Waterdrop Filters Review, Awards, And Discounts 2021

Established in 2015 with the “every drop matters” mantra, Waterdrop has found a great product line that includes diverse water filtration systems. Certified by the industry’s leading institutions, Waterdrop filters are proven to be both practical and reliable. As a result, these systems’ filtered water is delicious to taste, healthy to drink, beneficial to use, and most importantly – cheap to maintain.

Waterdrop Filter

Contrary to traditional water filters, Waterdrop takes up its creative liberties to design units that satisfy everyone’s needs. You have probably heard of the brand‘s refrigerator water filters or reverse osmosis units that have kept Waterdrop side by side with the world’s most respected water treatment companies. To paint the full picture, we’re going to walk you through everything Waterdrop has to offer, with an emphasis on the product’s prices*, qualities, customer reviews, and potential awards.

* The prices of all Waterdrop water filters were correct at the time of writing.

What Type Of Products Does Waterdrop Make?

Whether you’re looking to replace the filter on your old fridge or find a full-sized water filter system to get rid of chlorine, Waterdrop probably has it. The brand’s manufacturers supply replacement filters to some of the best refrigerator water brands like WhirpoolSamsungGE (whose water softeners we’ve reviewed), KenmoreLGKitchen AidFrigidaire, and Maytag. We’re also quite fond of the brand’s EveryDrop filters, which were thoroughly discussed in Water Whizz’s review.

Besides refrigerator water filters, Waterdrop also manufactures reverse osmosis systems, pitcher filtersunder sink filters, and other water filtration devices that include faucet filtersoutdoor filters, and countertop filters. To give you a clear sight of your buck’s worth, we’re going to dive deeper into Waterdrop’s best products: its refrigerator filters and under-sink systems.

Refrigerator Water Filters

Refrigerator Water Filters

The great thing about refrigerator water filters made by Waterdrop is that they’re specially designed for each fridge, so you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues with your unit. To explain how these replacement filters work, we’ll focus our Waterdrop filters review on the brand’s Samsung range (bestseller). Certified by the NSF 42 & 53 standards and supplied with 300 gallons in capacity, these water are simply ideal. To not bore you with each refrigerator water filter, we have presented the overall features of Samsung filters, separated within the BasicStandard, and Premium models.

To remove the chlorine taste and improve the overall quality of your drinking water, Waterdrop has put carbon block mechanisms to work.

The Basic Model ($15.99) is designed for Samsung’s side by side french-door fridge, for which the manufacturers have guaranteed a 100% compatibility rate. For 6 months, the best refrigerator water filter will purify your water; and besides removing the awful chlorine taste, it will also take care of rustcorrosionsediment, and turbidity. Without BPA or lead materials, these french door filters will provide about 300 gallons of water before being replaced. And when the time comes, you can smoothly go about it since they’re designed to be practical. The NSF 42 refrigerator water filter currently has 46 reviews, out of which it has gathered a 4.9 score.

For those looking to kick their filtered water up a notch, the Standard Model (14.99) is the best way to go. This refrigerator water filter is tested and certified by NSF International against the NSF 42, 53, and 372 standards that ensure an effective and safe enhancement of your water quality. The refrigerator water filter is 99% successful in removing contaminants like lead, water cystsbenzenecarbofuran, and endrine. With a 97% efficiency rate, the carbon block water filter can also reduce the chlorine taste and smell, sedimentrust, and turbidity. Specially made for several Samsung side by side french-door fridges, the Standard water filter will accompany you for 6 months (aka 300 gallons of water). Thanks to its premium-grade compatibility, this refrigerator water filter will neatly fit inside your side by side fridge, so you won’t have to worry about leaks coming out of your dispenser. The chlorine-reduction water filter is reviewed by 523 people, who have crowned it with a 4.8 score.

Refrigerator Water Filters Basic

Out of the three products, the best refrigerator water filter is the Premium Model ($17.99). The reason why more than 500 customers have positively reviewed (4.9 score) this filter lies in its impeccable abilities to improve the water quality – whether it’s from a well water or city source. The budget-friendly filter is compatible with a wide range of side by side Samsung fridges, and you can rest assured that it will match your unit’s dimensions 100%. The carbon-block components in this refrigerator water filter are NSF 42, 53, 372 & 401 certified to filter out multiple contaminants from your drinking water. Specifically, the Premium filter will combat all the pollutants mentioned in the Basic and Standard models while also adding phenytoin, ibuprofennaproxenestroneBPA, and nonylphenol to the mix. The growing number of pharmaceuticals in water supplies is shaping to be a primary health concern in the US, which you can effortlessly sidetrack with Waterdrop’s carbon block filters. Like its predecessors, this water filter will also last for about 6 months in time or 300 gallons of water capacity.

Under-Sink Water Filters

Besides its renowned 6 months filters, Waterdrop is also notorious for its high quality, under-sink water filters. Contrary to traditional water treatment units with vast tanks and uncomfortable designs, the Waterdrop alternatives capitalize on practicality above all. Even though the brand offers an extensive collection of under-sink systems, we’re going to direct this Waterdrop filters review towards the Direct-Connect and Multi-Stage alternatives.

Direct-Connect Under-Sink Filter ($54.99)

Direct-Connect Under-Sink Filter

When we reviewed Aquasana, we were impressed with its direct-connect water filter, a pleasantry that continues with Waterdrop. The brand’s under-sink water filter has a wonderful service life that will endure for about 12 (8000 gallons), 24 (16000 gallons), or 36 (19000 gallons) months before a replacement is due. The Direct Connect water filter is certified by the WQA against the NSF 372 standard, so you can rest knowing that it contains no lead or BPA materials in its build. Its installation is also pretty straightforward, so you won’t have to hire a professional plumber to do the deed for you.

To purify your drinking water and remove the chlorine taste from it, Waterdrop’s Direct Connect utilizes a five-stage filter procedure that not only tackles chlorine but heavy metalssedimentrust, and other minerals as well.

Even though the Waterdrop filter employs a compact design, it has an incredible flow rate that’s stable throughout its entirety. This under-sink water filter can be used for any kitchen, bathroom, RV, or office, as it also comes with a dedicated faucet for optimal compatibility. At the moment, the Direct Connect water filter has over 500 purchases and a 4.8 customer score.

Multi-Stage Under-Sink Filter ($189.99)

If ultra-filtration is how you roll, then Waterdrop’s WD-TSU-W under-sink water filter is the ideal choice for you. Lined with 0.01 μm filter membranes, these premium filters will effectively absorb 99% of chlorine, chloraminesleadfluoridesVOCsheavy metals, and more. What customers loved the most about this water filter was its integrated waterway that prevents leakage, ensures zero water waste, and allows you to replace the system’s filters without cutting off the water supply. Thanks to this feature, you will have an endless stream of clean drinking water at an acceptable cost.

Multi-Stage Under-Sink Filter

The all-in-one purification system filters the contaminants out of your water inline very efficiently, so you won’t have to worry about spending a fortune on replacement filters. And because it’s electronic, the water filter will consistently notify you of the water’s quality, the unit’s working mode, or the replacement filters’ status. The premier water filter will also take minimal storage space under your sink, so you won’t have to scoff every time you open the bottom counters. With a DIY installation and hundreds of positive purchases, Waterdrop’s Multi-Stage filter is more than a worthy product.

Other Water Filtration Alternatives

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Altering the water’s taste, smell, and overall quality isn’t an easy task, and sometimes, traditional filter systems simply don’t cut it. When we talked about the best water filters, we included several water filter alternatives that everyone could relate to. When it comes to Waterdrop, we were most delighted with its reverse osmosis system ($539) that combines a contaminant filter for full-package protection. Waterdrop also utilized a similar model in a countertop ($229.99) filter that joins its efforts with a portable water pitcher for the most efficient use.

We also can’t help but mention Waterdrop’s water faucet filters ($19.99) that aim to improve the water’s taste directly from the tap – similar to how a Pur WaterBrita, or Culligan filter would.

If you’d like to learn more about your choices, we suggest Water Whizz’s reviews on the best faucet filtersunder-sink filters, refrigerator filters, reverse osmosis systems, and countertop filters. We also covered filter accessories like showerheadswater bottles, and pitchers. Would you rather continue reading about Waterdrop? No problem.

Which Awards Has Waterdrop Won?

Claiming to improve the water’s quality at alarming rates is one thing, but having the evidence to back it up is an entirely different story. To properly assess Waterdrop’s reliability score, we dug up some of the brand’s most distinguished certifications, awards, and honorary mentions. On doing so, we saw that Waterdrop was credited with the following recognitions.

  • Waterdrop’s Reverse Osmosis filter was awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2019. According to the jury, this water treatment system’s “space-saving design and discreet appearance present a great impression of freshness and purity.”
  • The 2017 Dieline Awards congratulated Waterdrop for designing the world’s first Microdrink that improves water’s taste and nutritional values at a very reasonable price tag. Dieline also praised Waterdrop for bringing up a creative innovation and applying sustainable attributes to it.
  • Waterdrop maintains one of the best certification bases in the filter industry. It is endorsed by significant water quality institutions like the Water Quality AssociationNSFMontel (Cul-listed certification), FCC, and more. That’s why when you see one of those seals in a product review, you can rest assured that the filter is most entirely worth it.
  • Since its first launch, Waterdrop has partnered with the Water Project to establish Water4Smile – a charity program for supplying clean, drinking water to the African people. The initiative grants resources to these regions directly from its purchases. So, if you invest in a Waterdrop filter, you will also be investing in a sustainable future for at-risk communities.

What Reviews Do Customers Give Waterdrop Water Filters?

As you may have noticed on each Waterdrop filter review, the brand holds a very satisfied customer base. All Waterdrop filter products have a score higher than 4.6, which says a lot about their effectiveness in treating contaminated water. Waterdrop’s best-selling item is the reverse osmosis filter, whereas its most-bought product is the water faucet filter. The brand’s official review sections are overflowed with praise for easy installations, convenient units, practical designs, and budget-friendly prices. That all sounds great, but are these filter reviews entirely reliable?

Waterdrop Water Filters Customers Review

When we went over to TrustPilot, we saw that Waterdrop has exactly 6603 customer reviews, which have given it an outstanding 4.8 rating. What’s most interesting is that 92% of this review section has labeled Waterdrop as “excellent” while repeating the same positive comments that we found on the main website. However, a significant number of negative reviews were mostly concerned with their filter not arriving on time. Many buyers reported that they ordered their Waterdrop product for months on end, and they still haven’t received their packages. From what we could gather, this was an issue with border regulations due to COVID – a problem that Waterdrop claims to be working on since early December 2020 and onwards.

What Guarantee Period Does Waterdrop Offer?

In terms of dependability, Waterdrop seems to be one of the best players in the game. Its filter units are robust, made of food-grade materials, and, as most review sections have noted – long-lasting. As for guarantees, Waterdrop offers a one-year warranty in parts and labor that can also be extended upon request. If you’re unhappy with your water treatment filter, you can again return it within the first 30 days of purchase, so you won’t have to worry about not making the right decision for an entire month. Even though other filter brands like Pelican and Berkey offer more extended warranties, Waterdrop seems to make up for it with high-quality components and lifetime tech support.

Where Can I Buy Waterdrop Water Filters?

You can find any water treatment product by Waterdrop on several online vendors we’re all too familiar with. For starters, you should always aim for the brand’s official website because that’s where you’ll find sweet deals, promos, discounts, and outstanding customer service. Waterdrop’s store supports free shipping (for ground shipping) and fast processing times, so you will have your premium-grade filter in your kitchen for as long as 4-8 business days.

Waterdrop has also extended its 30-day guarantee policy in Amazon, so you won’t have to worry about getting an ingenuine product from the online seller. Other companies that sell the brand’s filter products also include Walmart (+ end of year clearance), eBay, or Watedrop’s certified supplier in California, the directions to which you can find on its main website.

Waterdrop Water Filters Buying Guide

Where Can I Get A Discount Code For Waterdrop Water Filters?

  • If you’re a first-time buyer, you can use the code “WELCOME10” in Waterdrop to get a discount of up to 10% on all filter products.
  • With the “WATERDROP5” code, you will get a 5% discount on all filter products.
  • By purchasing through the Savings link, you will be redirected to a 15% discount on select reverse osmosis filter systems.

How To Dispose Of Your Old Filter

If you’re here to replace your old water treatment filter, chances are you’re probably struggling with proper recycling of your old product. If that’s the case, you should know that this is one of the most common issues that water filter customers have to face. The first thing you’ll have to do in this situation is to check to see if your used filter’s manufacturer offers a recycling plan since some of them do. If you’re switching from Brita or Pur Water, all you have to do is notify the manufacturers and either ship their old filter back to them or drive to their disposal site.

If that’s not the case with your product and the universe has decided to make your life harder, you can always opt for a third-party company. Recycle Water Filters is probably your best bet, as they will accept any water treatment product and recycle it accordingly. For refrigeration filters, you can also check out the GE appliances recycling program to send you a kit with pre-paid mailing for bringing back the used filter. Both alternatives are excellent as they ensure that almost all components are reused, so you will have contributed to a self-sustaining, cleaner planet.

The Verdict On Waterdrop Water Filters

At the end of the line, Waterdrop is one of those flagship brands that you can’t go wrong with. If we dissect each feature of a water treatment product, we’d have to start with contaminant-reduction efficiency. Waterdrop filters are certified to remove pollutants from water at rates as high as 99.99%, which is confirmed with each customer review that the brand has gathered. We’re also delighted with Waterdrop’s emphasis on practicality – a feature translated on each product.

Waterdrop filters are effortless to install, as most of them utilize a twist & lock feature that takes as much as three seconds per filter. Another advantage to these components is that they’re built from BPA and lead-free materials, which means that they pose no danger to your health or odd taste to your water. As far as prices go, Waterdrop offers a budget-conscious solution to each water problem, so you’ll be getting a high-grade product with a very moderate price. Even though Waterdrop is currently suffering a bit with its shipment processes, we urge all our readers to give it a chance.

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