Waterboss 900 Reviews And Discounts 2021

With the growing number of US families affected by hard water, there is also an increase in water softening systems. The surplus can be great for testing out different products, but it can get tiring when you’re unsure of what you’re after. New buyers seek reliable water softeners that will rid them of their hard water issues – and that’s precisely what the Waterboss 900 water softener offers.

Waterboss Water Softeners

If you want to get familiar with the brand first, you can check out our Waterboss review. Here, we went into detail about the brand’s dependability, manufacturing quality, online reviews, and more. Alternatively, you can continue reading the Waterboss 900 review, where you will find everything you need to know about the product. If the customer’s reviews and the professionals’ opinions are anything to be trusted, then we’re confident that the Water Boss product range will fulfill all your soft water needs. If not, you can check our review on the Waterboss 380, which will make up your mind.

These water softeners* come in three models, each of which has different grains per gallon marks. The first softener has a 22 000 GPG capacity and is specially made of well water systems. The second model is also a well water system, but it holds a larger grain capacity. The 36 400 GPG unit is ideal for larger families who are looking for a whole-house water softener. The third water softener has a 22 000 grain capacity, but it also utilizes a water filtration system for city water supplies.

* The price of each Waterboss 900 water softener was correct at the time of writing.

Waterboss 900 – 22,000 Well Water ($399)

The Waterboss 900 is just like any other water softener. It gathers water from an inline supply, exchanges the hard water minerals for sodium (or potassium), and passes the soft water into the tap, faucet, and other plumbing fixtures. However, the Waterboss 900 water softener stands out from the competition because even its most negative reviews are accompanied by positive hallmarks on the unit’s efficiency. The 22 000 GPG water softener has a compact-sized layout designed to save-up on counter space while the unit goes on full-force to produce soft water for your family.

To ensure that the softening process runs smoothly, the Waterboss 900 water softener utilizes a built-in sediment pre-filter that takes out the dirt before it enters your plumbing. Thanks to the filter’s integrated properties, you won’t have to replace them or worry about their maintenance. The Water Boss softener maintains a consistent flow rate of 16 GPM and a pressure range of 15 PSI, which prompts little to no pressure drop. The Waterboss 900 water softener also includes a factory-installed bypass valve that not only adds to the overall convenience but ensures that the softener & filter are taken care of properly. The installation of this softener is instructed via a provided DVD tape.

One of the best things about this product is the regeneration process that’s as efficient as possible. The Waterboss softener takes up about 20 minutes for each cycle, translating to about 16.4 gallons of water. The salt-based water softener also has an iron-reduction unit, which has an efficacy rate of up to 10 ppm of iron in well water supplies. Practicality-wise, the Water Boss 900 softener is ideal since it features a controller for straightforward use and pre-programmed functions that take minimal effort from the user. The Waterboss water softener also includes a safety shut-off system that minimizes hazards. At the time of writing, the Water Boss 900 had a 4.2 rating in Home Depot.

Waterboss 900 – 36, 400 Well Water ($444)

When you search the web for Water Boss 900 water softeners, the first model that will come up is the 36 400 GPG unit. That comes as no surprise, seeing how the whole-house water softener is ideal for families with four or more members. The salt-based Waterboss softener employs a high-efficiency design that not only saves electricity, salt, and water but the user’s time and money as well. The 36 400 grain capacity also warrants a more extended resin treatment, which means that the water softener will regenerate less than other models do. Even when the regeneration process occurs, it spends just about 14 gallons of water in less than 20 minutes – ensuring nothing but efficiency on each cycle.

Like the previous product, the Water Boss 900 water softener does reasonably well, maintaining a consistent water flow throughout your house’s plumbing. The 36 400 GPG softener has a 10 GPM flow rate, which is quite powerful even though more modest. As for the water pressure range, the 36 400 product has the same 15 PSI rate that ensures an almost unnoticeable pressure drop. This becomes especially useful when you consider that many water softeners cause an unbearable drop in water pressure, which is not only aggravating but resource-consuming as well.

The best thing about this Water Boss 900 softener is its intelligently designed brine tank. Thanks to its practical layout, the brine tank will help conserve water and salt so that each regeneration cycle takes the minimal amount required. Another excellent feature is the integrated sediment filter that will remove the excess minerals from your water supply before the product starts the water softening procedure. Like all Water Boss systems, the 36 400 GPG water softener also has a DIY installation that will take virtually no time. The 36 400 Water Boss softener is currently the brand’s bestseller, with more than 500 reviews on Home Depot, where it currently maintains a 4.3 score.

Waterboss 900 – 22,000 City Water ($548)

If you get water from a municipal source, then the Waterboss 22 000 GPG alternative may be the best choice for you. The premium-grade water softener offers a whole-house water filtration that will undoubtedly produce the best-tasting water in your neighborhood. To do that, the Water Boss 900 utilizes an integrated sediment pre-filter, a water softener unit, and a chlorine-reduction system. The triple effect of this salt-based water treatment product is not only useful in water hardness reduction but energy, water, and salt conservation too.

People supplied by city water sources often complain about a foul taste and odor that is usually caused by chlorination, which disinfects the water for safe use.v

What the Water Boss 900 water softener does is that it utilizes the salt-based sodium ions that effortlessly dissolve their chlorine counterparts into the water supply. As a result, the Waterboss product ensures that you will have soft, clean water on-demand. Much like the other Water Boss 900 products, this water softener also utilizes as little as 14 gallons for each regeneration process, which usually lasts for about 18 minutes. In the end, the unit will preserve enough water and salt to keep you satisfied with the purchase.

Another issue with which the Waterboss water softener will significantly help is iron reduction. Water Boss 900 is a hundred percent effective in decreasing high iron content on water, ranging up to 10 ppm. This product is shipped with free water test strips, a 12 V transformer, an extra-flexible drain line, and an overflow elbow. The water softener also includes fine-mesh resin, which helps the unit run more smoothly and be more efficient in the long run. On the other hand, it’s sediment pre-filter has self-cleaning properties, so your interference will be minimal. Out of this product’s 124 buyers on Home Depot, this water softener has gathered a 4.1 score, the lowest of the three.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Waterboss 900 Water Softeners?

Waterboss 900 Water Softeners Customer Review

Waterboss 900 water softener reviews seem to come in bulk since the system remains one of the brand’s most sold-out products. The combined score of all three Waterboss softeners is 4.3, as seen on the brand’s most trusted vendor – Home Depot. The Water Boss 900 products are also positively reviewed on other websites, including AmazonMenards, and Sutherlands. None of these stores does the 900 system gather a score lower than 4, which isn’t always the case with widely-sold water softeners.

Praising the brand’s water softeners is also found on the Waterboss official website, where the 900 water softener maintains a score of 4.5. Here, the water softener reviews are gathered from more than 800 first-party reviewers who were redirected to the brand’s official vendors. The water softener reviews are mostly preoccupied with customer service, which is a highlighted theme in many user comments. But what exactly makes the Waterboss customer service noteworthy?

If we take the customer reviews into account, the Waterboss technicians were beneficial in installing the water softener units, helping with maintenance, and giving free water tests. Other reviewers were most pleased with their water softener’s efficiency, proving that the Water Boss 900 is just as good as advertised. However, not everything is sunshine and rainbows. There were also a considerable amount of reviews that encountered issues with their water softener. The problems were mostly related to system malfunctions that, according to the customers, happened quite often.

Compared to other products online, you could argue that the Water Boss 900 water softener requires more maintenance. Even though the sediment pre-filters have self-cleaning properties, the unit’s brine tank requires a lot of care to be kept in its optimal condition. That’s why many customers reported issues like salt-bridging and water clogging. However, most reviews stated that their Waterboss technician was accommodating in fixing those issues, so it all comes down to your preference.

What Guarantee Period Does Waterboss 900 Have?

The Water Boss water softener will last you anywhere from ten to fifteen years, depending on the amount of care you instill in it. Specifically, the 900 water softener is shipped with a limited 10/5 year warranty that issues different conditions for different parts. All three water softeners are accompanied by a ten-year guarantee on the brine tank and outer shell (which isn’t to be worried about since it is made of premium quality). For five years, the Waterboss manufacturers will ensure that your water softener’s electrical and mechanical parts are fully-functional and as efficient as advertised.

Where Can I Buy The Waterboss 900?

If you’re anything like us, your first instinct for buying a Waterboss water softener will be to check Amazon, which, sadly, isn’t officially certified by Waterboss. Although you may find cheaper products here, we can’t assure you that you will get the full-package Waterboss treatment (warranties and co), so we would advise you to check out one of the brand’s affiliated vendors instead.

Luckily, Waterboss is affiliated with several online merchants that sell its products, so you can easily find your nearest shop or aim for an online purchase instead. The Water Boss 900 can be found on Home DepotAce HardwareDo It BestTrue ValueSutherlands, and Menards. Waterboss has also listed the contact info for its out of the US friends, which you can find on its official website.

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For The Waterboss 900 Water Softener?

There are currently no Water Boss 900 discounts on the public domain, but we will update it here for you as soon as we find one.

What Are The Alternatives To The Waterboss 900?

Waterboss is a fan favorite among customers who are new to the water softening world. It produces some of the most dependable softeners that don’t require a lot of head-scratching to be operated. The 900 especially is one of the most reliable water treatment products that you can get under the $500 price tag and won’t disappoint you in the long run. If you’re not happy with its abilities, you can also check out the following brands that our readers loved the most.

The Verdict On Waterboss 900

While there are many high-end water treatment products out there, we’re confident that the Water Boss 900 is among the most dependable ones. With a simple interface, not many control settings, and a reliable regeneration process, we feel that this product could satisfy many people dealing with hard water. Everything about this water softener is straightforward, from the initial water test to the DIY installation, forward to the settings adjustment, and onto the resin’s eventual replacement.

Moreover, these durable softeners are also budget-friendly, as they’re sold within a $400-$800 range. When compared to the industry’s standard at the moment, Water Boss 900 makes quite a good cause for itself, seeing how it promises efficiency with every drop it treats. Even though the 900 system isn’t as efficient as Kenmore or Pelican, it won’t cost you units as much as standard softener units would.

One of the most problematic concerns about the Water Boss 900 softener is that many customer reviews encountered issues with it in the long term. The water softening system requires a lot of specific care, which will prevent the technician’s visit to an extent. However, if you’re among us lazy folk that prefers its softening system to take care of itself, you may want to give the Waterboss product another thought.

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