writing.

Slim Line 2 Shower Filter ($24.80 – $48.00)

According to the numerous positive customer reviews, the Slim Line shower filter is one of Sprite’s most loved products. The 2. 5 lbs shower head filter comes in chrome and white finishes, so you won’t have to worry about it not matching your beautiful bathroom. Depending on your preference, you can also get this shower filter without a shower head, with a 3-setting massage head, or a 7-unit shower head that will make your skin and hair feel like they’re on cloud nine. You can also utilize its low-profile design to extend the shower head to about 1. 5 inches so that you’ll be as comfortable as can be. In terms of compatibility, this filtration system can fit into any shower arm or 1/2-inch NPT head.

The secret behind the high efficiency of Sprite’s Slim Line shower filter is its NSF-certified chlorine-reduction media that’ll take care of your hard water problem for as much as 6 months at a time. The Sprite filter cartridge has a capacity of up to 10, 000 gallons, which is relatively higher than the competition’s shower filter. Thanks to its patented chlorgon filter media, the Sprite shower filter utilizes copper, zinc, and calcium sulfides to combat water contaminants successfully. As a result, your Slim Line shower filter will remove chlorine minerals from your water supply, which causes no more dry skin, itchy scalp, or weak hair. This shower filter also features a ‘Dial-A-Date’ indicator that will let you know when you need to replace the system’s cartridges for long-lasting use of the shower filter.

Sprite also manufactures more sophisticated models of the Slim Line shower filter, but they’re also a bit pricier. The NSF-certified range comprises the Brass Model ($53.40 – $106.85), a high-end modification to the existing chlorine-reduction filter. The Brass filter can either be purchased with or without the matching shower head – which comes in brushed nickel, chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, or brass. For those looking for something cheaper, you can also check out Slim Line’s Disposable Model ($18.40 – $35.00) that prompts a one-time use before it has to be disposed of. This easy to install filtration system has a recyclable perma-seal design, which means that you won’t have to worry about its carbon footprint. Both shower filters come with replacement cartridges lasting for 6 months and chlorgon filter media that will make your skin and hair thank you after just one use.

High-Output 2 Shower Filter ($26.70 – $53.40)

The Slim Line shower filter is fantastic in itself, but we have some chlorine-reduction filter options for those who want a higher water pressure too. The High Output 2 filtration system is one of Sprite’s bestsellers since it features a high-capacity filter to die for. In the aesthetics department, you can buy the Sprite shower filter in brushed nickel, chrome, gold, oil-rubbed bronze, and white finishes. You can choose to either attach a 3-setting massage shower head or retract from combining the chlorine filter with a shower head altogether. We’re confident that the Sprite shower filter will remove chlorine from your water source, soften the hard water minerals from it, and give your skin a smooth feeling that you’ve never felt before.

To guarantee its users with a long-term solution to their chlorine dilemma, Sprite has built these shower filter units with ultra-strength housing. This way, you won’t have to worry about the shower filter’s plastic melting off or accidentally breaking the shower arm in your one-person shows. This Sprite shower head will also accompany your chlorine-free concerts for longer, thanks to its one-year cartridge. The shower filter mixture used to treat chlorine will turn this Sprite shower filter into a daily necessity for your showers while making you wonder how you could ever live without it. This chlorine shower filter has a 3-inch footprint, which means you will get an ideal point of use filtration.

All Sprite shower filter models (including this product) employ a flow rate of up to 2.5 GPM, which is more than sufficient to provide a Niagara-falls experience in every shower it’s installed in. Like the previous chlorine shower filter, the High-Output model is also available in the Brass Model ($72.45 – $118.00), which will guide you through some of the best showers in the long term. The easy to install shower filter is available on all previously-mentioned finishes, which is excellent for those who want the perfect match with their existing fixtures. As for its compatibility, this Sprite shower filter is suitable with all standard 1/2-inch NPT shower arm models, as long as they don’t have any add-ons in their forms. Like all other brass filter models, this chlorine-reduction system is warrantied for five years.  

Universal Shower Head Auxiliaries

While a Sprite shower filter is ideal for many people, some may prefer a mere add-on for their current plumbing. Luckily, Sprite has also put together a few chlorine shower filter auxiliaries that are easy to install, safe to use, and efficient to treat those hard water issues that you’re probably tired of. With an emphasis on chlorine reduction, the following filter line is great for the hair, skin, and shower.

The first item we want you to consider is the Sprite handheld shower filter ($27.25 – $36.00) that’s ideal for those who wish to use their own shower head, handles, hose, and brackets. Even though the NSF-certified shower filter maintains an intense water pressure, it has a filter life of just three months.

If you’re unsure whether you want a complete Sprite shower filter, you can test the handheld model out and see what you think. Next in line, we have Sprite’s perma-seal shower filter ($28.80 – $33.75), a high-performance alternative to chlorine reduction. As entailed in its label, this shower head has a permanently-sealed white housing, which is both convenient and practical. The budget-friendly shower filter has a 12-month filter life and weighs just about 2. 5 lbs, so it’s a great choice for dorms, community housing, and more. The chlorine-reduction shower head also incorporates the “full flow” water design, which means that you’ll have fantastic shower pressure on-demand.

For those seeking innovation, Sprite also manufactures twist-off shower filters ($39.95 – $59.95) that are worth checking out. This shower filter range utilizes a see-through filter installed on the unit with a twist & lock feature. The NSF-certified shower head is one of Sprite’s most talked-about systems as it is useful, sleek, and most importantly – affordable. To fight chlorine, foul odor, and dirt, this shower filter uses the same chlorgon media found on the brand’s more sophisticated filters. This shower filter can either be purchased as a standalone unit or combined with a shower head. The last contribution to Sprite’s universal water filter line is the low-offset ($22.40 – $34.50) that’s specially made for more simplistic fixtures. Even though this shower head filter is compact, its chlorine-removal abilities are splendid. The reason behind this shower filter’s high effectiveness is Sprite’s ‘Extend-A-Path’ system that allows the shower water more contact with the filter in each session. Its chlorine-reduction shower filters last for about 6 months, so you’ll be good for half a year.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Sprite Showers?

Even though Sprite Shower has its own shopping website, they don’t provide a review section where its buyers can give their two cents. That’s why we went over to Sprite’s online vendor’s online sites, where customer reviews were in bulk. In Amazon, the Sprite handheld shower head filter has a 4.4 score and is also Amazon’s Choice in the shower head category. This product’s upbeat review section featured praise for its chlorine-removal abilities, skin improvement, and ease of installation. One review also stated that this shower filter helped with hard water reduction – a difference that was immediately felt after the first shower. In the negative review section, buyers reported that they weren’t too happy with the Sprite shower hose, with some of them even talking about leakage in high water pressure levels.

At Home Depot, the Sprite shower filter has a 4.3 score, with as much as 81% of the review section recommending it to other buyers. The first review on this shower filter found the product to be great for its “low price” and reported that it effectively treated their hard water problem. The chlorine-reduction shower filter is also ideal for dirt and silt – a review supported by many Home Depot buyers. In this shower filter opening, a recurring negative review was that this Sprite filter’s cartridges don’t last as advertised. However, this was mostly aimed towards the one-time use shower filter than Sprite’s standard universal shower filter line. Ultimately, Sprite seems to be doing pretty good with its shower filter reviews, which is always a good sign!

What Guarantee Period Does Sprite Shower Offer?

Sprite showers hold a reputation for being durable, especially the brass filter models that can pull through almost everything. A Sprite shower filter should last you about five years on end, as long as you don’t go too hard on your shower dance routines. The chlorine-reduction filter units are also warrantied for one year on most models and subsequent years on more sophisticated filter types.

All plastic-coated shower filter models come with a standard one-year warranty, which you can extend upon request. The brass-coated shower filter options are warrantied for five years, both in parts and in labor. Lastly, the disposable plastic shower filters are guaranteed with a six-month limited warranty, which is understandable given their composition. However, colored finishes don’t count as materials, so you should carefully check out a filter’s specs for the right composition.

Where Can I Buy Sprite Showers?

A Sprite shower filter is one of the most common-found products online, and luckily, they’re pretty affordable too. We’ve provided you links to the brand’s official shopping site, as there’s where you can find 100% genuine shower filters. You can still find the chlorine-reduction filter range through other online sellers like AmazonHome DepotLowe’sBed, Bath & Beyond, and Menards. We’re also sure that you can find Sprite shower filter products on other online sites, but the vendors mentioned above are the only ones officially affiliated with the brand.

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Sprite Showers?

There are currently no discounts for Sprite shower filters in the public domain, but as soon as we find one, we will update it here.

How To Dispose Of Your Old Shower Head

If you’re looking to dispose of your old water filter system, we suggest you head over to our guide on Kube, where we have explained the process thoroughly. If you’re struggling with your shower head or shower filter instead, then all you have to do is implement the following steps.

  • Check your old shower filter warranty for a recycling program that the unit’s manufacturer supports. In most cases, big companies reuse old parts in new systems, so you can send your old shower filter off for it to be redesigned. If not, you can skip this step.
  • Before you start dissecting your old filter, you should see whether you can repurpose it like using it for a make-believe microphone or as a plant waterer. You can also check out the Freecycle Network – a US-based community for recycling old products. If not, you can contact third-party businesses that recycle old filters [usually] free of charge. We recommend Recycle Water Filters, as they’re a hassle-free company that accepts all brands, types, and filter sizes.
  • If your filter is anything like Sprite, you should be able to recycle its parts with a very straightforward approach. Granted that your filter cartridges are carbon-based, you can poke the plastic opening and empty its contents in the soil or compost garden. Then, you take the shower head apart and recycle its remaining bits in the plastics recycling bin.

What Are The Alternatives To The Sprite Filter Showers?

As far as shower filters go, Sprite is renowned for being among their most dependable contributors. The NSF-certified brand is the only one that utilizes chlorgon media, so whichever brand you decide to replace it with, you won’t find a better water treatment performance. However, suppose you’re looking to remove specific contaminants from your water supply. In that case, we invite you to read our showerhead guide or shower filter article, where you will find the best shower head filters and softeners available.

Even though a shower head filter will improve your showers’ quality, your other plumbing fixtures will still process contaminated water that can harm you and your family. Whether you’re supplied by city or well water, today’s market has a solution for everything. Below, you will find our detail-oriented articles on the best water treatment products you can buy in 2021.

The Verdict On Sprite Shower

Let’s just say this: while we could find numerous reasons why a Sprite filter is worth it, we couldn’t find one that’s a dealbreaker. Whether you need a complete shower system, a shower head, a shower arm, or any other part, Sprite will most likely sell it. By providing 100% compatibility with standard plumbing, the brand has again proved that high-quality showers aren’t a luxury; you only need to know where to look. Sprite shower filters are certified by the NSF for effective chlorine reduction. Still, they’ve also shown remarkable results in removing sodium, hydrogen sulfide, iron oxide, dirt and sediment, and all unpleasant odors that take from your shower experience. All things considered, we believe that anyone who buys a Sprite filter will be delighted with their purchase.

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