Waterboss Water Softener Reviews and Discounts 2021

The water softener brand that we want to show you today is Waterboss, for which we can honestly say that it perfectly embodies its name. With several distributors and numerous products, Water Boss has undoubtedly made a name for themselves in the water industry. To provide soft water, this incredible brand has utilized some of the most cost-effective technologies that grant user satisfaction with each drop they treat.

Waterboss Water Softeners

As many customers note, Water Boss water softeners are all user-friendly, easy to install, and reliable to perform. Because we agreed with the praise, we gave Water Boss two special reviews on its flagship products: the Waterboss 900 softener and the Proplus 380 softener. Considering how these water systems were the most bought, reviewed, and talked about, we found it essential for all Water Whizz readers to get all the important information from their most trusted source. For this guide, we are going to review Water Boss softeners, along with their prices*, features, discounts, and more.

* The prices of all Waterboss products were correct at the time of writing of this article.

What Type Of Products Does Waterboss Make?

We can’t help but love the “Made in the USA” brand since it combines several water treatment systems into one, and sells them at comparatively low prices. As for now, Waterboss manufactures water softenerswater filters, and whole house water systems. All these products are endorsed by the Water Quality Association, so you can rest assured that when they say they soften water – they mean it. Below, you will find the best Waterboss water softeners, ranging from oldest to newest.

WaterBoss Pro 180 ($419)

WaterBoss Pro 180 Water Softener

The Waterboss Pro comes with a capacity of 20 000 grains per gallon and employs a rather intricate design that integrates several water treatment parts. First, this water softening unit comes with a built-in dirt and grains filter, as well as a KDF media for chlorine removal. That means that the WaterBoss Pro will not only soften the hard water in your area, but it will remove its contaminants and excessive minerals too. And thanks to its Water-Mizer technology, this model will also monitor your water’s consumption levels to ensure that no droplets are wasted.

As for its regeneration process, this WaterBoss softener will take up no more than 20 minutes and 16.4 gallons of water. Moreover, the whole house water system is also designed with a large salt storage tank that can sustain up to 120 pounds of salt at a time.

This water softener is intended for families of up to four people, the members of which can all help with the softener’s easy installation. Overall, this self-cleaning water softener employs a maximum iron reduction of 10 ppm and a hardness removal rate of 70 grains per gallon. And when it comes to its warranty, the unit is supported with five years on the valve parts and ten years on the tank and outer shell.

WaterBoss ProPlus 380 ($499)

The Waterboss Proplus 380 unit is similar to the previous model because it combines a whole house water softener, chlorine reduction system, and a self-cleaning sediment filter. Its LCD display and two-buttoned layout are designed so that you can effortlessly control the straightforward unit by Water Boss. Created for a family of five, the whole house water softener will support up to 40 000 grains per gallon while keeping water usage at a minimum. The salt-based unit will reduce ferrous iron at a rate of 10 ppm while combating hard water with 100 grains per gallon.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of the 380 water softener is within its chlorine reduction components that remove the chlorine taste and odor from your municipal water source.

WaterBoss ProPlus 380 Water Softener

Moreover, the salt-based water softener hosts a premium grade monitor that keeps daily surveillance on your water consumption levels. The WaterBoss softener also cuts back on salt-waste due to its efficient regeneration process. Each regeneration cycle lasts about 40 minutes and takes up 24.5 gallons of water. Like the previous model, the Proplus 380 will come warrantied with five years on the valve components and ten years on the tank and outer shell.

WaterBoss 365 ($889)

Genesis 1 Select Downflow Water Softener

Our third superstar is the WaterBoss 365 model that is aimed at high water usage in large families. With a grain capacity of 36 400 grains per gallon, this Water Boss softener hosts a self-cleaning filter that removes all dirt and sediment for your whole house to enjoy. The Waterboss 365 unit is among the most efficient because it only needs 14 gallons of water and 3 pounds of salt to regenerate. The good thing about this regeneration process is that it takes as little as 20 minutes, so you will not only reduce your home bills but help the environment too.

Whether you plan to use the Waterboss 365 unit for well water or city water, you will find that it will be just as efficient with both. The 36 400 GPG water softening unit is effortless to set up, as the manufacturers have made sure to make it as user-friendly as can be. When we checked the Waterboss 365 reviews, we saw that most of the customers were especially delighted with its design, performance, and ease of use. And to ensure that the happy faces remain long after purchase, Water Boss has also guaranteed the 365 model with a limited ten-year warranty.

WaterBoss 700 ($460)

As we proceed with Water Boss’s flagship zone, we can’t begin with any model other than the Waterboss 700. This water softening unit holds a grain capacity of 22 000 grains per gallon, primarily aimed at small to medium households. The Waterboss 700 can soften hard water at 70 grains per gallon while reducing the ferrous iron of up to 10 ppm. Much like the other models, the Waterboss 700 includes a sediment filter that is highly effective in removing dirt from your water. The Waterboss 700 filter also has self-cleaning components, so you never have to clean it.

Furthermore, the Waterboss 700 is very budget-conscious because it only needs 16 gallons of water for its cycle-based regeneration process.

WaterBoss 700 Water Softener

The Waterboss 700 (22 000 GPG capacity) comes pre-programmed and includes a DIY installation kit, so your time and effort into setting it up will be minimal. If you wish to change how the unit operates, the Waterboss 700 will allow for that too, thanks to its programmable features. The salt-based water softener is supported by a ten-year warranty on the entire unit and five years on its mechanical and electrical parts.

WaterBoss 900 ($520)

WaterBoss 900 Water Softener

One of the brand’s most notable bestsellers is the Waterboss 900 model that hosts a grain capacity of 36 400 grains per gallon. On our Waterboss 900 review, we saw that the whole-house water softener scored some fantastic performance points that its users seemed to love. Reducing the time and effort needed to maintain the unit, this Waterboss water softener can clear up to 10 ppm of ferrous iron components on well or city water. The Waterboss 900 also features an integrated iron filter that functions with self-cleaning properties.

The good thing about the Waterboss 900 is that each part of the system has been tested out beforehand and is assured to fulfill excellent results.

Another great hallmark of the Waterboss 900 is its regeneration process that further highlights its efficiency. According to the brand website, the Waterboss 900 only requires about 16 gallons of water for a regeneration process and about 1/3 of the salt cartridge full. To prevent any mishaps with blackouts or energy issues, the Waterboss 900 will preserve its program settings by using its memory-saving feature. And to help you with the purchase, the Waterboss 900 will come with a ten-year warranty on all parts but electrical and mechanical.

WaterBoss 950 ($560)

Much like the Waterboss 900, this water softener includes a water softening unit and a whole-house filter system. This way, the Waterboss 950 will not only soften the hard water from your city source, but it will also reduce its chlorine taste and odor. The integrated filter in this model is also designed to clean itself, so you won’t waste time and effort with its maintenance. The Waterboss water softener has a grain capacity of 22 000 GPG, which means that it is most fit for families under four. Due to its filtering capacities, this model can also be used as a drinking water filter.

The Waterboss 950 comes with a handy installation kit and media pre-installed, so you won’t experience much head-scratching while putting the salt-based system together.

WaterBoss 22000 Grain Water Softener

The Waterboss water softener can remove about 35 grains per each gallon of water hardness, which is relatively high compared to other water softeners. For a regeneration cycle, the Waterboss 950 only uses about 15 gallons of water, which regenerates in under 18 minutes. And thanks to its warranty, this water softener will ensure that you will get ten years of worry-free soft water for your entire home.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Waterboss Water Softeners?

As of late 2020, WaterBoss has launched its updated website that gathers all Google reviews into one place. The brand has even set apart a special section containing the reviews written by buyers from different vendors. If we take Waterboss’s word into account, then out of the 803 first-party reviews, the brand has gathered a score of 4.5. And because we love reading about salt-based water softeners, we have nitpicked every review so you wouldn’t have to. First, a considerable amount of reviews seemed to be very delighted with their Waterboss water softener.

The first review noted that after some years of purchase, their Waterboss unit broke down, and they had to contact the brand for a replacement. What they explained as “fantastic customer service” is a theme that many other reviews agreed on. Other reviews stated that their salt-based water softener performed exceptionally well, and they could see the water softening results right away. Other websites like Home Depot and Amazon also seem to have a very voluminous review section with regards to their Waterboss products. At the time of writing, the salt-based 900 model had more than 470 reviews, which gave it a score of 4.2. The majority of this review section was delighted with the low amounts of salt, water, and energy needed to run the unit. Others noted that their salt-based softeners were very quiet and seamless in their operations.

When we reached down to the negative Waterboss water softener reviews, we saw that the most common problems were experienced by the buyers who had a Waterboss softener for longer than three years. One review reported that “every few months, the water softener stops working unexpectedly,” a problem that occurred to them after five years of use. However, what we noticed from this review section was that most of these reviews were accompanied by a Waterboss representative reaching out either in a grateful manner for the review or with a helpful redirection to the nearest technicians.

What Guarantee Period Does Waterboss Offer?

A salt-based Waterboss water softener is manufactured to last for 10-15 years. Moreover, all water softener models by this brand are covered with the same warranty of 10/5 years. That means that upon initial purchase, the customer is entitled to ten years on the media tank and outer shell, which the water softener brand will repair or replace. The water softener’s interior is supported with a five-year warranty that incorporates all components, including electrical and mechanical parts. This guarantee period is relatively standard and on par with other water softener brands.

Where Can I Buy Waterboss Water Softeners?

A water softener by Waterboss can be bought from several vendors online. If you live in the US, you can find them at Ace HardwareHome DepotTrue ValueDo it BestMenards, and Sutherlands. For those residing in Canada, Water Boss has provided a contact reference that is either by email at info@waterboss.ca or by phone number at 1.877.661.0425.You can also find Waterboss water softeners at the following contact info for international distributions: by email at swhite@haguewater.com or by phone at 1.614.836.2115.

From what we could gather from the review section, Water Boss seems very responsive and helpful when accommodating foreign customers. None of the buyers reported irregularities or high shipment fees, so we are left to trust these sellers. If you prefer buying from other domains like Amazon instead, we advise you to be careful with the purchase because this vendor is not listed on Waterboss’s official site.

Waterboss Water Softeners Buying Guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Waterboss Water Softeners?

  • If you buy from Ace Hardware, you can sign up for its Rewards Members program and earn free shipping for any water softener over $50.

What Are The Alternatives To The Waterboss Water Softener?

A salt-based water softener is the most reliable mechanism to combat hard water successfully. This is because it uses an ion exchange technology that replaces the harmful minerals in the water with healthy ones. We’ve been lucky enough to review some of the best salt-based water softeners on the market, and here are the brands that stood out the most.

  • Kinetico Water Systems for fantastic manufacturing and sophisticated technologies.
  • GE Appliances for excellent warranties and reliable water softeners.
  • Morton for user-friendly products and dependable salt-based water softeners.
  • Hellenbrand for fantastic customer service and the best review sections.
  • Pelican Water for the best eco-friendly alternatives that are budget-friendly.
  • A.O. Smith for the best innovative water softeners that use efficient technologies.
  • Fleck Water Systems for the best salt-based commercial-sized water softeners that host big grains capacities.

If you want to learn more about water softening consumables, we suggest you read our resin products review. We also covered some of the best water softening shower heads and Clack products that were renowned for enhancing a unit’s grains capacity, flow rate, efficiency, and much more.

The Verdict On Watersoft Water Softeners

WaterBoss has a very reliable track record for its water softeners, as is the case with its customer reviews. Since its domain upgrade in 2020, this brand doesn’t list its previous models on its official website – which may have something to do with a possible discontinuity of the earlier models. As for now, the 700900, and 950 are the most talked-about Waterboss products that are entirely deserving of praise. If you buy a Waterboss water softener, you’ll be signing up for an easy installation and simple use, all under a very reasonable price.

When it comes to efficiency, Waterboss products aren’t as efficient as other brands like EcowaterGenesis, or AO Smith. Still, they do make a good cause for themselves. Considering the budget-friendliness of these water softeners, it is fantastic that most of them come with whole-house filters and other auxiliary mechanisms for water treatment. However, customer reviews can’t be sidetracked either. A significant amount of those reviewers were somewhat displeased with the reliability of their Waterboss products. Many of them noted that these units are made of non-durable materials that – according to them – were prone to damage and malfunction.

However, Waterboss also has hundreds of other positive reviews that outweigh the negative ones. If you live in a household with about four people, we suggest you go for the Waterboss 700 since it can effectively deal with most hard water issues. The 900 softeners and 950 softeners are somewhat more problematic in this manner. But, if you’re acquainted with plumbing and hardware, you should be able to resolve their potential issues without needing to call customer service.

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