Tier 1 Water Filter Review And Discounts 2021

Buying a water filter isn’t hard, but choosing one that fits your needs, price range, and water source is where the real challenge lies. However, a company aims to make this challenge more manageable, and its signature is Tier1. Before improving your water quality, Tier1 will put together a uniquely-designed account for you, your living situation, and your water treatment needs. This way, the brand will make sure that you will find the best product by offering expert recommendations tailored to you.

Before we get into the product line that Tier1 manufactures, we ought to let you know that the United States brand has a solution for all water issues. Whether you’re looking to get replacement filters, fridge filters, or complete water filter systems, Tier1 will find a product for you. In this review, we’ll go over everything the brand has to offer, with an emphasis on price*, features, review score, and more.

* The price tag of all Tier1 products was correct at the time of writing.

What Type Of Products Does Tier1 Make?

Tier1 is among those brands that make a little bit of everything, and you love them from it. You’ve probably heard of the brand’s refrigerator water filters that are as good as the name brand in your fridge, but at a lower price. Besides those products, Tier1 also makes water softenerssalt-free conditionerswell water systemscity water filterswhole-house reverse osmosis systems, and other filter replacement alternatives. To help you make the most informed purchase, we’ll show you how you can use Tier1 products for your tap water. First, we’ll separate the review section into three fragments: city supplies, well water sources, and fridge filter products.

Well Water Filtration Products

Elite Series Whole-House Water Filter (Price – $1 219)

Considering that many people supplied by well water usually suffer from high iron content, it’s only fitting that we begin our review with Tier1’s Elite Series. This water treatment product functions both as a water filter and a water softener, as it is NSF-certified to remove ironscale build-upcalcium, and magnesium. Like Pelican‘s combined filter products, Tier1 units utilize scale-reduction media that purifies the contaminated water as the water flows through its tank. As a result, your faucet, plumbing fixtures, home appliances, and other water-connected products will run more efficiently than ever.

According to online customer reviews, this digital water treatment product is convenient because it features a handy bypass valve.

Thanks to this component, you can play around with your filter any time you want without having to completely shut-off the water supply. The 30,000 GPG filter products are ideal for families of up to four members, whereas the 45,000-grain model ($1,399) is suitable for more. Even though the larger water filters have a bulkier price tag, they also carry higher flow rates, operating pressure levels, and overall functionality. But, if you’re unhappy with the softener & filter products’ efficiency, you can easily return it within 1 month of purchase.

Precision Series Whole-House Water Filter (Price – $1 099)

The Precision Series water filter is one of the United States’ most reliable products, specialized to reduce iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide from well water. Contrary to regular water filters, the Precision Series uses an air-induction system to treat water. First, the water filter starts by adding compressed air to the incoming water, flowing through the unit’s carbon-media for trapping specific contaminants. To do this, the water filter system uses a fully automatic regeneration cycle with air capture, so your involvement in adjusting the products’ settings will be minimal.

If you suffer from an unbearable “rotten egg” odor, then this product review is the best fit for you. The Precision series filter products are NSF certified for optimal contaminant reduction, so you won’t have to worry about its efficiency.

One product review noted that this filter system could remove chlorine taste and odor and slightly adjust low water pH levels, but we’ll take those claims with a grain of salt. All in all, the whole-house filter system is a fantastic choice for tackling many water issues at once, and considering its features, we’d say that its price is justified. If you try the filter and don’t agree with those claims, you can take advantage of its 1-month money-back guarantee.

Viqua Whole-House Filter (Price – $658)

The last well-water filter system we want you to consider is the superior-grade Viqua. These compact-sized filter products utilize a UV filtration mechanism that is praised on every customer review. The ultra-violet components in these water filters deactivate select bacteriaviruses, and other pathogens from your water supply, thus disinfecting your source entirely. Even though the filter unit is relatively small, it can still supply most large homes and light commercial locations with clean, filtered water. Many review sections noted that this filter reaches a flow rate up to 18 GPM, which is quite impressive.

Even though these water filters use a somewhat “dangerous” technology, they’re entirely compliant with the United States’ federal laws for public health protection.

The manufacturers at Tier1 review that the UV filter comes with a lamp plug and safety cap that guarantees its users have no real contact with the ultraviolet rays. According to the brand’s product review, these units’ lamps last for about 1 year, depending on your home’s water usage and contaminant rate. However, at this price, you will have a hard time finding a complete system that removes giardiacystsE-coli, and more.

City Water Filtration Products

Eco Series Whole-House Water Filter (Price – $761)

In the city well review department, we’ll start with Tier1’s Eco-Series filter. With a budget-friendly price and many certifications behind it, the chlorine-reduction filter is everything you’d want in a mid-range filtration product. The whole-house filter is certified by the NSF against the ANSI 42 standard for reducing chlorine up to 1 100 000 gallons. The high-quality filter also utilizes a KDF media that also combat heavy metals like lead and mercury, herbicides, pesticides, and VOCs.

To ensure that its users get the most out of their filter, Tier1 has designed its system with a simple upflow layout. On top of it all, the water treatment system requires no electricity to run, which means its cost-effectiveness goes beyond its price tag.

The most systematic review for this filter system was the fact that it takes little to no space, so you can neatly fit it next to your inline and stop worrying about the rest. For the optimal water treatment, you can also install an extra sediment pre-filter.

Precision Series Chlorine & Chloramine Water Filter (Price – $1 119)

Because many review sections praised Tier1’s precision filter for well water, the brand has utilized a similar model for city water too. This whole-house filter comes with 1-inch fittings and DIY mounting brackets, so you can immediately retract the price you’d pay your local plumber. The United States-manufactured product is NSF certified for removing chlorine and chloramines from city water. So, if you want to enjoy the fresh & clean taste of water from every tap in your house, then hop on right over.

Thanks to its budget-conscious price, the filter makes for a pretty good investment. To maximize the contaminant reduction scale, this water treatment system uses a sediment pre-filter that prevents the filters from clogging.

This way, the filter system will thoroughly clean dirt, silt, and other deposits so when the chlorinated water flows through the valves, it can be appropriately assessed. The filter system has a filter life of 84 months, which equals about ten years. Ultimately, the joint efforts of its granular-activated & catalytic carbon filters make for a fantastic system that is most worthy of its price.

Pioneer Whole-House System and Filter Kit (Price – $1 581)

Tier1’s Pioneer filter system works with both city and well water supplies, so we’ll review it here, at the end of the line. The Pioneer filter is the ultimate choice for those who suffer from a high lead content and cyst formations in their water. This filter system is most compelling because it uses a 0.5-micron filter membrane that blocks the smallest pollutant particles from passing through your water stream. The filer system is also the no. 1 product to altogether remove PFOA/PFOS from your drinking water, so you’ll be getting a multi-purpose system at a very considerable price.

If we get down to the specifics, we will see that the Tier1 filter has a 88 000-gallon filter life, so you will get to experiment with the system well before you start regretting your choices.

The premium-grade filter is also certified by the NSF against standard 53, so you won’t have to rely on our product review to correctly evaluate its efficiency. The renowned filter system supports a flow rate of up to 8 GPM and comes with 1 Pioneer whole-house housing and 1 lead-reduction filter cartridge. At this price, the all-inclusive Pioneer filter is an excellent choice for a multi-faceted solution, and we can’t help but endorse it.

Tier1 Refrigerator Water Filters

We couldn’t possibly continue without this Tier1 review without giving a shoutout to its refrigerator water filter range. The refrigerator filters manufactured by Tier1 overflow by positive customer reviews since they come at a very low price, are very efficient, and serve as substitutes for expensive filter alternatives. Compared in a “1 in 1” setting, we found Tier1 refrigerator filters to remove the same number of water contaminants, fit the destined fridges perfectly, and cause no hassles with their installation. Out of all Tier1 products, the refrigerator filters have the most extensive customer review base.

In the refrigerator filter range, Tier1 currently has over 40 different products to choose from. Whether you need SamsungFrigidaireLG ElectronicsGE AppliancesElectrolux, or Bosch filters, you can buy them at Tier1 – and at a fantastic price too.

The brand’s heaviest review section is filled with praise from Whirlpool fridge buyers, as the former brand doesn’t have a good rep for low-price items. Still, all Tier1 refrigerator filters are designed to keep your appliances run smoothly, whether you want to use them for water or air filtration purposes. Having given a review to both Everydrop and Water Drop filters, we can confidently say that Tier1 is right up there with the US’s best-cheapest products.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Tier1 Filters?

Bringing Tier1 customer reviews together isn’t an easy ordeal, as the brand’s products don’t have very lengthy review sections. No matter where we checked, we couldn’t find 1 consolidated customer review base for Tier1’s whole-house systems. This could be because Tier1 customers usually purchase their systems in physical stores near their homes, prompting them no way to leave a review. Still, the lack of a review section could leave many potential buyers confused about these filters, with which we agree.

However, the Tier1’s refrigerator water filters seem quite the hot-stuff since almost all people who bought them bothered to leave a review.

Tier1 Filters Buying Guide

The brand’s no. 1 product is Samsung’s filter that has a 4.9 review score. At Home Depot, the brand’s inline filters pack is the one with the bulkiest review section, which maintains a 4.5 review score. Out of these review enthusiasts, 85% would recommend a Tier1 filter to other buyers, which is always good news. Among the most systematic reviews were comments about these units’ affordable price, ease of installation, and overall effectiveness.

We also found mentions about Tier1 filters’ price on Amazon, where customers were most delighted with the brand’s Kenmore replacement filters. These products gathered a 4.7 review score and many remarks about the filter’s matching fridge’s cartridges perfectly. However, we can’t stem from the fact that many review sections listed issues with the filtered water tasting bad or showing no filtration signs. Even though the review divisions are mixed, we advise you to be aware when purchasing.

What Guarantee Period Does Tier1 Offer?

Even though Tier1 filters come at a great price, they lack behind in product quality. For example, the brand’s refrigerator filters last no more than five months, whereas the standard time for high-end alternatives ranges from seven to nine months. Alternatively, whole-house water systems seem to last from five to seven years. Even though other brands like Kube and Aquasana last for up to ten years, Tier1 leaves them lacking since its seven-year lifespan isn’t accompanied by a loss in filtration quality.

For Tier1’s stance on this, we researched its return policy and guarantee claims. According to the brand’s official documents, its buyers can return Tier1 products within the first 30-days of use, as long as they’re not a part of the brand’s whole-house range. Also, the company won’t pay for the shipping fees and will require the products to be in their original condition, which isn’t very user-friendly.

Where Can I Buy Tier1 Filters?

You can buy Tier1 filters virtually anywhere, but we’re unsure whether all products on online websites are entirely genuine. On the brand’s returns policy board, the Tier1 representatives claim that only products bought directly from the website are eligible for customer privileges like return policies. This should be alright, though, since you can find all filters manufactured by Tier1 on its official website. As far as we know, there’s not much price difference either, so going the safe way is your best bet.

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Tier1 Filters?

  • With the code “SOFT10,” you’ll have a 10% reduction on Tier1 water softeners’ selling price.
  • Using the code “SAVE15,” you will get a 15% discount from the select products’ original price (on sitewide Tier1 filters).

How To Dispose Of Your Old Filter

If you’ve come all the way down to this review, chances are you probably need to get rid of your old filter system. Whether you own a full-sized filtration system, a combined softener & filter model, a filter pitcher, a reverse osmosis system, or a mere refrigerator filter, the disposal steps you need to take are more or less the same. The first thing you’re going to do is take out the warranty papers and see if your old seller has a recycling policy. Some brands (see Brita) have partnered up with recycling companies to repurpose used filters – a process in which they will take your old filters for free.

However, many brands don’t care much about what you do with their products, in which case, you’ll be left to see a third-party enterprise. Brands like Recycle Water Filters have small shipping fees ($6.99), which you have to pay for them to collect your used water filters. The advantages to companies like these are that they accept almost all filter types and brands, thus giving you a shortcut to the culture of recycling. Recycle Water Filters also claims to repurpose 100% of identifiable recycles, including plastic, aluminum cases, carbon cartridges, fibrous materials, rubber O-rings, and metal screws.

What Are The Alternatives To The Tier1 Filters?

Finding a sound filter system is a tough ordeal, especially when high-end systems force you to sell your left kidney to afford it. Luckily, we’ve made sure to review 2021’s most-trusted filter manufacturers, emphasizing budget-friendly solutions. Whichever following brand you choose to check out, we’re convinced that you will find an alternative that conveniently suits your needs.

The Verdict On Tier1 Filters

If you want to know whether Tier1 filters are worth it, we’re here to tell you they are. Nevertheless, there are some things you need to consider first. The advantages to Tier1 products are that they’re generally more affordable, reliable in their contaminant reduction scale, and easy to control. All Tier1 systems have user-friendly interfaces and simplistic designs so that they won’t involve head-scratching. When it comes to refrigerator filters, Tier1 does exceptionally well in all customer reviews, seeing how these products are a perfect replacement for pricier alternatives like Samsung or Whirlpool.

However, there are also some cons that we must warn you about before you make up your mind. While Tier1 filters are cheaper, they’re usually less intrusive than other state-of-the-art options. This means that while a Propur filter will last you for the standard nine-month period, a Tier1 filter will hardly make it to seven. Moreover, Tier1 filter systems aren’t accompanied by many buyers’ reviews, and it’s virtually impossible to find an official document of their product warranties. Still, our verdict is that Tier1 is a brand well worth considering for the budget-friendly products they provide.

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