Waterboss Proplus 380 Reviews – Certifications And Discounts 2021

Whole-house water softeners are the ideal solution for families who want soft water in every tap of their home. Considering that the problems caused by hard water affect almost every aspect of our lives, it’s essential to have a unit that fixes them all in one go. To achieve that, today, we’re going to introduce you to the Waterboss Proplus 380 – a whole-house water softener that will bring back your faith in the water you drink, cook, wash, and clean with.

Waterboss Water Softener

Waterboss has a decade-long legacy in the water treatment business, manufacturing units that are reliable and affordable. We’ve covered the brand thoroughly in our Waterboss review, where you will find an extensive guide including products, prices, awards, and more. We also put our two cents on the Waterboss 900, another whole-house water softener that’s loved and praised by many. If you would instead like to learn about the Waterboss Proplus 380 review, you can continue reading here.

If you search the web for the Waterboss 380, you will most likely find a few scattered products here and there. This is because Waterboss has undergone a rebranding as of early 2020, which resulted in a lack of advertisement for the brand’s previous products. As of now, the Waterboss official website only lists the 700900, and 950 water softeners, which have been manufactured in recent years. However, the earlier models still maintain a loyal fan-base, which is why we brought the product here for you today.

Waterboss Proplus 380 40,000 GPG ($499*)

Waterboss Proplus 380 40,000 GPG

* The price of the Waterboss Proplus 380 was correct at the time of writing.

The Waterboss Proplus 380 is a whole-house water softener that uses ion-exchange technology to fight-off the harmful minerals of hard water. Ion-exchange works by utilizing a specific chemical reaction that holds onto the desirable minerals like sodium while dissolving the harmful ones that are typically made of calcium and magnesium. Other water softeners use salt-free alternatives, which are specifically made for people with a low salt-tolerance. The Waterboss Proplus 380 uses the salt-based approach that is highly effective and incredibly efficient. This water treatment unit is vacuum-packed with three types of media, making it an absolute champion in water softening, ferrous iron removal, and chlorine reduction.

Unlike the Waterboss 900 that has over three models the choose from, the Waterboss Proplus 380 only lists one water softener. This softener has a grain capacity of 40 000 GPG, which is just enough to accommodate a family of four or more. In terms of hardness, the Waterboss Proplus 380 can take up to 100 GPG, which is the range of extremely hard water. Moreover, the Waterboss water softener can also sustain a maximum temperature level of 120°, which allows you to soften the water for your heater with much ease. The water treatment unit also has a ph level of 1-7, which is the ideal range for clean, soft water. The ion-exchange water softener comes with a two-button controller that utilizes an easy-to-read LCD display. This way, the Proplus 380 ensures that you can effortlessly use the unit.

The Proplus 380 is everything you need in a water softener (and more) because it utilizes several filtration mechanisms that make it suitable for both city and well water. First, the ion-exchange softener uses a self-cleaning sediment filter that purifies your water from all dirt, silt, stones, and other soil contaminants. The self-cleaning properties of the sediment filter unit mean you will be set for life, as you won’t have to replace the filters for as long as your softener is by your side. Afterward, the water enters the filtration unit, where it tackles ferrous iron and initiates a chlorine reduction procedure. The water treatment unit also maintains a continuous pressure range of 100 PSI, which will ensure a virtually seamless pressure drop on your home’s water supply.

The multi-purpose water treatment is something that not many water softeners can provide, especially when you consider the fact that the entire unit costs just about 500 bucks. If we get down to the specifics, we will see that the Waterboss Proplus 380 has a 10 ppm ferrous iron and chlorine reduction rate, which is just enough to remove the water’s excessive taste and odor. The two-button controller unit utilizes a KDF media that’s specifically made to ensure an effective water treatment procedure that removes ferrous iron and makes the chlorine reduction run as smoothly as possible. The unit’s efficiency doesn’t stop there, as this self-cleaning Waterboss softener uses just about 18 gallons of water for a regeneration cycle. These cycles last no more than 26 minutes each, meaning that the Waterboss Proplus 380 will keep the energy waste to a minimum as well. The water treatment sessions also take 1-15 lbs of salt with each cycle, so you will have a few bucks to save.

What’s also interesting about this water treatment unit is that everything about its design is practical. First, the softener’s salt cartridges are neatly positioned for easy refills and can take up a 150 lbs capacity, meaning that you will spend little to no time in the shops. The premium-grade LCD-display will notify you of everything your unit needs aiding with, whether it’s about refills, chlorine reduction rates, water consumption levels, or other maintenance errors. This is done thanks to the softener’s efficient monitor that will track every water treatment session and translate it on the LCD display.

The Waterboss Proplus 380 also features a UV-protection coating, which means that you can install it outside without having to worry about causing any hazards. If, however, issues with the unit arise, you can take advantage of its 10-year warranty that will have your back for as long as you need.

How Reliable Is The Waterboss Proplus 380?

The leading indicator of the Waterboss Proplus softener’s reliability is its own name since it is sold under the highly-efficient label. That is entirely true because the water treatment system works as a 4-in-1 unit that goes above and beyond while maintaining a budget-friendly price tag. The USA-based water softeners are entirely compliant with the NSF certification requirements that ensure a unit’s structural integrity, water treatment effectiveness, and overall efficiency. The Proplus 380 water treatment unit is also covered with a 10-year warranty, an aspect which a lot of buyers loved.

Another reason why the Waterboss Proplus 380 is exceptionally reliable lies in the high-grade components it’s built with. The self-cleaning sediment filter is made of a 20-micron unit that will block out even the most stubborn dirt particles that reduce your water quality. The two-button controller unit also features three patented KDF media types, each fulfilling its water treatment purpose with flying colors. This media is 100% recyclable and uses no harmful chemicals, so you won’t have to worry about any hazards to you or the environment. The excellence in design doesn’t stop there, as this unit is also manufactured with a multi-compartment tank that allows for proper fine mesh resin use. This will ensure that you save hundreds of gallons of water in the process, which, to be precise, equals about 80% of overall water savings and 50% salt savings.

The 10-year warranty on its cabinet isn’t the only thing that speaks of the unit’s durability. The Proplus 380 is manufactured with state of the art technologies, including its injection-molding procedure, rigid robotic assembly, and laser welding. Besides the NSF certification, the Waterboss Proplus 380 is also tested by several independent agencies, which ensure that each water treatment unit is of the highest quality before it’s shipped worldwide. The unit itself is designed to provide a straightforward DIY installation, so you won’t have to worry about head-scratching or damaging the system with your limited plumbing experience. Overall, the Waterboss Proplus 380 makes for a very reliable water treatment unit that will provide you with clean, soft water in every faucet of your home.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Waterboss Proplus 380?

Before we handle the Proplus 380’s specifics, we’re going to take a moment to talk about Waterboss’ customer review section. On the brand’s official website, there are currently 1,109 first-party comments, the entirety of which gives Waterboss an overall score of 4.5. These comments are mostly taken out of Google and Waterboss’ affiliated vendors, and they’re all identified with verified purchases. If you browse this review section, the most common phrase seems to be “gallons of water,” which refers to the softener’s cost-effective maintenance. Many customers reported that the Proplus 380 unit is very efficient, saving them notable amounts of water, energy, and salt.

At the time of writing, we could only find the Proplus 380 unit on Menards in the United States and Waterestore in Canada, so we couldn’t find a specific review section for the unit. However, the water treatment unit is massively reviewed by independent plumbing professionals like Gary the Water Guy and Filtersmart, who praise the softener’s water softening abilities. This product’s 10-year warranty is also a recurring theme, as many present manufacturers fail to ensure their softener buyers in the long term. Professionals are also satisfied with the unit’s two-button controller and LCD display, which, according to them, make for a very straightforward installation and use. That seems to be endorsed by Waterboss themselves, seeing how they have put a lot of effort into putting together a step by step guide that features an instructional video for the entire process.

However, all that glitters is not gold, and this softener’s review section isn’t perfect. For starters, there isn’t a solid customer base that is specifically aimed at gathering Proplus 380 commentary. The 10-year warrantied unit is also not listed on Waterboss’ official site, indicating a possible product discontinuity. Nevertheless, both vendors we mentioned above are fully-stocked with the uni and accompanied with clear-cut specs, so you won’t have to worry about genuineness. The renowned 10-year warranty is safe and legit, and it will be carried by your preferred Waterboss seller.

What Guarantee Period Does Waterboss Proplus 380 Have?

Water softeners that surpass the 10-year period while maintaining their best features are hard to come by, but the Waterboss Proplsu 380 is one of them. From the sediment filter to the filtration media, internal piping, and external components – the water treatment unit is as durable as can be. This is also backed by its warranty, seeing how the softener is guaranteed for a limited 5/10-year contract. The ten year period covers the media tank, the outshell layout, valve body, and brine cabinet, all of which will either be repaired or replaced by the manufacturers at Waterboss. Alternatively, the unit’s electrical and mechanical parts are warrantied for five years, both in labor and workmanship.

Where Can I Buy The Waterboss Proplus 380?

As we mentioned earlier, the Waterboss Proplus 380 is [currently] only affiliated with Menards, a home business that distributes the Proplus unit all through the midwest. You can either purchase this unit online or hit the primary store locator to find the nearest site from your current location. Waterb0ss’ Pro website also lists a customer helpline number (1-800-437-8993), which will link a certified assistant to help with your purchase.

If you’re interested in other Waterboss products, you can easily find them on Home DepotTrue ValueAce HardwareDo It BestSutherlands, and MenardsWaterboss also lists specific phone numbers for different world regions, so wherever you’re currently residing, the unit will get to you.

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Waterboss Proplus 380?

We weren’t able to find a discount code for you yet, but we will update it here as soon as we do.

What Are The Alternatives To The Waterboss Proplus 380?

Finding the best water softening unit isn’t an easy task, especially when there are so many alternatives to choose from. If you’ve searched explicitly for the Proplus 380, then you’re probably after a softener that’s cheap, reliable, and efficient in water softening. Since the Proplus 380 also incorporates three distinct filtration systems, your closest alternative to it would be the Waterboss 900 since it more or less uses the same approach. If you’re looking for those qualities on an entirely different brand instead, we suggest you check out the following manufacturers that will not let you down.

If you’re hung up on Proplus 380’s water filtration abilities, we advise you to read our whole-house water treatment systems guide that showcases the best-combined units on the market. Alternatively, you can read more on the best water filterswhole-house water filters, or reverse osmosis systems.

The Verdict On The Waterboss Proplus 380

If push comes to shove and you’re bound to settle for a budget-friendly softener, the Waterboss Proplus 380 is your best way to go. The affordable water treatment system combines a softening unit and three filtering systems to make for an ideal solution for multiple water problems. The Proplus 380 is a whole-house alternative, which means that it will provide soft water throughout your entire home, as long as the plumbing fixtures are connected to the main water supply.

When it comes to dependability, we can confidently say that the Proplus 380 won’t let you down along the way. The softener system is entirely manufactured in the US, where a considerable amount of care is applied to ensure that the softener is durable, robust, and efficient. The unit’s cost-effectiveness doesn’t stop with the purchase, as the Proplus 380 only spend the minimal amount of energy, water, and resin required for each regeneration cycle. Even though the softener won’t give the optimal treatment that high-end units would, it is the best-cheapest alternative you can find.

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